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True Story Of My First Swingers Party

Female US Air Force Lieutenant At Her First Swingers Party in England
My husband and I were married for about a year or so when we first decided to try wife swapping or more commonly called swinging. We were on a military base at RAF Lakenheath in the United Kingdom in the 1980s (we were both U.S. Air Force officers) when we first tried it.

It's a long story on how we arrived at the decision which I don't have the space here to tell. Let's just say that after long discussions about it we decided to accept an invitation to a private party 20 miles off base in the city of Ely. There were eight couples at the party which was held in a very large 3-storied house on Egremont street that was owned by an English couple.

The eight couples were a mixture of American and British. I remember being very nervous and not sure if I could go through with it. In fact as part of our agreement to do this I told my husband not to expect much from me if I didn't like what I saw and he wholeheartedly agreed. We had already decided to sit this out and just watch what went on unless we really wanted to participate which would take both of us to agree. 

It was more of a party atmosphere when we arrived with lots of food, wine, and talk. I half expected to walk in and find everyone naked. They weren't. They weren't even dressed in revealing clothing. Everyone was in your basic normal outfit that would be acceptable to wear just about anywhere. I myself was in a skirt that went a little past my knees, a blouse, and black thong sandals.

We were introduced to everyone and allowed a glass of wine to relax. We were able to talk openly to one couple where seemed to be in their late forties,I was 26, who had been swinging for about ten years. They didn't seem like sex perverts and I enjoyed our talk with them. Most of the couples were in their upper thirties and the oldest were in their early sixties. There was one other couple that was near our age.

So we talked with everyone for about an hour and then we noticed people were pairing off. Some went outside to sit in the back yard to talk and didn't seem interested in having sex (I found out later that many couples enjoy the slow seduction rather than the quick sex). My husband and I started talking with a British couple named Tony and Margaret who was 38 to Margaret's 46 and were old pros at swinging.

They told us of their experience and I began to relax with them. Tony was very well built and handsome, and I have to admit I had my first stirrings of desire while talking to him. My husband seemed intrigued with Margaret, he confessed to me once that he loved the idea of being with an older woman, as I was with Tony.

As we talked I started going through my mind if we should both take the plunge. My husband gave me the veto over any encounters so it was up to me. I don't want to make the post too long but I went through a lot of emotions and I was also getting a bit excited at the thought of being with Tony, so I then boldly asked Tony and Margaret exactly what happens during swinging.

Tony explained that it was really up to my husband and I. It could be pretty much anything we wanted. I looked at my husband for a moment and then turned to Tony and told him that he had almost convinced me. My husband seemed taken back as he didn't expect that from me. I then nodded to my husband (our sign that we should go ahead with it) and off we went to find a room upstairs.

My knees were knocking I was so nervous and as we were going up the stairs I kept wondering if I should back off now. I didn't and soon found myself in a small room with a double bed. We all four sat down on it and then Tony asked us how we both thought we should proceed. I was very shy about it all and really didn't want my husband to see me in the arms of another man so I asked if it were possible to be in different rooms. Tony looked at his wife who smiled and nodded and then Tony took my hand and led me out of the room into the next one. 

My head was rushing with blood and I felt faint with excitement mixed with fear. I then wondered if I did the right thing by asking for a separate room but to be honest with myself I wasn't sure I could bear watching my husband being intimate with another woman. I then thought that this would be something we would have to talk about later, but at that moment I should just enjoy myself.

Tony sat me down on the bed and began talking in a very reassuring voice before kissing me. I then knew that I was almost at the point of no return. He took my sandals off and began rubbing and kissing my feet, a big turn on for me, and soon our clothing came off. I almost lost it and left as my bra and panties came off but I knew I had to go through with this since I came this far. I was soon lying next to a naked man who wasn't my husband.

The foreplay was good and he didn't rush things. I'm afraid I wasn't much of lover that day as I just laid on my back breathing hard from both sexual excitement and anxiety. When he began oral sex on my I half-way panicked, but at the same time I wanted him to do it to me. Of course the orgasm I had helped calm me down and I was able to relax for a few moments and dwell on the pleasure. I didn't return the favor of oral for him. Once the pleasure had subsided my state of horror, shock and excitement returned. In my mind I was wondering if my marriage was going to survive this since my husband was in the next room doing who knows what to a strange old lady.

Then I saw him putting on a condom and knew that I either had to bolt now or take whatever consequences were coming to me. I tried to relax myself so it wouldn't hurt when he entered me. He seemed to sense my nervousness and spent some time massaging my clitoris to get me to relax. It worked and he quickly mounted me. I thought he was going to enter me with one quick thrust but he didn't. He spent some time talking to me and getting me to relax. When he finally did enter me I was feeling better and decided to enjoy myself.

I wish I could say (as in porn stories) that the sex was mind blowing and I had fifteen orgasms but I wasn't. Tony was a handsome, well built man and I enjoyed him being on top of me moving between my legs. He was probably inside of me for a good ten minutes when he saw that I wasn't reacting with great moaning and groaning and probably decided to cut his losses and get out quick. I can't blame him.

He told me he was coming and felt him moving faster and harder before I heard him grunt. And that was it. I now was anxious to see my husband's reaction to all this. Would I still have a marriage at the end of the day?

When I finally met my husband downstairs he must have had the same thought and I remember him looking at me very anxiously. I smiled at him and he returned the smile. I knew that things were going to be all right. Our new phase in our sexual life was beginning.


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