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Washing Day Procrastination - Part 2

Ruby decides to leave the washing and bake some cookies ;)


It had been an interesting day and it wasn't even 10 o'clock in the morning. The electrician would be arriving in about 10 minutes. My whole body was filled with delicious sensations, raw sexual energy rolling off my skin in waves. The interrupted joy of a bath and a bit of self-loving had put my thoughts in a fuddle and the voyeuristic lads next door, watching me hang out my panties on the line naked, had only served to increase my avid tension. But my release would have to be postponed, as this was a time to put business before pleasure. The lights and air conditioning in the master bedroom had been on the blink for weeks and finally it would be sorted today. Feeling horny as hell and all my underwear still on the line, I chose to skip the panties and slipped on a satin chemise with a cute red cotton dress over the top. It was fairly short and snug, the neckline more than a little revealing , but being the kind of girl who likes to advertise her assets, it felt good.

The doorbell rang. A quick glance in the mirror showed a flushed face, damp dark ringlets and a body begging to burst out of its cotton seams - pretty damned attractive actually! I opened the door to  Mike, whom I had never laid eyes on before, but was excessively pleased to do so now. The voice matched the physique perfectly. Dark medium length wavy hair, dark mischievous eyes and a firm, well built, sun kissed body. His black shirt hugged his muscled biceps, khaki shorts revealing an incredible set of legs also. The silence was momentary, but palpable. Our gazes drifting up and down each other in unison.
"Hey Mike" I managed to get out...a few more moments passed... His face broke into a glorious smile as he shifted his weight and stuck out his chest.
"Can I come in then?"  His eyes were playful and sardonic. I quickly moved sideways, inviting him in with a mock majestic sweep of my arm, smirking constantly. My thoughts were in a jumble, my pulse thumping through my chest so intensely, I was sure he would notice and laugh at the almost desperate way I was looking at him. But if he did notice, he didn't show it - walking casually into the open plan lounge/kitchen area and setting down his toolbox. I was about to tell him where the bedroom was when he interrupted,
"Hmmm... what's that delightful smell? You been baking cookies for me or something?" Still smiling at me, his hands resting on his tool belt.
I stuttered "Cookies?!... what??... oh!! No, no that's just coconut oil from... the bath"
"Yeh, you look nice and sweet Mrs Wright - just like a cookie actually". This time the smile was overt, the mouth slightly open so I could see his tongue suspended in curiosity, his eyes wide and his gaze deliberate. A warmth rushed through my body, from the tip of my head and downwards, settling on my mound which pulsed with expectation.

My eyes widened as he took a step toward me, closing the gap. I could smell him now, a tantalising mix of cologne, perspiration and.. what was that? sunshine?! I felt myself start to sway slightly... Get a grip! Accustomed to being a woman in control of her sexuality, able to use her wiles to seduce at will, all sense of control was now being stolen from me by this stranger with a sarcastic manner and overwhelming presence. He stopped about a metre away from me and seemed to be breathing in deeply, his eyes momentarily closing...
"Mmmmmm.... you even SMELL like a cookie!"  The dark eyes flicked open, teasing and burning into me. Then my natural instinct returned, thank god! I smirked back , raising my breasts with a deep breath and lifting my eyebrows playfully... "Ruby. You can call me Ruby and... are you hungry Mike? Is there anything I can help you with?"... the space between us felt electric, magnetic even. He would be fucking fantastic, I knew it.

Suddenly we were jolted out of our reverie by the phone ringing. That bloody phone! I swear, I heard the air crackle with disappointment at the wastefulness of such an imposition. I glanced at the receiver behind me...caller id - it was my husband! I reached for the receiver instinctively, as Mike broke eye contact and stepped back toward his toolbox.
"Uhhh...hi babe!" I mumbled nervously, trying to contain my jitters.
"Hey sexy lady! I was just calling to let you know that I've been given the rest of the day off, so I'm coming home early"
"Ohhh that's great! When will you be home?"
"Well, I'm just finishing up here with a client...let's say, in about 40 minutes?... Just enough time for you to slip into something more comfortable and bake me a batch of those fine cookies of yours!"
The irony of his comment struck at me like a hammer. Nailed to the phone, I giggled stupidly and replied "Yes, they are damn fine cookies - highly in demand!"
"See you soon then babe" Click.

Lost in the conversation with my husband, I hadn't noticed that Mike had left the room.
"Hello?" I called tentatively, "Mike?!" A little louder...
"In here" His mesmerizing voice from the direction of the master bedroom. Oh, so he was getting on with the job then... how disappointing. I hesitated before entering, feeling confused. In the heat of the moment, only five minutes before, I was wild with abandon and preparing to jump off a precipice into Mike' s sexy arms. But now, I wasn't so sure... had I missed his intentions? Or was I correct, and it was merely the interruption of the phone call that broke the intensity of his passion? As I turned the corner to enter the bedroom, the answer was standing there before me. All 6ft, 10 inches of pure sex, suddenly naked and lustful right before my eyes.

Evidently, Mike had taken matters into his own hands, not prepared to miss out on his taste of the 'cookies' before Mr Wright got to them first. I didn't hesitate. Forty minutes was a long time and all kinds of adventures could be had with that many seconds available in an encounter. I grinned at Mike and he visibly relaxed, understanding my consent and extreme willingness to appease his... well, how should I put this... his rather LARGE appetite.   ;o)


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