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Weekend in Denver

After ten years of on line chatting, a couple finally meet for a weekend affair

Their plan was simple. She had to go to Denver to speak at a conference and he had planned a trip there to meet with some friends for some fly-fishing. They had never met face to face before, but they knew each other rather intimately. Their relationship had started nearly ten years before in an internet chat room. She had just found out that her husband would rather fuck the 19-year-old so-called lesbian babysitter and threw her out of their home. Heartbroken, distraught, homeless, and debating a divorce, she had sworn off men and relationships, and was trying to deal with the pain of her life in a fantasy world. He was dealing with stresses at his job, and even though his wife tried to be a loving and understanding woman, he found a greater release in the chat room, where he could be dark, strong, mean, or whatever he wanted to be.

The whole thing started randomly, she created a “risky” screen name that she knew would attract a certain type of men. His screen name wasn’t sinister, but he had some ideas he wanted to explore. He had asked a few women before her if they were interested in a private role-playing chat, but when he pitched his idea, he received many rejections with strong uses of profanity, or just no reply. When he clicked on her name for the private chat, he expected nothing less than what he had gotten from the others. He was pleasantly surprised at what she agreed to, and had no issues with what she wouldn’t do, even in the safe fantasy of role-playing. He gave her a pseudo name and asked her to call him Anderson, his last name. She never questioned the name, and after an hour, they found that what the other was asking wasn’t that unreasonable. They also found they enjoyed the games they were playing. Anderson knew he wasn’t her only playmate, but he never questioned her about this. Over time, they grew more and more curious about each other.

One day, he logged on and she wasn’t in her normal playful mood. Even though she was nothing more than a stranger on the other end of a keyboard, he had grown quite fond of her. After some probing, he learned that she was upset over the news that the soon to be ex-husband was going to be a father again, and they were still legally married. He shared stories with her about his first wife and instead of playing their game; they exchanged stories about their lives. It was then she told him her real name was Wendy, but she did like the pseudo-name he created for her. He admitted his last name was really Anderson, but since he hated his first name, he asked that she would call him Anderson. It took some time for him to tell her his first name, and upon reading it, she agreed to call him Anderson, never mentioning the first name again.

Their play would ebb and flow for a period, then taper off when she would find a serious relationship. It would pain him when she could cry on his shoulder about the bad relationships she’d gotten herself in, but he was always a gentleman, and let her dictate their relationship. At one point, she disappeared for over two years as she had gotten into what she thought was a loving relationship. She wanted to prove she was a good woman by ending all of her “cyberspace” friendships, as they were all sexual playmates for the most part. This loss hurt him the most, because she had become someone, he could share things with in a way he could with no one else, and not just sexually.

Then, one day, an e-mail appeared from a familiar looking address, with the words “I’m sorry” in the subject line. She apologized to him for being such a poor friend to him, begged him for forgiveness, and even said she would understand if he never wanted to hear from her again. She was even more surprised when he replied with “no apology necessary” and told her he wasn’t angry, but knew if he were patient, she’d be back. She shared the horror of the verbal and physical abuse she underwent and how it started with the cutting her off from the e-mail friends, to denying her access to the Internet when she needed it for work, the constant accusations of infidelity, the isolation from her family and friends, and more. She admitted that she would stay late at work just to avoid going home, even though she worked in a dangerous area that could have resulted in serious harm to come to her.

The end finally came when she came home late from an important meeting. The meeting started on time, but due to circumstances beyond her control, things went long and the 90-minute meeting went four hours. The text messages started at the one-hour mark “WHEN R U COMING HOME?” and evolved into “WHO R U FUCKING?” When the meeting ended, Wendy came home to an empty apartment, and went to bed because she still had to go to work the next day. Somewhere between 1-2 am, she was woken up and seriously beaten for being out so late. This was the last straw. Knowing that she couldn’t kick this person out, and fearing what might happen if the cops got involved, as they were so unhelpful in the past, she secretly found a new place to live and moved out. Luckily, for her, the landlord was greedy and she knew that by taking her name off the lease, the landlord would demand a new application, and since she was the only one who was gainfully employed, the apartment quickly became vacant.

Then, to Anderson’s heartbreak and joy, Wendy did find the love of her life. A man who didn’t care about how their relationship had started or that Anderson & Wendy e-mailed now. This new man saw Anderson as Wendy’s friend and nothing more. Shortly after, Wendy got a “blanket” e-mail from Anderson’s wife (using his e-mail) telling her (and his other friends) that he was ill and in the hospital. It was some time before her long distance friend was back, sending funny e-mails and such to her. Even though the “role-playing” element of their relationship had subsided, they still wrote messages and sent those funny and sometimes annoying jokes and stories that were forwarded too many times for their own good. This was the crux of their relationship for many years since he did not wish to interfere with her new marriage, and she didn’t wish to upset his wife.

Then came the news she was invited to speak in Denver at the International Teachers Technology Conference, and he was to go fly-fishing with friends at the same time. Their plans went into motion quickly. They agreed to fly in on Friday, stay at a hotel with connecting rooms, spend Friday night through Monday morning together, and then go their separate ways. It seemed like a perfect plan. Their respective spouses knew of their trips, but not of their meeting each other. In booking the flight, she was able to arrange flying in on Thursday, instead of Friday, thus giving her time to recover from any jet lag she might suffer. He, on the other hand, booked the Thursday arrival as it was cheaper and even his wife couldn’t argue with that logic. Neither told the other about the early arrival as they were each hoping to surprise the other.

Wendy arrived in Denver on Thursday mid-afternoon, and after collecting her luggage, she caught the free shuttle the hotel provided. She checked in, dropped off her things, then decided an early dinner because she missed lunch. She left the hotel in search of a reasonably priced restaurant. An hour later, Anderson arrived at the hotel and like Wendy, checked in. Once he put his things away, he went back to the front desk and asked to be notified when she arrived. To his surprise, he learned she was already there, but when they rang her room, she didn’t answer. He told the clerk if she came back, to call his cell and send her to the bar.

He was enjoying a glass of red wine when his phone chirped, “Yes.”

“Mr. Anderson?”


“She just arrived sir.”

“Thank you,” he said closing his cell phone.

A moment later, he saw her blonde curly hair that hung down her back, and her full figured body that matching the few pictures he had seen of her. She stepped up to the bar and waited for the bartender to return, looking around to see if she could spot him. Anderson motioned the waitress and she quickly came over and asked, “Yes sir?”

“The blonde at the bar,” he said pointing at her. “Give her whatever she wants, and please, tell her it’s on me.”

“Right away sir,” she said.

Quickly she walked to the blonde, and asked, “What can I get for you?”

“Can I get a strawberry margarita?” she asked.

“Yes ma’am,” she said.

The waitress disappeared behind the bar and soon the bartender emerged and said, “I’m sorry, I needed to change the syrup on the soda tanks. One strawberry margarita, on the rocks or blended?”

“Blended,” she said.

Anderson watched as she pulled out her wallet, keeping her back to him, unaware of his presence. The bartender handed her the drink and says, “It’s already been paid for.”

“By who?” she asked.

The waitress pointed at Anderson. Wendy turned around and saw Anderson in a small booth raise his wine glass at her in a toasting motion. Her face went from confused too happy as she walked to him and he rose to meet her. They hugged and giggled both asking, “When did you get here?”

The waitress quickly brought her the drink and walked away as Wendy sat down and said, “I can’t believe you’re here today.”

“Cheaper flight, now what’s your excuse?”

“Hoping to beat jet lag,” she admitted, smiling.

Anderson raised his wine glass and said, “A toast then, to great minds who think alike.”

They clinked glasses and smiled, then took a drink. They sat in the bar and finished their drinks; went to their rooms. Once in their rooms, they unlocked the joining door. Their rooms were identical, mirror images of each other. Both rooms had a king sized bed, simple dresser, table with two chairs, a television, and bathroom with shower. The chose to sit in her room and watch television for a while. They decided to watch Same Time, Next Year, a movie they both enjoyed. However, Wendy dozed off about twenty minutes into the movie, so Anderson covered her up, and returned to his room to finish watching the movie.

The next morning, they woke early, showered, dressed and had breakfast. Wendy wore jeans, V-neck t-shirt, and tennis shoes, and he wore a t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes as well. Since neither had been to Denver before, they decided to check out the sights of the city. They visited the Denver Museum of Miniatures, the Bronco’s football stadium, and did some shopping (mostly window-shopping.) After lunch, they walked through Mile High Park, until it started to get dark, then they worked their way back to the hotel. During this time, they talked. She knew he was older than she was, but that didn’t really matter to her, as long as he didn’t care about her being so much younger. He explained about his annual fly-fishing trip. He looked forward to it more so this year with the prospect of meeting with her finally. She told him of her conference, and how just being invited to speak there was an honor, and she was asked because of her work teaching kids effective study skills with middle school students.

Somehow, their conversations turned to their original chats and the fun they had. He admitted to her the difficulty he found in finding a “playmate” and she admitted her numerous “chat friends” she talked to but now he was the only one left. It was from this he asked, “What from our chats would you never do?”

“Anal,” she said without hesitation. “That and I’m not one for being hit a lot. Even spanking freaks me out to some extent. Anything you’ve done for real?”

“A lot I’m not proud of, but that’s not what you asked, is it?”

“No, it’s not.”

“I’ve done a lot of what we talked about, but I’m much more into responsive women than not. Oh yeah, and without a certain ‘little blue pill,’ I’m only good for one maybe two rounds before I need a break.”

She looked at him and said, “Seriously? I’ve never had a real man go more than one round.”

He smiled a wicked smile and said, “I’m like no man you’ve ever met before.”

“I’m quite sure of that,” she said smiling.

He enjoyed the t-shirt she wore, and the nice view of her cleavage. “To be fair my dear, you’re not like any woman I’ve ever met.”

She leaned into him. “I sure hope so.”

“You know dear, you fell asleep on me last night.”

“I was tired, must have been jet lag.”

“And here I thought you were bored with me.”

“Never! I was so mad at myself when I woke up alone this morning knowing I blew my chance to feel you deep inside me.”

“You do know, if you keep talking this way, I’m going to want to rip off your clothes and fuck you right here, and right now.”

“Yes,” she said, “I know.”

He looked her over and shook his head. “You aren’t playing fair young lady.”

“Never said I did,” she said smiling.

Anderson looked at his watch and said, “How about we go have a nice dinner and see where the evening takes us.”

“Sounds good to me,” she said smiling. “Should I change?”

“Only if you feel it necessary, I think you look beautiful just the way you are.”

She smiled and they enjoyed dinner in the hotel’s restaurant. Afterward, they walked back to their respective rooms. He escorted her to her door, and as she started to slide the key card in, he kissed her cheek. She turned toward him and they kissed. He slipped his tongue into her mouth and their tongues performed their erotic dance that added to their arousal. After a few failed attempts, they got the door unlocked and stepped in, and continued to kiss. He wanted more than anything to pick her up and carry her to the bed, but he knew that might result in an injury for both, so instead he just led her to the bed, and gently pushed her down. Slowly, he brought a hand around and touched her breast though her shirt and bra. When she didn’t pull away or slap his hand he began to untuck her t-shirt and slid his hand under, gently touched her stomach. Realizing she’s putting up no resistance to his advances, he slid his hands up and slipped her shirt off, tossed it onto the floor. She in turn began to remove his t-shirt as well.

He looked down and the simple, but sexy bra she was wearing and wonders if she wore it for him, or if it’s part of her normal attire. Before he can think about it too much, she kissed him again and he was lost in the moment. He slid his hands over her back and began to unhook her bra slowly until the final hook springs free. He slid the straps down her arms and tossed the bra away. He pulled her in close and could feel her bare breasts against his chest. For a moment, he felt like he was a younger man than his was, and went with the feeling. He began caressing her breasts, and though not as firm as he hoped, they don’t disappoint. He decided he could only wait so long so he pushed her onto the bed and began to kiss down her neck, and kiss and nibble his way to her left breast first. He kissed the flesh of her breast, working his way to the nipple. The gasp that escaped her lips told him he was right on target. His other hand massaged the right breast, tugged gently on the nipple, and the gasps and moans he heard told him she liked what he was doing.

He switched breasts and repeated the process with the same positive results. Her hips shifted and she squirmed under his touch, but not in a ‘leave me the hell alone’ way but in the way, a lover would respond. He kissed back up her chest, neck and to her mouth. He was sure he was dreaming, but didn’t want to wake up in case he was wrong. She pushed him off and at first, he thought she was done and upset, until she straddled him and smiled a wicked smile back down at him. Her hands quickly unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his jeans. Soon the zipper was down, and her hands slid inside his jeans, but not his boxers. She jumped up and in one quick move; his jeans were in a heap on the floor, shoes and all. She kissed his chest, and kissed her way down to his boxers, then grabbed the waistband with her teeth, and pulled them down. Anderson’s eyes rolled back as he tried to remember the last time a woman had removed his boxers like that.

He realized he was naked and she wasn’t, but his thoughts were quickly distracted as he felt her lips kiss the tip of his erection. Her tongue licked the tip and then, her lips wrapped around and he watched it disappear into her mouth. He moaned as she slowly took him in fully. He heard a slight cough and she brings her head up, then back down, and soon, he felt her tongue licking the top, and occasionally her teeth dragging along the side. One hand, caressing his testicles and the other held his hips. Her body was positioned on his legs so he couldn’t really move. He felt his climax growing and he grabbed her hair so he could see what she was doing. He tried to debate if he wanted to spill his seed in her mouth when the decision was made for him. He felt that tale-tell sensation that put him at the point of no return, and shot into her mouth. She just kept going and soon he realized she swallowed all he has to give her.

He reached down, grabbed her under the arms, and pulled her up kissing her. He flipped her onto her back, reached down, and began to remove her jeans. He kissed down her neck, chest, and stomach making her giggle. He knew this is due to her heightened sensitivity and not because she was laughing at him. He struggled a bit more to get her jeans off and found she was wearing a matching pair of thong panties, thus answering his question. He slipped his hands under the fabric and slipped them off. He kissed the top of her right calf, and then the left, working his way back up as he gently pushed her legs apart. There it was, what he’d waited so long to see in person, and it doesn’t disappoint. The curly blonde pubic hair over the top, the pink lips below, most from the attention he’s already given her seems to be calling out his name. He leaned in and gently, touching her pussy lips with his tongue and she gasped. His tongue gently glides inside and her wetness was echoed in her moans. He licked and kissed his way to her clitoris. With the first contact, he felt her hips tighten up, her moans grew in volume, and her body began to shake as her first orgasm ripped though her body. Not satisfied, he continued his work and soon a second and third orgasm tore through her. He was sure she’d have little to no voice left before he would be done.

Once he’s sure his erection was firm enough, he sipped on a condom, crawled up her body, placed the tip of his cock at her entrance and slid it in. She moaned even louder as yet another orgasm tore through her and once he was sure he was fully in her, he began to slowly move in and out. She wrapped her legs around his body and her hips met him thrust for thrust. For them, time has stopped as they were wrapped up in their lovemaking.

Soon, he decided he wanted a change so he flipped her over and she rode him for a time. Knowing he won’t climax quite as fast as the first time, he took advantage of this and did something he’d always wanted. He had her dismount him, and escorted her to the table that was just high enough for him, bent her over it, and entered her again. The cool wood pressed against her chest, as he slammed into her sex even harder. She grabbed the edge of the table and screamed with every thrust until he knew, the time had come and together they exploded in a climax that probably shook the hotel. He collapsed on her back and kissed her shoulders. He felt his erection return to a more normal size and soon it fell out. He dashed to the bathroom, returned with a warm damp washcloth, and began to clean her up as she slowly began to rise. They moved to her bed that smelled heavy of sex and kissed. Finally, he said, “Wow.”

“Yeah,” she said in return, “wow.”

“I didn’t think we’d-”

“Why not?”

“You’re married.”

“So are you.”

“Yes, but my wife and I haven’t… in years.”

“My husband has been out of state for over a month for work. And prior we hadn’t for a while.”

“Is something wrong with your marriage?” he asked.

“No,” she said sighing, “there’s something wrong with me. I didn’t realize when they say you ‘broke forty’ they meant your body starts to break. I only just started on a treatment that brought my sex drive back, just after my dear husband left. He’ll be back shortly after this trip and I assure you, he’ll find out just how much I missed him.”

“You really do love him?”

“Yeah, and that’s why he’ll never know about this. I’m not a whore, I’m just a woman who’s keeping a promise I made to you ten years ago.”

“A… promise?”

“I told you if we ever met I’d rock your world,” she said smiling. “I just didn’t count on you returning the favor.”

He looked at her curiously and said, “I don’t remember that.”

“It’s okay. If you checked the transcripts, I’m sure you’ll find it. We did average two to three hours of chat a night, every night for a long time. I have no regrets. We have until Monday morning, then I must go back to being a good and faithful wife. The credit card that paid for this tryst will be paid off and destroyed, and unless you tell, my secret will be safe. One day I may write about this, but if I do, and that’s a big if, I will be changing your name for your safety, as well as mine.”

Anderson smiled; he knew it wasn’t his wife so much, but this children and grandchildren who would be shamed by his behavior. “Come my dear,” he said, “let’s go watch another movie in my room and fall asleep in my bed. I’m not ready to let you go yet, but I am getting a bit cold.”

She laughed at this and they migrated into his room. Even though they did spend most of the night sleeping and making love, and part of Sunday sightseeing and lovemaking, they knew when Monday arrived, they would have to go their separate ways. Sunday evening Wendy checked in to her other hotel room, leaving her suitcase and most of her things, but taking what she would need for Monday.

Monday morning, Wendy and Anderson kissed goodbye, and parted ways. Anderson met with his fishing buddies, and had his best fishing trip in years. They spent hours fishing during the day and telling stories at night. It was male bonding at its finest and was exactly what Anderson needed, aside from his weekend with Wendy that is.

Wendy attended her conference, and made her presentations. On her last day, was surprised by her husband sitting in the audience, who got a week off and wanted to spend every moment he could with her. Once her conference wrapped up, she checked out of the hotel. They took the shuttle to the airport and waited for their flight. Wendy was sitting with her husband when she saw a group of men pass by talking about fly-fishing and how they had the best fishing trip they’d had in years. Wendy’s eye caught the eye of one of the men, she winked quickly at him, and he winked back. An announcement was heard for a flight to Los Angeles, California, and she heard her husband say, “Hey, that’s our flight.”

Anderson watched Wendy grab her purse as a tall, handsome man put his arm around her in a loving way and escorted her to the gate. He knew she wouldn’t look back at him, but he watched until she handed the flight attendant take her ticket. She quickly glanced at him one last time, winked, smiled, and disappeared to board the plane. Her husband handed the flight attendant his ticket, and followed her smiling, unaware of Anderson’s glare or Wendy’s quick wink. Anderson watched the plane pull out and take off as the announcement of his flight boarding had finally come for the gate near to the one the other plane had just left.

“Same damn airline,” he whispered to himself shaking his head. “Same damn airline.”


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