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Turn the Tables Ch.2

This is a series of stories based on all those websites that have an amateur wife as the star.

  Hi my name is Kat. I am the star and owner of a pay for view website. My life changed forever when I found out my sleaze of a husband Jimmy had been filming me for 3 years without my knowledge and posting videos and pics of me to that site. When I found out I decided to take over things and make him pay for what he did. I found out I love what I do. My site is very popular and I make lots of money by fucking, guys other then Jimmy of course, on cam.

After I fucked Steve for the first time and posted that update on my site I decided to hire an assistant. I interviewed a few, but didn't find anyone I liked. That is until Carla answered my ad. She is 35 and had graduated from a west coast film school. She married some guy after college and had moved here because of his work. She had 2 kids close together and then found out he was cheating on her. After a nasty divorce she was working 2 jobs to make ends meet as a single mom and saw my ad and was praying she could use her college training for what she loved, making movies.

Her story really touched me and I hoped after I explained what kind of movies I wanted to do she wouldn't be shocked and say no. As she sat in my office I reviewed my business plan with her and showed her the last video posted to my site. It was the one of Steve and I fucking for the first time. When it was done I turned to gauge her reaction. She was not shocked in the least, in fact I think it turned her on a little. She gave me an honest critique of it and I knew she was the one for the job. I explained the job duties to her. She would be the head writer working with me on new story lines. She would make the decisions on which actors were involved in the production. She would direct the shoot and have full control over the staff. She would edit the footage and after my final approval post it to the site. When I told her how much I was going to pay her mouth dropped open. For a minute she couldn't speak. Finally she started to cry and through the sobs I heard her say yes she would accept. She and her 2 kids would never have to worry about money again.

When she left to tell them the good news I called Jimmy and told him he better get his sorry ass in gear and find some more talent. He told me he would send someone over right away. A couple of hours later there was a knock on my office door. It was Jimmy with a new recruit. He introduced the young man as Alex. He was from the same fraternity as Steve. I thanked Jimmy and then told him to get out. Alex knew Steve well and also know what the job entailed. I asked him to stand up and show me his cock just like I did to Steve.

He unzipped and pulled it out. It was longer then Steve's, I guessed about 10 inches when hard, but on the thin side. As I examined it plans for a story were already formulating in my mind. I told Alex that he had a very nice cock and that I could put it to use. I would call him soon with details for our next shoot. I called Carla with my idea for a threesome with Steve, Alex and myself. She said she would get right to work on a script and arrange the shooting schedule with everyone. I knew I had made the right choice in hiring her.

I knew to keep the membership interested I would have to update my site once a week. We could film more often and accumulate a backlog of updates or try to stay on a weekly schedule. I called Carla and told her that I wanted to shoot tomorrow and that we would work out a future production schedule as well. She said she already had the story written and would email it to me and asked if 10 am would be a good time to shoot because that fit into Steve and Alex's school schedule. I smiled to myself and said that would be great.

In the morning I woke up early and took a bath. I made sure I shaved myself baby smooth. I washed my new big tits and was so glad I had them enlarged. The doctor did a great job and it was very difficult to tell they were enhanced to from a 36 C to a 36 DD. When I got out of the tub I also gave myself an enema to clean my bowels out. After reading Carla's script I knew this would come in handy. I put on a sexy thong and a low cut summer dress with no bra. It was too small across my chest and I couldn't close all the buttons. I went downstairs at about 9 am to see how things were coming.

I was amazed. Carla had everyone moving around like worker bees. Steve and Alex were in the kitchen having some coffee and I made sure they were comfortable with the script. Fritz had all the equipment set up and was reviewing with Carla how she wanted each scene shot. I saw Jimmy hanging around and I wondered if he was starting to enjoy watching his wife fuck other men. If he was he would get lots of enjoyment from today's shoot.

It was close to 10 and Carla asked everyone to get into position. I was to play myself, a housewife and Steve and Alex were 2 guys that had just installed a new big screen television for me. I had actually just bought a new one. The script called for them to show me how do use the remote and then I would thank them by giving them blow jobs and then they would take turns eating my pussy. Finally while Steve fucked my pussy Alex would fuck my ass at the same time. My first Double Penetration.

Carla got everyone into position and called for quiet on the set. I was on the couch watching Steve and Alex finish the installation of the TV. The buttons at the top of my sundress were straining and if I bent over I am sure my big tits would spill out. When everyone was ready Carla called for Action.

Steve turned to me and said, “Ma'am your new TV is ready to go, would you like us to show you how to use the remote?”

I stood up with my boobs straining for release from my dress and said, “Of course boys, I want you to show me a lot.”

They each stood on either side of me and while Steve held my hand to the remote Alex stared down my dress. While Steve showed me the buttons on the remote with my right hand, my left hand was reaching for the front of Alex's pants in search of his stiffening cock. It was easy to find and I put the remote down and reached for Steve's hard cock as well. While I was rubbing there cocks through their jeans Alex started to squeeze my ass and kiss my neck while Steve undid the few buttons I could close on the front of my dress. When he had them undone they both pulled the straps down and my dress fell to the floor revealing my large breasts. They were taking turns kissing me and squeezing my ass and tits. They each bent down to suck on one of my nipples. Steve on my right one and Alex on my left one. It felt wonderful to have both of my breasts suckled on.

After a couple of minutes of heavenly sucking they released my now very swollen nipples and Alex turned me towards him. As we kissed and I rubbed his cock Steve got undressed quickly. When he was done he turned me towards him and Alex stripped down. I was finally able to grab both of their hard naked cocks. When I had one in each hand I knelt down and started to alternate sucking them. Steve's was too fat to get much in so I did a lot of kissing and licking on his. Alex's was thinner but longer. I was able to get about 5-6 inches down my throat but that was only about half of his length. I didn't want these boys to come yet so I was having Carla time things so I didn't blow them too much.

They were both rock hard and Carla said “Cut, OK were are going to move to scene 2. Ready, Action.”

I gave each of their cocks a kiss and stood up. I let go of them and Steve moved around to sit on a big round padded ottoman we had in the den. It was almost the size of a bed. Alex helped me remove my thong. Steve leaned back on the ottoman and I turned around and straddled him reverse cowgirl style. I was very wet and really wanted his big cock in my pussy. I sat down on it as he held it to guide it in. It was such a tight fit and I slowly sank down until it was all in. As I ground on it Alex stood in front of me and I continued to try to deep throat more and more of his cock. We did this for about 5 minutes, I know because Carla was timing us again. I was able to get about 8 inches in but that was my limit.

When time was up Carla called out, “Cut, OK on to scene 3. Alex I am going to pause things right before you enter her to make sure she is ready OK. Please boys if you think you are going to cum please tell me so we can stop and reset.”

They both said they understood and Carla called for “Action”. I pulled Alex's cock out of my throat and got up off of Steve. I turned around to face Steve and straddled him and re-inserted his big fat cock in my pussy. I ground on him for a minute then leaned over him raising my ass in the air while he was still firmly implanted in my pussy. That was Carla's signal and she called “Cut” again. I held still with my ass in the air and Steve's cock in me. She came up behind me and rubbed some lube on my asshole with her finger. She then slowly inserted her index finger into my ass. It was a strange feeling but a good one. She worked it in and out a few times the pulled it out to place more lube on it. She then inserted 2 lubed fingers in me. This was much more intense but she knew what she was doing. I had not had anal sex in awhile and she was loosing me up for Alex.

I guess I got loose enough because she removed her fingers and said to Alex, “She's ready but go slow.”

Fritz repositioned the camera for my first Double Penetration entry scene. Carla called for “Action” and Alex moved in behind Steve and me. Alex had applied some lube to the head of his cock. Steve held me still as Alex stepped up and pressed his glans against my sphincter. The loosing and lube did their jobs and the head and about 2 inches of his cock went in my ass. I heard Alex groan some. I was a tight fit but so far so good. After a short pause he pushed another 4 inches in me. I had never been so full of cock. I couldn't believe it could get much better but it did. Steve and Alex started alternating an in and out stoke. Pull one almost out and shove the other in. Back and forth they went. I was panting and sweating from the fucking I was getting. After a couple of minutes I felt Alex's pubic hair on my ass and I knew somehow he had gotten all 10 inches of his cock in my ass.

I had been having mini orgasms one right after the other. I was getting the fucking of my life and it was all being caught on cam. I knew they couldn't hold out forever and we had a special cum shot planned. Right when I thought that Alex stopped.

“Uh I am going to cum soon” he said.

“Cut” Carla yelled. “OK guys give her a couple more good strokes then pull out. Fritz make sure you get a good close up of her well fucked holes. Kat you get in position on your back and Steve and Alex get in close for the money shot. Steve, are you close to cumming too?”

Steve said, “Yes, I'll be ready when I need to be.”

Carla called “Action” and they stroked in me a few more times while Fritz moved in. Alex pulled his long cock slowly out of my ass. My hole clenched a few times trying to close but it couldn't. I got up off of Steve having been well stretched by his big cock. Fritz zoomed in and you could see all the way up inside me to my cervix. Steve got up off the ottoman and I laid down on my back on it. Steve stood next to it up near my shoulders and Alex stood near my waist. While both were stroking their cocks Fritz tightened the shot down. Alex had his eyes closed and was speeding up and then he groaned. He opened his eyes just in time to aim his erupting cock at my big tits. Rope after rope of his cum painted them. It felt hot in my skin and there was a lot of it. When he was done I looked up at Steve.

I looked into his eyes and said, “Come on baby, give it to me right here.” I opened my mouth wide and prepared myself.

Steve gave his cock some more strokes. He the squeezed the big head and aimed it. As soon as he released his glans a huge gusher of cum shot out of his cock directly into my open mouth. I had no idea it would be that much. I put my tongue to the back of my mouth to hold on to it and waited. Another huge eruption almost as big as the first, shot out of him right where the first one went, my mouth. The third one hit my chin and the fourth my neck. The rest went on my tits to mix with Alex's.

Fritz was right over me and was zoomed in on my face. I reached up with my finger and scrapped the cum off my chin and held it up to the camera. I then stuck that finger in my mouth and sucked the cum off. I opened my mouth to show how much cum I was holding in my mouth. It was almost full. I closed my mouth and smiled into the camera and swallowed Steve's load. I opened my mouth again so they could see I was a real cum eater not some fake that spits it out. I waved bye at the camera and Carla called out, “Cut , that's a wrap.”

Whew that was something. I was covered in sperm. A real cum slut. I looked around and didn't see Jimmy. I hoped he had the chance to see me swallow another man's cum. Sally ran up and handed me a towel to wipe off with and gave me a bottle of water. She handed Steve a towel too but when she went over to Alex she wiped him down herself including his cock and balls. I saw her wink at him. Hmm I wonder if something is going on there. I drank my water down and stood up.

I said, “Thank you everyone that was a great experience and shoot. I am sure this will increase membership and make us a lot of money. I'm all sticky obviously and I'm going to take a shower. Alex you can use the one in the guest bath. Steve you're coming with me.”

I grabbed Steve's hand and pulled him out of the den and naked and laughing we ran up the stairs. I turned on the shower. I had one of those new instant hot water heaters. I loved my shower it was huge with 6 different water jets aimed at the middle. Steve and I stepped in and gentle began to wash each other. It was so nice and sensual. He went slow paying close attention to all parts of me. Even though I had just been thoroughly fucked I was still needing something. I wanted Steve back inside me. I wanted him to cum in me. When we were squeaky clean I turned the water off and we stepped out to dry off. I had some big soft bath towels and he dried me and I dried him. I stood naked in front of the mirror and put my hair up in a towel. I saw him looking at me and he stepped up behind me.

He wrapped his big arms around me under my breasts hugging me close and said, “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

I smiled at the compliment and turned around and took his face in my hands and kissed him deeply. We were both still naked and I took his hand and led him to my bed. I pulled back the covers and climbed in laying back on my pile of pillows I reached my arms out beckoning him to come to me. He was already hard again and he came into my arms and we held each other close.

I whispered in his ear, “You know we can make love without the camera on.”

He asked me if I was too sore and I said no just be gentle with me. I opened my legs for him as he moved over me. He gently place himself at my entrance and slowly pushed forward. It did hurt some but I had to feel him back inside me. He held me close and slowly stroked in and out. He kissed me deeply as we made love, my breasts crushed to his strong chest. He kept the pace slow waiting to see if I would desire more. The feeling of him holding me so close and his big cock filling me up on each stroke was exactly what I needed. My clit was oh so sensitive and very swollen. The friction on it was starting to send me over the edge. I started to buck and writhe beneath him. He was waiting for that sign and he picked up his pace. My legs were wrapped around his butt pulling him in as far as he would go.

I breathlessly said, “Cum in me baby, I need to feel it. Please.”

He continued to stroke rubbing my clit with his cock each time. He kissed me deeply again.

He asked, “Are you ready, baby?”

“Yes Yes,” I pleaded. “Do it. I need you so much.”

He started ramming me hard now and the pain mixed with the pleasure set me off on a full body orgasm. My pussy clenched and spasmed on it's own and my back arched throwing my head back as I screamed out. All the muscles in his body tensed up rock hard and I felt him explode in me. How could he cum so much when he did it not to long ago. His cock would twitch each time he shot his load in me. Over and over as I yelled out “Yes” with each volley. I didn't want it to end but things slowly subsided. He collapsed still in my arms and I held him tight. We lay still with his cock still deep within me. I was thinking of how was I going to make this work. The business side and the personal side. We drifted off to sleep still connected.

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