Vegas Vacation 2

By SheriPie

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As we all gather for breakfast the next morning after our night of swapping husbands, it's quiet while we eat. When we finish eating the guys excuse themselves to let us talk. As we talk and share stories about last night Jill suggests we do the same tonight but switch to the other husband.

"Do you think the guys will go for it?" Brenda asks. Both Jill and I laugh.

"Do you really think they are going to say no?" I say.

It's set....we are going to swap husbands again.

As we finish dinner the boys excuse themselves to go to their rooms. We have another round of drinks then head upstairs.

As I walk into Brenda and Sam's hotel room, Sam is there waiting for me at the door. As I walk into the room he closes it behind me. He quickly comes up behind me and holds me by the hips and starts kissing the side of my neck. He then slides his hands up my sides to my tits. He massages both of them while kissing my neck. He starts to un-button my top, slowly one at a time. When he has them all undone he removes my shirt and tosses it on the chair.

He un-hooks my bra and slides it off tossing it with my shirt. He walks around in front of me and takes my tits in his hands and begins rolling my nipples with his fingers. He kisses me deeply then begins kissing his way down my neck over my chest until he reaches my tits. My nipples are hard and want his attention. He starts sucking on the right one first while still pinching the left.

"What do you want me to do next?" he asks. 

"Whatever you want," I say, "I am yours for the taking tonight." 

He smiles this sinister smile as he reaches down and slides my skirt to the floor. He steps back and looks me up and down standing there in nothing but my thong. He moans in approval. He then runs his hands down my sides and hooks my thong in his thumbs and slides it down and tosses it with the rest of my clothing. He moves me to the bed and lays me down.

"Roll over," he says.

I roll onto my stomach and lay there waiting to feel his touch. His hands slowly start to rub my back up and down, getting lower and lower with each stroke. My pussy is aching to be touched as he continues to tease me. He rubs my ass and kisses the back of my neck. His hands lifts my hips just enough off the bed to slide his hand to my wanting pussy where his hand is now captive between my pussy and the bed.

His lips start kissing my neck again as his other hand explores my body. My pussy is getting wetter and my nipples are so hard they ache. He inches closer to me so that he can reach parts of my pussy that so far have remained out of reach.

I am beginning to moan hoping it will let him know that I’m needing more than his hands on me. He rolls on top of me. I can feel his hard cock pressing on my ass when he sits up on his knees and slowly spreads my legs open. He positions himself between my legs and he takes his cock and moves it down my ass towards my pussy.

"MMMMMM," is all I can get out.

I can feel the heat building in my pussy as he slides the mushroom head of his cock into me. He leans over me and kisses my shoulders. He reaches under me and starts to rub my tits. He then slowly starts to push the rest of his cock in me. Inch by inch I feel his cock sliding in me as my pussy wraps around it.

"Ohhhhh...that feels soooooo good!" I moan. I am enjoying the awesome feeling of having all nine inches in me.

He leans over and whispers in my ear, "Sheri, your sweet tight pussy feels so good clenching me. I have wanted this for so long," he says.

"Oh god," escapes my mouth.

He sits up on his knees and takes a hold of my hips. He gently begins to pump his hard cock in and out of my pussy. His motions slowly increasing in speed as he fucks me. He reaches around and finds my clit. Using his thumb he strokes it up and down and around. I am moaning like crazy as my hips are matching his movements stroke for stroke. I am so close to cumming.

As my breathing increases and I am on the verge of my first orgasm he pulls his cock out of me and rolls me over onto my back. I gasp! He leans down and sucks on my nipples. I am ready to explode. He spreads my legs and moves in between them. My hips are lifting off the bed wanting him so badly. He grabs his cock and rubs my clit with the head. I can see him watching his cock slide over my pussy.

I moan out loudly, I am not sure I can take much more when he finally slides the head to my entrance. With a grunt he quickly slides the rest of his cock deep inside of me. It takes my breath away as he begins to move his cock in and out of me. He lays down on top of me and whispers in my ear, “I love the feeling of your awesome pussy all round my hard cock.” 

This sends me over the edge…I can’t hold out any longer as wave after wave of pleasure roll over me. My hands grab is ass and pull him in deeper into me as my orgasm releases all over his cock and my pussy clenches around his cock.

“Oh FUCK! You are fantastic!” he yells. 

He slows his movements and rolls off of me. He moves across the room and sits in the chair then motions for me to come to him. As I climb off the bed I am not sure my legs will support me but I can’t get to him fast enough. He grabs my hips and pulls me into him and kisses my stomach. I want to feel him inside me so bad I straddle him and grab his cock and position it so I can slowly slide my pussy down onto it.

We both moan as he enters me. I slide my pussy down inch by inch until my pussy is resting on his skin. As I reach the bottom I begin to move forward and back then up and down. He grabs my hips and steadies me on top of him. He starts thrusting his cock in and out of me. My hand slides down my body and finds my clit and I begin rubbing it. I get a moan of approval from him.

“MMMM…Keep doing that,” he says.

His eyes are glued to my finger rubbing my clit. The faster I rub my clit the faster his thrusting gets. I can feel my body building again. I lean back placing my left hand on his knee. I am in a state of pure bliss! I take my finger from my wet pussy and bring it up to my mouth.

His eyes watch the whole time as I suck my finger into my mouth. He groans with approval. His grip gets tighter on my hips and his thrusting increases. I am screaming out as his cock hits deep inside of me over and over. I begin to rub my clit again faster and faster until I can longer hold my orgasm and I flood him again with my juices.

I am still on my high when he stands up and sets me in the chair. He gets down on his knees and puts my legs over his shoulders and buries his face in my pussy. He starts at bottom and runs his tongue up to the top over and over sucking my juices into his mouth. My hands grip his head as he moans sucking every last drop out of me. I am in heaven.

He stops and looks at me and smiles. I’m a puddle sitting in the chair.

“I am not done with you yet,” he says. “I have to have more of you!”

He stands and takes my hand to stand me up. My legs are like Jell-o but he wraps his arm around my waist and holds me up while he kisses me deeply. He moves us back towards the bed but changes direction quickly and I am against the wall with him tight up against me.

“I need to cum in that hot pussy of yours,” he says.

He lifts my left with his arm and begins to slide his cock in me. He wastes no time ramming it deep up inside of me. I scream out at the feeling of him filling me up. He is supporting me and holding me against the wall as he pumps hard in and out of me. He pounds my pussy harder and harder like he can’t get it deep enough. My fingers are digging into his shoulders as I can feel my body building again.

We are banging up against the wall so hard I am sure the neighbors can hear but I don’t care. I am pushing my hips back on him as well as I can. I feel him stiffen and groan with a deep animal sound. He grabs my ass hard and pushes himself deep in me as his cock explodes and I feel his hot cum fill me deep inside. I can’t hold mine any longer and cum with him.

He carries me back to the bed and we lay down. I look at him and smile and ask him, “Did you enjoy that as much as I did?”

He says, “We definitely have to make plans for a vacation next year.”