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Trophy Wife Gets Filled, with Hubby's aproval

A true story I was encouraged to write about one of my first experiences with a hot wife
Some of you know that my job makes me travel a lot, and my travels bring me to very nice upscale hotels and resorts around the world. For this experience, I am staying at one of my favorite Four Seasons. I had been here for a few days already and as usual, not having any personal time to meet or do anything exciting. On trips like these, when I do get some alone time, I find a quiet corner in the hotel lounge and catch up my local news and sports and personal emails on my laptop.

This particular lounge is bustling with people, much to my chagrin, being a Saturday evening the guests are making their nightly plans or just getting a start on their adventurous evenings out. As I am taking in the people coming and going, some on their cells making arrangements, dinner reservations, or starting their night with a drink from the bar, my attention is brought to the elevator bays. I am not the only one that seems to have their eyes pulled in the same direction. As if there is some dramatic play or activity going on, multiple people have their attention drawn to the same direction. I take a quick assessment and I am right.

Several men have their eyes enveloping the tall, curvy blonde in the red dress walking from the elevator she just stepped from into the lobby, to the front desk. I crane my neck to get a better view, but can now only see the side view of her figure, the shape of her full ass, and the silhouette of her big chest, as she turns her back to face the concierge at the desk. She must be very blessed up top, since the professional concierge even dipped his eyes into her cleavage.

I glance around me, hoping no one is noticing me looking, staring, at this woman. The crowd in the lobby finally gives me a view of her, even if from behind. The red dress must be halter style with the thick fabric line around her back neckline, her bare shoulders look very tanned, the same tan skin with no tan lines visible through the criss-cross fabric on her back. I am wondering if she is wearing panties, possibly a G string as tight as the dress is on her voluptuous ass. The dress looks very sexy, yet classy from behind, almost to her knees. Her calves are just as tanned as her shoulders, so I guess she probably doesn't have a tan line on her. The red heels wrapped around her ankles give a sexy touch, as does the shiny diamond anklet.

"Turn around, turn around", I am screaming in my head. I look around to see if anyone is watching me perv on this woman. Luckily I am not the only one taking in the view in the lobby. The two bell hops push their luggage carts, admiring her ass as they both raise their eyebrows to each other. The older gentleman across from me is brought back to reality by his wife. The young couple standing a few clerks down from her make a comment to each other, which brings a playful slug from the girl to her man.

The concierge gives her a "thank you" smile, and she finally turns. As she looks around the expansive lobby, as if looking for someone, I take opportunity to admire her for myself finally. I actually remember seeing her earlier in the hotel, although usually dressed in conservative sundress or capri's with blouse, she is the same woman I have shared a greeting smile several times last couple days.

Only tonight she is dressed in a breath taking red dress, elegantly and simple applied make up. Her eyes have full eye lashes, and lips are slightly adorned with simple red lipstick that shines on her bronze skin. The halter style front dress gives way to her layered silver chains necklace that displays her big boobs nicely and falls into her deep cleavage. The front of her dress plunges between her big boobs which makes me wonder if she is actually wearing a bra. She would have to wear one to keep her big boobs, guessing 38DD's, in place. The hips this woman has would make any man dream of holding them. Followed by her tan legs to her sexy red heels.

What a classy, sexy woman. As I bring my eyes back to her beautiful face, I am caught by her own eyes. I feel myself blush, and we exchange another greeting smile. Only mine is a little more out of embarrassment for getting caught looking. 

I put my attention back to my laptop, just so that I don't look so obvious and get my focus back. But I have to look up to watch her walk. She glides across the lobby floor in her heels as if she lives in them, her big breasts swaying slightly and big boobs giving a soft gentle bounce with each step she takes. My voyeur opportunity comes to a halt when I see her scoot up to the bar and order a drink and chat with the bartender. Soon I am immersed back into my laptop and the NFL story that will ruin my fantasy football team. 

I am so engrossed in my reading and strategy planning I don't hear the, "Excuse me, hello," coming from above me until I click my laptop and notice the red heels and painted toe nails under me. 

"Oh Hi, I'm sorry, in my own little world here", blushing as I stand to greet my new friend.

"I'm sorry, I don't want to interrupt you," and turns to walk away.

"Not at all, I was just reading. I am Rick by the way," offering my hand. 

"Debbie, nice to meet you Rick. Um, this is for you, Felipe said you only drink ice-tea," handing me a tall ice tea with mint leaf. 

"Wow, well thank you. I am not sure how that guy remembers every detail," I say with a smile. "Do you have time to enjoy a drink with me?" offering the only chair available in the lounge at my table for two. 

"Of course I have plenty of time to enjoy you, a drink with you," she blushes at her word fumble. 

"I have seen you here the last couple days, are you here for business or pleasure?"

"It's definately pleasure. This is one of my favorite hotels."

We make small talk about the hotel and local sights. She seems very nervous, not sure if its just her personality or unsure of the flirting. I quickly get the sense she enjoys catching men looking at her chest, an figure, and gives me a big flirty smile. 

"You look stunning tonight by the way. Have special dinner plans?"

She blushes at the compliment like its the first time she has heard it. "Well, yes we do. We have reservations at the steak house here."

"Oh nice, it is spectacular. You're waiting on a friend?"

"Um, well yes. Here he is." She stands up to greet her friend with a kiss on the cheek. He seems to be in his early 50's, professional of some sort, very well put together and dressed with style and wealth. "Honey I want you to meet Rick. Rick this is my husband Keith."

"Pleasure meeting you Keith," standing to meet the husband who just blew my shower fantasy later. "Hope you don't mind me saying, but you have a beautiful, classy wife."

"Well, thank you Rick. And thank you for keeping her safe from all the attention she seems to get in this little dress," as he pulls her close with his hand on her lower back and takes a long appreciative look of her deep cleavage. "Rick, to thank you for keeping my wife company, would you like to join us for dinner? I have reservations ready in a few minutes."

"Wow, that is very generous of you, thank you. But your wife wouldn't want a third wheel tonight," taking another admiring look at her in the dress. Also wondering why a guy would invite the guy he caught his wife flirting with to dinner. Maybe they are just a nice southern couple. 

"Oh come on Rick," she takes my hand to pull me with her, "you're not doing anything but reading your laptop. Good looking gentleman like yourself shouldn't eat alone anyway." She gives her husband a smile, and bigger smile to me as I quickly grab my laptop and follow them to the restaurant, stealing long gazes at her ass and still wondering if she is wearing a G string or is she completely bare.

He somehow seems comfortable with his wife's arm interlocking between us both. Must be southern charm and friendliness is all I can conclude.

My first guess would put her in mid 30's, possibly 40, but now thinking mid 40's since he seems to be in his 50's. We have a great time talking about golf, Keith is avid handicap player. The various courses around the world we have both played. His business and somewhat mine. 

In the semi round booth we are in, its common to touch the persons leg beside you. Now its constant with Debbie. Her thigh is visible whenever I pick my napkin off my lap. Stealing glances at her chest is proving to be difficult with her beside me. I position myself a little more at an angle whenever she engages in conversation. Now I am just thinking what great people they are. Friendly people like this just don't exist in California anymore.

Until Debbie excuses herself to the ladies room. 

When we both stand to let her out, she scoots out my side, and gives me an amazing view of her chest and returns my lustful stare into her big boobs with a smile as she catches my eyes.

She puts a hand on my chest with a "Thank you Rick," and walks away. I can't keep my eyes from following her. The movement of her hips in that dress, the shape of her full ass, knowing now she must be bare under that dress. I catch myself standing there for what seemed like a full minute and notice Keith watching her as well. 

"Damn, I love it when she wears that dress. She looks as hot and sexy as she did when we got married twenty five years ago today."

"She does look amazing for sure. WOW, twenty five years? Today is your anniversary? Congratulations. Now I really feel like I am intruding."

Keith gives off a nice chuckle laugh, "Yes twenty-five years. You're not intruding at all. Remember, we asked you. Besides, I think Debbie enjoys your company, and what Deb wants she usually gets," he says with a sly connotation I am not sure how to take. We make small talk about marriage and if I am married or attached, which I am not. "So what do you think of Debbie, Rick?"

"Excuse me? What do you mean? Um, I mean she seems like an amazing woman."

"Do you find her as attractive as I do?" he asks with almost a serious face. 

"Attractive? Keith your wife is beautiful.You should be a proud man."

"Thank you Rick. And I am very proud. We have had a wonderful marriage, and neither of us has strayed. And its wonderful that you find her as beautiful as I do. Its very important to her. She enjoys the attention, as you can imagine."

"Oh, I can image."

"Sometimes I think she wears those little dresses and tops just to see if she can embarrass someone. Can you believe she wanted implants a couple years ago? I had to talk her out of it. And since she has put on a couple pounds and is almost 50 she is glad she didn't."

If he was trying to get a reaction from me, it worked. Younger guys usually have locker room talk about their girl friends or the slut they just had, but this is a classy, sophisticated couple talking so openly. 

"She has an amazing figure for being almost 50! Implants? Really?" trying to lead him into telling exactly how big they really are. Maybe this will be great late night shower material after all.

Keith is enjoying this talk about his wife. "She has grown a couple cup sizes, and every time she does I have to spend thousand in new bras. She was a 36DD and wanted to go bigger, but now she is a 38F and loves it. And so do I!" and lets out another rolling friendly laugh. "So Rick, I have a question. You seem like a nice respectful guy, so I would like an honest answer," he gives me a questioning look like I am being interviewed.

"I am not sure how to say this," he continues, " Without just coming out and saying, or asking. For several years, Deb and I have talked about her fulfilling a fantasy. She was a virgin when we met, and has never been with another man. Rick, we have been looking all week for a guy to invite to our suite, but she hasn't felt comfortable with asking anyone until you. Would you be open to being with Debbie?"

Oh shit. Seriously? Did he just ask me to fuck his wife? I don't even know what to say or how to say it if I did.

"She told you that? About me? I don't know Keith, she seems like such a sweet woman. Not sure I could just take her to your suite."

"I understand, but let me assure you. She wants this. And I should mention, I will be there as well. I am not interested in sword play, or being cuckold, but would enjoy seeing her be pleased and make sure she is safe."

"Wow, Keith, I don't know. I guess I would be a fool if I said no to a woman like that though wouldn't I? How would you want this to work?"

"Just follow my lead and everything will go as it should. Just relax, Debbie will be thrilled."

We notice Debbie walking back to the table, smile on her pretty face, the bounce in her big boobs. Keith and I both stand to let her back into the booth. "Honey, you look amazing. Rick loves the dress too," he says with a smile and wink.

"Oh thank you sweetie," and kisses him on the lips. "Thank you Rick for admiring," and gives me a kiss on the cheek and moves so her tits are against my chest as she slides into the booth. 

As she scoots into the booth, "So Rick likes my dress too huh?" directed as a question to Keith.

"Oh yes, enjoyed watching you walk away, as well as back to the table. I told him you look as hot as you do the day we got married."

"Aahh so sweet. So um, Rick, what do you love about my dress?" she asks seductively with a blush. 

"Well it fits you perfectly," while she watches my eyes fall into her chest.

"Oh a boob guy! You don't think I have to much on display in this dress?" sticking her chest out for approval while she runs a red finger nail between her cleavage along the top hem of her dress. "Or would you enjoy me showing more?" and finishes with a wink.

"Would love to see more Debbie. I do have a question I have been wondering all night, a couple actually," I say with a raised eye brow.

"Ask me anything. Would love to know whats on your mind."

"Tan lines?"

"Not a single one that I know of, unless you can find one?" she challenges. 

We banter each other waiting for the check. Not sure if Keith is finally running through his mind what he is about to let his wife do or he has having seconds thoughts, but his concern is now showing on his face. 

She locks her arms in both of ours as we walk through the lobby to the elevator bay, feeling others looking, watching her move. Wondering how a couple guys could be so lucky.

In the elevator, she thanks hubby for this, and moves closer to me. Throwing her arms around my neck and kissing me. We make out for several seconds, exploring each others tongues until the elevator comes to a stop. I open my eyes to see an older couple about to step in, but with shock on their faces. While Debbie has been kissing me, Keith has been rubbing her ass over her dress. The door closes without them, and we continue kissing until we arrive at their floor. 

Her hands are all over me waiting for Keith to open the door. Keith holds the door open for us, inviting me into their large suite. Keith asks me if I would like a drink, but Debbie has her lips locked onto mine before I can respond. He says he is going to have one, out loud with no one listening. I slide a hand between us to get a feel for Debbies big boobs. She lets out a moan in my mouth when I find her hard nipple.

She presses away from me so I can watch her undo the top of her dress. She clicks the hidden clasp behind her neck and lets the top of her dress fall. Her big boobs hold it from falling any further, so she looks me in the eye and asks, "Have you been wanting my big boobs all night Rick?" and pulls her dress lower exposing the corset with center cut out holding her big boobs in place. 

Her boobs are bigger than I expected. They look so soft and tan. I lean over and bury my face into her chest. Licking and sucking every part of her tits as I can. I try to lift a boob out of the corset but its to tight. She looks over her shoulder and asks hubby to unzip her corset, while she holds my head into her chest. Keith must have obeyed because there was a zip, as she let out a low groan, and then lifts a nipple to my lips. 

Her nipples were perfectly pink and hard eraser size. I pulled on it with my lips, and put as much of her boob into my mouth as I could. She is enjoying the titty play and starts playing with her other one herself. I pulled my mouth of it and looked in her eyes, offered it to her and she stuck her tongue out as we both licked her nipple. We heard a zipper and both looked over to see Keith pulling his own dick out. Debbie smiled, and asked him how it feels, watching another man suck her big tits. He nodded, focused on his own cock. Her hand immediately found my raging hard on. She stopped. Stepped back and just looked at me.

"Oh my god, seriously?"

"What? Whats wrong?" I ask. 

"Sorry, nothing baby," she smiles and runs her fingers over the outline of my cock through my slacks. "I just wasn't expecting such a big one. I hadn't thought that far" gripping my shaft through my slacks, "It's so thick."

"You want to see it don't you?"

"Yes, my god yes."

"Then do it. But first," as I push her down from her shoulders, "You need to be on your knees. Keith will get a better view."

She slowly undoes my belt and slacks. Unzips my zipper and pulls my slacks to the floor. My cock is rock hard and pushing against my boxers. She tugs my boxers down, pulling the waist band away from my cock to get it around and frees my cock. Straight out, hard and inches from her face. 

She takes it in both her hands and strokes it slowly, whispering, "Oh my god, oh my god."

"This your first big cock?"

"Um, well, oh my god. Keith's is the only one I have had."

I look over and fully hard, Keith is half my length and not near my 2.5" girth.

"Feel good in your hand? Open your mouth, you want to taste it don't you?"

"Hmm yes," as she opens and takes my cock deep into her mouth.

I am surprised how much she immediately takes. Most women struggle with a fat cock. Debbie wrapped her lips around my shaft and sucked me expertly. She started moaning as I held her hair and fucked her mouth with long strokes. Another moan came from Keith as she stroked his dick looking at his wife sucking mine. 

"How does it feel Honey? You like his big dick?"

"Oh my god yes. I want him inside me. I need this sweety."

"Go for it Honey. Enjoy it."

She stands up and shimmies out of her dress, kicking her heels off to Keith. Finally I get my answer, she is bare, smooth and wet under her dress. 

Her kitty is glistening when she opens her legs, knowing that she has probably been wet since before we first met. I part her thighs and slide up between her legs. She keeps moaning out "Oh my gods." I rub the head of my fat cock up and down her juicy kitty. She then asks me, "How big is it? Please tell me how much dick I am going to take."

I looked down at her and say little over 8" and enter her slowly. Taking her breath away slightly as she groans, I stop. Letting her adjust to my cock when she grabs hold of her own tits and begs me to fuck her.

I decide to play with her, building her orgasm more. "You want it babe?"

"You know I do, please. Oh my god please, just do it," she moans out.

"Say it so I can hear you," as I rub the head of my fat cock up n down her juicy slit. I lean over her and take a nipple in my mouth she feeds to me, pulling on it with my lips. "Say it louder so he can hear you," I whisper to her.

"Oh my god Rick. Fuck me!" she screams out, louder than I expected. "Please stop teasing me. Fuck me please."

Before she can finish the "please" I slide my cock into her depths, filling her suddenly. Looking into her eager eyes as her breath is taken away at the sudden fullness of her body. I hold my cock deep inside her, my balls against her ass as she lets out a series of groans, moans and profanities. 

"How you doing Honey? Are you OK?" Kieth asks in a concerned, but otherwise distracted with his own cock tone. 

"Oh my god yes! YES! Thank you sweetie for letting me have this. Fuck it feels amazing."

I start moving my hips, grinding into her inner walls, pulling out slightly and pushing back in. I pull my cock out, almost all the way and push back through her steadily. She is now relaxed and enjoying the sensations her body is delivering. So I start to pick up the pace a little and rocking into her. Working on getting the head of my thick cock to grind on her clit each time I pull out and push back in. Her hips are starting to meet my thrusts. Knowing she is wanting it harder, or faster.

I want to deliver it. I thrust my hips into her more, harder. She lets out a "FUCK", and her eyes get big. 

"Going to cum already aren't you babe? Going to cum for me?"

She is breathing heavier, and just nods her head frantically. Her hands now to her sides, gripping the comforter on the bed. I am loving the sight of her big tits starting to really shake, so I pick up the pace faster, fucking into her. She grabs her tits from the intense orgasm about to roll through her, and releases a "ooohhh my god". 

Feeling her pussy tighten up on my shaft I slow my pace and let her orgasm flow. She is breathing very heavy, panting, body starting to glisten with sweat. 

I grab hold of her tits and straighten my back, easing out of her pussy slowing, causing her to squirm wildly with the pressure on her swollen clit. 

"Tell him you just came on my cock," I whisper in her ear before sucking on her big tits and hard nipples. 

"Sweetie, I just had the most amazing orgasm. Oh my god it was amazing," as she starts to rub her own dripping pussy as if to see if it was damaged. "Did you see me? Did you cum watching me getting fucked?"

Keith is staring at his wife. His cock still hard and holding it, but not stroking it anymore. "Damn, Honey that was amazing to watch you orgasm like that. I was so close to cumming I had to stop."

"Do you like to sit on it?" I ask.

"Oh my god no. In the butt? I don't do that."

Struggling not to laugh at her inexperience, "Oh no, not in the ass. Just from riding me, on top."

"I don't know. Oh my god, not sure I can handle much more," still rubbing and holding her pussy as if to protect it from something. 

"Let me show you," as I peal away from her and get on my back. "Now get up on your knees over me, lower yourself down on me," lifting her big tits in both hands. 

"Yes, just like that," feeling her slide down my cock. "What do you think Keith? How she look as a cowgirl?"

Keith can only nod his head. Stroking his dick in his hand as his beautiful wife slides up and down on my shaft while I suck and pull on her nipples. She is still dripping wet, and I feel her juices on my balls. I lift my hips, trying to enter her deeper, loving the warm tight pussy of this hot married woman. "How does that feel Debbie?"

"Oh my god, incredible. Oh fuck I am so wet," she says in struggling breaths. 

"Good, you feel amazing. Now just relax and bounce a little more." 

I start to thrust my cock through her pussy harder, slightly faster. Holding her big tits tight, milking them in my hands, pulling her back into me with every deep thrust I give. Her moans and whimpers of pleasure are a huge turn on and I feel myself getting close to cumming. I can't cum yet, so I ease back on the speed. Just letting her work her pussy on my cock. Feeling her starting to build into another orgasm. I look over and Keith looks like he is about to blow his load any second. 

"Keith, why don't you let your wife blow you. Feed her your cock while I fuck her. She will love it."

"Oh fuck, yes," is all Debbie can get out between her labored breathing and whimpers. 

I grab hold of her thick blonde hair and pull her head up, making her arch her back, and look at her husband stroking his dick. "You want to suck his dick don't you Debbie? Tell him you do."

"Ahh fuck, give me your dick. I want to suck it for you."

As soon as Keith stands up to move to his wife, I start fucking her hard and fast, holding her ass in one hand, hair in the other as her big tits start to swing violently. 

She lets out a series of slight screams and moans. Pushing her face over to Keith, waiting for him to put his dick in her mouth. But before he can feed it to her, before he can get to his wife, he blows his load in his hand. Cum dribbles from his cock into his hand. 

I could feel the energy drain from Debbie. I couldn't see her face, but it must have been a disappointing look, because Keith looked down at his wet, cum soaked hand and cock and said, "I'm sorry Honey. I couldn't hold it any longer."

"Its OK Keith, feed it to her anyway. Let her taste your cum."

"I need to clean up," and he walked into the other room. I heard the bathroom door shut and water turn on, which means he must be taking a shower. 

Easing my cock out of Debbie, unsure of the situation now. Has it been ruined by Keith's lack of stamina? Can she really be disappointed with the guy? After seeing his beautiful wife of twenty-five years get fucked by a younger, bigger cock, how much can a guy handle.

"Why are you stopping? Did you cum too?"

"Me? No, not yet. I just wasn't sure if you wanted to stop or not?"

"Oh my god no. Please don't stop. I have never been fucked like this in my life. Oh my god you're amazing."

Wow, this woman really does get what she wants. "Ok then, you need a serious fucking don't you?"

"Yes Rick. Please, I will do anything to keep going!"

"Anything? I ask giving her a raised eyebrow as if to test her willingness.

She only nods yes. 

I lift her up off my cock and roll her over which brings a giggle from her. Pulling her legs back over to me, I have her on her tummy. "Put your ass up in the air," as she gets a slight slap on her round ass.

"Ohh. Why? What are you doing?" Seeing actual concern on her face, but no hesitation as she puts her big ass up for me. 

"Don't tell me you have never had it from behind?" while I rub the head of my cock up and down on her still juicy kitty.

"Oh my god no. Please, I don't want it in my asshole."

I struggle not to laugh at her inexperience, "Don't worry babe, not going to put it into your ass. You couldn't take me up the ass anyway." And I shove my cock into her pussy from behind, deep and hard. 

Which brings an incredible scream of pleasure. I start to just pound away into her pussy, holding her thick hips from moving away from me. Giving her long steady deep strokes, knowing my cock is smashing her swollen clit from this position. She starts to scream out louder than before now, not in pain, but about to orgasm again. "Going to cum again aren't you?"

"Fuck, oh my god yes. Don't stop."

I am trying to hold back from releasing my own orgasm, as I feel the heat and sudden juices around my cock. Knowing her creamy juices are lubing my cock up more, I plunge on. Pulling back and pushing my cock through her body. Smack on her ass. She lets out a "Oh my god."

I slide my cock out, slowly, teasing her wet tender pussy, as she catches her breath and puts her face into the pillow to, talking to herself or me, I couldn't understand. I am trying to contain myself from blowing my load. I want to pound the hell out of her, give her another screaming, more intense orgasm than the previous ones. Knowing I will never be able to fuck her again, I want this one to last as long as I can. 

I cup her pussy in my hand, feeling the heat and stickiness. Massaging her softly with my palm. I move to the front of her, my cock still shining with her juices, caked on the head. I run a hand through her hair, and pull it up, lifting her head with my cock inches from her mouth. 

"Suck on it Debbie. Lick your juices off my cock, and I will fuck you again."

Looking up at me, then at my hard wet cock, she leans forward with her tongue out to taste her own juices on my cock. She starts to savor her own juices, cleaning my cock, the stickiness on the thick head of my cock. "Like how your juices taste don't you babe?"

"Hmm yesss, better than I expected. Fuck this is so erotic," as she starts to enjoy my cock on her tongue. "What have you done to me? I never expected this would be so erotic and sexy."

"I just gave you want you asked for, and maybe a little more. Hmm, yes, lick my balls. Put my balls in your mouth."

Without hesitation she licks down my base and licks my balls with her tongue and wraps her lips around my right ball. 

"Ahh fuck that feels amazing," taking my own cock in one hand, her hair in the other. "Now suck my cock again. I want you to take it all in your mouth."

"Oh my god. I don't know if I can. I feel like such a slut for doing this."

"You love the feeling don't you? My big cock in your married mouth?"

"Ump, ah, I do. I love it Rick. I love your big dick."

"Hmm good. I love your big tits. Love being my big titty fuck toy?"

Pulling my cock out, holding it in her hands as she looks up at me, "I do. I love it when you say stuff like that to me. Keith never talks like that."

"Rub my cock on your pretty face. Love hearing how you're a big titty slut wife don't you? Bet your pussy is dripping wet again hearing me say that."

I notice her cupping her pussy with a free hand and she continues to lick and stroke my cock with the other. "Yes, yes I am. Do I look like a slut wife with your cock in my mouth?" as she engulfs my cock into her mouth. Feeling my cock hit the back of her throat, knowing she is taking as much as she can.

"Oh my god, I have to fuck you again. Gonna fuck the shit out of you now, you big titty slut."

She moves quickly as I direct her to bend over the bed. Her feet on the floor, supporting herself with her hands on the bed, looking into the closet mirrors on the other side of the bed. I shove my cock into her pussy hard and immediately start to thrust my hips against her ass, getting a good hard deep rythem as her tits flop and bounce. She reaches up and tries to hold them from slapping but falls against the bed. I pull her hair back so she has to support herself with her hands again, my hand wrapped in her long blonde hair, her big tits swinging violently.

"Tell me what a fucking slut wife you are!"
"Oh my god, ugh, Rick, I can't."

"Say it or I am pulling out," as I slow down and pull my cock almost out of her entirely."

"No please, I am so close again, don't stop. Fuck, I am such a slut wife."

Hearing it just gives me more passion to fuck her more and more. Thinking to myself I have never gone this long before in my life! I shove my cock into her again, with no mercy at the stretching and abuse I am giving to her pussy. "Yes... yes... I love this married pussy."

"Oh fuck," as she rolls through another orgasm, Keith walks out of the bedroom. Seeing his innocent hot wife of 25 years bent over taking my cock deep, her big tits swinging, cumming on a strangers cock. "Oh fuck yes, make me your big titty slut. Fuck me like the slut I am Rick," not seeing her husband standing there watching her talk like a whore. 

"Oh fuck, I am going to cum." I pull out of her swollen red pussy, yank her hair around, and push her back on the bed as I straddle her tits. Stroking my cock quickly while she figures out what is happening to her with a dazed, exhausted look on her face. I shoot a stream of cum between her tits and hits her chin, another hitting her mouth and nose. The third stream of cum lands on her neck and tits, as I lift myself up and milk my cock over her face. Her hands to her sides, not knowing what to do but moan out a lot of "oh my gods." I drain my cock all over her tits and face. Finishing with the head of my cock on her lips to lick clean.

"My god Debbie! What the fuck are you doing? You should see yourself!"

I see this as an opportunity to clean myself up and go to the bathroom. As I make my way to the bathroom I listen to them talk about what she has just done. "Honey, I know, and thank you for letting me do this. Oh my god it was just so amazing. My body has never been through such pleasure before. And you let me have it, I love you sweetie."

"I know, I know, and you do deserve to be pleasure. You are amazing! I just didn't know it would be so, so nasty."

"Oh my god, I must look like a whore. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done this."

"No, no you don't. You look like a mess." He starts to chuckle again and can tell he is next to her, maybe holding her. "You, no we, wanted to do this. And I am glad we did. You looked incredibly hot and exciting being fucked like that. My god, look at all his cum."

"I know, look at it all. And tastes so good," as I hear her lick her fingers, rubbing it into her mouth. "I will suck and drink your cum whenever you want sweetie. How do my tits look with it all over me?" she giggles.

"You look incredible! Its so slippery," knowing he is rubbing it into her skin, all over her tits. "I want to watch you lick it off your breasts."

I can hear her sucking, and talking dirty to him as she licks my cum off her nipples and tits. 

I walk out the bathroom dressed, and thank them for a wonderful night. Telling them both on what wonderful people they are, and complimenting Keith on having such a beautiful sexy wife. And to let me know if I can ever help again. Keith shakes my hand and she gives me a kiss on the cheek. 

On the way out, I lay my business card on the foyer table with my room number on it.

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