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What Happens in Vegas, Part 2

The Hot Wife

Brian, Katie and Nick enjoyed the great steaks, wine and ambiance of SW Steakhouse at Wynn Casino. It was a classy place with a great bar with an outdoor area showing off the beautiful landscaping but Brian was glad he managed to spend only $750 on the dinner and wine.

And Katie hadn’t pulled any sexual stunts with Nick, which he had sat through the entire dinner fearing. Perhaps she had gotten that out of her system earlier with Karl and Wally at the bar?

Nick’s phone rang and he answered talking quickly, obviously to his friends staying at New York New York.

“Sure, we might meet you there,” he responded as Katie and Brian looked at each other.

“Do you guys want to go to Tryst? My friends are heading over there.”

Katie looked at Brian and then Nick: “Yup, let’s go. I love dancing, Brian can pay.”

Brian laughed a little to himself: dancing, perfect.

They arrived at the club to a flurry of activity, noise, music and people. Brian walked to the front of the line, followed closely by Nick and Katie.

“Mr. Rogers, is this couple with you?” The bouncer asked pointing to Katie and Nick.

“Um, yes they are,” he replied. “Couple,” he thought, “this is crazy.”

They were escorted inside; bypassing what seemed like hundreds of people, walking through the strobe lights, smoke and hustle of the club.

They made a turn to their left and found themselves walking through a hallway and finally entered a decently sized room with a couch, chairs and tables overlooking the dance floor.

“Mr. Rogers, the casino has comp’d the $1000 VIP fee. All you need to do is let me know if you want the tab on a different credit card than the one you have registered with the hotel.”

“No, that’s fine. Guy’s what do you want?”

“Vodka, Bacardi, Champagne, Tequila,” Katie’s responded quickly to her husband’s question. Nick nodded in agreement.

“Of course,” the young girl replied.

Brian, Katie and Nick drank for an hour before his friends finally showed up. Brian nervously met the friends, three of them in total: Ricky, Mike and Julian.

All of them were enlisted Air Force trying to party and get laid in Las Vegas on $500 a month pay. He hesitated Katie’s prodding at first before she pulled her “cuck” card, and she told the friends to feel free to spend on their tab. Brian shook his head and tried to imagine the great points he was racking up, rather than the ever growing Las Vegas Birthday Tab he was amassing.

He sat down to have another drink and Katie came over and sat on his lap.

“God, your dick is hard. Are you having a good time?” She asked.

“Yea, I am having a good time.”

“Are you relaxing and feeling okay that I’m in charge this weekend?”

“Yes, I’m getting there. This is freaking crazy though, I can’t believe this is happening and we’re really doing this.”

“Yup, we’re definitely crazy. But it’s wicked fun, right?”

“Yes it is.”

“Alright, we’ll keep that dick nice and hard. We’ll get some of that cum released soon. Don’t know when yet though.” She looked up staring at nothing, her finger on her chin in mock confusion. “I’m going to dance with Nick; do you think he’ll like my panties?”

Katie was wearing a purple satin dress she had purchased from Nordstrom before he left for Las Vegas. It was stylish but classy. She lifted her skirt up her knees and exposed her black sheer panties, a small white bow on the front above her clit.

“Yes, I love them. I’m sure he’ll love them,” Brian said.

“I was too good at the restaurant. I’m going to have some fun dancing.” She rose up off his lap and grabbed Nick’s hand disappearing through the door and reappearing a minute later below them on the dance floor.

“So, dude. You know Nick?” Mike, one of the Air Force buddies asked him suddenly.

“My wife does,” he replied.

“Man, she’s gorgeous. I can’t believe you let him dance with her. She’s the Hottie Wife; I need to get one of those.”

Brian turned and looked at him while sipping his drink. “She’s a great wife, and yes she’s definitely a Hottie. But, I hate to dance.”

“Yea, I see that. Thanks for the drinks.”

“Of course,” he replied and went back to watching his wife on the dance floor.

Katie and Nick grinded against each other as an in descript Lady GaGa song played loudly through the club.

Nick’s hands were rubbing over her body, he was standing behind her. Katie’s hands ran up behind her and grabbed his head forcing him towards her neck. He kissed and licked her ear as his hands slithered their way down her dress towards her legs.

Brian leaned forward over the railing to watch more closely; he was able to make out the details in the darkened club. Nick’s hands had found their way up her dress and in between her legs. Katie’s face contorted with pleasure as her dress was hiked further up her thighs.

Brian felt his cock strain continuously against the bonds of his pants and he ached to release the pressure, he knew there was no hope of that right now.

He saw Katie’s eyes meet his, she responded by pressing Nick’s hand against her pelvis and she thrusted against it. Katie smiled again and closed her eyes.

Brian sat down, exhausted by the site of his wife and her new found young stud on the dance floor. His mind raced and he felt exhausted and exhilarated ironically at the same time.

After a few hours the Air Force friends were drunk and Katie and Nick, while not sober, were certainly not drunk. Brian signed for the $1,900-something tab and requested a car service back to MGM Grand. They were back at the MGM without delay and made their way uneventfully to the 30 th floor.

Katie and Nick kissed briefly while she held Brian’s hand. “Are you ready for your first real treat, Brian?”

“Yes,” was all Brian could think to say.

The Suite Life

Brian walked towards the suite following Nick and Katie. They were whispering quietly to one another and Nick placed his hand on Katie’s back slowly brouging it down, lifting her skirt and exposing her panties.

As they entered the room Katie turned and told Brian to take his suit off.

“Okay, why?”

“Just do it. Strip,” she said more firmly.

Brian looked confused and definitely didn’t want to be the only person naked in the room.

“Now, Brian.”

He slowly began to take his tie and shirt off, then his pants. As he stood in his boxers he wondered what the hell he was thinking. Was this a mistake?

He pulled the boxers off and laid them on the chair with the rest of his suit.

Katie smiled and pushed him down onto his knees and she turned around, her ass perfectly eye level with Brian. She began to kiss Nick while pulling Brian’s head closer to her ass. This continued for several minutes before she spoke.

“Pull my panties off, cuck,” she said looking into Nick’s eyes.

Brian lifted his arms up under her purple dress and felt the smooth unmistakable frabic of her panties. He caressed them softly and grabbed the waist band, pulling them under her dress and down to her ankles. She lifted her feet one at a time until Brian was holding the wet black panties up, almost as though for inspection. She felt them as Nick watched the spectacle unfolding before him. She thought for a second before putting them into Brian’s mouth.

“Do they taste good? They’re very wet from being so turned on at the club by his fingers.” Katie mocked him.

“Did you see Nick fingering him on the dance floor? God, it felt so wonderful. I can’t wait to feel him inside me again.” Her voice was low and sensual and she looked down at Brian’s fully erect cock. “So, you enjoyed him fingering me, too?”

“Yes, I enjoyed it.”

“Obviously, your dick agrees.”

She turned around and kissed Nick while bending down slightly to sit on Brian’s face. His mouth full of her wet panties and his nostrils filled with the smell of her excited sex. She pushed gently against his nose, mouth and chin. Her pussy became more excited and wet and began sliding against his facial features as her tongue darted in and out of Nick’s mouth.

Nicks fingers entered her pussy and Brian felt them moving around inside her, the fingers only inches from his face as Katie excitedly responded to the stimulation.

He finally turned her around facing Brian as his fingers fucked her in the bent over position. Katie removed the panties from his mouth and kissed him. “He’s so great at this, does this turn you on?”

“Yes,” he looked down at his erect cock still pushing against the cool air.

“Tell me how much you want to cum?”

“Please Katie, I’m dying. All day and night watching you I’m dying.”

“No, not right now, cuck. You want his cock to pummel me? You want to watch him fuck your beautiful young wife don’t you? I want him. I haven’t been this turned on in a long time. Uhhh” She stopped as Nick’s hand on her back braces himself for fucking her hard from behind with his long fingers.

“It’s like when I fucked that Airman in college, it was so naughty and was so much fun. You want me to have fun, baby?” Katie said in between exasperated gasps.

“Yes, of course. Please I want you to have fun.”

“You like my wet $150 panties in your mouth? All this expensive Agent Provocateur lingerie is for my young stud here, not you.”

They stopped and Katie got on her knees, right in front of Brian and pulled Nick’s cock into her mouth. His cock directly in front of Brian, he watched it slid in and out of her mouth.

“He tastes good. I bet you wish you could get a blowjob.” She continues jerking and sucking his cock into her mouth until it was hard and rigid, she loved being fuck when Brian’s cock was as hard as possible.

She pulled Nick onto the bed and handed him a condom, he opened it and put it into her mouth.

She smiled and brought her head down on what Brian guessed to be his 8”+ cock and once again lowering her mouth onto the shaft as he placed his hands on her head.

She rose back up; her duty completed and lowered her wet pussy slowly onto his awaiting cock. She rocked against it building momentum until finally she was riding him fiercely, her face contorted with sexual ecstasy.

“Your cock is so huge; his cock is so much smaller than yours Nick. He can’t fill me like this and this is my favorite position. Harder!” She grinded against him as he tried to comply with her demand to do it harder and his head began to hit against the headboard.

“I’m close to cumming! Yes! He never makes me cum like this.”

Nick grabbed her hips and pushed her forcefully onto his cock. His thumb rubbed against her clit as she ran her fingers through his hair.

“Make me cum Nick; do you want to make me cum?”

“Yes, you’re fucking amazing.”

Katie screamed out in ecstasy and Brian winced at the sound. Her moans and screams reverberating through the hotel suite.

“uhhhhhh, uhhhhhh, mmmmm. Fuck yes your cock is so amazing!”

Brian watched from his vantage point on the floor near the bed and the scene was like everything else of that day: so difficult to comprehend but so amazingly intoxicating. His cock was throbbing and feeling of his naked body was embarrassing. The domination and humiliation truly were his darkest desires and Katie was not holding back.

Nick flipped her over onto her stomach and slammed his cock into her awaiting pussy. She lunged forward, her head banging against the headboard.

“Yes! Fuck me baby. Give it to me! Fuck me doggy-style! Show him what a young, hot stud like you can do. He wants to watch his wife enjoy herself with someone like you. Fuck me!”

He slammed into her again and again. His breathing was beginning to increase, he grunted as he thrusted into her and pushed her hips down.

“Uhhhhh Nick! That’s so good.” Her head hit the headboard again and Nick spanked her ass with his right hand. “Spank me. I’ve been a bad girl with you. My husband can’t spank me, can you? No, he has to watch you spank his naughty wife.”

She looked down at Brian from the bed, the wet shear silk panties hanging on his mouth. Brian winced a little as Nick’s hand landed again and again against her ass. She loved being dominated and spanked when the mood hit and obviously his large dick was making her in that mood.

The spanking was proving to push Nick over the edge and he asked her how he should cum.

“On me, baby.”

Brian was stunned, she hated being cummed on. Katie looked directly at Brian as she spoke: “pull that condom off and cum on my ass, is that what you want?”

“Hell yes I want to cum on your ass,” came his quick response.

He pulled out and yanked the condom off, jerking his orgasm onto her perfectly formed ass. He came continuously for several seconds, hitting her lower back and the crack of her ass. She collapsed onto the bed and he quickly followed her lead.

“That was amazing,” she moaned. “God, you’re skilled for only 2 girlfriends,” she kissed him while sitting up on her elbows. “What did you think, Brian?” She turned around and looked at Brian’s face and his still erect cock. “Yea, you thought so, too.”

“I’m going to go get a shower and hit the bed,” Nick said.

He ignored Brian completely as he dressed and walked towards the door. He opened the door and stood there, as Katie called him.

“Hey, Nick. Want to go swimming tomorrow? There’s a great pool at Mirage where you can tan naked.”

“Hell yea that would be great.”

“Okay, we’ll call you in the morning.”

Brian was turning red again. He was completely naked, on his knees on the floor of a $2,000 a night suite with insanely expensive lingerie in his mouth as his beautiful wife asked a 21 year old if they wanted to go to Euro-style topless pool. And to top it off, the door was wide open.

“God, I’m so turned on right now, this is insane,” he thought to himself.

The door closed and Nick was gone. Katie lay on her arm and stared at her husband.

“What a night, Brian. God, that was truly amazing. You really are taking to this fantasy aren’t you? Is it everything you thought it would be?”

Brian nodded in agreement.

“Take those panties out of your mouth; you’re such a dirty pervert. Come here.” She was stern again.

Brian crawled towards the bed and took the smooth wet panties out of his mouth and placed them on the floor near the bed.

Katie stood up and faced the bed, her back to Brian.

“Lick me clean cuck, your dirty fantasies always end like this. The big cocked stud has fucked the wife to her satisfaction and now you have to clean up that cum. I hate cum and don’t even think about leaving any behind because you know how much I hate dried cum on my skin.”

Brian was paralyzed with fear; he’d gone down on Katie a few times after cumming in her. The cream pie fantasy was fun, but so difficult to do after an orgasm. This, though, was entirely different. His cock was throbbing and his mind was running a million miles an hour.

“Jesus, this is so crazy. This is gross, how can I do this? Oh my god, what do I do?” He thought.

Katie knew he was debating and questioning and analyzing. She reached her left hand behind her and placed it behind his head.

“It’s running down the crack of my ass, if you don’t clean this cum soon, it’s going to get into my pussy and I’m sure you don’t want Nick-babies.” She turned with the last few words. She pulled his head into her ass and he quickly complied with the request. She closed her eyes at the warm sensation of his tongue against her skin.

His tongue darting and licking, the salty liquid seeping into his mouth tasted terrible, but he continued on, after all his fantasy was to abide by his wife’s rules and desires.

“That feels good, even if I find this so dirty. I love his cock, mmmm. Lick it all up cuck, don’t miss a drop. You know you love the humiliation, should I make you do it in front of Nick? Well, maybe I’ll just tell him what you did tomorrow and watch you squirm.”

He nearly finished licking up all the apparent remains of his cum on her body. She turned around and lifted her leg up. “There,” she pointed to a small drop that had found its way between her thighs.

“You like it, stop acting for me. You love it. Say it.”

“I love it.”

“You love watching me be fucked?”

“Yes, I love watching you get fucked.”

“And letting him do what you’re not allowed to do, right?”

“Yes, I love that.”

“Did you spend that last $4,000 you made at the Craps table?”

“No, the whole night was about $3,400.”

“How much are you up so far this trip?”

“Well minus we spent tonight, I’m up about $20,000.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll spend that. Come to bed, sweetheart. You still have a couple days of more fun.”

Bare Feelings

Katie woke up to find Brian already showered, drinking coffee and reading the Wall Street Journal on the couch on the other side of the suite. He looked over to her smiled and back down at his newspaper.

“You’re up early,” she said adjusting her eyes to the sunlight creeping across the floor towards the bedroom.

“Ha, yes. It’s already 10am in at the office and 11am on the East coast.”

“Brian, I said no work.”

“I’m not working; I’m reading the news and checking some brokerage accounts.”

“Well, you’re boring me on this Vegas Vacation Mr. Griswold.”

“Sorry, only killing time, I couldn’t sleep in. My mind was racing a lot last night.”

“So, are you okay? Was it really what you expected?”

“I don’t know if it was or not, but it was definitely exhilarating. Surely you enjoyed it?”

“Umm, yes it was enjoyable. He was quite large and I loved the thrill of being so bad. It’s not like I have a lot of ‘bad things’ in my life. Maybe this is as much your present as mine.”

“Yes, I would agree on both counts.”

Katie showered and came out of the bathroom, fully nude motioning to Brian to come to her.

“Something wrong?” Brian asked.

“Bring my bikini, and the navy skirt and shirt I have laid out,” she said walking back into the bathroom.

Brian rose off of the couch and went to find the items she requested and walked to the bathroom.

Katie held out her hand and he handed the clothes to her. She slipped the bikini bottoms on and turned to Brian.

“Does my ass look good in these?” She pouted a little and stuck her ass out towards him.

“Yes, it looks gorgeous.”

“Good.” She finished putting on her top, the navy skirt and white shirt and turned towards Brian again. “I’m so glad I talked you into that boob job for my birthday. My tits look awesome now, don’t you think?”

“Yes, they definitely look amazing.”

“The pool is going to be so much fun. I’ll be able to get a descent tan on them finally.”

Brian smiled, although felt more like an awkward smile than a genuine one. These feelings were definitely complicated, he thought to himself.

They made their way down to the casino floor and to the Starbucks where Katie found Nick casually dressed and drinking a large coffee.

“Good morning,” she smiled leant down and kissed Nick’s cheek.

“Hey,” he replied sipping coffee. Nick looked nervously towards Brian and nodded.

Katie sat down next to Nick and squeezed his thigh.

“So, you want to go swimming then?” Katie asked.

“Yea, of course.”

Katie picked up her phone dialed and within five minutes had confirmation of a private cabana at the “Euro-style pool” at the Mirage.

“Brian, what are you going to do?” Katie asked.

“I’ll hang at the bar. So, y’all can have the cabana,” Brian replied with an ease that startled even himself.

“Come on Nick, let’s get going,” Katie said quietly to Nick.

They took the casino’s car service to the Mirage and were met by the casino’s VIP staff and shown to the Bare pool area.

As they entered the pool Brian walked towards the far side of the bar, giving himself a good view of Katie and Nick’s cabana. He took a seat and watched Katie’s ass sway as it walked toward the cabana, Nick following close behind.

As she entered the cabana Katie turned towards Brian, talking to the waitress. Katie and Nick exchanged words and the waitress left walking back towards the bar area.

There weren’t more than 25 or 30 people in the entire pool area and Brian thought it odd considering how big it was. He looked down at his watch: 12:54 pm. Was it too early to drink? Hell, this was Vegas, no.

He motioned for the bartender and ordered a White Russian. He adjusted his sunglasses and made sure he could observe the cabana without looking out of place.

Katie and Nick were talking quietly to one another and Katie once again turned towards Brian, she glanced his direction, and smiled behind her sunglasses as Nick’s hands wrapped around her waist clenched her body against his. His lips kissing her neck and face softly as her hands went around the back of his head. Brian could practically hear his wife in his head: “Oh, Nick, yes that’s what he wants.”

Brian took a sip of his drink and continued his long-distance observation. Nick’s hands ran over her navy blue skirt and he slipped it down slowly exposing the thick blue and white strips on her bikini. Her long tanned legs hugging the soft flimsy fabric against her skin, which glistened ever slightly in the pounding desert sun.

Suddenly Nick’s right hand found its way to the waist band of her bikini bottoms, her white shirt not quite covering his sensitive touch. The fingers snaked through the waistband and Katie’s hips bucked forward at the sudden foreign invasion, her long hair whipped back suddenly and Brian instinctively knew that the Airman’s fingers had found its destination: her clit.

His breathing was increasing and he looked around the bar and pool area, scanning for others which might be observing his wife and her lover. But, no one else seemed to be concerned with them and what single guys roamed the pool were more interested in the topless girls.

He took another sip and looked back at the lovers. Nick had removed her white shirt and she turned her head back to face him, said something and subsequently he undid her bikini top. Her 34d breasts were unhinged from their constricted state within her bikini top. The whiteness of the breasts clashed with her tanned body but she looked directly at Brian and smiled as she lay down on the daybed in the cabana, the sun shone, slightly obstructed by the structure, onto her body.

The time slipped by slowly for an hour or so until Brian noticed some movement in the cabana. Nick was sitting on the daybed facing Katie as she lay down but Brian couldn’t make out exactly what was happening. Perhaps they were talking?

Brian moved around in his chair and could now see Katie propped up on her left elbow, her head moving back and forth. “Whoa,” he thought to himself looking around again at the other people in the pool area, but everyone was consumed with laughing, flirting or drinking to care about what was happening in that cabana. He wasn’t expecting that. She really did have a thing for exhibitionism.

Brian’s mind raced, exhilarated by the possibilities of what was happening. Since he couldn’t actually see, he imagined how great it felt to have her warm mouth consuming you. He closed his eyes and took a swig from his depleting White Russian.

After a few minutes he observed Nick’s hips lunge forward and his hands ran through Katie’s long brown hair, his orgasm subsided and he adjusted his swimsuit. Katie got up and kissed Nick’s cheek leaving the cabana and approaching the bar.

“Hi,” she shook Brian’s hand and asked the bartender for a drink.

“Hi,” Brian replied.

“Did you enjoy your show?” Katie slid her sunglasses down her nose, her brown eyes staring directly into his.

“Yes, I can’t believe how much you seem to be enjoying this. I had no idea you’d really end up finding someone this weekend,” Brian’s sentence trailed off as he was distracted by her stunning beauty, looking her over from her toes to her hair.

“Yea, I’m enjoying it. It’s like escaping from reality without really escaping forever,” she looked down at her exposed breasts and back up to Brian.

“Ha, I know the feeling.”

“Do I look okay?”

“Seriously? You look amazing.”

“Thanks. I asked the casino to get tickets for Crazy Horse tonight, three tickets. I bet you’ll enjoy that show again.”


“I told Nick to meet us there; he’s leaving to meet his buddies back at NYNY for the afternoon.”

“So, that means I need to take you back to the suite and dazzle you with a potentially unhealthy dose of teasing.”

Brian winced as she emphasized teasing.

“I haven’t decided what to do with you yet. Should you cum?”

“Yes, please,” he leaned toward her almost whispering.

“We’ll see, babe.” She laughed teasing him and punching his arm. “Nick said I look like Neve Cambell, which is funny since I never agree with you when you tell me that.”

“So, now you believe me?”

“Maybe,” she turned and walked away motioning for the bartender to give Brian her tab.

“You bought her a drink, are you gonna get lucky?” Asked the young male bartender.

“Who knows, we’ll have to wait and see.”

Brian paid the bar tab and nodded to Katie and Nick as he left Bare, heading back to the main entrance of the Mirage. He’d try to calm his sexual frustrations back at MGM with some gambling.

What goes around cums around

The people standing around the table were yelling incoherently, cigarette smoke swirled around the craps table as Brian threw the two red dice across the table: 6, 2; soft 8.

“Soft 8, winner,” said the dealer. He stacked ten black chips on the table in front of Brian and congratulated him.

Brian laughed and took a sip of a glass of water; no time for alcohol he was winning some large amount of chips now.

Katie suddenly appeared and kissed Brian on the cheek.

“Hey there, having fun?”

“Yea, I’m on a roll.”

“Mmm, great,” she leaned up to his ear and whispered: “end it. Time for you to come up stairs, cuck.”

His eyes narrowed.

“Are you serious? Right now?”

She nodded her head and smiled mischievously.

“Sure,” he said more loudly. “Cash me out,” he pointed at his chips and the dealer reacted quickly. After a minute a stack of chips came around the table to Brian and the casino host appeared.

“Mr. Rogers, great afternoon,” Mike said. “Anything I can help you with?”

“Yes, add these to my account, please.”

“Of course, I’ll take care of it. And, Mrs. Rogers, the tickets for tonight are on the end-table in your room.”

Katie thanked him and smiled as the couple walked away towards the elevators.

“Did you have a good time at the pool today?” Katie asked in the elevator.

“Of course, very sexy getting to watch you. But, not anything as fun as last night. God, that was incredible.”

“Yes, it was.”

Katie’s skinned was glowing from the hours in the sun and her skin was a perfect hue of golden tan. Brian followed her legs up to where they ended at the navy blue skirt covering her bikini bottoms.

“So, what’s going on exactly, why end my great streak down there?”

“Because, this isn’t gambling weekend, this is your birthday present weekend.” Katie never looked away from the doors of the elevator.

“Something happen at the pool?”

“Perhaps, you’ll have to wait to find out.”

They walked down the long hallway towards their suite and Brian watched her carefully from behind trying to figure out what happened. His mind began racing again. God, she was so good at this teasing and prodding him. His cock was straining once again against his shorts and he looked quickly to her head to see if she was noticing the movement within his pants, but she wasn’t.

They entered the suite and Katie found the Crazy Horse tickets, placed them into her purse and turned back to face Brian.

“Come here, cuck,” she pointed at the feet.

Brian walked towards her staring at her face and eyes trying to gauge what she was thinking.

As he stood before her Katie reached down and grabbed his cock forcefully through his shorts.

“How much do you want to know what happened? Is this thing just dying to find out?” She looked down referring to his obviously aroused state.

“Very much,” he responded.

She unbuckled his belt and pants as they fell to his ankles, and lifted his shirt off his head. Finally pushing his shoulders down and he sunk to his knees before her clothed beauty.

She pulled his head into her skirt and he was immediately confronted with the smell of cotton, chlorine and sex.

“Take my skirt off.”

He obliged her request and pulled the waist of her skirt slowly down her hips. His anticipation built as her skin slowly appeared above the blue fabric and finally exposing the blue and white striped cotton bikini. She pushed her hips towards his face as the skirt finally collected at her ankles and she lift her feet one by one, kicking the skirt away.

“Does it smell good?”

Brian didn’t reply to comment as his face was inches from her bikini, it was wet and smelled like chlorine, but he could tell she was excited. He finally noticed the bulged outline of something within the fabric.

“Do you see something?”

He looked up to her face as a smile creeped onto her face. She pulled her bikini bottom down exposing a condom pressed tightly against her skin.

“You were hoping for another surprise, weren’t you?”

“Yes,” he said quietly.

“Nope. Condoms, don’t want to risk anything, do we?

She pulled the condom out; it was tied at the end. She handed Brian her iPhone.

“Take a picture, baby. Isn’t that what you emailed me before? The girl with the condom casually laying on her panties?”

“Yes, my god how much sex can this guy have in one day?”

“A lot, he’s 21,” she leaned down and held his chin.

Brian snapped a photo of the cum-filled condom held against the backdrop of her striped bikini.

Katie pulled him towards the bed, placing the condom on the bed next to her as she sat.

“Lay over my lap,” she said rather casually.

Brian moved his torso, shorts still at his ankles, over her knees and he was confronted with the sight of the full condom. He was still contemplating his options as she brought her hand down on his naked ass.

“Ah,” he let out a surprised gasp.

“Do you like being spanked?”

“Yes,” he replied gritting his teeth.

“Good,” she spanked him again this time on the other cheek.

She continued spanking him for several minutes and spoke again as his red ass glowed at her.

“Do you want to cum?”

“Yes, please,” he responded never looking at her and panicking at the options this answer was giving her.


“Please, Katie let me cum.”


“Please, please let me cum. I’ll do whatever you want.”


He winced and gritted his teeth at the same time, was this worth it?

“Yes,” he said nearly gasping.

She spanked him one last time and she told him to stand up. Katie removed her shirt exposing her breasts once again and looked at the condom.

“Hold this,” she said as she handed him the condom, pushed him onto the bed and yanked his shorts off of his ankles.

Katie positioned herself over Brian’s chest, straddling him.

“Give me the condom.”

She untied the condom and handed it back to Brian.

“You truly are a bad boy, you deserve more spankings but I’ll let them wait.”

She leaned towards Brian grabbing a bottle of Wett lube from the side table, turned and poured a copious amount onto his awaiting cock.

“uhh,” Brian responded.

“Mmmm, you like that?”


She began to stroke his hard warm cock through her left hand. She was doing it behind her back as she faced Brian.

“Don’t spill any of that,” she pointed at the condom with her other hand. “Do you want to do something with it?”

“uh,” he responded as she grabbed his cock harder. “Like what?” He finally managed to say.

“Pour it on my chest; you know you want to see it on my perfect tits.”

He leaned up, trying to concentrate as she continued jacking him off.

“Pour that warm cum onto my tits, isn’t that why you bought my boob job?” She confronted his emotions with her candid comment.

“Yes,” he replied.

“You want your wife’s beautiful, expensive tits to be covered in someone else’s cum?” She pushed her hand down on his cock hard.

“Yes!” his eyes widened.

“Then do it,” she guided his shaking hand to her chest. “You know you want it.”

He slowly poured the warm liquid out of the rubber opening and it streamed out and she guided his hand across her entire chest.

“Does it look good?”

Brian nodded in agreement.

She moved the empty condom towards Brian’s face and then flung it towards a trashcan near the bed. Her hand expertly stroked his cock.

“Are you close?” She finally asked.

“Yes,” his breathing short and quick.

“Hurry up and clean my chest, I hate cum. You don’t want this expensive surgery to go to waste.” Katie pulled his head towards her breasts and he began licking and suckling her breasts.

Katie responded by grinding her clit against his hard chest and she could feel his hot cock throbbing within her hand.

As he licked the warm liquid from her nipples, chest and stomach she stroked him more quickly.

“Faster, cuck or I’ll let you go without cumming. You haven’t cum in days, I bet you have a whole lot built up in there.”

“Uhh, please,” he said into her breasts as he sucked her nipple.

“Cum!” She commanded and grinded again down onto his chest and she felt him shudder. His body jerked and she felt his cock explode, the warm spurts of cum landing onto his stomach and some starting to leak onto her hand.

She continued milking his cock and he winced in slight pain.

“Oh, baby. That was awesome,” he finally responded coming out of his post-orgasm gyrations.

“Yes, it was nice,” she said licking the spot of cum on her hand.

She stood up on the bed and looked down at him.


“What?” He asked confused.

“What about me?”

Brian was still confused.

“Take my bikini off, you’re not finished yet.”

Brian reached up and pulled her wet bikini bottoms off and she lifted her ankles and kicked them by her skirt on the floor.

Katie sat back down on his chest and stared into his eyes.

“I haven’t cum yet,” she said seriously.

She pushed down on his chest with her hands and guided her wet pussy lips down his chest and onto his stomach, sliding her sex against the cum still on Brian’s stomach.

“Boys always get to cum first. I cum and still have to take care of you, now it’s your turn,” she said still maneuvering her pussy against his stomach.

“So?” Brian asked.

“You get to go down on me and lick me until I cum.”

Brian’s mind raced and he tried to get himself back into a sexual state of mind, but it was difficult.

Katie pulled herself towards Brian face as he lay on the bed, grasping the headboard of the bed.

“Make me cum, baby.” She guided her wet pussy towards his tongue and smiled. “I love how you make me feel with your tongue.”

She pushed down against his face and mouth and she felt his tongue wiggle inside wet sex and finally against her clit. He bit gently and maneuvered his mouth all over licking and sucking. Katie looked back to his cock and smirked as it started to twitch and move back to life again.

“Naughty boy,” she pushed down on his mouth again and brought her right hand to her clit. “Right there, yes!”

Brian responded by continuing to concentrate on the stop that made her react so loudly.

“Yes, baby, right there.” Katie shouted again and she bucked her hips.

Brian grabbed her hips and pulled her towards his mouth as he felt her hand rub harder against her clit and his face. Katie shuddered in one huge movement and he felt her orgasm erupt.

“uhhhhh….mmmm…mmmm” Katie muttered through her teeth still concentrating her attention on her clit.

Brian looked up at his wife, her sex still pressed firmly against his face, and she looked down with an exhausted look of satisfaction.

Katie pulled her leg from around Brian’s chest and laid down covering her eyes with her arm.

“My god, that was good,” she said between long gasps of breath.

After a moment she looked over to Brian. “I can’t believe how much you enjoy eating cum,” she made a gross face, her mouth drooped into a frown, like when she was offered mushrooms or ketchup by an unwitting stranger.

“Ha,” Brian laughed.

“I wasn’t being funny,” she said, her facing turning to confusion

“It is funny, who said I like it? It’s horrible, I hate it.”

Katie sat up suddenly on both her elbows and concentrated on Brian’s face, she was worried about what she still had planned.

“Seriously? So, what the hell is this fantasy about? Your emails, stories, whatever always have that in it.”

“I know, but I don’t like it. It tastes terrible."

“So?” Katie was panicking; these answers weren’t doing much to ease her mind.

“Well, the whole fantasy is really just about what you are making me do, about you doing what you want. This is really only about giving up control to you. You tell me to lick up cum; I lick up cum. You’re confusing the act with the meaning behind the act. ” Brian was calm as he said the words and Katie listened carefully.

“Oh, I guess I hadn’t thought of it like that. So, would you do other things?”

“Sure, within some reason. But, yea I’m pretty open.”

Katie nodded and kissed him deeply on his mouth, her tongue pushing its way past his teeth and around his tongue.

“I love you very much and even though I can’t believe I’m doing some of this, you’re right it’s pretty fun,” Katie said as her mouth disconnected from his.

“I love you, too."

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