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Would she get all her needs met in a foreign land


After eighteen years, the Company that my husband and I started when we first got married had finally struck gold, the years of going without many things, may have finally ended. Our biggest setback was my car accident, which had left me with two useless legs from mid thigh down, and confined to a wheel chair for life. We had both just accepted that and got on with our lives.

Our biggest customer, an American conglomerate wanted to buy up the whole business for three million pounds. We just had a meeting in a London hotel to sign all the papers the following week, so of course; I wanted to spend the week looking for a bigger house, new cars, and maybe a few clothes. It is a woman’s duty to spend some money with a windfall such as this. However, David my husband wanted to wait until everything was signed sealed and delivered, before we splashed out.

I did get a new smart business suit for myself, some decadent underwear to go with it and a hairdo for the meeting that was also a combined dinner in a private suite in the Hotel. The company had also reserved us a suite for the night.

We arrived at the hotel from home, checked in and went direct to our suite to prepare for our meeting. I showered first in the fantastic shower. David went in while I got dressed. I was still in my fancy underwear and stocking when he came out.

“Oh wow, you want to fuck!” He said smiling and holding his cock.

“Down boy, after the meeting I will need it badly then, it’s been a while.” I replied.

And indeed it had been, probably more than a few months, he had been working so many hours and was so tired all the time. Plus the effect of having to handle the wheelchair and lift me everywhere, probably was not conducive to thoughts of fucking. There had been a few dalliances on my part in this period with a couple of workmen at different times but just one-offs to tame the beast of lust inside me.

The best had been the washing machine man. I was tidying up some boxes in the garage and putting most of them in a pile, ready for someone to take up to the attic above the garage, when he just strolled into the garage. I never saw or heard him come in until he said.

“I suppose you want me to put them up there.” Pointing to the attic hatch.

"It is a shame you cannot do it yourself though, with that short shirt on I could see what colour panties you were wearing."

“You cheeky bastard, anyway I am not wearing any.” I said laughing.

"OK, I will check that later, let us get your washing machine sorted first, then the boxes, and then your underwear.”

It was so refreshing to be treated by a man as a sexually attractive women and not a crippled one, the word ‘No’ was not going to be used today. An hour later, the washing machine was back working, the boxes were moved and I was sitting at the table in the dining room and he came in and gave me the bill. While I was writing the cheque for him, he stood over me peering down the gap in my blouse.

“You won’t see much, my bra is holding them in.”   I said laughing, but getting excited.

“I was just checking for large nipples, I like them.” He said with a huge grin on his face.

 “My nipples are not very big, but they are very sensitive.” I said.

“Are they sensitive to the touch or the lick?”  

Before I could answer he walked behind my chair and his big hand came around my neck and down into my blouse, popping three of my blouse button as his hand pushed my bra down and his palms enveloped each breast, my nipples enjoying the pressure on them, and a bead of sweat ran down between them. After a few minutes of groping he wanted to suck my nipples, he stood me up with the help of my crutches and removed my blouse and bra. He sat back on the chair, I sat on his knee and as he sucked and licked my nipples, my hand was running up and down his cock still snuggled in his trousers by aching to get out. He grabbed my hand, stopped my action and made me stand up. Leaning back on the table edge.

“Lift your skirt; let’s see if you lied to me.” He said

“No lies.” I said as I leaned back on the table and raised my skirt to show him I had nothing on underneath.

“Oh wow! That’s a beautiful pussy and that clit is coming out to meet my tongue, that’s one biggie.”   He said.

  He pushed me back so I was sitting on the edge of the table, my elbow supporting me, with my useless legs dangling from the edge and my knees wide apart. I ran a finger through my slit; I was so ready for anything. He leaned forward still sitting in the chain and his tongued circled my labia lips in what seemed to be slow motion my clit becoming more engorged and demanding attention. My hand grabbed his head and pulled him onto me, my whole body went into spasm as he twirled and circled my clit and then sucked it until I had an orgasm.

“Now fill me up.” I demanded.  

I lay back on the table as I heard his jeans drop to the floor, within seconds he was slapping my pussy with his cock, and then used his fingers to open my lips, as he slowly came into me using just small strokes to start and gradually increasing the pace, as he got deeper inside me. He held on to my hips as he pummeled into me, his teeth and tongue working on my nipples at the same time as he see sawed in and out. The orgasms came one after the other, my body continued to shake as the surging feeling came over me as the pulsing of his cock inside me sped up as he got near to filling me as asked. His breathing got raspy as he finally came deep inside me, and he held me there for quite a few minutes as we both came down.

He used to ‘pop in’ every few months or so after that first time to ‘service me’ as he called it after about a year it tailed off and I never saw him again.


The meeting went well with various members of their senior management from the company and a plethora of lawyers, pretty much everything was signed before dinner although the CEO said he had another offer we could discuss over dinner. I was intrigued.

After the first course the CEO passed a folder to me, enclose were details of a property in the US that was for sale it was a ranch style house in twenty-five acres. I read all the details and told him it looked wonderful. .

“If you take the offer, it’s yours, of course that house will be your guest house, and we will build something better on the grounds.” He said smiling.

“You had better tell us the offer before Jane explodes.” David said.

One of the lawyers stood up and went through all the details, the company would get us L-1A visas for the US and eventually get us green cards. They were going to build a factory eight miles from the home they had showed us. David would manage the new factory and be CEO of this new division. He went on to give details of salary and benefits and that they would add half a million dollars for the new house. The land and property would stay in the company name for five years. Then to be gifted to us for tax purposes, and finally we had to be there within three months. Our decision would be needed by the following day. After we finished dinner, we left their suite to discuss the development what may be a major change in our life if we went for it.

We both lay flat out on the bed, our minds in turmoil. We were going to semi-retire; but now probably we would be working even harder. I got up from the wheelchair and swung onto the bed, and removed all my clothes.

“I need stress relief before I can think.” I said as I pulled David’s trousers down, pulled out his cock, and stroked it to hardness.

I pulled myself across him, and sat astride him slowly lowering myself onto his hardness, I reached down and rubbed his cock up and down my slit until I was wet enough for him to slide right on home. Not much was said as his cock slid up and down my pussy walls sending pleasure signals all through me, as he approached his orgasm I squeezed his cock with my pussy muscles, which always made him cum. This time was no different and a month’s worth of build up came forcing out of him. I lay back, as did he, we were both sexually sated.

"Now I’m ready to think!” I said laughing.

I knew immediately that David loved the whole idea especially the fact he would keep control of his baby. Moreover, after he saw me looking through the property details again he knew I was sold on the idea.


It actually took four months until we arrived. Two months later we were fully installed in the existing house, the plans and the contractor had been all arranged. By the ninth month the new house was coming along very well The contractor came to see me most days with any updates and to check for changes but once the main framework and roof was on he passed the daily calls to his young son who dealt with the internal work.

  David was back in his usual nonstop work mode and there had been only two fucks and a grope in the past nine months, which is just not enough for anybody. Nothing had reared its head until the young man came to measure up for the stained glass dome we were going to have above the vestibule. He was from a neighboring state and arrived late on a Saturday, nobody else was working on the site and David was off somewhere working. I showed him what and where to work until he asked to use the toilet. At this point, there were no walls or door

“Use the bushes out back its safer, let me show you.” I said smiling and led him out to the side of the house. He stood there not really knowing what to do with me being right next to him.

“Let me help you.” I said as I unzipped him and pulled his cock out. “Will you be able to go with it being so hard?” I said smiling

He looked directly at me with a very puzzled look on his face. His erection went down slightly and he let go of his stream. I gave it a little shake as he finished, and then slowly started to wank him, he obviously was enjoying it and relaxed, and let me get on with it until he turned to me and said.

“Is this some English tradition or something? I have never had this happen before.” He said with a huge smile on his face.

"I just felt a need to play with a cock.” I said as I sped up my action.

He was starting to shake a bit as he neared his orgasm and put his arm on my shoulder as I sat in the wheel chair to support himself, just as he peaked, three spurt of cum shot out of the end and stuck to the bush we was standing by. I leant down and cleaned him up with my tongue and quietly put his cock back in his jeans and zipped him up.

“Perhaps on your next visit we can play more.” I said.

I waved him off and made a note that he would return in about 90 days. The building was continuing to grow, but with all the builders, it seems they would just disappear for days at a time, and then resume work, it is a worldwide phenomenon. The builder’s son Tom came in most days about four o clock in the afternoon to give me updates or changes. He was a nice lad around twenty years old but he had a problem with my English accent and I had to repeat myself all the time. He enjoyed the banter and a had fascination for my cleavage which he would spend a lot of time staring at while we talked, of course I did wear outfits that I knew would attract him. Moreover, he paid no heed to my disability at all which really endeared me to him.

About a week later I had a visit from the county building inspector who I was surprised to find it was a woman about my age and not a nasty old man as I was used to in England. In fact, from our first meeting Jill and I got on very well, all very businesslike she went over codes and permits, which Tom came in to explain to me all of which was simply solved. Tom went back to work, while Jill and I had a chat over coffee. Jill told me she was married and had a few friends for extras, when I said something similar we knew we were in harmony. She told me she was getting her first tattoo that coming weekend. I told her I had no tattoos but had my left nipple pierce a few years back. She liked that idea and we arranged another visit to show our bits to each other.

The following Tuesday Jill arrived late in the afternoon full of excitement and had her skirt around her waist before she was through the door to show me the butterfly on her hip. It was still a bit red and sore as it was still fresh but it was very good and she loved it. We chatted over coffee and she asked the inevitable question always asked of disabled people.

“Can you still do it?”

“Well I can fuck men, suck cocks, and lick pussy, and my clit always feels in need. But I still cannot play the piano.” I said to Jill, who was now laughing uncontrollably.

“You are so funny.” She blurted out. “I think we should have been sisters, we are both into exactly the same things.”

Jill got deep into telling me all about the local men, my main contractor, Tom’s dad, who was now about sixty, had fucked her first at a wedding some twenty years earlier. Five years later, she had been dating the eldest son Ronnie, and dad was still wanting it, and getting it as well as the son. A year or two later she met their cousin Frank and had been married ever since. Tom was the youngest son at twenty and there was another one Tony, aged twenty-three who worked mostly in the next town over.

 "The best I kept for last, Tony’s girlfriend is the sweetest little thing you will ever meet and she had an amazing talent that you will get to know more when you meet her.”

“You bastard, I need to know.” I said as I burst out laughing.”

"Let’s see your nipple ring then, you’re getting me hot.”Jill asked.

 I removed my shirt and sat topless in front of Jill.

“Do you like it; you can touch if you want to.”

“A very good use of gold and it keep that nipple erect and ready for licking.” Jill said as she bent down to give both my nipples her tongues full attention, until we heard a car arrive in the drive. I looked at the clock it was just past eight o clock; we had been talking for hours and David had arrived home. We quickly rearranged ourselves. I introduced Jill to David, explaining she was the county building inspector and we had to be nice to her. Jill then told David that her husband was having an interview with him that week for a position at the new factory.  

 “What is his worst trait?” He asked her.

“He is a workaholic, He never comes home.” She quickly replied.

David was obviously interested in the guy, Jill left mouthing quietly she would see me in a few days.

It was the following Friday about three o clock in the afternoon while I was sitting on the patio I noticed that all the builders had gone for the weekend. I was pleased to see Jill drive up in her big truck together with a very pretty young girl. She was introduced as Sam, who wanted to meet a real English lady. As they stepped out I told them is was afternoon teatime British style and I poured tea and gave them biscuits which they called cookies followed by some work talk until my curiosity got the better of me.

“Jill tells me you have a talent Sam, what is that?”   She looked at Jill for permission to speak, Jill nodded.

“It’s just a sexual preference I have!” she said with a huge smile on her face.

“Tell me everything you do?” I asked her.

“I have been dating Tony for nearly two years now, we fuck literally every other day or when we see each other and I love it. When I do not see him, I use a vibrator at least once a day. I will not suck his cock though. Although I am not gay, I am a little Bi, and I love to lick pussy, which Jill allows me to do to her every week, she is so kind. It gives me so much pleasure when her body shakes so as she orgasms.

“Yes, I agree, Jill is so kind. So what else do you like Sam?”   I just had to ask.

“I do like having my nipples sucked.” She said.

I agreed and said the same, and told her about my nipple ring and that I would show her later when we moved inside. Jill asked her if any of the older men in the family had tried it on with her. She told us that the old man had his hand in her panties the first week she was dating Tony. Ronnie the older brother has done the same a few weeks later but they never got any further. She had fucked Tom when Tony was working away for a month, but said he lasted too long and made her sore. Jill and I looked at each other, wondering. Sam noticed and told us Tom was one of those guys who did not seem to go soft after coming the first time, but wanted to keep going Jill and I nodded knowingly and taking all this in for future reference.

“Ok, I said it’s clouding over, would my newest American friend like to wheel me indoors.”

Sam jumped up and pushed my wheelchair into the house saying the usual thing, ‘I love your accent.’ The wheel chair was fully powered but I found people like to help. We got inside and I used my crutches to ease myself onto the sofa. Sam went on to ask about my disability and how did it affect my sex life. I explained it all to her, as she sat on the floor in front of me.

“Do you want to see my nipple ring Sam?” I asked her as I loosened my shirt and pulled it aside.

“I want one of those, what about you Jill?” Jill nodded. “Do you think one would look good on me, I am not that big?” Sam said as she pulled her top off and bra off for me to inspect for suitability. “Show us yours Jill.” Jill did the same.

We all sat there laughing and joking and comparing notes, I had a feel of them both first, starting with Sam and going onto Jill.   I had them both lean over me so I could suck their nipples to erection and then declaring them both suitable for a nipple ring and that I would pay to have them fitted the following week.

“What a great friend you are. We are both going to give you a treat right now.” Said Jill, with Sam nodding her head enthusiastically at my feet.

They pulled my bottom forward on the sofa and opened my legs, Sam was delighted to see my pantyless state and her tongue got straight to work, engorging my labia lips with her tongue and her fingers. She certainly did enjoy her work and within minutes, the first orgasm soared through me. Jill was sucking my nipples and I was trying to diddle her pussy at the same time. By now, Sam had her tongue circling my clit in a fashion I could take everyday and within another minute I came with maximum effect, nearly crushing Sam’s head with my thighs, and screaming out with pleasure quite loudly. Sam’s face was covered in my juices, something she seemed to enjoy. Her tongue stayed in position gently lapping on my folds as I came back down to earth.

“That was so wonderful.”   I managed to squeak out. “I want to do things to both of you.”

“And you will.” Said Jill. “Today was for you.”   They both smiled at me.  

The following week we did all go out for the day, had lunch, and then got Sam and Jill fitted with a nipple rings, they were both very pleased, as were their partners. They did however, decide   not to say where there got the idea from. I did discuss with Jill about the possibility of getting Tom as a cock to use for our pleasures, we both agreed we needed a willing cock to provide service once a week at least. She was a bit nervous when it came to him as he was very young, and there was that vague family connection but was happy for me to do the investigating.

It was a few days later when Tom came over about four o clock in the afternoon to go over a few kitchen details that I had wanted changed. He spread the plans out on the table and while we went over each point, I noticed his eyes down my cleavage as usual.

You are going to get a permanent hard-on if you keep staring at them like that.” I said laughing.

“Take more than that.” He replied boasting and laughing.

“I bet you are hard already.” I said.

I wheeled my chair over to him and rubbed his cock through his trousers and sure enough, he was quite hard. He made a comment about willing it to stay down but it did not work and we both laughed. The ice had been broken.

"So if I show you mine, what do I get out of the deal?”   I asked.

“Absolutely anything you want.” He said. “I would love to be your friend.”

“So you would lick my tits and pussy if I wanted?”

“It would be my pleasure.” He said.

"What about if I told you to carry me over to the sofa, bend me over the arm and fuck me.” I was saying this and laughing as I talked, he was still not too sure about the possibilities yet.

“So you like older women do you, would you fuck Jill, if you had the chance?”

“Of course, I am young, all women are beautiful to me.” He said more seriously.

"Who else have you fucked that I might know then, tell me all.” I said with a glint in my eye, this was his big test question.

“I am the kiss and never tell type. Sorry!“ He said convincingly.

“Now you have got me all behind with your exciting talk I said, we shall have to resume with the plans tomorrow. Come over at lunch time I will make you a sandwich.”

Tom look deflated as I shut his exciting chat up, and ushered him out of the house, but he had passed the test. I think he will be a good choice, but only tomorrow will tell. A quick phone call to Jill to let her know how the plan was commencing and to let her know tomorrow I hoped to get lucky, we were like two schoolgirls giggling on the telephone.

The best news Tom bought, was that we would be moving into the new house in 90 days guaranteed. I laughed, because we all knew builder’s guarantees. We laid out the kitchen plan and went over the change details after which I gave him some coffee and lunch and we sat to chat a bit. He wanted to get back to the sex talk of yesterday, but I kept away from that until he had finished eating, once he was done. I started.

“So you still want to have sex with me and will go along with my rules?” I was getting horny just saying that.

"What are the rules?” He asked looking a bit shocked.

"Simple, it is when I want it, not you. It is what I want, sometimes it may be a fuck, a blowjob or I may just want to play with you, and sometimes I may want you to fuck my friend, and it will probably be a few times a week, can you handle all that.

“Hell yes!” He gasped out with the biggest grin on his face, still not quite sure of his luck.

“And another thing, I like a five minute fuck, no long drawn out ones, my legs cannot take it.”   I said.  

I wheeled myself over to the sofa, collected all the cushions, and put them in one corner. I then went to the end and pulled myself over the arm of the sofa leaving me very comfortable face down in the cushions with all my weight there and none on my legs, my ass was sticking up in the air ready for Tom. He wasted no time slowly lifting my skirt, I knew he was savoring every moment. I heard his slight gasp as he found no panties to remove, but he stroked my bottom with a sigh of appreciation. He moved my legs apart using the cushions to make sure I was comfortable. He obviously kneeled down, as the next thing I felt was a tongue on my thigh and without hesitation moved on to my labia lip and my first orgasm hit as he flicked his tongue on my clit.

“Don’t stop.” I gasped.

He continued licking and as he felt my orgasm subside, he stood up, I heard his zipper come down and immediately his hardness was pushing into my soaking pussy, He held onto my hips and with hardly a thrust was fully inside me.

“Oh my God." I gasped again.

  I had never felt anything quite like it. Inside my pussy, the slick walls were contracting sending pulses of pleasure through my whole being. I could not stop my pussy from squeezing Tom’s cock as it seared it way in and out of me. The orgasms just came in waves as I felt Tom getting ready to fill me with his cum. I was just getting to the point of exhaustion when he came in me just as the final wave hit me. Tom pumped into me a few more times before stepping back and coming out of me. I lay there sated for a few minutes.

“Can I help you back up?” Said Tom as he gave me his arm. He helped me back into my chair with a smug look on his face.

"Back to work for you, and remember it's just sex. Bring the garage plans over around five, David wants to see them.” I said as he left.

Ten minutes later the phone rang, of course it was Jill wanting to get the details on what happened. I told her I was impressed and he will do me a few times a week or more. I told her she had to try it herself and I would arrange it for three days time if she were interested. She was!

I went to the bathroom to get cleaned up and decided to take a quick nap before Tom came back later. I lay down on my bed with my bathrobe around me and was asleep in seconds.

“Jane! Are you dead.” I heard coming from a laughing voice at the bottom of the bed.

It took me a second to recognize it was Tom’s voice and I realized I had slept all afternoon and he was back.

“I need to test you again.” I said as I opened my bathrobe and put my hand down to my pussy, and stated rubbing my clit. “Just get your cock in here.”

Tom did not need telling twice and within seconds I was pulled down the bed, one of my legs was on his shoulder and he filled me, for the second time that day. Damn! This boy was so good for me I thought as he slid in and out of me with a smoothness that had my head reeling as the orgasms flowed over me.   My pussy gripped him inside me as he came, filing me up again. I felt empty as he pulled out of me but I was warm comfortable and sated, I curled up and went back to sleep.

David walked into the bedroom and woke me up. It was eight o clock in the evening. He was a little worried but I just explained it had been a long day and had taken a long nap. He jumped in the shower and came out naked fifteen minutes later. I was still feeling rampant as he lay on the bed. I leaned over him and gave him a blowjob to relax him. It really worked, I drained him of cum, came up to speak to him to find him sleep. He did sleep well that night.

The following morning he had left the house before I awoke, but he did leave me a little love note, bless him. I had just got out of the shower, and down to the kitchen when Jill rushed in, all excited about something.

“He got the job.” She screamed “He is now your husband’s Plant manager earning a lot more than before, and I mean a whole lot more.” She was close to tears with excitement.

“Great news! I did hear after his midday interview, he was still in the plant at eight o clock in the evening, my husband spotted another workaholic.” I said smiling.

“I have already quit my job and just have to work this week. Then I will be free to help you shop for furniture, if you want my help.” Jill said.

Brilliant! We can order a lot from the catalogs, I also have a professional decorator coming into help. There will be lots for us to get and we have not got a lot of time.”

We arranged to have a three-day shopping trip the following week. The next few days sped by with the entire house plans to be sorted out, and not even a chance to see Tom and with a burning desire to see Sam again. It was time to go on our three-day shopping trip and we did shop, by the truckloads. Jill was amazing with all the organizing, so I left it to her. We did bring Sam along for one afternoon, but spent all afternoon in a hotel room playing with each other. After all the shopping I had a lazy couple of days to relax, but was really peeved to find the glazier guy had installed the   stained glass dome while we had been shopping, I had been quite looking forward to seeing him again up close and personal. I gave him a call and he promised to come back in about six months to inspect the installation, I know I can fit him in.

Things slowed down a little the following week and Tom joined me for breakfast on the Monday morning the work was getting completed at a fast rate and moving in day was approaching fast and would probably be earlier than expected.   Jill rushed in looking totally frazzled.

“I have four trucks arriving in an hour. I have to get things ready.” She moaned as she grabbed a coffee.

“When did you last get fucked Jill.” I asked.

“Three or four months ago.” She smiled looking at me, knowing what was on my mind.

“Can you help her out here Tom?” I asked.  

“My pleasure Boss.” He replied with a big grin on his face as he took Jill’s hand and led her to the sofa.

He prepared the sofa exactly as he had done for me and laid Jill down over the arm, he raised her skirt and pulled her panties down and off with one quick movement. He then got on the floor and introduces his tongue to her labia lips. All I could hear from Jill was gasping noises and then a huge sigh as he got to her clit and twirled it in this mouth for an few minutes, he then put his finger in the honey pot to test for readiness. She was very ready.

Tom stood up and dropping his jeans and wasted no time in prodding Jill’s pussy with his hardness,   Jill’s breathing was gaining speed by the time Tom has sunk deep into her slick love tube. I sat back in my chair watching her grip with cushion so tightly as little tremors went through her body as she approached an orgasm.

  “Fuck me harder you bastard, harder and faster.”   She shouted at Tom.

Tom immediately changed gear and started to slam into her, which brought on her first orgasm and her body and leg were shaking. Tom slowed down for a second to let her come down slightly, then started an unrestrained pace until I heard him sigh, and knew he was near to unloading deep into her. Jill orgasmed again, just as Tom slowed to a stop, her whole body was shaking like a rag doll.

“Leave it inside for a moment.” she called out. “That’s was great, thank you Tom, I really needed that, you are hired.” She said laughing.

They separated and quickly tided themselves up. I took my hand from under my skirt as well, where I had been rubbing myself in time with them.

“I better get off to see my truck unloaded; now I feel renewed.” Jill said laughing.

Tom stayed for another coffee before heading off to work himself. I had some calls to make and I got to work on them, during the morning, I started to feel tired, and a sore throat started, by three o clock that afternoon   I was in bed feeling bad. I woke up and could hear voices talking in the room; I thought I heard Jill so I called out.

“Jill get me something to eat, I am starving.” I called out, still not really wide awake though.

Suddenly David and Jill were lying on the bed hugging me as I woke up. It was then I noticed we were in a hospital room. David and Jill were non-stop talking at me explaining what had happened.

“Stop! I want food I said, I want chocolate.” They all laughed.

Jill saved the day with two chocolate bars from her purse to kill my pangs and they did just that. They continued to tell me I had contracted some type of Legionnaire disease and had been in and out of reality for nearly three weeks. I asked about the house. David said Jill and everybody had been working extra hard on it and it would be ready for me in about a week.   I continued to regain my strength and a week later, I left the hospital ready to go the house open day we had planned.

It was a wonder day as David drove up to the front door of our new house with lots of people to welcome me home. There was the Directors of the company, most of the builders and sub contractors were there, and David had arranged a marquee outside and a catering company to feed everybody. The main contractor and the main subs pushed me around the whole house showing me every exciting detail. It was fabulous far better than I ever thought possible. I made a little speech in the marquee and thanked everybody.

David then took me into the sunroom at the rear, Jill was there with her husband and Tom was in a lounger cracking jokes at my expense, which I loved. I needed a twelve hour chat with Jill but that would have to come later, Jill made a little speech about how happy she was to see me well and burst into tears, with happiness. Tom showed me the lounger he was laying on, he said he had built it especially for me, it was beautifully made in a quality wood with leather cushions. I lifted the cushion and there seemed to be levers and arms fitted in. I looked at Tom with a quizzical look not wanting to ask. He mouthed back.

“It’s a fuck lounger.” I looked at him and gave a nod of understanding, with the biggest smirk on my face.

  “Now I have an announcement for Jane. Since the day you went to the   hospital babe, Jill has taken over every bit of the house being made ready, together with Tom’s help I might add. The company officially owns the house for five years so Jill became the official house manager ever since you became ill, and is now a company employer as is Tom who is responsible for all repairs and maintenance for five years. Jill has also employed another women for domestic help and cleaning services.”

“I looked at Jill and mouthed. “Who?”

She smiled back and mouthed. ”Sam.”My dream team was complete.

David continued saying to me. “You’re the boss here Jane, you crack the whip at the help and make sure they give you satisfaction.” Everybody smiled.

“One last thing before we re-join the main party.” Said Jill, as she passes a white envelope to both David and I. I checked the label ‘ U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.’   We opened the letter to find our green cards had just arrived. We waved them about, to a loud call of.



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