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What Happens in Vegas, Part 1

The Explanation

The computer mouse danced over multiple LCD monitors as Brian listened with lax enthusiasm to the various voices talking through the speakers. CNBC played on a large television near the window, the volume only barely discernible.

Two German Shepherds were strewn along the two couches near the window, lying lazily as if waiting for Brian to finally find a tennis ball to throw.

The various Directors from Finance, Sales and Operations recited their monthly reports: sales, profits, margins, inventory, cash-flow, capital expenditures, new hires, balance sheets. Brian began to rub his temples, exhaling deeply; the two hour conference was running over schedule and his coffee was cold.

“No, that isn’t what we should be worried about; I’m not interested in the 3 rd Quarter’s numbers being affected by the investments in the new Shenzhen facility. This will reduce our manufacturing costs by 19% - 24% in the long-term. Big picture, think macro. These investments are about moving from $45MM to $65MM annual revenues. You’re worried about what I might get mad about next month, or two months from now?”

Brian had finally broken the silence responding to the concern about the proposed investment for new facility. Silence fell over the room and the speakers, he worried he might have sounded harsh; he paced the room holding his cold coffee. The Finance Director’s concerns had irked him unnecessarily; he was only doing his job.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to sound harsh. I’ll be here at my lake house until tomorrow, back in the office next week after I’m back from Las Vegas.”

“Brian, do you need me or Paul or come out to Las Vegas for the meeting?” Chris the Finance Director asked a little too excited.

“Ha. No guys I’m good. You know I love racking up those American Express points to party with y’all but I can handle it. The Executive Casino Host at MGM has me taken care of with a suite and rooms. I’m set to meet with the three VC groups we decided on,” looking down at his itinerary. “Wednesday at 3:00 with Bain Capital, golf Thursday morning with KLM Partners and Thursday at 2:30 with The Carter Group,” he continued.

“So, we’re still getting complimentary suites there? They didn’t try reneging on that deal yet?” Paul, his Executive Vice President practically laughed.

Brian was notorious for his work-hard-play-hard mentality; it was what made him successful at such a young age. There were very few company Presidents at the age of 28, but his business gambles had paid off so when the company closed a deal with MGM Grand in Las Vegas and their Macau location he quickly went back and offered a 5% discount in exchange for complimentary suites and meeting rooms for the company and its executives.

“Of course not, we saved them $250,000 on that deal last October. Besides, I always gamble while I’m there. Vegas wasn’t built on gamblers’ winning. So, are we finished with the reports?”

“Yup,” a quick response from the speakers.

“Great, I’ll see you in Dallas on Tuesday morning…seven days. Paul, call me if you need me.”

The room fell quiet again with only the quiet talking from the TV. He sipped the cold coffee and looked out the window admiring the lake. The sudden sound of the front door opening and closing sounded like explosion, startling him from the serenity of the landscape.

He heard rustling bags and keys as the door closed and the familiar sound of the lock clicking made its way up the stairs and into his office.

He made his way back to his desk and sat down, momentarily distracted by an email.

“American Airlines?” Brian said to himself. He opened up the email as it appeared on his screen and only read as far as “Thank you for choosing American Airlines…”

“Hey, sweetheart,” Katie said walking into the office, several Nordstrom and designer bags in tow. Brian turned and looked up at his wife.

Katie was wearing a yellow and white patterned dress, her long legs ended at pair of brown leather Christian Louboutin heels; she moved her sunglasses off her face and pushed them on top of her head, her hair pulling out of her face behind her ears.

She stood at 5’7”, 135 pounds, brown hair and eyes with a perfectly firmed ass and completed with 34D breasts. He was incredibly lucky with such a gorgeous and intelligent woman. She had graduated from college in three years just so she could join him at his job in Dallas.

“Hey there, how was the shopping?” Brian grabbed a pin and rummaged through bags. “What did this cost?”

“I don’t know, I’m not that good with numbers. You know that.”

“How much did it cost?” He repeated his question more seriously. His eyes narrowed and Katie bit her lip momentarily but caught herself, regaining her composure.

“Stop, Brian. It was less than $2,000 for everything. But I did make some other purchases,” she pushed him back into his leather chair. He had stood up in order to inspect and complain about her shopping excursion and she needed to catch him off-guard.

“You still haven’t told me anything you want for your birthday. It’s on Saturday if you’ve forgotten.” Katie sat down on his desk her right leg resting on the leather chair between Brian’s legs.

Brian’s arms grabbed the armrests and he sat up more directly as she leaned forward and he caught a glimpse of her yellow lace bra beneath the thin yellow cotton dress. Her heels were pinching his thigh and he adjusted his leg trying to not stare at her breasts too much.

She maneuvered his laptop mouse over to his email and clicked on the American Airlines message he had just received.

“Did you read this email yet?” She turned, looking directly into his eyes.

“No, I just got it a minute ago. We just finished up our conference call before you got home.”

“So, what do you want for your birthday, baby? What do you get the man who has everything?” She nodded her head towards the large desk and credenza behind his head.

He turned and looked over multiple framed photos of his favorite memories and toys: his black BMW M5, the Pro-Am events with his favorite PGA Tour players, a signed stock certificate from Warren Buffet. He smiled; he did cherish all of these moments or toys.

“I don’t know, I suppose I’m not jealous of your predicament. I’ve been considering getting a Porsche Carerra Turbo, but it’s such a sports car and not very practical,” he paused. “Yea, that’s not helping, I guess.” He smiled and looked back down at the smooth leather heel still resting between his thighs.

“Well you’re impossible to shop for and I considered several things: a new boat, sending you on a golf trip, even doing a boudoir photo shoot. I thought you might like that one.”

Brian smirked and replied: “Yes, those definitely would have been long-term entertainment. Why didn’t you do that one?”

“Well, technically I did. But I don’t have the proofs yet, I only did the shoot yesterday. I thought you might want something else. The truth is with our resources I could still come up with something even better,” she had continued to play with the computer and had opened up a group of files he kept hidden in a personal-locked area of his hard drive.

He cringed some, even though she knew all of his sexual fantasies it never got easier having to discuss them or openly acknowledge their existence.

She clicked again on a link to an internet forum he often trolled, reading but never posting. It was a cuckold forum where husbands and boyfriends, and occasionally their female counterparts, would describe their activities and fantasies. They were fun to read but while the fantasy was very strongly engrained in his brain the actual act of becoming so submissive to his wife was a combination of sheer panic and exhilaration.

“You still don’t post anything on here?” She asked reading through several comments and stories recently posted on the site.

“No, I just read through them. Let’s face it; this is pretty difficult fantasy to deal with. I love the idea of it, but we’ve talked about this before,” he cut his sentence short and looked at his wife.

“Yes, I know we have. I told you I’d never do anything to compromise our relationship, marriage, friends or your business. We have too much to lose professionally and personally to attempt something like this here.”

“I know, I understand. We’ve already discussed it, its fine,” he responded quickly.

“Here,” she opened up the email from American Airlines on one of the three monitors on his desk. “Read your emails.”

He turned his head to better focus on the screen, her heel moved against his crotch and he winced.

“Thank you for choosing American Airlines….are confirmed for:

San Antonio, Texas (SAT) to Las Vegas, Nevada (LVS)

Thursday July 18, 2011 at 12:15pm. Arrive Las Vegas, NV 1:15pm

First Class, Seat 1A.

Las Vegas, Nevada (LVS) to San Antonio, Texas (SAT)

Sunday July 21, 2011 at 1:00pm. Arrive San Antonio, TX 6:10pm

“You booked a flight to Vegas?” he asked stunned.

“Yes, baby, this is your birthday present. I had your assistant Stacy do it for me; she charged it to your AMX card, not corporate paid. I’m going to Las Vegas and you’re going to get your wish.” She pushed her foot into his crotch, his cock responding to her movement. She looked into his eyes again. “I’ll see if I can find the right guy to fulfill this fantasy of yours. You still want to do this cuckold thing?”

“Ye-yea,” he responded as he pushed against her foot again. “What made you change your mind?”

“I’ve been thinking more about the fact that you’re so willing to allow me this opportunity, maybe I should take it. Remember last fall when you when had to go to Vegas to close that deal with the MGM people?”

“Of course,” he nodded his head. “We talked about it then and you mentioned you could only consider it if it was in Las Vegas. That was a great afternoon of sex we had before I went to the airport. You were wearing those awesome leather boots and a cute pair of panties.”

“mmm-hmmm,” Katie pulled her yellow skirt up a little as she folded her hands between her legs.

“You actually had me take you out to buy some new lingerie that afternoon.”

“Yes,” she pulled her skirt up another few inches and spread her legs as she now placed her left foot on Brian’s leather chair arm.

Brian was beginning to breathe a little harder as he recalled the details of that Saturday afternoon. “I could have fucked you for another three hours after you said that to me. When we finally finished you stood up and walked to the bathroom and turned around, looked right at me and said you’d also have to be sure to get that laser hair removal treatment because there was no way you would be with anyone unless you were perfectly clean for this mystery lover.”

“Mmm-hmm, you do recall all that very well. How many times did you masturbate just thinking of that conversation, husband?”

“Ha, dozens I’m sure,” Brian said taking notice of the ever-shortening skirt. Katie spread her legs for once last time, exposing the yellow and white striped satin panties beneath her skirt.

“Give me your hand,” she asked.

He reached his right hand up to her and she guided it between her legs, his hand growing warming as it approached her panties. She guided the waist of her panties down and he felt the smoothness of her pussy for the first time.

“Does it feel different?” she asked.

“Yea, you didn’t shave?”

“No, I finally finished my laser removal treatments the other day while you were in Dallas. You think it will be good enough?”

He winced and his cock strained again against her foot. She pressed harder against him.

“Well you dick thinks so, huh?”

“Yea, I guess. So, what are you really going to do and how the hell did you finally come to this decision?”

“What, you don’t like your birthday present idea? I don’t have to go,” she took her feet off of his chair and his crotch.

“No, no. I didn’t say that, I’m just curious how you finally came to this decision.”

“Well, it’s been a long time that you’ve talked about this and I’ve thought about it a lot. Really, we love each other and that isn’t the problem, but it’s hard not to realize that after 8 years together I’ve gotten sunk into a routine. We started dating when I was 19-20 and we’re married and I didn’t get to have all that wild fun you did in college. Plus, I know most of this about you just relinquishing control; its how you deal with stress. So, I can spend a fortune shopping and getting hit on by cute guys, what’s not to like about that?”

“Well, I was only two years older than you, but I guess I see that.”

“You’ve given me permission to do this, to try and make this happen. And for my own reasons I’m agreeing to try,” she stopped and place her right foot back against his crotch. “Repeat after me: I want you to be naughty and watch as you get wildly fucked by the guy of your choosing.”

“I want to watch you be naughty and get wildly fucked by the guy of your choosing,” he repeated back to her.

“I will do whatever my wife tells me to do and will promise to be obedient during the time I am in Las Vegas.”

He repeated the line again back to her and she smiled.

“Good. Now if I fulfill my end of this fantasy, are you going to keep up your end?”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“My fantasy is fulfilling some excitement in my life, shopping only solves so much,” she laughed. “Your fantasy is about watching me get fucked and being involved in the…aftermath?” She said smirking. “You know, the cum-part, right?”

“Yes, you’re right.”

“Say it, Brian.”

“Yes, I will up hold my end of the fantasy as you tell me to.”

“Well, I don’t know if I can really find someone that can convince me that quickly, but my present: I promise to try. Is that good enough? And no-condom sex, I’m not sure I can do that, you understand?”

“Yes, baby, of course,” he stood up, his hands now under her dress and kissed her fully on the mouth. “Wow, I can’t believe you are going to try and do this.”

“Ha, me either. But, rule #1 when you leave for Las Vegas tomorrow: no masturbating, no sex.”

“What are you saying I cheat?” He asked confused.

“No, you know what I mean. Behave. You don’t cum anymore unless I tell you that you can. Until you come back on Sunday, you’re mine.” Her eyes showed seriousness. “It’s all about my sexual pleasure and your devotion.”

“Right,” he nodded.

“Great,” she said as the doorbell rang. “Oh, that’s FedEx. My Agent Provocateur packages are here, yea!” She kissed him one last time and walked out of his office, leaving him frustratingly horny.

“Wait AP lingerie for Las Vegas? What about me?” He shouted as he heard the front door open and faint talking.

Katie signed the delivery man’s computer tablet and smiled: “You get to pay!” She shouted up the stairs as she looked at the delivery man.

“A present?” the man asked.

“Something like that,” she responded.

Hard Work

Brian walked through McCarron Airport sipping coffee and carrying his leather laptop bag. His iPhone earbuds in his ears as he listened to his Executive VP talk about a delayed shipment stuck in Customs in Los Angeles.

“Alright, Paul. Talk to Greg about this, we have plenty of inventory available at the warehouse.”

“Sure, good luck with the meetings. Call me later.” The phone clicked and hung up.

Brian turned rode the escalator down and saw the familiar face of Wallace Stevens. Wally as he was better known, Director of Corporate Security, generally responsible for managers and executives traveling overseas on business, and trying to prevent as much intellectual property and industrial espionage as possible.

“Boss, how was the flight?” Wally asked, grabbing his briefcase.

“Uneventful flight, and yours?

“Same. The car is waiting already with our luggage.”

They walked outside into the oppressive desert heat and Brian looked up at the sun. “Man this place never ceases to amaze me when it comes to the heat.”

Their first meeting was with Bain Capital at Wolfgang Puck’s Spago restaurant in Cesar’s Palace. They arrived a few minutes early and found a table overlooking the arboretum. And as Brian feared his mind was already wandering: “What will happen? Is she really going to do this? What if she really likes it? What if she really hates it?”

Brian was focusing intensely on the fountain in the center of the vast shopping area.

“Brian, you okay?” Wally asked as he put a glass of water in front of him. “Have some water, this is fine. These guys want to bed with us.”

“What?” The “bed” part of that sentence had startled him. “Oh, yea I know they do.”

The Bain Capital executive and lawyer arrived on time and without incident. They ate a small lunch and discussed the investment opportunity in the new Asian facility. They executive promised to have an approved proposal by Monday and Brian agreed but said he had no promises that their offer would be the one approved by the board of directors.

Brian and Wally arrived at the MGM Grand and were promptly greeted by Mike Wilson, the Executive Casino Host for the resort and shown to their respective suites.

“Let’s meet downstairs at 7 for dinner?” Wally asked.

“Great, I’ll meet you at Rouge for a drink,” Brian replied unlocking his room and walking in.

He sat his briefcase down and found his suitcase already laying out ready to be unpacked. As he sat down and looked out the window, he wondered again what would really happen once Katie arrived. The suspense of the waiting, the rush of adrenalin was driving him crazy.

He watched as a large private jet landed and taxied towards the Executive Jet facility at the airport, literally a three minute journey from one’s private jet to the MGM Grand.

The low buzz from his phone brought him back to reality. He looked down and saw a text from Katie. She was standing in her large closet taking a photo of herself in the expansive mirror at the end of the closet. She was wearing some of her new lingerie: a black sheer see-through style gown, black sheer matching panties and stockings. His cock was throbbing, she was absolutely stunning. He couldn’t believe how good she looked.

“Does it make you hard? Are you ready to start your birthday weekend? Be good…”

Brian swallowed hard and loosened his tie and started his response:

If there was a scale of anticipation between 1 and 10, I’d be at 43

The Tease

Katie closed the hatch of her Range Rover and adjusted her sunglasses before thanking and tipping the valet attendant. Another attendant grabbed her luggage and she took the valet receipt, as she turned she noticed an obvious group of soldiers probably going on vacation.

Katie adjusted her purse on her shoulder and let it catch her skirt, raising just enough to show the top of her right thigh. She turned to walk towards the soldiers and into the airport terminal, one of the soldiers laughed at her accident, the others smiled. As she walked by one of them bravely spoke up.

“Hey, can I get your number?” A young brunette solider asked without much conviction.

“Sorry, sweetie. Married” she held her left hand up smirking through her sunglasses; the 3 carat diamond glistened in the hot Texas sun.

A tall blond solider laughed first and the others followed his lead.

Katie had made her way through the security lines and headed to the Starbucks near the American Airlines terminal, where she once again was confronted with America’s bravest soldiers deciding between White Mochas and Cappuccinos. She fell in line behind the last of the soldiers and picked up her iPhone, checking her email and trying to pass time waiting in line.

“Do you want something?” A cute young soldier turned around and asked her.

Katie looked up and found five pairs of eyes staring at her, suddenly nervous and not feeling as confident she took a moment to compose herself.

“Are y’all following me?”

Only the tall blonde one responded: “No, m’am.”

“Well, no thank you. As long as they still take American dollars and American Express at Starbucks I’m covered.”

They all ordered their coffee and made their way to the terminal. Katie found gate A15, thinking she had finally parted ways with her friends, only to find them again at her gate. She checked in at the gate, confirming her 1 st Class ticket and made her way towards an empty area of seats and sat down.

Katie held her iPad reading a riveting article on Kate Middleton but had the distinct feeling of being watched. Her eyes looked up slowly from the screen and noticed the soldiers now seating near her: listening to music, reading magazines and talking on their phones.

One of them looked up from his phone and spoke. “Aren’t you glad your husband isn’t here?”

They all turned to hear her reaction; everyone was beginning to enjoy the witty banter between them.

“No, Airman. I’m glad his bodyguard isn’t here.”

“Bodyguard, that doesn’t sound good.”

“Yes, he brings one with him when he travels on business.”

“So, you’re going to Vegas, like us?”

“Yes, obviously,” she responded shaking her head slowly and mockingly.

Katie shifted her on her seat and crossed her legs, she couldn’t tell if she liked all the attention or was utterly annoyed by it. Mainly it felt pretty good, who didn’t want to be flirted with? However, so far she wasn’t very impressed with the soldiers.

An announcement came over the loudspeakers that 1 st Class was boarding.

“Sorry, boys. I hate to disappoint you but I need to board now,” she picked up her purse and iPad.

“Good bye, m’am,” said the soldier who had first asked for her phone number.

Katie boarded the plane and found her seat on the front row of 1 st Class and sat by the window. The soldiers eventually made their way onto the plane, heading towards the back, each one laughing or smiling calling her m’am. She shook her head waved.

As they prepared to close the doors a flight attendant approached her and leaned down: “Excuse me, m’am. Would it be okay if we sat a soldier next to you on the flight? I noticed they all smiled at you and I wasn’t sure if they were bothering you in the terminal.”

“Ha, no, that would be fine. I think they’re just harmless and horny.”

The flight attendant smiled in agreement and went to get one of the soldiers. Katie wondered which on she would pick and prayed it wouldn’t be the little brown haired one who had asked for her number, he was a little cute but mainly annoying.

Finally the flight attendant reappeared and with the tall blond soldier and told him to seat by her. Katie adjusted her skirt and smiled as he sat.

He put his seatbelt on and turned to her.

“I’m Nick, by the way. I’m sorry about those guys they’ve been cooped up on base for 8 weeks and starting to get a little nutty.” He extended his hand out in a gesture to shake. She took it and responded:

“Katie. And yes, they do seem a little horny, but generally harmless.”

“Yes, I promise they are and Sorry again, if they were out of line.”

“No, its fine stop worrying.”

Katie returned her concentration to her article and the flight attendant reappeared with a Cape Cod and placed it beside Katie.

“Would you like something, sir?”

“No, m’am.”

The plane took off without incident and within minutes they were gliding through the air westward towards desert. Katie sipped on her Vodka cocktail and stared occasionally out the window towards the vast wilderness of West Texas.

After an hour of drinking and reading endlessly about the usual parade of celebrities she was bored and tried to steal a peek at the blond to her right. Nick looked deep in concentration on an article in the Sports section of the USA Today.

She at least wanted to get him to talk and considered several options before deciding.

“Miss?” Katie asked the flight attendant.

“Would you like another drink?”

“Yes, please,” she responded.

The new drink arrived as Katie sucked down the last of her original drink. As Katie took the drink she shifted in her leather chair and flipped her skirt slightly, the flight attendant had just turned away but she clearly lifted her white skirt enough that Nick caught a hint of the white thong hidden under her skirt.

She took a sip of her drink and knew he’d glanced, even if he’d seen nothing, he had looked.

“So, Nick. What do you do in the Air Force?”

“I’m not quite as new as the other guys. I’m about to go into PJ school. Umm, Para-Jumpers, sorry.”

“Ha, yea I know. My dad is a retired Air Force Squad Commander.”

“Oh, really? So he’s a 06?”

“Yes. I went to high school on base, so you can imagine how fun that was.”

“Yea, I guess so.”

“Well,” she paused and smiled. “It wasn’t all bad. I did enjoy flirting with the cute enlisted guys at the pool.”

“Oh, I see. So some of those girls’ dads are Colonels?”

“Yup, you should try, you might get lucky.” She took a sip of her drink and Nick was left to ponder the suggestion.

Nick gulped and turned his head towards Katie. “So, did you ever get lucky?”

“Yes, although it was with an airman in my Dad’s Squadron. It was a little dramatic, but I was in college and there wasn’t much he could say or do. But I ended up dating the guy and it was…interesting,” she said smiling at Nick.

“Were you always so daring?”

“No, I had my moments and that was certainly one of them. I met my husband in college about a year later, he was a Senior and I was a Sophomore. It worked out.”

“Well, you’re very beautiful and he’s obviously a lucky man.”

“Yes, I think so – that he’s lucky. And he is a good man.” she caught herself not wanting to sound so confident.

“So that’s it? You met your husband and the rest of history?”

“Well, yea sort of. That’s what happens when you get married. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have fun.”

“So what are you going to Las Vegas for?”

“I’m going to meet my husband, he’s there on business and his birthday is on Saturday. He’s a difficult man to shop for so we’re staying in Las Vegas for the weekend and have some fun.”

“What kind of fun?”

She leaned into Nick and whispered.

“A lot of bad fun, I’m sure.”

Nick blushed and smiled.

“Do you want to help me with one present?”

“Sure, what do I have to do?”

“Take a picture, my husband will love it,” she said handing him her phone. She leaned back as held her phone.


“Be quick,” she said as she lifted her skirt exposing the white thong beneath her skirt. Nick’s eyes widened and looked around quickly, snapping three photos in quick succession.

“Let me see,” she said quickly and looked at the photos. “I don’t know, are these any good?” She asked, handing Nick the phone back.

“Uh, yes, very good.”

“So, you like my panties?” She asked leaning towards him again and Nick squirmed.


“Take a few more,” she said looking around franticly.



She lifted her skirt again and stuck her hand under the waistband of her thong. Nick took several more photos and smiled.

“These are good, I think he’ll like these, too,” and handed her the phone back.

“Oh, yea those are cute.” Katie looked over at Nick, “he’ll love these.”

She opened up her text messages and attached the photos along with a short message:

there are so many cute guys in 1st class

She smiled again to herself; she knew he’d get a kick out of those photos.

“Well, this has been an interesting flight, huh Nick?”

“Yea certainly has. I don’t know whether or not to thank you or the guys in the back for letting me be the one to come up here.”

Katie adjusted her skirt, took a sip of her drink and looked over to Nick.

“I wouldn’t worry if I were you, because this wouldn’t have happened if it had been any of those other guys, you are much cutter than the rest of those guys. But, I still can’t believe that I did that. I know my husband will love them.”

Katie could feel her confidence growing as the time passed and she felt more comfortable with Nick. Perhaps this was fate that he was sitting next to her. She looked out the window to the desert landscape and pulled her skirt up just enough to make the last 30 minutes of their flight more interesting for Nick.


Brian and Wally got into the golf cart and made their way towards the driving range. Brian took a sip of his coffee and Wally lit a cigarette.

“Jesus, Wally. Keep that thing to yourself; I don’t need temptation to have a cigarette.”

“Sorry, I know it still bothers you.”

“Yea, you’d think after five years it wouldn’t. I’ve got a lot of my mind this morning.”

As they practiced on the range, waiting for the investor to show up Brian wondered how serious Katie was really taking this trip. This entire situation, while exciting was truly terrifying and he just wasn’t sure what would happen.

Karl Lutz, CEO of KLM Partners, arrived and they made their way to the first tee. Despite the distractions Brian was determined to concentrate on the round and the deal.

By the fifth hole Brian was one under par and playing well, but constantly looking at his phone. Katie had texted him from the Starbucks in the airport and mentioned being flirted with by several cute guys.

By the ninth hole Katie was sending a text message as she waited to board her airplane:

These 5 cute airman wanted to know if I was single. One asked for my #. I showed him my $25K ring instead. Xoxo Katie

On the thirteenth green Brian stood under a tree near the golf cart holding a drink. He felt relaxed and confident about the conversation he was having with Lutz. But as he got in the cart with Wally and headed towards the next tee his phone vibrated.

“Boss, you okay? You’re getting a lot of emails this morning.”

“Fine,” he replied looking down at his phone. A picture of Katie provocatively holding the waist band of her white panties appeared. He looked closer. She was on the plane, she was in an airplane seat. He read the caption: so many cute guys in 1 st class.

“Jesus,” he said aloud suddenly.


“Oh, nothing. Sorry, just the stock market is down 200 points today already.”

“Alright,” Wally said getting out of the cart and looking at Brian quickly.

Brian shook his head and walked to the tee.

“Karl, let’s talk specifics again. I want to get this deal done.”

“Of course, son. I want this for you and for me,” Karl replied putting his arm on Brian’s shoulder. The sun bore down on them, but Brian felt confident he could get this done. And when he did he would be able to concentrate on his birthday present and not on business.


Brian kept the meeting out of respect for The Carter Group, but was fairly certain that he would recommend the KLM Partners proposal to the board of directors.

The Carter Group lunch was uneventful, no additional texts.

Brian and Wally left the lunch and walked to the front of the casino to find their car service. Brian called Karl to let him know that he would be sending a car to bring him to MGM. They would finalize the proposal before sending it off to the board as his recommended proposal. They needed to get this finished now, the board meeting was next Wednesday and this needed to be on the agenda as soon as possible. In return for 40% stake in the new Asian manufacturing facility and 15% stake in the company’s existing European operations KLM will put up the entire $3MM. The money will flow now and they can also begin OEM manufacturing for other companies in the industry with their new joint venture.

Brian and Wally arrived at the front entrance to MGM and quickly made their way inside to find Katie and wait for Karl to arrive.

They walked to Zuri, Katie’s favorite bar near the casino floor and find Katie drinking and laughing with an unknown man, a young man – 21 or 22. The young man is good looking, about 6’1, well built with a short haircut, blond hair and blue eyes.

Brian wonders for a second if he knows the man: a business acquaintance Katie knows or someone from home, a college classmate of theirs?

Wally is immediately concerned “is this a problem?” Wally places his hand on Brian’s stomach in a defensive reaction.

“No, I don’t think so.”

They walked up to table and Katie smiles. “Hey babe, this is Nick. We were on the same flight; he’s in the Air Force and partying with his friends for the weekend. You know how that is.”

Brian hesitantly extends shakes his hand and grips it tightly.

“Oh, I love that suit on you: Zegna really does fit your body type well,” Katie said trying to smooth some of the obvious tension. “Hey Wally, I didn’t realize you were coming out this week.”

Karl arrived almost immediately and Brian panicked momentarily. He can control Wally if he gets concerned, but he couldn’t screw up this deal with KLM Partners. While he was thinking Karl immediately went to Katie.

“Katie, Ach, Katie. Sie schauen immer so schön an, wenn ich Sie sehe.”

She smiles, “Ah, I love the way you make that sound so nice Karl. So great to see you again as well.”

“Who is your friend? That haircut. He looks KSK – ah, our German Special Forces.”

“Yes, he’s US Air Force.”

“Ah, let me buy your drinks, always good to meet a man in uniform,” Karl offered.

“No, no. I’ve got it Karl.” Brian smiled and beckoned the waiter handing over his Platinum AMX card.

Brian leaned down and kissed Katie on the check, “Karl and I must finish up some work before tonight.”

Katie responded: “Sure, no problem, Brian.” She lowered her voice and whispered: “I’m feeling his cock right now, it’s big. Hurry back Cuck. After this meeting its no more work, send Wally home you don’t need any security. You’re all mine this weekend”.

She hadn’t used that word before and he felt blood rushing to his ears and his cock strained against the fabric of his suit. “Jesus,” he thought.

He forced a smile and hid his emotions, talking more loudly “of course sweetheart. Please keep the tab open and close it when you’re finished.” He took his card back from the waiter as he approached.

Wally’s forehead wrinkled and he wondered what the situation really was, started to say something to the boss but resisted. He placed his hands back into his suit pants pockets and leaned his arms back, his Glock 45mm suddenly visible to the young stranger sitting at the table.

Nick took notice and shifted in his chair, as Katie’s left hand gently caresses his cock. He was very confused, unsure and horny all at the same time. What he did know was that this girl’s hand on his cock felt amazing and he didn’t want it to stop.

Brian returned with Wally still in-tow. Katie and Nick were now sitting at a booth and enjoying drinks and Nick had a pack of cigarettes sitting near his drink. Brian and Wally sat down and ordered drinks.

“Wally, how is Jennifer?” Katie asked.

“Great, thanks. Back home in Dallas with the kids. I’m leaving tonight back home. Brian said y’all are just vacationing the next few days. The birthday, huh boss?” Wally asked suddenly to Brian.

“Mmm,” Brian nodded to Wally.

“So, Nick you’re in the Air Force? PJ?”

“No, sir. Not yet. That is my plan though.”

“Good for you,” he leans back again in the same fashion as before, his gun vaguely visible in the lights in the bar. “I’m former Rangers.”

They continue drinking until an attendant from the Casino Host informed Wally his car had arrived. “You need anything boss, just call. I can come back if you need me to. I just have a few soccer games to contend with this weekend.”

“No of course not, just some drinking and gambling. Relax. I’ll see you Tuesday morning in the office.”

Wally kissed Katie on the cheek and started walking away.

Katie had had her hand on Nick’s crotch for the entire evening; she gave it a slight squeeze. “Bye, Wally.”

“Great, see you then,” Wally grabbed his bag and handed it to the attendant and leaving the three alone with their drinks.

“Mmm, does it bother you Nick?” she finally asked out loud, the men stared at each other.

“Don’t worry about him; his bodyguard-man is gone now. Brian can just relax, he loves this.” She leans to her left, her cheek coming against Nick’s and they both look at Brian’s face. “See, he’s not angry. Are you Brian?”

Brian nods, “no”. He takes another drink, trying to soak this entire sexual atmosphere in. “But, I do need another drink.” He nodded for the waiter to return.

“See, Nick. You sitting next to me in first class was fate. My husband’s birthday is on Saturday and I’ve promised him that I would come to Las Vegas and try to help fulfill his favorite fantasy.”

“Really?” Nick was now very confused and the explanation wasn’t helping.

“Yes, see that fantasy is you,” Nick eyes widened.

“You mean?” Nick looked back and forth between the couple.

“Ha! No, no Nick. See he wants to watch me,” Katie unzipped his pants and reached into feeling his warm throbbing cock and closed her eyes.

She continued: “he wants to watch me…fuck you.”

“Uhhh, well, you mean fuck you and he watches us?” he repeated the question to her with an answer he obviously already knew. She shook her head.

She turned to face Brian. “Isn’t that right?”

Brian’s cock was straining and exploding to free itself from his suit. His heart pounded, he could see her arm moving ever so slightly beneath the table’s curtain.

“Yes,” Brian said gulping, “that is right.”

“See, Nick, he has a very controlling personality. Straight Type-A. He’s the President and board member of a large multi-national electronics manufacturer. Hiring, firing, cost analysis, Gross Profits. He even has a bodyguard for when he travels to Asia and Europe. What do you get for the man who has everything? You give him the only thing you can: what he doesn’t have. He doesn’t understand limits anymore, because he can buy or do anything and the people around him just say ‘yes’. But this weekend my dear handsome husband will fulfill his greatest fantasy of giving complete control to me.”

Nick was stunned; he wasn’t done processing all of this information yet.

Katie continued: “and when he gets stressed he releases that through his sexual fantasies. Once it was far different, but now it involves watching me dominate and humiliate him while he’s tortured by not being able to touch me. He can’t have everything can he, Nick?” She continued stroking his cock. “I wouldn’t even let him masturbate after he left home the other day to come out here for his meetings.”

“He has to pay for us to drink while I stroke your rock hard, and might I say – huge, cock. He’s even going to pay for your vacation here, aren’t you, Brian?”

Brian felt dizzy; he never thought this would ever happen. He was sure this was a dream and he would wake up in his own bed, his dogs yawning and moving around to waking him up from this fantasy.

Brian picked up his iPhone and dialed a number.

“Mike, Katie and I are at Zuri, can you come meet us?”

The man showed up several minutes later. He was dressed nicely in a black suit and had the look of a nervous, overly stressed Casino Host.

“Yes Mr. Rogers? How can I help?”

“Mike, take care of my friend here’s room.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Make sure the suites are close together.” Katie’s eyes never left Brian’s as she spoke.

“Yes, no problem. Mr. Rogers, your credit-line is still okay?”

Brian looked up slowly to the Casino Host. “Yes, it’s still good. I’m going to hit the craps tables in few minutes when we’re done drinking. Can you ensure that I have a spot at the $500 table?”

“Yes, I’ll talk to Pit Boss.”

“Thank you, Mike.”

Brian took another sip of his drink, still trying to decipher this situation. Everything felt so strange and exciting at the same time. Katie was toying with him; she knew how much he hated spending money. He kept a credit line with the Bellagio, Mirage and MGM Grand just in case he felt the urge to gamble and right now he felt the need to go hit the tables and release some adrenalin. He needed to find some control back on the tables.

“Mike,” Katie said still cautiously stroking Nick under the table, “will you make reservations for us at SW”. The steakhouse at Wynn was exactly what Katie desired right now: meat.

“Yes, 9pm okay?”


Mike left quickly, returning with Nick’s room key and the confirmation for the restaurant.

“So, what do you think Nick? Are you still afraid of my husband?”

“Yes, of course. I’m not even sure what I should be doing right now.”

“Nothing,” Katie replied. “Do you want to cum? I’ve been stroking this huge dick of yours for 20 minutes and you haven’t acted bothered yet. Am I not sexy enough?”

“No, of course not, you’re unbelievable. I’m just pretty good at lasting a while.”

“Mmm, that’s a wonderful trait,” she said almost in his ear, but loud enough for Brian to hear.

“Do you want him to cum, Brian?”

Brian fidgeted in his seat and took another sip of his drink. “Sure.”

“How much do you want him to cum?” Katie asked increasing the speed of her hand moving up and down. “Tell me; tell him how much you want him to cum. Do you want him to pay you Nick?”

“What?” Nick asked stunned by the proposition.

“How much, Brian? $100…$300…$500…$1,000?” Katie pressed. “I’ll tell you what husband. What I really want is to suck this huge thing. I’ll suck him for 1 second for every $10 you want to give him.”

It was done; Katie was moving this fantasy into the realm of no-going-back. She wasn’t just giving some hot young guy a hand job. She was about to dive down and suck his perfectly huge cock by making her husband pay for it.

“Three minutes,” came Brian’s response. He pulled out a wad of $100 bills from his suit jacket and looked at Nick. One, two, three, counting the bills as he finally laid $1,800 on the table. He was trying so hard not to reach down and adjust his own dick; this was like sensory overload for his brain.

“I bet you haven’t seen that much cash in a long time, Airman.” Katie smiled. “And it’s all for the pleasure of a blowjob. It’s going to be a tough weekend for my poor, frustrated, horny husband.” Katie expertly maneuvered herself under the table.

Nick’s eyes widened and met Brian’s. They stared at each other for a second and Brian saw Nick reach his hands under the table, he could perfectly picture those hands running through his wife’s beautiful long wavy hair as he attempted to pull her mouth ever more deeply against him.

Nick’s eyes closed and Brian took the last sip of his rum and coke. He motioned for the waiter who came over quickly.

“Another round please,” Brian asked.

Nick nervously nodded and Brian noticed his phone’s clock, almost three minutes. Suddenly the table shook abruptly and Nick exhaled while now grabbing the sides of the table. Katie quickly reappeared, smiling slyly.

Her young stud’s face was red and he was trying to gain composure as he took a sip of his drink.

Katie patted his leg and leaned over to Brian kissing him on the mouth. Remnants of cum still traced her lips and tongue and Brian pulled away slightly.

“You’re my cuck,” she looked into his eyes sternly and deeply, “do you understand?”

“Yes,” he replied.

“It was only a little cum; your weekend has only begun. Your fantasies are much more involved than this escapade.”

They finished their drinks deciding that Brian would play some Craps while Katie and Nick shopped with his new found wealth for some clothes.

Katie and Nick found several outfits for him, including a new suit. She picked out his tie, shirt, shoes and cufflinks. She was proud of herself; she managed to only spend $1,300 of his $1,800 on the clothes.

Katie and Nick showed up at the Craps table to find Brian with a large pile of chips in front of him. Brian was proud; he was gaining some control back in this situation. Yes, his cuckold fantasies were strong, but difficult as well was the concept of no control at all.

Nick counted the chips: just under $38,000.

“Brian, let’s go, we need to get ready for dinner,” Katie was holding onto Nick’s arm as he threw the dice again: 4-2, a soft 6. Brian clapped and took a sip of his drink.

“$4,000,” he turned to Katie and Nick. “That should cover dinner and drinks.”

“Let’s hope so,” Katie smiled.


This is part 1 of a rather long story I wrote several months ago and thought I'd make it my first publication here. It can be thick on plot, which is the style I enjoy reading (and sometimes writing) so I'll save you now if you're just looking for the action to start quickly. Otherwise I'll just hope someone enjoys reading it.
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