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Washing Day Procrastination - Part 4

Ruby's gonna have her cake and eat the cookies too!! ;)


There's something to be said about having your cake and eating it too. But in my case, on the day of washing and it's inevitable procrastination, the cakes were cookies, and I was feeling particularly greedy. I had just spent a good 40 minutes giving mike the electrician the best cock sucking of his life, and we had unfortunately run out of time for him to return the favour. As only seconds after mike had finally blown his delicious load into my mouth, we heard the front door open, heralding the arrival of my husband home early from work. Too spent from our lustful exertions, Mike appeared to be frozen on his knees, glancing dreamily around the room for his clothes, whilst I immediately jumped to my feet and pulled my dress back on hastily - fumbling stupidly to do up buttons that no longer existed. Oh shit!
"Ruby?" my husbands voice again, now from the kitchen. I collected myself as best as i could, then slipped into the ensuite bathroom, whispering fervently over my shoulder to mike to "Get dressed - QUICK!", which seemed to finally convey to him the urgency to act.

I stripped off in the bathroom and quickly turned on the shower, jumping under the not yet warmed water, shocking a bit of sense into me. A knock on the door... "Rubes?!"
"Yeh, I'm in the shower!" I called cheerfully to my husband Paul, my voice shaking nervously.
"Ok..." then silence.
I washed myself thoroughly and cleaned my teeth and even washed my hair. I was procrastinating again. What on earth was going on out there?! I guess I didn't really want to know! I was kind of hoping that Mike would manage to dress and slip out unnoticed, and I could continue my day by making some cookies for Paul and maybe dealing with a few more load. Was I inSANE?! Firstly, Paul would have SEEN Mike's car out front and secondly, Mike could not leave the house without walking THROUGH it - and most certainly running into Paul. And thirdly, what would Paul make of me having a shower, whilst the electrician is working in the bedroom next door? And fourthly.... oh DAMN. There was just no avoiding this.

I wrapped a towel around me and cautiously poked my head out of the ensuite and into the bedroom - empty! I crept into the room - still musky and humid from the events of only 15 minutes ago - and pulled on a pair of shorts and t-shirt wondering what on earth to do next. Then I heard it. The unmistakable sound of two male voices, not shouting (as I somehow expected) but casual and even sharing a laugh! What the hell??!!... I followed the sound to the open kitchen / lounge areas and stood behind the kitchen island like a statue, transfixed by the site of Paul and Mike, sitting together like long lost buddies, drinking beer and having a jolly  good chin wag. I felt my shoulders sag and relax. Thank God! I assumed that somehow, Paul hadn't clued on to what had transpired. Mike had managed to sweet talk his way out of a sticky situation with his natural wit and charm. So, trying to be as casual as possible, I walked over to the couch to greet Paul properly.

Catching Mike's eye, I winked surreptitiously, and was surprised to see him blush and glance away. Paul turned at the sound of my footsteps and gave me a strange smile that I couldn't fathom the meaning of. "So, you've met Mike then?" I blurted out a little too abruptly.
"Yes Ruby, we were just getting... acquainted" The same strange half-smile played on his lips and his lazy eyes were boring through me. But this time, I recognised the look. It was the same look Paul gave me when I was flirting with him and he became aroused. But why would he be doing that now? So overtly and persistently - in front of a stranger?!
"Come 'ere Rubes" Paul almost growled, opening his arms up and patting his lap, inviting me to come and sit on it. I moved carefully and slowly toward Paul, feeling like a mouse walking into a trap, but not knowing why... Did he know? Was he angry and going to do or say something they would all regret?

As I sat on Paul's lap, and sunk into his embrace, I glanced at Mike who sat sculling his beer with large gulps, yet watching Paul and I intently, transfixed by the turn of events, no doubt. Paul started to nuzzle my ear and neck, something he knows really arouses me. His hands were wandering too, groping at me through my clothes. What did he think he was doing? Was he drunk already? Paul was never shy of showing affection to me publicly, but this was different, altogether different. The bulge in his jeans, now pushing into my leg, was testament to that fact! I searched his face and then whispered into his ear "Not in front of Mike, baby" and to my surprise, Paul grinned like a cheshire cat and loudly stated "Hey, Mike doesn't mind - I'm sure it's nothing he hasn't seen before Rubes honey..." his voice trailed off , making me gasp and turn to see Mike's reaction. But Mike was sitting there grinning from ear to ear also!

"Ruby" Paul's voice cut through my confusion "You didn't make me any cookies today, did you sweetie? ... I think you may have been a bit 'pre-occupied'... did something else come up ... babe?" He continued to rub his hand up and down my leg suggestively, teasing me with his knowing smile and excited eyes. Paul and Mike both laughed at the look on my face. BUSTED. But why was it so funny to them? Then something happened that made me understand. Paul swiveled me around on his lap so that I was facing him, and put both hands on my thighs, his hands gliding over them rhythmically, and he stared  into my eyes. But his look changed from mirth to intensity. He whispered to me;
"Let us look after you Ruby" and as he said it, Mike got up and stood behind me, his crotch leaning gently on the back of my head. All of a sudden the penny dropped. Yes! Paul knew exactly what had happened whilst he was out. Yes! Mike and Paul had even talked about it and come to some consensus and No! Paul was not angry. In fact, he was totally turned on! So much so, that the bulge in his pants was now totally visible and straining to get out. Behind me, Mike's cock was hard again also, and begging for more attention. My fears evaporated and a rush of adrenaline coursed through my body. How lucky could a girl be?! Two perfect specimens of masculinity, hard, here & wanting to help relieve all that sexual tension that had been driving me crazy ALL day. The washing could wait.


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