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Turn the Tables

A sexy wife finds out she is being used bt her husband and turns the tables.

  I thought my life was fairly normal. My name is Katherine and I am 25 and have been married for 4 years. My husband Jimmy works in video production and makes a decent salary. I work part time in retail. We live in a modest house and from all outward signs are a normal couple.

When we first were married our sex life was good. We had sex like I expect most couples our age do. After our first anniversary things started to change subtly. Jimmy got more adventurous in bed. He was always wanting to try different positions. He would ambush me in different rooms in the house. He was always buying me new outfits. Sometimes they were bra and panty sets and other times they were wilder. He liked for me to try them on and give him a little fashion show. He asked me to pose certain ways.

I kept myself in pretty good shape. I am 5' 4” about 110lbs. I have a slim waist and I have been told a nice ass. I'm a 34C which I think is fine, but lately Jimmy has asked if I would ever consider breast enlargement. I always thought he loved my boobs and am not sure why he suddenly would not be satisfied with them.

One day when I wasn't working and Jimmy was at his office I was on our home computer. I was looking at some vacation sites when I noticed I had a new e-mail. I didn't recognize the sender and it was addressed to “Kat” which was a nickname only Jimmy used for me. When I opened the e-mail it was from a guy who was asking some questions about his account with an internet site. It was a site that was supposed to show some guys wife. Why would some guy send me an e-mail about his membership to a porn site?

My curiosity got the best of me and I entered the website address and clicked on it. There was a pretty generic opening page with a verification that I was over 18 and a member's log in button or a take the tour button. I decided to take the tour. That's when my life changed forever.

I sat there staring at the screen. I saw some pictures of a couple having sex in all kinds of ways. There was some sample videos too. The woman in all the pics and videos was me. I recognized our bedroom, our kitchen and lots of other rooms in the house. There were close up shots of my tits and my pussy. The cock in most of these pics was Jimmy's, but in some of them somehow I was giving oral sex to different looking cocks, even black ones. I was shocked, humiliated and pissed.

I clicked on the join now button and saw that it cost $30 a month for a membership with a discount for a years commitment. Who was profiting from this? It had to be Jimmy. He had secretly installed hidden cameras in our house. He had filmed us doing all the “new” things he wanted to try out. He was having me pose for the camera when I tried on new outfits. He somehow altered pics to make it look like I was having sex with other men. This was his business and I was being used. Did he love me or did he plan this from the very beginning of our marriage? How could we go on now that I saw this? I shut down the computer and made plans for my revenge.

When Jimmy got home later that evening I was at the computer waiting for him with the website pulled up. When he walked in the room and saw that all the color drained from his face. His knees got weak and he had to sit down.

“How did you find out?” he meekly asked.

“I received an e-mail from one of my members to my personal account by mistake” I said.

“One of your members?” he asked with a questioning look.

“Yes, that's me on the screen right? I'm the hot wife doing all the fucking aren't I? This is my site now and you are not going to do a thing about it or not only will I call the police I will sue your sorry ass and you will be some guys bitch in prison.” I coolly said. Even if I couldn't make this stick I wanted to scare him. I had decided that fucking on camera might be fun, but it wasn't going to be with him anymore.

I asked him all the details of the site and how he did it. He had started it 3 years ago. He had been planning it even before we got married. It took off right away. He had cameras in every room in the house. He would get requests from the members to see me in different positions or wearing different outfits. The role playing we did in bed was specifically asked for by the membership. The request for me to have a breast enlargement was the #1 request. The site was making about $100,000 a month and Jimmy had over $700,000 in various bank accounts. He had gambled away the rest. He admitted to a gambling problem, but also said he like to see me fucking on cam knowing other guys were looking at me. He also like the tricked up pictures of me with other cocks. I told him that in the morning we were going to those banks and were going to change the primary name on those accounts to mine. He also gave me all the admin log in info for the site.

I told him that our days of being husband and wife were over, but if he wanted to not go to prison he would do as I say and I would let him continue to work for what was my company now. I told him to get out of the room and I logged in as the new owner of my site and learned the business.

After we changed the names on the bank accounts the first thing I did was visit a lawyer and incorporate the business. The next thing I did was to buy a new house. I couldn't stand to live in that house anymore so I sold it. I found a nice large 5 bedroom house in an upscale neighborhood. Not only would this be home but it would also be the new filming location for the updates to my website. While I was making my business plan I went ahead and got breast implants. I figured if I was going to keep doing this it would be smart to respond to the membership's requests. I found the best plastic surgeon in town. I told him I wanted to go up 2 cup sizes to about a DD and I wanted them to look natural, not the fake round hard look, but the full teardrop heavy look. He did a great job and I am sure the membership would be pleased. While I recovered I interviewed for the positions I wanted to hire and ordered the equipment we needed for a professional production.

I hired a cameraman, a lighting tech and a sound man. They were all experienced in shooting erotic scenes and understood that they would share in the profits if the quality was the best. I hadn't updated the site in awhile and I knew I would start losing membership if I didn't soon. Jimmy had been hanging around some, but I hadn't included him in any of my plans which is how I wanted it. I called him into my office in my new house.

“Jimmy, I have a job for you to do. You really don't have a choice in this matter, you understand that right?” I said

“Yes, I understand.” he said.

“Good, here is what I want you to do. I need you to recruit talent for my new production company. Since I won't be fucking you anymore, I need some specific types of talent to participate in my videos. I will give you a list of what I am looking for, but it is up to you to find the right people. You must explain to them what they will be doing and have them tested for STD's and sign a contract. Their contract will only be good after I approve them and sign it. If you do a good job then we will all make more money. If you fail, well you know what will happen don't you?”

He nodded and I handed him my list. I wanted him to first look for some young college age studs. I suggested to look at some local frat houses. They needed to be well hung, but stamina was more important. Also on the list was an athletic black man construction worker type, an older businessman, and a next door neighbor hot female. I gave him a week to find someone off the list so I could interview them and start filming.

A few days later I was in my office working on some story ideas when there was a knock on my office door. It was Jimmy and he had a young man with him.

“Kat this is Steve. He goes to the local college. I have explained everything to him and he is interested in the job.”

I said, “Thank you Jimmy that will be all. Steve please come in and have a seat.”

I sized him up as he walked to my desk. He was about 6' 1” 185 lbs, blond hair, blue eyes. A well built surfer type. He sat down and I asked him some questions. I asked if he understood the job was to have sex on camera with that video being posted to a pay per view website. He was going to have sex with me and possibly other females. He might even have to perform in a threesome with a female and another male. I asked if he had a problem doing any of this and he said no.

“Good” I said. “Steve can you stand up for a moment please.”

He stood up in front of me.

“OK Steve, let me see your cock.”

He smiled at me, but didn't hesitate and unzipped his jeans. He reached in and pulled out his cock. It was a nice size, about 7 ½ inches, probably would be 8 plus when hard. It was on the thick side and he was cut. He had a nice big glans with a prominent ridge.

I smiled at him and said, “Very nice Steve, that one will do just fine. Do you ever have any problem getting it up?”

He said, “Well not so far, unless I am really drunk I guess.”

“Steve you are hired.” I said

“Great, when do I start?” he asked.

“Well, right now.” I said. I reached into a drawer in my desk and took out a bottle of pills. “I want you to take one of these Viagra though Steve. I just want to make sure your ready this first time when the camera starts. Go ahead and go into the kitchen to get a drink while I make sure we are ready to start. It won't take too long.”

I called Fritz my cameraman and told him to call the other techs. I wanted to shoot in the den in one hour. I knew Jimmy was still hanging around and I wondered if he would stay and watch some young stud he had found fuck his wife on camera. I hoped so, that was one reason I was doing this. That and of course the money.

I went to the kitchen to check on Steve. If he was nervous I couldn't tell. I went into the den to check on the set up. These guys were pro's and I felt very good about things going well. I had also hired a script girl to make sure things followed the story and looked good. Her name was Sally and she was 19. She was a cute petite thing and I think she had led a rough life. I handed her a script and told her to go and review it with Steve. It was a pretty basic one. I was to play a housewife home alone. Steve was a repair man who had come to fix my plumbing. I went to my bedroom to change into a sexy outfit. When I came back into the den I was wearing a short black baby doll nightie with no bra or panties. A pair of high heels made my legs look longer. I had a sheer robe on over it that hid little. This was actually an outfit Jimmy had bought me that I hadn't worn yet because I thought it was too revealing. I didn't anymore.

Everyone was in position in the den. I smiled and thanked everyone and said I looked forward to working with all of them for a long time. I walked up to Steve and asked him if he knew the story and his lines. He said he did and said I looked great. I smiled and stretched up and gave him a kiss. I told him he would do fine, just act natural. Everyone got into position and I said “Action”. Right before I said it I saw Jimmy back in the shadows watching.

As the scene begins I am sitting on the couch reading a magazine. The doorbell rings and I get up to answer it uncrossing my legs giving the camera a nice view of my shaved cunt. I open the door and Steve comes in and says he is there to take care of my problem. I lay my hand on his big chest and tell him I am glad he could come so quickly. I lead him to the kitchen and the camera focuses on my ass with Steve looking at it. I bend over the sink to show him the problem and I know my swollen pussy lips are visible through the sheer fabric of my robe as my nightie rides up. Steve's is sweating a little and says he will take care of things. I walk back to the den with the camera following me.

I sit back down on the couch and open my robe up. I start to rub my tits through my nightie and reach down to play with myself. I am working my fingers in and out of my wet opening when Steve walks back in the room to tell me that he fixed my problem. I tell him I have another problem that needs fixing. He takes one look at me and drops his tool belt and says he know how to fix that too. I stand up to help him pull his t-shirt off and I take off my robe. He reaches down and lifts my nightie over my head revealing my new huge tits. This is the first time anyone had seen them and I smile knowing Jimmy sees them but now he won't be the one that gets to play with them.

Steve takes me in his arms and kisses me passionately. He gently squeezes my big tits which are oh so sensitive. We break the kiss and I kneel down in front of him. I quickly undo his belt and buttons on his jeans. As I slide them down his hard cock is bursting to get out. I pull down his briefs revealing it. He steps out of his clothes as I reach up and grab his cock with both hands. I was right it is a good 8 plus inches of fat hard cockmeat. This is much bigger the Jimmy's average size cock. It's probably the biggest I have ever had and my pussy gets wetter in anticipation. I kiss the head and am able to get about half of it in my mouth. It tastes really good and I work on it for awhile but I don't want him to cum yet.

I stand up and turn around bending over the end of the couch. Fritz moves around to get a better angle for the entry shot. Steve moves up behind me and rubs his big cockhead across my wet pussy lips. He moves it to my entrance and slowly pushes it in. It feels so big, really stretching me. He works it in and out getting more of it inside me. Finally his hips touch my ass and he is in all the way. He is touching places inside of me I didn't know were there. He starts a slow assault of my pussy. I am bent over and my new big tits are swaying back and forth. A very different feeling, but one I like. He fucks me for about 5 minutes like this and I know the script calls for a change of positions so I say “Cut”.

With him still in me I turn my head and say, “OK let's get ready for the position change. Steve how are you doing?”

He says, “Great, you pussy feels really good. Nice and tight.”

I smile and say, “I like your big cock too. Now you have to tell me when you are going to cum, OK?”

He nods and I say, “Action.”

He pumps me from behind a few more times then as Fritz moves away Steve pulls out of me and moves around to sit on the couch. His big wet cock is pointing up and I straddle him. Fritz moves the camera in low as I sit down and slowly lower myself on his cock. He fills me completely. I grind my clit on the base of his cock as I reach up and pinch my nipples. I start to ride him up and down. Fritz is moving around making sure to get all the best angles. I wasn't sure if I would have to fake an orgasm for the camera. The way the ridge on his big glans is rubbing on my g-spot I won't have to fake a thing. The script gives me the option of where I let him cum. His cock feels so good, I know I have to feel him cum inside me. After about 10 minutes of riding him I am real close. We are both sweating and I look into his eyes.

He whispers, “I'm going to cum soon Kat.”

I smile and whisper back, “Cum inside me baby.”

He grabs my hips and really starts to pound me. Fritz know what to do and moves in. I feel his cock expand inside me and he suddenly stops in mid stroke and I feel it. His cock erupts and fills me up with his hot seed. That sends me over the edge and my pussy starts to spasm and clench. He continues to unload in me pushing his cock as far as it will go after each spurt. I hope Jimmy is watching this young stud fill his wife up with his cum. I am on the pill so no chance of a baby, at least not yet. Finally we both slow down and I lay on his chest with his cock still buried in me. Fritz is in position and is zoomed in to where we are joined. When I sense he is ready I raise myself off of Steve and his softening cock pulls out of me. His big load starts to ooze out of me and Fritz is capturing this event. I squeeze my pussy and feel 2 big globs drip out of me. When I can't feel anymore drip out I say, “Cut”.

I rolled off of Steve and yelled, “YES, we did it. We made our first film.” Laughing I hugged Steve and said, “Thank you so much, you were perfect.”

He said, “Kat you made it easy, you are a hot piece. I could do this all the time with you.”

Sally came over and handed each of us a cotton robe. I called everyone over to thank them. Jimmy was nowhere to be found. Fritz said he would download the shoot to our server. I would edit it later and download it to the website as our first update.

“Everyone I am going to take a shower, Steve you can use our guest bath, then I am taking us all out for dinner to celebrate.” I announced.

After dinner I came back to the house alone and went to my office to edit the video. Fritz had done a brilliant job of filming it. It made me look great and the shots of Steve and I fucking were some of the hottest things I had ever seen. After I was done though I made a decision. I was going to hire an experienced assistant. A writer/producer/director/editor type. I couldn't be the star and CEO of this company and do all this too. After I posted this update out membership increased 20% and renewals went to an all time high. Things were looking great.

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