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Travelling to the US part 2.

Phillip returns to bring us breakfast and what a breakfast it was.

The story until now

Sue, my wife had been cheating on me for years. I initially didn’t respond but as time passed and she continued to be unfaithful I responded by having an affair with Marg.

Eventually, I decided to leave my job and travel to the west. In doing so I told her that if she wanted to come with me then she had to stop her cheating. She agreed but within weeks of arriving in the west, I found that she was having an affair. This was directly after we had decided to have another child.

Sue lost the child which was fathered by someone else. After a time I forgave her but it fueled my desire to be with other women something that I sometimes regretted as it gave Sue the absolute right to continue to cheat.  

Sue was attending the roller-skating nationals over east. I was to be a judge at the world water skiing. This meant that we would be separated for a number of weeks.

Sue was having an affair with another Rollerskater, Roy who would be with her at the nationals.

 Given that Sue was going to have an affair while she was away I had decided to take my long-term friend, Lyn with me to the worlds.

On the flight over to the US Lyn and I stayed the night in Sydney and despite my request for her not to she had sex with the attendant, Phillip.


The following morning we were awake early. I was first up and was making coffee when there was a knock on the door. I opened the door to find Phillip with breakfast.

“Hi, Phillip, How are you this bright and pleasant day.”

“Feeling a little bit concerned and guilty about what I did to you and Lyn last night. I have organized for breakfast and have changed your booking to continue through until this afternoon, no charge. As well I have organized the company limo to take you to the airport later today.”

“Don’t be concerned. If Lyn was not interested you would not have got past first base. It wasn’t your fault. We appreciate what you are doing for us but please don’t do it out of guilt. Now, are you going to stay for breakfast with us?”

”I’m not due to start my shift until later today so I’d love to have breakfast with you. I have some news for you as well.”

“Good or bad?”

“Good I hope but I won’t know for sure for a few weeks at least.”

At that time Lyn came out still wearing her see-through nightie. Phillip’s eyes notified me that she was present. She walked over to me and kissed me and then put her arm around Phillip’s neck, pulled his face down and kissed him in much the same way.

“Good Morning, Phillip. How exciting is this? Both of my favourite men are here waiting on me for breakfast. What more could a girl wish for?” She giggled and gave me that special flash of the eyes that was her trademark. She then wandered off into the bedroom to return in a more presentable dress.

“God that lady is the sexiest thing that ever walked this earth. You’re a very lucky man, Goyse.” Phillip said quietly to me, watching the swing of her bottom as she walked away.

“I know I am. Now, don’t start getting any ideas, Phillip. What happened last night was a once only event. Lyn and I talked about it last night and that was her first and her last time.”

“Oh, I wasn’t trying to get back into her panties. I was just admiring her, that’s all. She is truly gorgeous. She has sex written all over her.”

“Come on. Let’s get this breakfast organized. Now, what was the news that you were talking about?”

Lyn was returning as I asked. I suspected that I already knew the answer but wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

“What are my men whispering about now?” Lyn asked on her return.

“I was just about to tell Goyse about the discussion with my wife last night when she returned home.”

“OK, let’s hear it,” she replied.

“I got home around an hour before Sheryl, my wife. Rather than going to bed I shut off the lights and sat up waiting for her. About thirty minutes later, I heard a car quietly pull into the driveway. I peeped out the window to see if I could identify the car. Sheryl’s work mate had picked her up but it was not her friend’s car. I could see into the car from the street lighting and realized that the driver was a male.”

“I saw Sheryl lean across and the driver took her into his arms and they locked in a kiss. The kissing and cuddling went on for quite a while. I couldn’t see much but it looked as if she was being felt up but I couldn’t be sure. I then saw his head lower and it seemed that he had taken her tit into his mouth. I was amazed that they would do this so close to our home. I then realized that when she returned from her night out normally I was in bed. I guess they thought that they wouldn’t get caught.”

“How did you feel about all this, Phillip?” I asked.

“My initial response was jealousy and then I became angry so felt that I should go out and abuse him. That passed fairly quickly when I realized I was sexually excited. I moved around the house to try to get a clearer look at what was going on. I moved to the window nearest to where the drive was. In the dark, I knocked over a table with a set of glasses on it. I stood stock still at the window but it was no use as they had obviously heard the noise.”

“Sheryl shot out of the car, buttoning up her top as she ran up the driveway. The car started and backed down to the roadway with no lights on and sped away. I heard her fumbling with the key in the lock. I was still standing stock still at the window which was not in clear view of the doorway.”

“She came in, closed the door and turned on a nightlight. I was still in the shadows so that she didn’t see me. She looked around a bit and then I saw her reach down and remove her panties and entered the washroom out of my sight. She then moved along the passageway to our bedroom. Once she was in the bedroom I went to the washroom and checked the basket where we kept the clothes to be washed.”

“I reached into the basket and felt around and felt something wet with a slippery fluid on it. I pulled the piece of clothing out and could see it was her panties.  They were white on the crutch. I could smell the strong ammonia odour of male sperm.  It was obvious that whoever the driver was he had fucked her.”

“My stomach was in a knot but at the same time, I had one of the biggest erections I had ever experienced. She, as I suspected had been cheating on me. I took some time to think it through logically. After all wasn’t this the outcome that I had wanted except that I was left out of the loop. I wanted her to be happy and I wanted her to be sexually satisfied. The question was how could I manipulate this event so that I had some sort of control or involvement?”

“I was trying to see the sperm on her panties in the relative darkness. At that time she came out of the bedroom looking for me. She switched on the lights and found me standing in the middle of the hallway with her panties in my hand near my face. There was dead silence for about a minute. I didn’t know what to say and I think she was shocked that she had been caught out. She was the first one to speak. The conversation went roughly like this.”

“’What are you doing with my panties? Are you smelling them or licking them?”

“I was trying to see what was on them and the lights were out so I had to hold them close to my face. It looked like sperm on them.”

“Don’t be stupid. She said.”

“It smells like sperm and it looks like sperm, I told her. I then lifted the panties to my face and licked some of the thick white liquid from the crotch. It tastes like sperm as well. Not that I know what it tastes like but what I think it would taste like.”

“What if it is? She retorted almost sounding like she was angry.”

“Well if it is then we have something that we need to talk about. It means that you are hiding things from me and that I find very upsetting.”

“That’s a joke. You think I have just been screwed and all you want to talk about is that I am hiding something from you.”

“Yes, if you are playing around on me then I probably can’t do anything about that so I have to deal with it. Maybe I simply need to accept it but something that I can’t accept is you not talking to me about it.”

“Fuck me, you are saying you are not angry that I have cheated on you?”

“That’s not what I’m saying. What I am saying is that if you discuss it with me tell me why you need to do it and seek my acceptance then it isn’t cheating is it? It becomes a mutual arrangement that we have.”

“Ah, I see what you’re up to. If you accept that I can have sex with a man then it gives you the OK to have an affair with some other woman. That’s your plan, isn’t it? I’m a wake up to you. You can’t pull the wool over my eyes by pretending that I can get fucked with your approval so that you get a free pass to pick up some slut on the side.”

“Did I say that I wanted to have sex with someone else? Look I have recently met this guy named, Goyse. I then went on and told her the story about how Goyse and his wife who came to an agreement where she could go out on dates. She always told him about her experiences when she came home. She never denied him sex and he helped her achieve satisfaction with her boyfriends. I then went on to tell her that one essential condition was that it didn’t impact on their marriage and that she allowed him to participate whenever possible.”

“She listened intently, not saying a word until I was finished. Eventually, I asked her what she thought.”

“She replied by saying that I was the most amazing husband that a woman could ever have and that she would never want to harm our marriage. She said that she sometimes felt sexually unsatisfied after we had sex and that she often had to masturbate after I had gone to sleep and it was driving her crazy. She constantly eyed off other men wondering what they would be like in bed.”

“One night when she was out with the girls, her friend Susan told her that she had a boyfriend and he and his mate were coming along later in the night. She asked me would I be willing to keep his friend busy so that they could get the chance to spend some time alone. I couldn’t see any harm in doing it.  When they arrived there was this really sexy guy and a fairly ordinary bloke. She naturally thought that the sexy guy would be Susan’s boyfriend but found out that it was the ordinary looking guy.”

“She said that one thing led to another. They danced and had a few drinks as the night progressed and she realized that she was having the time of her life. They got on very well together telling each other jokes and laughing. He often touched her arm and it felt like his touch sent an electric shock up her arm each time.”  

“The night ended and he walked her to Susan’s car for her lift home but Susan was nowhere to be found. She and her boyfriend had obviously found a bed somewhere. She said she was panicking because it was later than normal and if she was too late she thought that I might be upset and try to stop her from going out with the girls again. He told her it was no problem for him to run her home. He acted like a gentleman all the time. When she got out of the car he walked her to the door.”

“She turned towards him to thank him but he was so close that their faces were no more than two inches apart. He then put his arm around her and they kissed.  He then said that he was sorry. He knew he should not have done that but the night with her was so much fun that he just got carried away. He went on to say that he had trouble getting along with women until tonight with her and he hoped they could do it again.”

“She explained to him that she loved her husband and an affair was out of the question. He told her that it didn’t have to be an affair. He just wanted to spend more time with her. This put her off guard so she agreed to have lunch with him the next day.”

“They met every day for her lunch break and on the following week when she was due to go out with the girls he asked her out for a date. She said no. She was happy to go somewhere with him but it could not be considered a date because she was happily married. So they went out together as friends.”

“The problem that she was having was that every time that there was any type of bodily contact a thrill like an electrical shock went through her. She found that she was masturbating a couple of times every day and when she reached orgasm she had the vision of him making love to her. She was also dreaming of him every night.”

“Eventually she convinced herself that if they had sex just once then all this excitement would go away. At this stage, she bowed her head and told me how sorry she was. It didn’t fix the problem it just made it worse.”

“She told me repeatedly how much she loved me but after giving an apology once again she told me that sex with me was just ordinary compared with sex with Robert.”

“I asked her to go to bed with me and to describe what their sex was like while I made love to her. She followed me into the bedroom making me feel that she was reluctant. I undressed her and kissed her. She responded to my touch and to my kisses but I still could see she was reluctant so I asked her what was wrong.”

“She told me that I had not given her time to clean up and that she was soiled. I laughed and explained that I found the thought of that very exciting. She then said that I didn’t understand that her pussy was full of Roberts’s sperm. Again I laughed and told her it made me excited to think about it. I then told her to start at the beginning, the first time they had sex and tell me about it.”  

“She started to talk and I moved across to mount her but she closed her legs. She then told me that she was sorry but she could not feel comfortable having me, her husband pushing into her when it was full of someone else’s sperm. She told me if I allowed her to clean up then she would let me do it.”

“I pushed my body back from her, pulled her legs apart, slid down her body and started to lick her clean. Her response was to yell at me saying that I could not do that because she was dirty. I just ignored her and kept licking and after a while, I felt her legs open and she lifted her hips. Within a few minutes, she threw her head back into the pillow and the most violent orgasm that I had ever seen her have ripped through her body.”

“After her body stopped shaking I moved up to her and pushed into her pussy.  The feel was like I was making love to velvet. She was soft, slippery and loose. She met my every thrust. Because I had already cum with Lyn I lasted a long time and eventually she reached orgasm again. I was not far behind. It felt as if I had emptied my whole body into her.”

“Afterwards she held me tight and kissed me over and over again. She told me that was the best sex she had ever experienced which of course made me feel very proud. We talked for hours about how our new relationship would work. She promised me that no matter what happened our marriage would always come first. She explained that she kept dreaming of having Robert’s baby. I told her that it was too soon for that but at a later date, I would be willing to discuss it with her. I then told her that I knew she had started missing pills.”

“When I told her that I knew, she started crying and told me that although the sex was magnificent the worry of cheating on me and the concern that I might leave her if I found out had affected her ability to think straight. In her twisted mind, she was thinking it all had to end and if it did what would she have from it. The answer for her is that if she got pregnant then I would assume it was mine. She, of course, would have to break it off but she would have a memento, Robert’s child.” 

“I told her that as long as our marriage was secure and that she always put our interests first then she had my blessing to continue her affair with Robert. I also told her that she must never conceal anything from me. I said that if she started to hide things from me then I would take action to make sure her affair did not continue. She agreed and told me again that she had the most wonderful husband that any woman could ever wish for.”    

Lyn and I had listened intently as he told us about what had happened. We were both smiling and occasionally nodded to confirm our pleasure in hearing the story. For me at least it made me sexually stimulated and if Phillip had not been present I would have picked Lyn up and taken her back to bed. I noticed that as the story unfolded that Lyn had crossed her legs and I suspect that her sexual orifice was dribbling from the erotic stimulation.

He continued, “I owe you guys a massive debt. If I had not intervened I suspect I may have lost her if her attraction to Robert became more acute. I can never repay what you have done for me. Not only did you give me the most exciting sexual experience of my life you have allowed me to kick off the relationship with my wife that I have wanted for some time now. It has opened up doors that otherwise may have remained closed.”

“You owe us nothing, Phillip,” I told him. “We both enjoyed last night although I think you and Lyn enjoyed it a lot more than I did. If you feel that there is a debt you may pay it back by staying in touch with us and keeping us posted on how your relationship develops with Susan.”

 “That’s a certainty. I’ll update you regularly. Susan has agreed to invite Robert to dinner with us. After dinner, we intend to let him know what the situation is and Susan will tell him that if I can’t be involved in some way then their affair must end. Susan has suggested that we may go out on dates as a threesome and she would like to try the three of us having sex together. The thought of it is pretty exciting to me.”

Our breakfast was now over. It seemed that Phillip had told us all that he wanted to at this stage so he moved to excuse himself. We exchanged addresses and phone numbers. He wished us a safe and exciting trip and then left.

I took Lyn into my arms and carried her to our bed. I kissed her and she responded. My hand went under her dress and as I suspected she was soaked.

“I thought you might invite him to stay,” she said.

“The thought did occur to me but I was not overly happy last night watching you and him going further than I wanted you to. I don’t know if I could have watched again so soon.”

“I thought you were OK with it. I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you. I just got too carried away, that’s all.”

“Yes, I know. I’m just as much to blame. I just don’t believe that I have the right to stop you when you’re that excited.”

“I probably would have done it anyway. When he was telling me about him and Susan earlier all I could think about was that massive purple head of his penetrating my pussy flaps again. It was highly erotic. I sometimes read erotic stories and I get turned on. Having someone tell me about a real life situation like that gets me going a lot more.”

“If you really want it, I could call him back.”

“Fuck, would you do that?”

“For you, I’d do almost anything. But you need to understand I’d only do it for you, not for any other reason.”

“Say you did call him back would you be willing to take me from behind while he looked after my pussy. I’ve heard of women who have done that and it’s always been a fantasy of mine. You know our relationship would be safe. We may never see him again so there is no risk.”

“That’s not what I’m worried about. It is my perception of you that has suffered. To me, you were very special, like a princess who was mine and only mine. I had you on a pedestal and now you have come down to my level.”

“I’ll never be on your level. You’re just too special. You always care about people. I often get pissed off dealing with them.  I’m just a normal woman who chucks fits when things don’t go her way. Every day I see good looking men and wonder what they would be like to sleep with. I’m not the squeaky clean minded lady you think I am.”

She went on, “it’s just that I haven’t had the opportunity to do some of those things like we did last night. This is perhaps my only opportunity I will ever have to try a threesome. If you are OK with it I would love to try it. I promise I will make it up to you someway in the future. Perhaps we can get with another good looking woman during our trip so that I can repay you. Wouldn’t you like to have sex with some good looking young woman?”

“I’m not very interested in other women, Lyn. OK. If it’s that important to you I will call Phillip back.” I picked up my phone and called him. He must have been close because there was a knock on the door within two minutes.

“What do you want,” he asked as I opened the door.

“It’s not what I want it’s what Lyn wants.” He looked at me with a puzzled look and a frown. I continued, “She wants you to tell her more about what happened with you and your wife last night.” He still looked puzzled. “The story got her hot and she wants you to continue the story.”

He obviously understood where this would lead. “What about you, Goyse?”

“It gave me an erection as well but it was Lyn’s idea to get you back up here.”

“Where is she?”

“She’s on the bed waiting.”

“Oh, I see. Will it upset you, Goyse? I could leave and pretend that I can’t come back.”

“She wants me to be involved as well. It looks as if she wants you to get her turned on from your story and then we both have sex with her. It seems you get the glory spot while I get the scraps.”

“I’m sorry, mate. I didn’t want this to happen.”

“Neither did I but I guess with a big purple headed tool like yours, you will just have to put up with these type of things when the word gets out.” He laughed with me and we headed to the bedroom.

When I entered the bedroom suite I was taken aback by the sight. Lyn was naked. Her legs were spread, not wide but enough to let us see that she was wet. She was wet because she had been stroking her big protruding clit. Beside her was a tube of KY jelly and she had been using it to work her clit which stood out like a two-inch long penis. It even had the shape of the head of a cock at its extremity. When I looked closer I realized she had used the lube on her anus as well.

“Fuck, that’s a sight I’ll remember for a long time,” Phillip said.

“Don’t just look at it. Get over here and give me the pleasure that I desire.”

Phillip moved over towards her while I stood back.

“No, Phillip. Goyse come here.”

I moved over to her and Phillip took a step back from the bed.

“Always remember, Phillip, Goyse comes first in everything that happens.”

My jaw just about hit the floor. Her statement bamboozled me. It was unlikely that we would ever get together with Phillip again so why say that? Did she have other plans that I didn’t know about? Then it struck me. She didn’t say this for Phillip’s sake. She was redefining the rules so that I understood the way she saw our relationship. She was telling me that although sexually she may find other men attractive she would always put my interests first. I loved this woman. For the first time in the last two days, I felt comfortable with it all.

I went to lick her but she pulled me up towards her and said, “No, I want you in me. Phillip, come close. You can touch me if you like but watch Goyse. He knows how to make love, not just have sex. You will need to learn from him so that Susan always comes home to you.”

I placed my cock near to her hole. I felt her hips lift to take me inside her but I pulled back slightly so that I didn’t enter her. I kissed her long and hard and teased her with the head of my cock at her entrance.

I moved my body down slightly so that when I pushed forward my cock slid across her slit and her clit. She was leaking profusely and the feeling was like sliding across silk. I could feel her lifting her hips higher and higher each time my cock slipped across her slit. I withdrew my cock and lowered my body further and my cock lined up with her anus. When I pressed forwards my cock started to open up her rear hole.

Her eyes shot open and she shook her head. I pulled back and realigned with her pussy then lowered my body again so I was once again sliding across her slit. Her eyes closed and she moaned. I kissed her again and repeated the movement. She moaned again but slightly louder and I felt a minor tremor go through her body. I felt her make a big adjustment to her body position so that I was aligned with her pussy.

I knew she was ready so I pushed forwards and penetrated her. Last night she had been loose but her hole had tightened again. It felt wonderful. She was soaked with her juices and as I slid in, her body shook again and she said, “I love you, Goyse.”

I kissed her again but this time the kiss went on and on as I worked myself into her depths. I was near to reaching my climax but held back. She was now thrusting with me meeting my every move. The noise of her wetness being caught between our bodies was loud like if someone was being smacked.

As she reached her orgasm I let go and rammed into her as far as I could. I could feel her cervix at the head of my cock and the thought of shooting my sperm so close to her entry to her ovaries excited me.

My first eruption seemed enormous and then many more followed it. Lyn was almost throttling me she was holding me so tight.

“Oh fuck, Oh fuck, Oh fuck, Oh fuck, Oooohhh fuck mmmmmeeee,” she shouted. We lay there for a few moments recovering our breath. I had forgotten that Phillip was present. I raised my head and Lyn loosened her grip on me. Phillip was right there beside us.

 “That was really something,” he said. “Is it always like that when you two make love?”

“Most times, yes, it is.” I replied.

“Sometimes even better,” Lyn cut in. “Goyse has passed out on a couple of occasions. He gives away all his secrets when that happens,” she laughed.

“I’ve never had sex that was that intense.”

“Well come here and see if I can do it for you. What you need to learn is that it is not a race to the finish. Well, it can be near the end but start off slow and build up. The man has to focus his attention on the woman’s orgasm and learn to hold back until that magic moment for the woman. You have a beautiful penis. If you can master holding back your orgasm for as long as you need to for the benefit of the woman your wife may not need Robert anymore.”

“I always cum too quick. You saw last night that once I entered you it only took half a dozen strokes.”

“That’s because you start thinking of your pleasure. Goyse controls it with his mind. He thinks of other things to delay it and if that doesn’t work he will withdraw but keep rubbing himself on my clit so that I stay stimulated while he cools it. That’s right isn’t it, Goyse?”

“Something like that. It’s not easy sometimes but to me satisfying the woman is the intent of sex. My pleasure comes from that.” I laughed and added, “No second meaning Implied.”

“Goyse, let Phillip…… you know. You can join us if you want to.”

I withdrew slowly. I knew what she meant. She wanted both of us to have sex with her at the same time. I knew that I would have no trouble becoming erect once they started.

Phillip moved across to her as I moved aside. He had removed all his clothes. This was the first time that I had seen all of him. His phallus looked huge, sticking out from his body with its big purple head. Unlike mine which pointed straight up when aroused, his was so weighty that it stuck out at an angle of about 60’ from his body. It had a slight curve to the right which seemed to be corrected by it starting from his body slightly to the left. How Lyn could take the whole length of it with its thickness amazed me.

It was then that I understood why Lyn wanted me first. It was to provide extra lubrication so that she could handle him. He placed the big purple head against her slit.

She responded by lifting her hips and told him to take it easy with her. She pulled him down and they kissed. I felt extremely jealous at that point. I had for the moment lost any desire to see them mate. I looked at the enormous purple head pushing against her and wondered should I reach out and pull it away from her before it penetrated her love hole. While I was thinking about it she spoke.

“Take it easy. Don’t push into me yet. I’m not quite ready. Slide him across my slit, please Phillip.”

He had watched me and changed his angle so that his huge cock slid along her lips and pushed her clit to the side. As he did so she humped her back and jerked her hips upwards. He then pulled back and repeated the process. My sperm which I had deposited in her started to leak from her hole as his cock head separated her flaps. I felt my cock jerk and with it, most of my concerns evaporated.

After sliding across her slit and clit half a dozen times he pulled further back and his cock came clear of her and as he pushed back he made contact with her anus. He thrust forward and part of his head penetrated her rear hole. Her legs closed like a trap slamming shut on a wild animal.

“No, no, fuck no, not there. You’ll hurt me too much.”

“I’m not going to enter you I just want to play a little.”

“Don’t you dare push that big thing into me there. It’ll split me in two. I can’t take anything of size up the rear.”

“Trust me. I promise I won’t hurt you.” 

“You fucking better not or it will be over for good.”

Phillip kept pulling back a little and then pushing forward a little. I was amazed that after a few times he had got just a little further into her but hole. My cum continued to run from her which was providing lube to his big purple head. By this time I was so sexually aroused from watching this that all jealousy had totally disappeared and I was ready to make love to her as soon as I was able.  

He pulled right back and the trickle of cum from her pussy could be seen to slowly run down to her anus which had not closed up completely when he pulled it back. This means that some of my cum had actually entered her rear hole. This time when he pushed back she once more arched her back and he pushed a little bit harder and the purple head disappeared inside her.

“Oh fuck, no, no, no. Pull it out. I can’t take it.” She pushed her hand against his chest. He slowly withdrew it with a very audible “plop”.

“I’m sorry. I thought it would be OK. I was almost in before.”

“No, it’s not OK. You’re just too big for me. Roll over on your back and let me on top. Are you OK, Goyse?”

“Are you sure you want to do this? You can stop if you want out.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“I don’t know. Where is this going to? Do you really need to do this?”

“Yes, I want to but only if you can handle it. I’ll stop if you tell me to.”

 "He could have ruptured your arse. I just don’t want you to get hurt. I’m worried about us as well. Will this affect our relationship?”

Phillip who had been quiet chipped in. “Look, Lyn, I think that I should leave if it’s an issue. I don’t want to hurt you or Goyse.”

“Goyse, Phillip is not going to hurt me. I have an opportunity to do something that I have often thought about. If I walk away now after coming this far I know that I will regret it and that could affect us. If your concern is our relationship, it may be better to allow me to do this and play your part in it.”

“OK, then let’s do it then. No more fucking around trying to fuck her arse, Phillip. Do you understand?”

“I’m sorry, Goyse. I thought it would be OK. I have always wanted to have sex anally with a woman. Susan won’t even consider it so I thought it was my opportunity. I won’t try again.”

While we were talking Lyn was on top of him and he was sliding his cock along her slit again and over her clit which was sticking out like a little penis from the top of her slit. I could see that her lips were becoming engorged and taking on a reddish colour. She was very wet. Perhaps it was my sperm leaking from her but I suspect it was a mixture of the sperm and her juices.

He was doing most of the work while she was just humping her back. As he pulled back he dropped his hips slightly which changed the angle of his stroke and his big purple head slipped into her.

“Oh, fuck,” she cried and she humped her back more.

He pulled back and thrust again and another inch disappeared inside her. He repeated the movement over and over. Each time another inch disappeared inside her. I knew that she was actually in control even though he was doing most of the work. When he was about an inch from fully embedded she held back a little.  I saw him thrust a bit higher off the bed trying to become fully embedded but she pulled back to stop it.

“Don’t go any deeper. It’s hurting me when you go a little too deep inside.”

“Hhhmmmm,” was all he said and kept his pattern of thrusting going.

“Goyse, can you come up behind me. There is lube in the drawer if you need it.”

I opened the drawer, pulled out the lube and spread it over my cock. I then knelt behind her. Lyn had spread her legs further to allow me access. I placed my cock against her rear and it slid inside her with no effort at all. Phillip had stretched her entry for me.

I could feel Phillips huge cock moving in and out of her through the thin membrane between her pussy and her bowel. My balls were coming in contact with Phillip’s every time he thrust into her. I placed my hands on her shoulders to give me more purchase to thrust into her. By this time I was in as far as I could go. I could feel a change in Phillip’s cock and realized that he was near to cumming. 

“Phillip, pull out of her.”

“I’m close. Can’t I cum inside her?”

“Pull out of her, I said, now!”

I felt Phillip pull out of Lyn. Now that he was out I explained to him that he was going to cum too soon and the only way to make it last when you get that close is to pull out. He groaned and lay there for a while and then asked could he enter again. I told him as long as he didn’t cum yet.

As he thrust back into her, Lyn let out one enormous moan and I could feel her muscles moving in the spasm of her orgasm. Phillip must have felt it too because he started ramming hard into her. I kept my slow short movements in her back passage while enjoying the feeling of her muscle spasms. I felt the hardness of Phillips cock increase again and knew that he was about to cum as well.  

As Phillip shot his jizz into her I could feel every spurt as it travelled along his thick cock to its destination inside my lover. I had no intention of finishing inside her rear passage. I was waiting till after Phillip had left and then I intended making slow gentle love to Lyn.

Lyn’s orgasm finished before Phillip had finished shooting off. I felt her body relax from its few minutes of exertion which I knew from experience would sap her strength. Shortly after I felt Phillip’s body go slack and knew that his moment of joy and satisfaction was also over. I lay still inside Lyn waiting patiently for her to recover.

“Did you cum, Goyse?” she asked.

“There was no need. I’ll keep it for later.”

“I’ll be stretched.”

 “Yes, I know but I want to make slow gentle love to you.”

Phillip cut in. “I’d better go. I have to start work in an hour. I’ll wash up in one of the other units. Thanks for what you have done for me, Goyse. I’ll never forget it. Thanks, Lyn for letting me……. you know. It has been the best sexual experience of my life. I’ll dream about you every night.”

“I hope it all works out with Susan, Phillip. Goyse and I will be in touch when we get back from the states.”

“If Susan agrees, do you think that the four of us might get together sometime after you come back?”

It was my turn to speak. “Phillip, Lyn and I talked about this and she agreed that it would be a once off thing.”

“OK, I’m sorry. If you change your mind don’t be frightened to ask me.”

“No worries. Good luck, Phillip.” I wanted him to leave so that Lyn and I could be alone together. As he moved towards the door Lyn spoke.

“Phillip thanks for what you have done for me. Please don’t feel guilty that we did things that Goyse preferred we didn’t. It was not your fault. I wanted it to happen. I know Goyse and he will be OK with it in time. He’s not one to hold grudges.”

“I’m sorry, Goyse. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“I guess Lyn is right. I usually get over most things in time. Good luck with Susan.”

Phillip left. I had withdrawn from Lyn as he walked away from us. I dropped down beside Lyn and she rolled towards me and kissed me. I kissed her back but not as enthusiastically as I usually did.

“Are you angry with me?”

“Not angry, more disappointed.”

“You didn’t enjoy it.”

“No, Was I supposed to?”

“Yes, of course, you were. I was doing it for both of us. I wanted to know what it was like but I also wanted you to be part of it and enjoy it for me.”

“I’m sorry if you feel that I’ve let you down by not enjoying the most important person in my life being screwed by someone else. I just have problems not so much about what happened over the last two days but what might happen in the future.”

“What do you think is going to happen in the future?”

“I came to Sydney thinking and wondering could I go back to my nightmare of a life with Sue after spending the next three weeks with you. I thought this is perfect, just Lyn and me. But now I’m confused, probably more with myself than with you. My mind is asking me, is there something about me that turns women into sex fiends that need more than I can deliver?”

“Awe, Goyse, this hasn’t been about anything that you have done. It was about something that I always wanted to try and the opportunity to try it. I could tell that Phillip wanted me. I could also tell that he was well equipped maybe even over equipped.”

“I knew that you loved me and you wanted to give me anything that I desired. I knew about Sue’s behaviour and I also knew that you let her do things that most men would not put up with. It, therefore, followed that this would probably be my one and only chance to live a dream that I have harboured for many years. Now that I’ve done it I know that it was not what it was cracked up to be.”

“Sure he gave me a couple of great orgasms last night but didn’t you notice something? Didn’t you notice that today he didn’t do anything for me that you haven’t done for me a hundred times and a hundred times better? Sex with Phillip was good but if you hadn’t made him withdraw when you did I would not have even reached orgasm. Now, has there ever been a time when you and I had sex when I have not had an orgasm?”

She continued, “Why would you be angry about me being disappointed and finding out that I have it all and the grass is not greener over the hill. Let’s assume that this hadn’t happened. In that situation, I would for the rest of my life be looking at other men wondering how good they would be. Remember I was married to someone who could not give me satisfaction. Until you came along I hated sex and only did it because it was expected of me. Why on earth would I give up the one person who changed my life?”

“I’m sorry Lyn. I guess I’m just a fool.”

“No, you’re not a fool. You’re just a person who is frightened of losing something that is important to you. Your reaction is no different to my initial reaction when I heard that you were spending the week before our trip with Sally. I understand totally.”

“Shit, is that what this is about? You have been punishing me for spending last week with Sally.”

“I won’t deny that knowing that made what has happened more likely but it is not the whole reason. The main driver is that I needed to know that my dreams were just that, dreams.”

“OK, come here and kiss me.”

 Lyn moved over to me and we kissed. I held her tightly to me. She knew that I needed satisfaction so at the first opportunity she got up and moved to the bathroom. A few minutes later she returned and cleaned me down. She then pushed me down on my back and straddled me. She took my cock and directed it to her slit and pushed down on me. She then rolled over onto her back taking me with her.

“Fuck me, lover. Fuck me as hard as you can. I deserve to be fucked.”

I thrust into her as hard as I could. My disappointment dissolved into anger at her when I realized that she had done this to punish me for being with Sally. I had no interest in reaching orgasm. I was in my anger trying to punish her by pounding her. It was pathetic. The harder that I pounded into her the more she spread her legs and lifted to meet my thrusts. I continued for at least fifteen minutes before I started to shed some of the anger inside me and slowed but she didn’t and kept thrusting up hard against me.

She continued her thrusting for some time and then I noticed her pattern of breathing was becoming irregular. “The bitch is using me as a dildo to get off,” was my thought. No more than twenty seconds later I felt those muscle spasms that herald her orgasm.

I felt the heat of her juices and her wetness flowing out from around my cock which kicked off my orgasm. I thrust as hard as possible into her and shot spurt after spurt of sperm deep inside her pussy.    

 We lay together for some time and then I noticed the clock. We had an hour to get to the airport to catch our flight.  Almost two hours had passed since Phillip had left us. Where the time went I will never know.

For many years, I would dream of that enormous purple head protruding out from behind her bottom covered in her juices and Phillips pre-cum. I then see them change their position so that his huge phallus could slip into her wet and dripping pussy. This is followed by her massive orgasm as I see his cock pulse as he shoots his sperm deep inside her.   It is something that even today, many years later I can picture as if it happened yesterday. 

We hurried down to the lower floor of the hotel. As we passed the front desk, Phillip was there talking to a customer. He waved to us and we both waved back. I then saw the sign held by the driver and walked over to meet him. He took our bags and led us to the limo.

As he pulled away from the hotel he asked, “You know Phillip, the manager, do you?”

“Phillip is the manager? I thought he was the attendant.”

“Yes, Phillip who waved to you and your wife. He’s the hotel CEO.” He replied.

“I didn’t know.”

“Yes, Phillip is the hotel top manager. He is a great guy. He is the only manager in any of the hotels that believes that managers should be able to do any job in the hotel. To prove the point he spends a couple of hours every day doing menial tasks like cleaning rooms, delivering meals and working the front desk. He believes that is the only way to stay in tune with what is happening in his hotel. All of his staff love him.”

I laughed looked at Lyn and replied, “the staff are not the only ones that love him.”

Initially, she looked at me with a frown but then burst into laughter with me. The driver looked at both of us through the rear vision mirror and joined in. I wondered if he actually guessed what the joke was.


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