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Tracy takes charge

Hell hath no fury...
Now pregnant with Matthew’s child, Tracy was ecstatically happy. Her husband Harry was as yet unaware of her pregnancy but it was only a matter of time before the baby bump appeared as her body was well toned thanks to her dedicated exercise regimen, under Matthew’s direction as her personal trainer.

Matthew also had become her Master and Tracy adored him. Also, during this time, her contempt for her husband grew exponentially and Tracy was increasingly enjoying taking sexual power over him to make him pay for being such a domineering prick during the many years of her marriage. Usually, she’d permit him only to eat her pussy and even those times were mainly after Matthew had left a fresh batch of semen inside her. In his naiveté, Harry thought her pussy tasted extra good because her body chemistry had changed as she lost weight and ate a better diet. The man hadn’t the first clue that he was feasting on another man’s sperm! The very fact of that gave Tracy a sense of power that thrilled her.

She compared her relationships with the men in her life with Newton’s Third Law of Motion: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Tracy’s growing disgust with Harry repelled her from him and thrust her exponentially towards Matthew. The more she could taunt Harry for the cuckold that he was the closer and more bonded she felt to Matthew; because Matthew was the source of power that helped her find her own. After all, it was Harry who had insisted she lose weight and why she hired a trainer that ended up being Matthew. Tracy knew that Harry’s motivation was that he wanted a better looking wife to ‘service’ him and make him look good in public to have a 'trophy wife' on his arm. Well, she looked good now. Damned good.

Harry thought he was earning his way back into Tracy’s good graces, when in fact she played him without pity or mercy. Harry longed for his wife to suck his cock again and take it deep inside her sweet pussy and so he did her bidding in order to show her that he was worthy of sex with her. The more he groveled, the less respect Tracy had for him and so his circumstances grew worse, even as he thought they were getting better.

Tracy would taunt him as he tongued her pussy, “Yeah, do it, eat me, put that tongue in deep. Lick my asshole where my pussy has leaked onto it.” He grew ever more excited but each time he’d drive Tracy to orgasm, she’d tell Harry that the moment was lost that her sexual energy was spent.

Never once did Harry suspect that Tracy had a lover in her head and heart during her sex with him. The once or twice that Tracy had allowed Harry intercourse were very brief, passionless experiences. This, of course, led Harry to believe that he had to do much more to please her.

Tracy’s life – and Harry’s for that matter - would change markedly once her pregnancy was further along. She made it through the first trimester with only minimal discomfort and morning sickness, in large part due to her improved physical condition. One morning, Harry had left for work and Tracy realized that her breasts were growing fuller. This condition thrilled her and so she called Matthew to tell him how much she loved him and to tell him about her breasts. An excited Matthew was on her doorstep barely twenty minutes later and in her marital bed some ten minutes after that, “sampling the goods,’ he said.

Unexpectedly, Harry came home for lunch as he’d left something at home that he needed for the afternoon’s work. His timing was almost perfect. Harry was at first confused to see a strange car parked in their driveway and no one downstairs when he came in. At that moment in time, Matthew and Tracy had finished making love and Matthew was in the bathroom relieving himself. The lovers didn’t hear Harry enter because there was music playing on a clock radio on the nightstand.

Harry entered the master bedroom saying, “Hon, who’s car is parked outsid……” He froze in mid sentence to see his wife looking a bit shocked, laying in their rumpled bed, legs still far apart and her vagina and thighs slick with fluids. Harry heard a pissing noise and turned to see a naked, athletic looking man trying to pinch off a steady stream of urine. In an instant, two plus two made four and Harry became enraged.

“You bitch, “ Harry seethed, “You fucking cunt!” Harry rushed towards the bed but stopped short as Tracy sprang to her feet and Matthew entered the room quickly. “I got this, Matthew,” Tracy said, her body in a powerful fighting stance. She certainly did have the situation under control for an astonished Harry stood there looking like a little boy on the verge of crying.

“Tracy, whatever has happened we can fix it,” Harry began. “We can see a counselor and make things like they were before.”

“Are you nuts Harry? Do you honestly think I’d want things as they were before? You want a counselor to take us to where it's my job to make you look good even though your nutrition plan is based on a principle of 'No carb left behind'? You think it's OK or normal for you to spend your evenings on your ass in front of a TV while I'm cleaning and taking care of our children?"

"You have a lot to catch up on here.Harry went to move to a more aggressive position but Tracy looked to his outstretched arm and said, “Do the words ‘spiral fracture’ mean anything to you?”

“Tracy, Honey, I… I…”

“You nothing,” Tracy interrupted looking to Matthew for strength and knowing even without looking that he had her back. If Harry even got close to hurting Tracy, Matthew would snap him like a twig. “OK Harry, this mess has been building for awhile now so let’s get some cards on the table and ground rules established”. Nodding towards Matthew, she said, “This is Matthew. He is my lover, my personal trainer, my best friend and he also is my Master. I am devoted to him. Do you understand that?”

“No I don’t,” Harry said weakly.

“OK, let me make this more clear to you. Remember when you sent me to the gym and I hired a personal trainer”? Seeing Harry nod stupidly, Tracy continued. “Matthew is that trainer and he has become my lover and my Master. He is a Dom and I, his sub.” We have been lovers for some time now. “ Tracy paused to let that information sink into Harry’s mind.

"Dom? Sub? Harry looked dizzy.

"Dom means that Matthew is a dominant force in my life and sub means that I am subservient to him. It's like a Master and Apprentice relationship but more intimate.

“But when do you…” Harry began.

“Whenever we can, two or three times a week.” There’s more. I am pregnant with Matthew’s child and we are going to keep this baby.” Harry looked like he was about to throw up and Tracy gave him time to compose. A little wobbly, Harry began to sit on the bed but a sharp look from Tracy stopped him.

“Pregnant?” Harry said as if in a trance or a nightmare. “You’re pregnant?”

“Yes I am and it’s the happiest I’ve been in … well since I married you. So, big boy, you came barging in here all set to attack a pregnant women and that pregnant woman has put you on your ass with only a posture and a few words. How does that feel Harry?”

“I’m sorry… I didn’t know.”

“Well you know now so behave yourself or Matthew here will end you; you can take that to the bank.” He looked too whipped to be a threat to her. Hell, he looked like he’d need CPR in another minute or so.

“But how… Why? “ Harry whined. “What about us?”

“What us?” Tracy spat out. “There hasn’t been an 'us' in a long time now. You are a paycheck here. You stopped being a man when you crawled into a case of beer and never came out. Sexually, for all your demands, you’re a zero, a fucking zero. A failure. Why do you think I’ve only let you suck my pussy in all these months?”

A sudden awareness came over Harry and he looked at Matthew’s cock and back at Tracy. You mean I… I…I’ve been…well, um…”

“That’s right Einstein, you’ve been cleaning up after Matthew. Remember how you’ve been telling me that my pussy tasted different? It’s because you’ve been licking up traces of Matthew’s cum!” Tracy let that one sink in as Harry sat back against the wall looking like a man about to faint. Three times he opened his mouth to speak and each time no sound came out. Tracy had never seen a more pitiful looking man and so she looked to Matthew. Matthew looked back in admiration and he glanced towards Harry with pity but was watchful, lest this broken man become a threat.

“We have children, what about our children, our marriage” Harry asked weakly.

“For now nothing changes except that you are to move into the guest room and we're soon to have another child in this family - Matthew's and my baby. I can’t and won’t share my bed with you. We can tell the kids that you snore and we’re doing this so as to not disturb my sleep. We are buying a new mattress for this bed and that side of the bed is now Matthew’s, for whenever he comes here.”

Matthew’s face wore a look of mild bemusement for he realized that his sub was clearly dominating Harry and it was fun to watch.

“I’ve been eating a man’s c-c-cum…” Harry’s voice trailed off.

Tracy noticed that despite her husband’s obvious mental discomfort, his trousers looked like a pup tent and she could not remember the last time she’d seen him that way. “Do you know what a cuckold is,” Tracy asked?

“No,” Harry replied. “I’ve heard the word but never knew what it meant, something about weak men, I think”

“Weak men who’s wives fuck other men and the cuckold husband lives to service her and her lovers. That’s what you are now Harry, a cuckold. You aren’t my cock any more you’re my cuck. Tell me, now that you know, how do you feel about having eaten my cum filled pussy? “ Tracy used that same tone of voice that she had taunted him with over the past months. Tracy looked at Matthew and took a deep breath. “Hey cuck-boy, answer me!”

“Well… I, well, OK, I liked it but I didn't know then …”

“But nothing, either you liked it or you didn’t, which is it?”

“I...dammit, I liked it.”

“Good, because that’s your job from now on and the only sex you will get from me for the rest of this marriage. So you understand me?”

“Yes.” Harry replied weakly, a man completely defeated.

“Yes what?

“Yes Tracy.”

“Yes Mistress Tracy!” Tracy corrected.

Harry looked at Tracy, and then at Matthew, and said, “Yes Mistress Tracy.”

“Good, now we all understand each other. Now tell Mistress Tracy that you are ready to clean up her messy pussy right now, right this second!”

“You mean with him w-watching?” Harry asked, his voice quaking as though his throat ached.

“Crawl the fuck over here cuck-boy” Tracy commanded. She looked to Matthew for guidance and he simply smiled at her. He marveled at her new-found powers.

Harry crawled across the floor of the bedroom he’d never again sleep in. Tracy grabbed his hair and literally shoved his head around the sticky mess that was her groin, like an owner rubbing their dog’s nose in the poo of an accident. A dejected looking Harry was completely docile now.

“You can’t clean me like that cuck-boy, lick it! Lick up every drop of my cum and Matthew’s cum, miss a single drop and it will be a month before you get to lick it again.” Harry began licking furiously. There was no sexual feeling in this experience for Tracy beyond a tremendous sense of accomplishment and power that in its own way was sexy. She had tamed the beast. Tracy locked eyes with Matthew as Harry licked her like a faithful dog licked his master’s hand. Yet another power flowed and that was the psychic energy between her and Matthew’s focused eye contact. Matthew fed power to her and she channeled back to him the power that Tracy held over Harry.

When Tracy was satisfied that Harry had cleaned her sufficiently she dismissed him. She asked Matthew if he had anything to add to her instructions to Harry and he said he had every confidence in her judgment. Tracy turned to Harry and said. “Remember these instructions. “

“1. This room is like a cathedral for the love between Matthew and me and is to be kept spotless, the sheets changed, washed, and ironed after Matthew’s every visit and at least twice a week no matter what.

2. You are never to stand in this room, except to wash windows. In this room, you crawl.

3. You are to remove every item of clothing,every trace of you from this room by my bedtime tonight. The guest room is now your room.

4. You are to keep the master bath spotless and you are never to use it. You use the bathroom down the hall. If I tell you that Matthew will be here on a given night you are to buy fresh cut flowers and put them in the master bath.

5. You are to keep the bar stocked with Matthew’s favorite beverages. He’ll tell you what they are.

Do you understand these instructions?”

“Yes. “

“Yes what?”

“Yes, Tracy…errr… Mistress Tracy.”

“OK, good boy. Now get back to work so that Matthew and I can have some privacy. “

Thus began the next phase of Tracy’s life as both a sub and a DOM.

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