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Valentine's Gift

Wife takes her Lover's gift home to her husband
Karen slipped the file back into her desk drawer glad that the day was
finally done.

She wondered what her husband David had planned for
Valentine’s Day. It was probably just chocolates and roses as it had
been for most of their 15 years together. She secretly hoped it would
be more and had even worn the thigh high stockings beneath her office
clothes in case he had something more passionate planned. Then her
phone chimed.

Karen picked it up expecting to see a message from David, but it
was'nt. It was from Jeff.

Karen flushed with excitement; happy that he hadn’t forgot Valentine’s
Day. Jeff had been away in the Atlanta office and not due to return
for another week. Karen was having an affair with him currently that
was more about mutual excitement than a relationship. She had thought
about telling David as he was always fantasizing about being a cuckold
but as yet had not.

The message said;

Don’t move, you look lovely.Wriggle out of your panties and leave them around your ankles. Close your eyes, I’ll be right in.

Karen almost shrieked with joy, she needed Jeff sooooo bad.

She glanced out through the textured glass off her office and saw the
various lights going off as people departed. You couldn’t see clearly
through her glass so she was safe except for the open office door. She
slid her thumbs up the outside of her thighs and quickly hooked her
panties and pushed them down over her knees where they slithered down
her legs. If someone came in they would be able to see them under the
desk. She closed her eyes.

Her skirt had stayed up in back and the leather was cool on the heat
she felt in her pussy. She hadn’t had sex in five weeks since Jeff had
left. She had known she’d get the regular from David tonight and as
disappointing as that usually was it was better than nothing and
certainly not even close to the extra two inches and Jeff gave her.

Not to mention the time to actually have an orgasm.

Karen heard someone come in but dutifully kept her eyes closed. She
knew He liked her to follow his orders. Another minute passed and
Karen began to doubt anyone had come in when she felt the air move and
heard the slight sound of steps on her carpet.

Oh God, what if it wasn’t Jeff? She began to worry but knew if she
didn’t obey he would just as likely not have her punised. She
gritted her teeth worrying about all the possibilities even briefly
picturing the cleaning man watching her as he stroked himself.

Karen smelled the familiar scent of Jeff, now close to her. She felt
his breath on the back of her neck, then he kissed her right in the
same place, the cool breeze replaced by his warm lips. She kept her
eyes closed enjoying her senses being heightened as vision was denied.

She felt a cold trickle on her throat and he whispered to her, “Lift
your hair.”

Karen did as she was told and felt him fasten the clasp of a necklace.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Karen. Open your eyes now,” he whispered.

She did and turned while standing to kiss him very deeply. Jeff’s
hands slid over her hips with authoritative familiarity. One hand
reached up to graze a thumb across her nipple as the continued to
explore each other for several minutes.

Jeff stepped back and said, “Look at your present first for goodness sake.”

Karen turned and bent over her desk to look in the small mirror she had.

The necklace held a pendant that looked like a cause ribbon, it had an
oval at the top and two arms pointed down after the cross. It was in
gold and had been done in a very smooth style, the oval was actually
enclosed in back making it cup-shaped. It was held in place by a small
ring with a single diamond on the front. The ring pierced the top of
the oval and the chain ran through it.

“It is lovely Jeff, Thank you!” she said delightedly as she studied it
in the mirror

Karen felt Jeff’s hand on her ass as he slipped his fingers down to
caress her bare wetness.

“Know what it is my dear?” he asked her casually.

“No, not really. What?” she responded.

“It is what your piercing is going to look like tomorrow.” Her said grinning.

“But, I don’t have a…” she began as she felt his finger slide through
her wetness to rub the hood of her clitoris. Then she realized.

“Yes dear, tomorrow we will go and have your pussy pierced with a gold
ring with a diamond exactly like that one, to mark you as mine. I knew
tonight you had plans with David.”

Jeff smiled.

“No it isn’t going to be just chocolates and roses. You are having
dinner at La Tolmetra on the bay. David thinks you are taking him out
but the dinner is on me.”

Karen started to stand but Jeff pushed her back down. She heard his
zipper and felt him as he slipped inside her.

“I want you to seduce him. Sit close in the booth and even get him to
feel you up if you can. He will be amazed at how wet you are because
you will be filled with me.”

Jeff emphasized this by pushing deep inside Karen’s pussy. She gasped
and flattened her hands out on the desk. She looked up at the office
glass and could still see shadows moving around occasionally as people
left, while Jeff took her right on her desk.

Karen began to moan slightly. She felt his hands pull her blouse free
and slip up to cup her breasts.

“You will arouse David while you dine then take him home and take him
to bed. I want you to make him lick your pussy and taste my essence
inside of you. If he notices then tell him your lover fucked you. If
he doesn’t then enjoy that he still has me all over his face.”

Karen gasped, the nastiness drove her quickly towards orgasm as Jeff
fucked her hard and deep. She could feel every nerve popping with
pleasure as she consumed what she craved.

“Tomorrow, I will take you and have you marked as mine. Oh, and I
promised the jeweler a blowjob to pay for the piercing so don’t get to
tired tonight.”

“Do we understand, love?” Jeff asked, clenching his teeth to hold off
his orgasm.

“Yes Sir.” Karen gasped as she exploded in orgasm.

Jeff followed quickly and she felt his shaft swell and burst as it
pumped stream after thick stream inside her pussy. A second orgasm
crashed as Karen realized that all of that was for her husband; her
lovers cum as a Valentine’s gift.

Jeff finished and slipped out. He turned Karen around and kissed her
deeply then knelt and slipped her panties up her legs and into place
locking his semen away for later. He tenderly put Karen’s clothes in
order then unbuttoned an extra blouse button to make sure the pendant

“Get along now dear your reservation is in 20 minutes. We wouldn’t
want David’s treat to get cold would we?” Jeff smiled and smacked
Karen on the ass as they walked out of the office.

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