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Watching My Wife With A Stranger

Watching my wife with a stranger turned me on more than I knew it would.
My wife, Linda, has always been an exhibitionist. Any opportunity she gets she likes to show off her firm 34C tits. It is commonplace for her to wear a tight tank top without a bra. Her nipples are almost always hard and it turns her on when she sees other guys, and girls, looking at her tits. Sometimes she’ll wear a very loose fitting tank top which exposes her side boob. If she happens to be in the grocery store, she’ll make a habit of bending over to get an item on the bottom shelf when a young, virile guy approaches so that he can clearly see down her top to her bare tits. But I must be honest; it turns me on, too, to see other guys lust after Linda. We have had some of our best sex after watching total strangers ogle Linda’s body.

We decided one day to take a weekend trip to Las Vegas. Not so much for the gambling, but for the relaxation and partying. It had been quite some time that we’d let our hair down and blew off some steam so we were looking forward to the weekend diversion. We packed our bags and drove for 6 hours before we arrived at our desert oasis.

It was about six in the evening when we checked into our room. We stopped on the way for a bite to eat so we weren’t hungry, but we were thirsty. After dropping our bags in the room, we went to the hotel bar and ordered a couple of drinks. Of course, Linda was wearing a tight, white cotton tank top. Her hard nipples poked through the material and a hint of her brown areolas could also be seen. Linda stood 5’3” and weighed 110 pounds. Her shoulder length light brown hair had streaks of blonde running through it and her green eyes looked dazzling in the surrounding Las Vegas neon.

Linda struck up a conversation with the young man sitting next to her. I purposely acted as if I was a stranger to Linda and she quickly followed my lead and pretty much ignored me. He introduced himself as Serge. He looked to be about 21 years old with dark hair and blue eyes. He came on to Linda pretty aggressively and Linda didn’t turn him away. She giggled when he said something funny and put her hand on his arm. She was totally playing the role of a woman who wanted to get picked up. Maybe she felt bolder than most times because I was sitting right next to her. Of course, if Linda was ever in danger, I would have stepped in. But even though Serge was doing all he could to pick up Linda, he was polite. I never felt that Linda was in danger and neither did Linda.

As their conversation was winding down, Linda suggested that they meet at the hotel spa in thirty minutes. Serge wholeheartedly agreed and kissed Linda on the cheek as he left.

“Wow, baby! What was that all about?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I was having so much fun watching you enjoy him watching me, it turned me on!” Linda exclaimed.

“He was staring at your tits pretty hard, wasn’t he? My cock got hard as the two of you began to touch each other.” I said. “And when he kissed you, I thought I would cum!”

“Did you enjoy watching him touch me?” Linda asked.

“I must admit,” I replied, “I enjoyed it tremendously.”

Linda thought, “Hmmm, do you think you can stay a stranger for the rest of the evening?”

“What do you mean?” I inquired.

“You got really turned on when Serge was touching me. And by your own admission you almost came when he kissed me. So I was thinking, let’s see what happens if I seduce him. Nothing dangerous and you’ll be close-by watching so if you don’t like what you see you can stop it anytime.”

“Oh baby, the thought of seeing another man kiss and touch you is getting me hard,” I said.

“So it’s OK? You’ll watch me seduce Serge and whatever happens…happens,” Linda said with a smile.

“Hell yes! But I cannot promise I won’t join in!” I excitedly exclaimed.

“Mmmmm, the more the merrier baby,” Linda said before kissing me with a long, deep French kiss.

Linda jumped up from her bar stool and excitedly gathered her things and put them in her purse. “I have to meet Serge at the spa. I have to put my bathing suit on. Come on!” Linda said as she hurried from the bar toward the elevator.

I followed Linda watching her firm round ass as she made her way through the casino to the elevator. The thought of another man touching her ass made me so excited; I walked passed Linda and beat her to the elevator.

Once in the room, Linda rifled through her luggage and pulled out a white bikini with light blue trim. I hadn’t seen this bikini before and Linda told me she bought it a few days ago. She went into the bathroom and put it on. When she came out she modeled it for me. The top was strapless and hooked in the back. The bottom was a thong that nicely accentuated her already firm ass. The material was thin and the slight shadowing of her areolas was evident.

“That’s a hot bikini, baby,” I said.

“I knew you’d like it,” Linda replied. “Now let’s go, I want to be there before Serge.”

I quickly changed into my bathing suit and we went to the spa. Serge had not yet arrived so I found a nearby lounge chair and positioned it so I could watch the spa. Linda sat at the spa’s edge with her feet dangling in it. It was about dinner time so the entire pool and spa area was virtually vacant. In fact, the last couple was leaving just as I settled into my lounge chair. The sun had just set and the pool and spa lights were on. I thought it may be difficult to act like a stranger since Linda and I were the only two at the spa, but I didn’t want to miss what may happen with Serge.

About ten minutes after we arrived, I heard the pool’s wrought iron gate open and Serge walked in, heading straight for the spa. He wore a red racer-type swim suit and the outline of his cock was clearly visible. I must admit that he looked to be very well endowed. When he got to the spa he dropped his towel on a chair and stood over Linda as they chatted for a few moments. Linda couldn’t keep her eyes off his cock.

Linda and Serge seemed to hit it off very well and as Serge stepped into the spa, Linda slid from the spa’s edge into the water. She stood up for a moment after making her bathing suit wet and I saw that the material became translucent and it appeared as if she were wearing nothing at all! Serge took notice and he moved toward Linda and sat immediately next to her.

I was close enough to hear them talking, but I was unable to make out what they were saying. But most importantly, Linda sat in an area of the spa where the jets did not reach and from my vantage point, I could see below the water line. I acted uninterested in them, but I could see that their legs were touching as they sat next to each other.

Serge seemed oblivious to my presence as he talked to and laughed with Linda, so I decided to turn my full attention toward them. As the conversation continued, I saw Linda place her hand on Serge’s thigh. Serge tried to move closer to Linda, but he was already pressing his body against her. I watched Linda slowly move her hand to Serge’s inner thigh. My heart was racing and my cock was getting hard as I watched my wife seduce this stranger. Serge slightly spread his legs in a tacit gesture of acceptance.

They continued to talk, this time in softer tones. Serge moved his face closer to Linda’s and within seconds they were engaged in a passionate French kiss. I watched as Serge’s hand moved beneath the water line to Linda’s breasts. He gently caressed them and lightly pinched Linda’s nipples. Knowing how Linda loves to have her nipples pinched I knew what would come next. Almost on cue, Linda slid her hand from Serge’s thigh up to his well-endowed cock. She began to rub it through his bathing suit. Linda couldn’t wait any longer so she pulled the front of his bathing suit down and released Serge’s rock hard cock. Linda encircled her hand around its shaft. From my vantage point, it appeared Serge’s girth was so thick Linda’s fingertips barely touched as she stroked his manhood. As Linda stroked Serge’s cock, Serge slid his hand from her tits to her pussy. His hand slid beneath her bikini bottom and Linda spread her legs widely. She began to move her hips as Serge rubbed her clit.

I was so erect I thought my skin was going to rip. I placed a towel over my lap and began to rub my cock. Watching Linda and Serge enjoying each other’s touch made me want to cum.

After several minutes, Linda straddled Serge with their faces inches apart. I saw Linda reach down and guide Serge’s cock into her pussy. Linda let out a loud moan while saying, “Oh God, you’re thick!” Then she opened her mouth and plunged her tongue deep into Serge’s mouth. I could see Serge’s cock move in and out of Linda’s pussy. Neither one of them paid any attention to me.

Linda stopped kissing Serge and pulled down her bathing suit top exposing both of her breasts. She guided one of them into Serge’s mouth and he wasted no time showing Linda that his tongue and mouth are accustomed to fondling nipples. He sucked on her nipple and he even gently nibbled on it. This threw Linda into the height of excitement and she grabbed the back of Serge’s head and pushed his face onto her breast. Linda’s hips began to buck and her moans of pleasure became loud and echoed throughout the vacant pool area.

“Oh God! Fuck me, baby. Make me cum!” Linda loudly exclaimed. Clearly she no longer cared where she was and who may be nearby.

Serge threw his head back and watched Linda as she rode his cock so hard and fast she was creating waves in the spa. As Linda was ready to cum, Serge put one of Linda’s nipples in his mouth; he put the nipple between his teeth and gently pulled on it. I came as I watched Linda’s nipple being stretched. Luckily I had a towel on my lap or else I would have shot my load a mile!

Linda screamed, “Oh fuck yes!” and she came as soon as Serge tugged on her nipple. Her hips moved slower and slower and finally she dismounted Serge, whose cock was still hard. Linda said something to him and he quickly sat on the spa’s edge. She wasted no time in putting Serge’s cock in her mouth and proceeded to give him a stellar blow job. Her hand continued to stroke his shaft while her mouth and tongue massaged the tip of his cock.

As I watched, I began to get hard again. I had no idea that watching my wife fuck another guy would have such an effect on me.

Serge’s hips began to move quickly and I could tell he was ready to cum. Linda rubbed his cock faster and moments later, Serge shot his load into Linda’s hair, on her face and onto her outstretched tongue.

They both slipped back into the water and put their respective bathing suits back on. I laid back in the lounge chair and looked up to think about what I had witnessed. My eyes caught a couple standing on the third floor balcony of the hotel. She was bent over the railing and he had her sun dress pulled up and was taking her from behind. Clearly they had witnessed what I just did. I chuckled to myself as I watched the couple make love. Clearly I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the show.

Linda and Serge got out of the spa and walked passed me as if I weren’t there. They were talking about meeting friends later and perhaps they all could meet for a midnight spa rendezvous. I waited until they left the pool area before getting up and going to my room to meet Linda. I’m certain I am the friend she had planned to meet later and I’m looking forward to talking to Linda about her time with Serge and what is in store for midnight.

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