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What Happens in Vegas, Part 3

[a] Crazy Horse

Katie pulled herself slowly away from Brian, hoping to not wake him up from his nap. She looked down at the clock: 5:32pm. Dinner reservations were for 7:30 downstairs at Ocean. She got up, stretched and walked towards the bathroom.

Brian woke up slowly peering towards bathroom; he could scantly make out Katie’s body movements. His mouth was dry and he stood up walking towards the bathroom, stopping to admire Katie leaning over the bathroom sink, her cute butt sticking out as she flicked her left eyelid trying to get an eyelash out.

“Sleep well?” Brian asked.

“Jesus, you scared the hell out of me,” she turned startled.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to,” he walked forward and kissed her neck.

“Behave, Brian. Not right now.”

“Can I help get you ready…shave?” He looked down and ran his fingers gingerly over the faintness of hair on her pussy.

“No, I don’t need to shave tonight, perhaps tomorrow,” she smirked.

“What?” He asked quickly.

“Nothing, get in the shower with me.” She stepped back towards the shower heads and turned them on.

The large dark tiled shower roared loudly to life and Katie walked in, her body enveloped by the 8 shower heads. Brian stood there for a few seconds until she reached out and pulled him in.

“Get in here and kiss your wife.”

Brian held her waist and kissed her deeply for several seconds, reaching down slowly to grab her wet ass, the lower shower head pounded his hand with near 100 degree water and he shook it.

“That kinda hurts,” he whispered.

“Well, it feels good on my ass,” she whispered back.

They finished washing and proceeded to get ready for dinner. Katie handed Brian his black Hugo Boss suit, white shirt and yellow Zegna tie.

“Wear this; this is a good suit on you.”

He took the suit and put it on and finished with his tie.

“Good?” He asked.

“Yes, wonderful, husband.” She said completely nude, leaned up and kissed his cheek.

“What about me?”

“What about you?”

“What should I wear?” She asked.

Brian went to her closet and found her blue Chanel dress and blue Christian Louboutin pumps. He lay the items down on the bed and looked at Katie.

“What do you think?”

“I like it, will Nick like it?” She stared at Brian.

“Yes, of course he will.”

“Now what about lingerie?”

“Do you have something blue?”

“Yes, in the drawer over by the closet,” she replied.

Brian walked back and found a matching bra and panty set, it was black sheer, almost see through with small blue flowers embroidered all over them, it was stunning.

“Agent Provocateur?” Brian asked.

“Of course babe. Only the best.”

“Naturally,” he rolled his eyes and handed them to Katie.

“Oh you love them, besides there is a matching suspender in there for stockings. Those practically make you cum in your pants.”

“Ha, yea you are right. Are you going to wear them?”

“Well, not now. Perhaps tonight I will.”

She pulled the panties up slowly over her soft tanned skin and snapped them, turned and stuck her butt towards Brian.

“Do you want to give me a little spank?”

“Yes,” he raised his hand slightly.

“No. I need a spanking, but not from you. Maybe Nick will give me one later.” Brian frowned and walked towards the living room and away from Katie dressing in the bedroom.

She hooked the bra into place and Brian sat down in a chair in the living room. He watched from a distance now as she admired her figure in a full length mirror, the lingerie hugged her body in a state of sexuality that was undeniably consuming.

What an unbelievable few days this had already been, he wondered what she still had planned. How could it get better?

As she pulled the dress up and zipped it he caught his last glimpse of her lingerie and he felt disappointed. The frustration he was feeling was palatable, tangible in a way that he hadn’t expected in his fantasies.

It reminded him of the times in college before he had dated Katie. Brian had met Katie in his senior year of college; she had sat directly in front of him in a class that semester. And while he’d like to pretend that his interest was on Dr. Graeme’s lectures and riveting stories about Eastern Europe during the Cold War, it wasn’t.

He had been completely enamored of Katie, she was absolutely gorgeous and having her right there in front of him: so close and yet so far. It was poetic, thinking back on it now, what turned him on then was what made him still attracted to her now. It was torturous then but the pain was well worth the final result and his life was exactly what he wanted.

Katie bent down and slipped into her heels, stood up and admired herself again.

“How do I look?” She asked tossing her hair.

“Riveting. I can’t believe how gorgeous you are.”

He stood up and buttoned his suit as she approached him.

“Ready?” He asked.

“I am, let’s go,” she said as they walked towards the door out into the hallway.

As they walked out of the elevator and headed towards the restaurant Brian reached down grabbing her ass through her blue dress and felt her panties.

“Cuck,” she turned towards him loud enough for a few people to hear and she continued: “stop it.”

“Katie,” he looked around embarrassed.

“Behave,” she replied. “Don’t grab my ass like that. Maybe I need to do something about it,” she said more quietly letting the words hang in the air.

Brian was nervous suddenly and his face was flush. He had no idea what she was talking about.

All through dinner Brian was paranoid, he looked around the restaurant and kept waiting for something to happen. He nervously drank several Rum and Coke, struggled through eating his large steak. Finally after what felt like a year the waiter brought their check, Brian quickly signed for the meal and stood up reaching for Katie’s hand.

“Are we going now?” She asked.

“Yes, please,” he replied.

“I suppose. Let’s go,” she took his hand and stood up.

They walked out of the restaurant and Katie’s phone vibrated. It was a text message from Nick telling her he was outside of the entrance to Crazy Horse. She smiled and grabbed Brian’s arm.

“Looking forward to the show?” She asked him suddenly.

“Yes, we’ve seen it obviously but it is excellent.”

“It should be exciting,” she emphasized the word exciting and Brian looked at her with a quizzical look on his face.

“There he is,” Katie pointed to Nick as they approached the entrance to the theater. She left Brian’s arm and embraced Nick, kissing him lightly on his lips. “How are you tonight?” Katie asked Nick.

“Okay. I had a long day hanging out at the pool.”

“Bare?” she asked.

“No, no. We can’t afford that place, just the pool at NYNY.”

“Well, no worries about any bills tonight. Brian has that taken care of, right?” She looked back at Brian for a response.

“I’ve got the bill tonight, no worries Nick,” Brian said factually.

They walked into the theater, Katie holding Nick’s hand as Brian walked closely behind. An attendant approached them and Katie pulled the tickets from her purse and handed them over. Brian looked down at the red carpet beneath his Brunomagli shoes and back up again slowly following his wife’s long smooth legs, her blue dressed that shimmered beneath the theater’s lights and then finally ending his gaze at her right hand holding Nick’s. Her long manicured fingers interlocked with his. That site alone was incredible to Brian and he looked away towards the attendant quickly.

They were escorted to a table in the front row near the middle of the stage. Brian remembered this area in front of the stage from a previous trip to see the show; it was only ten feet from the stage.

The waitress appeared suddenly, kneeling down and staring at the three of them.

“Hi, I’m Kristina,” the waitress said.

“Hello, Kristina, I’m Katie and this is Nick and Brian.”

“What can I get for you?”

“Champagne, please. Nick?” Katie asked.

“Jack and Coke,” Nick responded.

“Rum and Coke, please,” Brian answered.

Katie was sitting between them with Brian on her right and Nick on her left. Brian looked over at her; she was looking down at her dress. She adjusted it, sitting on one leg and then the other, pulling the dress up higher on her thighs below her panties.

The lights in the theater dimmed a few minutes later just as their drinks arrived. The stage lights lit up and the twelve girls marched onto the stage in mocked British uniform coats and bearskin Queen’s Guard hats, the coats barely covering their asses as they danced and kicked in synchronized motions around the stage.

Brian readjusted his focus onto Katie who was holding Nick’s right hand with both of her hands. She peered over at him with her eyes, never moving her head. They held each other’s gazes for several seconds and she winked.

She mouthed “are you having a good birthday present?”

“Yes,” he mouthed back.

And she leaned over and kissed Nick on the mouth and her right hand darted under the table and curtain and grabbed Brian’s crotch. She stroked his cock through his suit pants while kissing Nick’s mouth and face.

The girls performed their synchronized burlesque routine on the stage as Brian held his gaze against the darkened silhouette of Nick and Katie embracing.

Katie pulled back from Nick’s mouth and leaned over to Brian and whispered.

“I want him to finger me; he is really good at that. Remember when he did that other night while I was bent over facing you. Hmmmm,” her mouth opened sensuously and her sentenced was trailing off and Brian felt his cock strain against its confines while he stared at her mouth

“Do you think he should finger me here, at the show?” She continued, and looked around slowly. The tables around them had people, but not near their table and it were so dark you could barely make out anything but outlined shadows.

“Yes, I think you want him to finger you. Do it.”

Katie kept her right hand on Brian’s cock, stroking the thin fabric that enveloped his sex. As she concentrated on teasing Brian she leaned over and whispered something inaudible to Nick.

A moment later her left hand guided Nick’s right hand under the table, and Brian watched with great anticipation as Nick’s fingers maneuvered their way professionally through her panties and began rubbing her clit, massaging it.

Brian looked around carefully and observed the girls on the stage once again, but they had changed routines, now five girls dressed in black lingerie moved around the stage captivating the audience. He turned back to Katie’s head as it fell back and her eyes closed, Nick was concentrating sternly and furiously rubbing her clit with his thumb as one his index finger pushed in and out of her.

“Mmmmm,” a soft moan escaped Katie lips and she stroked Brian’s cock more aggressively through his trousers.

Brian was feeling the pressure build as Katie continued rubbing her hand against his hard throbbing sex. His orgasm was building and Katie sensed his tension and stopped.

“No, cumming for you right now,” she turned whispering to him. Nick’s fingers continued to expertly press her sexual buttons and Katie took both hands and pressed down against Nick’s digits.

“Right there Nick, I’m so close,” she whispered towards Nick.

He stared into her eyes and pressed his hand against her and continued his manipulation of her clit, her warm hands helping to guide him to the correct spots to aid her orgasm.

Brian pulled his eyes away from the steamy table show and back to the girls on stage. All twelve girls were marching back on stage and banging chairs and props around loudly and Brian turned back to Katie. He could tell her orgasm was building and he felt a strong twinge of jealousy, he wished it was his fingers and he wished he could cum.

“Mmmmm,” Katie moan once again escaped her lips unnoticed as the performers pounded around the stage. “Yes, Nick, there. I’m cumming.”

Katie’s hands pressed against Nick’s and Brian watched as her blue skirt inched higher and higher, her black and blue lingerie exposed completely to allow for the impending orgasm.

Katie came off her orgasmic high after several seconds and regained her composer. Nick’s hand had retreated to the table and he was taking a sip of his Jack & Coke.

Katie pulled her dress down carefully and glanced around to the other tables. No one had noticed, the tables were small enough and the three of them sat closely together, perfect for such intimate encounters.

“Would you like some attention, as well?” Katie asked Nick placing her left hand on his crotch. “I’ll take it by the size of your dick: yes?”

Nick smiled but did not respond. Brian peered carefully as he could see her hand maneuvering beneath the tablecloth and out of his view.

Katie unzipped his pants reached around for several seconds snaking through the confusion of his boxer shorts before finally finding the happy opening containing his cock’s eventual means of escape.

She pulled it out exposing it to the cool air of the theater and began to stroke it intensely.

“Does it feel good?” She asked.

“Yes,” he said trying to take a sip of his drink.

“I can’t wait for you to stick this in me again,” she winked and stroked him at the same time.

Nick said nothing and only stared intently back at Katie.

“Brian, I bet you wish this was you right now, huh?” She suddenly asked in Brian’s direction.

“Of course I do.”

Brian was continuing to strain against the confines of his pants and his frustrations were mounting. He desperately wanted to reach down and provide himself the satisfaction that Katie had so obviously denied him.

“Nick, I don’t want you to cum yet. I want to make sure that you have plenty of staying power tonight,” Katie said as the movement beneath the table began to slow and Nick’s face relaxed. The tension of the pending orgasm subsided.

“You’ve gotten me pretty worked up already,” he said taking twirling his glass on the table.

“Well, that was the idea.”

The show was nearing the end and Krista the waitress returned with the bill and Katie slid it to Brian.

“Thanks for the great evening, baby. Are you ready to come upstairs and enjoy the real entertainment for the night?”

Brian took the bill and smiled at her joke.

“Of course,” he signed the receipt and waited as the lights slowly began to rise and bustle of people to the exits signaled the end of the performance.

He watched as Katie stood up, smoothing her dress as she slid out from behind the table and towards Nick. She took his hand and they walked towards the door together. Brian put the receipt into his coat pocket and followed them into the bustle of the casino.

A Taste of the Future

The three of them entered the room and Katie turned her attention to Brian.

“Go get my blue and black stockings and suspenders from the drawer,” she said while Nick held her around the waist.

Brian made his way through the living room area to the bedroom and found the matching blue and black suspenders and stockings. He turned his head slowly and saw Nick slip her blue Chanel dress down her legs, exposing her exquisite body to the light of the room. He returned to the room several seconds later handing the lingerie garments to Katie.

Katie stood in her lingerie and leaned her back against Nick’s body facing Brian.

“Help me,” she said putting the first of the stocks on her right foot.

Brian complied, rolling the long sensuous material up her leg and over her knee. He proceeded to the next foot and repeated the task. As he finished she pulled her panties off and handed them to Brian while snapping the suspenders into place and hooking them to the stockings, before slipping the panties back on.

She ran her hand down Nick’s thigh and looked into Brian’s eyes.

“How do I look, husband?”

“Good enough to eat,” he said.

“Be careful what you wish for, I was thinking the same thing, but take your clothes off.”

Brian hesitantly looked around as if an unknown group of people would suddenly appear before pulling his suit jacket and tie off. It felt like an eternity as he undressed, he had resented this the other night and wasn’t looking forward to this scenario again, while thrilling it was also exceptionally humiliating.

“You enjoy this humiliation, dear.”

Nick was kissing on her neck as she muttered those words towards Brian.

“What do you think Nick, do I look good enough to eat?”

“Yes, you look incredible in that outfit.”

“Come here,” she looked at Brian pointing at her feet.

Brian walked towards her fully nude and she kissed him once on the lips.

“You know what to do,” she said pushing him onto his knees.

Brian lowered himself down and was soon inches from her radiating pussy; he could smell her arousal and sense her tension. No matter what she would say later, he knew this attention from multiple men was astonishingly arousing to her. She might comment on her uneasiness with the domination-aspect, but she wouldn’t be able to hide her true feelings on the showering of sexual attention.

Brian looked back up to Katie’s eyes from his subservient position and she rolled her neck as Nick’s mouth consumed her sweet smelling neck.

He leaned forward and nibbled through her panties on her clit and she bucked her hips towards his mouth. Her hands forced his mouth against her wet throbbing clit as the two men engrossed themselves in her pleasure.

“Pull your panties to your knees,” Nick finally broke the silence engulfing the room.

Katie opened her eyes and looked down at Brian’s head. Brian looked up and met her gaze and she nodded to him softly.

Brian slowly pulled the black sheer panties down, the soft skin beneath them revealed itself, he stopped the panties on her thighs and they rested against the black and blue stockings.

“Get your phone, I want a few photos,” Katie turned carefully, her panties on her thighs, and kissed Nick fully on the month.

Brian stood and walked to his suit coat and pulled his phone out, turned and snapped three photos in quick succession.

Katie turned and smiled in the last one and Brian nearly had a heart attack. How amazingly beautiful, he thought.

He returned to his knees beneath Katie, her ass inches from his mouth and he kissed her gently. He thought he could hear her whispering quietly in Nick’s ear but he wasn’t certain and definitely couldn’t make out any of the words.

Nick spun Katie around quickly and she looked down to Brian’s face, saying nothing.

“Bend over,” Nick said into Katie’s ear loud enough for Brian to hear.

Katie responded to his requested and pushed Brian backwards so her face would be directly with his as she bent over at her lover’s request.

She stared passionately into Brian’s eyes and kissed him.

“He wanted to spank me so badly he said he couldn’t wait until he was fucking me, he had to spank me now.”

Brian’s breathing increased and his cock throbbed even more as the words left her mouth.

“Do you want a spanking?”

“Yes, very much, I’ve been quite naughty since I’ve been in Las Vegas don’t you think”

“Yes,” Brian replied.

Nick’s hand came down without warning and the smack reverberated throughout the suite.

“Uhh!” Katie cried out directly into Brian’s face. “I’ve been very naughty.”

His hand smacked down against her bare ass several more times, each time her panties inching down her thighs towards the knees.

“Ahh! Yes!” She said as a final blow landed and startled her, she obviously thought he had finished.

Katie erected herself slowly and Nick’s head appeared above her left shoulder, peering down at Brian.

“You’ve really worked me up tonight, Katie.”

“Yeh? Good, I hope that means a good time for me. Gosh, my ass is so hot, but I deserved a few of those.”

“Yes you did.”

Katie walked towards Brian’s face and pulled his face into her clit.

“Use your tongue, I want to cum,” she told Brian.

Katie reached around and pulled Nick towards her back.

“Fuck me at the same time, I really need to cum again.” Katie sounded anxiously horny; Brian knew that tone of voice.

Nick pulled her chest against his, quickly unrolled a condom onto his member and allowed Katie to guide his cock into her. The warmth filling her pussy made Katie shudder slightly. She looked down at Brian and returned her two hands to his head as Nick concentrated on fucking her.

“Uhhhhh, that feels so amazing,” she looked down at Brian. “Yes! Don’t let your tongue slip, Brian.”

Brian’s eyes darted up to meet hers, half terror half confusion.

“Don’t lick his cock,” she mouthed guiding his tongue against her swollen clit.

Nick thrust his cock deeply inside her and Brian could feel their movements begin to synchronize as she continued to guide his mouth.

“God this is awesome!” Katie kept her left hand on Brian’s head and brought her right hand behind Nick’s head grabbing his hair.

She tensed up and Brian licked and bit her clit furiously and Katie began to verbalize her excitement without restraint.

“Yes! I’m cumming!”

Katie pushed against Brian’s head and began shaking, her sex pulsating against his mouth as muscles simultaneously encircled Nick’s cock consuming her excited pussy.

“Oh my god, that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had,” she turned and kissed Nick, her tongue snaking past his teeth and ensnaring his tongue.

She turned her attention back to Brian.

“You, too, were amazing,” she gave him the same passionate kiss.

“Are you ready to cum now, Nick?” Katie asked as she stood back up.

“Yea, I’m definitely ready to cum.”

She pulled her panties back up and walked, in her full lingerie and stockings towards the bedroom. The scene of her leading Nick to the bed was one that burned into Brian’s memory.

She lay down on her stomach and turned her head to face him as he kneeled on his knees behind her.

“What do you want?”

“I’d love to fuck your ass, if it’d be okay.”

Katie thought for a moment responded.

“Okay, use this,” she reached over to the dresser and pulled out a small bottle of lube from a nondescript bottle.

Katie looked over to Brian and motioned for him to enter the room; he complied and went to sit on a chair near the bed. She eyed Brian as he made his way to the chair, finally sitting.

“No, Nick,” she said looking directly at Brian. “Not with the condom, I know you’re clean. Anal isn’t exactly my favorite, but especially with a condom.”

Brian’s mouth became dry as they stared at one another.

“Fuck my ass with your bare cock,” Katie said as she reached back and moved the material of her panties away from her ass, giving him perfect view of the target.

“You want that don’t you Brian?” She asked suddenly to him.


Nick squirted some of the liquid directly onto her ass and rubbed it in and did the same with his cock, slowly he pushed the head against the tight seemingly impenetrable location.

Katie winced as the large cock began to push into her, the head expanding and relentlessly moving inside her. She relaxed and breathed allowing the penetration. It felt good, but it also could be very painful. She decided to focus her hand’s attention on her clit, try to move herself to another orgasm.

As she rubbed against her clit and Nick pushed her hips down against his still penetrating member, Katie looked to Brian. She was curious what his face told her: it was a combination of awe and tension. His hand was near his never-ending erection, but never touching it. She was impressed with his self control.

“Uhhh!” She gasped loudly as Nick pushed ever deeper into her ass, her hand rubbing furiously onto her clit. “Yes, fuck it. Fuck my ass.”

Nick’s hand slapped the panties covering her left check, her right cheek exposed so he could gain the necessary access to her ass.

“Yes!” She responded to another spanking.

Brian’s mind was swimming again, what an incredible sight.

“I’m going to cum soon; your ass is so tight.” Nick whispered, almost to no one.

“Yes, cum baby!”

He thrust again and again against her ass and Brian could hear his balls each time against her skin.

“Where do you want me to cum?”

“On my panties, right on my pussy. You’ll enjoy that,” she managed to answer as he pounded her ass again.

He pulled out of her quickly and kept jerking himself.

“Turn over,” he told Katie.

Katie gingerly complied, replacing her panties and laying onto her back. Nick leaned over her torso and began jerking his orgasm onto the blue embroidered panties, some of the cum hitting the suspenders and stockings.

“Ohhhh, that was a lot,” she whispered to him and kissed him deeply on the mouth.

“Yea, you really got me worked up tonight. God you were amazing, you look so hot.”

“Thanks,” she said smiling.

Nick laid down to Katie’s left and he opened his right arm for her to rest against his chest and shoulder. Katie complied and looked over at Brian.

“Do you think this will ruin such a great outfit, cuck?”

Brian didn’t respond but merely waited for her to continue.

“Did you tell Nick what you did when he left the other night or when I came back from the pool?”

“No,” he replied stoically.

“Should I tell him?”

Brian’s face was beginning to turn red as Katie tried to judge the reactions showing on his face. Brian stared back at her and Katie’s eyes narrowed.

“Brian’s fantasy involves eating cum, too,” Katie turned her head to face Nick. “He did that the other night and after the pool with the condom, all of that is part of his fantasy.”

Nick said nothing for several seconds, and looked at Brian and back to Katie’s eyes still locked onto him.

“Really? It’s a good thing that I am clean, otherwise what difference would that have made before tonight?”

“That was a risk my husband was willing to make, his fantasy wouldn’t have been complete without it.”

“Do you like it?” He asked Brian directly.

“No, he hates it, but he likes that I make him do it,” Katie answered for him.

“My ex-girlfriend used a dildo on me a few times, she seemed to like. I didn’t really care for it, but I guess you do some odd things for the person you love,” Nick said.

“Yea, I’d say we would all agree on that.” Brian responded from the chair.

“And, I’ve done that with Brian before. I think he liked it, he likes when I make him do things” her voice trailed off.

Brian said nothing and hoped the silence would end quickly.

“Come on, come clean me up. This was a very good lingerie set, I’m sure you don’t want it ruined. Hurry up,” Katie pointed to the spots of cum on the panties and stockings.

Brian stood, naked and walked to the bed and Katie stroked his cock slowly.

“Would you like to cum, too, husband?”

“Yes,” he said barely loud enough for Katie to hear.

It took only another minute before Brian’s cock throbbed and his body grew tense as his orgasm culminated sending his cum landing on to Katie’s lingerie.

“Uhhhh,” Brian moaned softly as Katie had teased him forever, or at least it felt that way to him.

“Mmm, that actually felt pretty good,” Katie said looking at Brian from the bed. “Now, clean up my panties, please. This is nice lingerie and I don’t want to ruin it.”

Katie released Brian’s cock from her hand, and she rested her head back onto Nick’s shoulder as they lay on the bed.

“Here,” Katie pointed down to a large wet spot on her panties.

Brian leaned over the bed and got onto his knees as he proceeded to lick up the various areas on her panties. His tongue working its way over the course sheer fabric, the raised blue embroidered designs scratching his tongue and delivering the tangy liquid as he made his way across the panties.

“Mmm, that feels good,” Katie said stroking Brian’s hair.

“Hand me the phone,” Katie whispered quietly to Nick.

Nick moved carefully to adjust himself and grabbed Katie’s phone resting on the nightstand in her purse. He handed it to her and she flipped the switch on her iPhone to silent ensuring that the camera wouldn’t click when she took a photo.

As Brian continued to move from one wet spot to the next along Katie’s lingerie, Katie and Nick peered down at his head. Katie took several photos and handed the phone back to Nick who stealthily placed the phone back into her purse.

“Thanks,” she mouthed to Nick.

Nick nodded in response.

Katie returned her gaze to Brian who had continued to find the various areas of her soiled lingerie and had attempted to clean them, one by one.

“Enjoying this task, sweet heart?” Katie’s hands were still running through his hair.

“Yes,” Brian replied.

“Good, you’ve done a good job, I think they’re clean now,” Katie said as she rubbed the lingerie fabric between her fingers.

Brian looked up at her and kissed her softly on her thigh.

“I love you, baby” Katie said looking down to him.

“I love you too,” he replied.

Brian rested his head against Katie’s thigh, her hand still stroking his hair as she lay in the bed with Nick.

“It’s nearly your birthday,” Katie said to Brian looking at the clock: 11:43pm. “Happy almost-birthday.”

“Thanks,” Brian replied.

“I should get going,” Nick said standing up and kissing Katie as he did.

“I’ll call you in the morning,” Katie replied to Nick.

Nick got dressed and thanked them for the great evening.

“See you tomorrow,” Katie replied to his good-bye while lying on the bed still in her lingerie.

Nick closed the door behind him and Katie looked down at Brian, his head still on her thigh, quite exhausted.

“How do you feel, baby?”

“Good, this was another crazy night.”

“I know, but exciting.”

“I need to take a shower, want to join me?” Brian asked.

“Of course, help me get all this stuff off, I don’t want to mess it up,” she said starting to unbutton her suspenders and remove her panties.

Brian walked to bathroom and turned the shower on and Katie joined him moments later.

It had been a great evening and he wondered what Katie actually planned for his birthday as he watched her lathering her body and rinsing off.

He leaned over and kissed her passionately on the lips.

“I love you so much, this is so incredible,” he told her.

“Thank you, baby. I’m glad you are having fun,” she replied and kissed his cheek.

Birthday tease

Brian rolled out of bed and glanced over at Katie and the clock on the bedside table: 7:44am. She was still sleeping soundly, her long tan leg sticking out from under the sheet. He followed it up to her waist before it disappeared again under the sheet.

“Hmm,” he said quietly to himself, “how unfortunate.”

He pulled a t-shirt over his head and walked to the door leading to the hallway, opened it and thankfully found his coffee had arrived without incident.

He sat down on the couch enjoying his caffeine routine and turned the television to CNBC and hit the mute button.

Katie rose from bed a few hours later and found Brian now sitting at the table, looking through emails on his laptop. A half cup of coffee sitting nearby, she sat down at the chair nearest the coffee cup.

“Why is it way over here?” Katie asked.

“I have a fear of accidently knocking it over,” he looked up from the computer and smiled. “Is that okay?”

“Yes, just curious.”

Katie leaned over and kissed Brian passionately, her left handed pressed against his cheek.

“Happy Birthday. Have you been enjoying your vacation?”

“Thank you, and yes I’ve been enjoying it.”

“Good, because that was certainly the point of all of this.”

“I’m sure it was, otherwise I went out on a limb for no reason,” Brian laughed and took a sip of the coffee still sitting in front of her.

“You know I still have a few surprises?”

“Yes, so I’ve been told,” he replied.

“I want to show you my outfit for tonight; I think you’ll like it.”

Katie stood up suddenly and walked back into the bedroom, reappearing several minutes later with a dress and an assortment of lingerie and black heels.

“What do you think?” She asked handing Brian the shoes.

“Lovely, Christian Louboutin’s?”

“Of course,” she replied.

“And what do you think of the dress?” She held it up to her body and posed. It was looser than her other dresses and flowing with straps over the shoulders stopping just above the knees.

“Very cute, I like it as well.”

“I wanted to get something that didn’t require a thong, because I picked out the perfect lingerie.” She handed him the bra and panties and laid the dress back on the couch opposite of them.

“These are the Francois,” Katie said observing Brian’s reaction. “They are your favorite at Agent Provocateur, right?”

Brian looked up and smiled at his wife.

“Yes, they are. You have been a little sneaky on my laptop, huh?”

“Mmm-hmm, I’m sorry. It was really only to confirm a few things, including to determine what your favorite lingerie set would be. If this plan worked it was supposed to happen tonight. As it turned out, rather amazingly, it’s happened several times. I never-ever planned on meeting a guy on an airplane. In fact, I was pretty sure this task would be nearly impossible. I’ve slept with only three guys, including you, and I still can’t believe that I was comfortable enough with this guy.”

She stopped talking as Brian held the lingerie listening to her words.

He snorted quietly as he looked up at Katie, “I know, I certainly didn’t expect this. You might have been able to judge that on my face when we showed up at the hotel on Thursday afternoon.”

“Ha! Yes,” she smiled.

“But, you’ve loved it right?” She was suddenly a little more serious and her voice conveyed that tone.

“Absolutely, I’d die if this ever got out at home and I’d deny it to my death. But, this has been an incredible few days. I may not be able to tell you that in proper words, ever. So please accept my answer now as it is.”

“I will,” she replied leaning over and kissing him again. Her hand reached down carefully between Brian’s legs and she grabbed harshly at his cock.

“Mmm,” he responded to her touch, his hands still grasping the lingerie.

“You deserve a little bit of satisfaction, but not without some teasing,” she said softly.

“Are you going to let me cum?”

“Perhaps, if you are good,” she stroked his cock through his shorts. “I want to tell you about tonight.”

Brian’s breathing quickened and her hand continued rubbing the hard member through the confines of his shorts.

“You like that, don’t you?” She asked through his heightened arousal.

“Yes,” he muttered under his breath and his eyes closed.

“Tonight is your real birthday present, the last few days, while a lot of fun won’t be like tonight.” She let the words hang for several seconds while continuously stroking him.

“How will…it…be different,” he managed to speak.

“What is your fantasy? What is it you want to be?” She said, obviously teasing him.

“What?” He whispered and his eyes opened.

“Say it.”

“Cuck…old…that’s what it is,” his voice still lowered.

“You can’t even say it properly; you can barely speak the words can you?” She was pushing him to confront his feelings.

“Yes, it is hard.”

“I know, but that’s what you want, right husband? You want to be my cuckold tonight?”

“Yes,” his eyes opened again and stared into her beautiful brown eyes. Her long hair tucked carefully behind each ear. She smiled.

“Are you sure you really want to be my cuckold?” She grabbed his cock harder as the words left her mouth.

“Yes, I’m sure.”

“Then you will act as a cuckold, won’t you?”

“Yes, I will.”

“That means you have to help me get ready tonight?” She leaned over and whispered to him.

Brian nodded.

“And that you will shave me? I can’t go out with my pussy like this, can I?” She stopped stroking him and stuck his left hand into her pajama shorts. “He wouldn’t like that hair, would he?”

“No,” Brian muttered again.

“So, you will take care of that and help me dress and get ready, won’t you Cuck?”

Brian nodded.

“You won’t be coming to dinner tonight,” Katie stated coldly, again letting the words fester for several moments.

“Why?” Brian asked, his eyes opening.

“Because, that’s not how this works, husband. You will stay here tonight and wait to us to come back. If you can leave to eat dinner or hang out, but will you really be hungry?”

“No,” he replied.

“I didn’t think so,” Katie replied as she got down onto her knees between her husband’s legs and looked up into his eyes. “But, when I call you, I want you back in the room. Do you want to be in the room when we come back, right?”

“Yes,” he looked down at her intensely, hoping she would release his cock and perhaps some of his pent up frustration.

“Good, because it will be fun,” she looked back down at his shorts and pulled out the rock-hard erection.

Brian stroked Katie’s long hair and was glad that his cock was finally released from his shorts; the strain had started to kill him.

Katie’s tongue ran over outside of his cock, teasing the sensitive vain running up to the tip. Brian pulled back slightly and his head rocked backwards against the couch.

“Mmm,” he moaned quietly.

“You like when I lick your dick?”

“Yes, baby.”

Katie opened her mouth and consumed the length of his shaft within her warm, wet mouth. She bobbed her head up and down and lightly caressed his balls before stroking and sucking at his cock simultaneously.

“Mmm, Katie, that feels so great.”

She stopped and grabbed his balls again and licked one.

“Even though there is less dick to suck than Nick?” She asked.

Brian looked down at her quickly and her head was resting on his left thigh, she was licking at the shaft of his cock randomly without much enthusiasm. Her eyes were staring a hole into the back of his head and she smiled.

“Right? I don’t have as much to suck, do I?” Her eyes wouldn’t leave Brian’s and his cock throbbed against her right hand as his dick answered her question for her.

“No,” he finally managed to respond. “My dick isn’t as big as his.”

“I know. And you like that your cock is smaller, don’t you?”

“Yes, it feels unbelievable good.”

“I know I’m good at this, but you didn’t tell me if you like that your dick is smaller…” her sentence trailed off as his cock throbbed again and she took it into her mouth and sucked for several seconds. “You love that you’re dick is smaller and Nick’s is bigger. You want to see his dick in my mouth again?”

“Yes,” he gasped out as her mouth went down against his crotch again. “I want to see your mouth on…him…again.”

“You will,” she said looking down at his crotch and stopping momentarily.

She alternated sucking and jerking him for several minutes, teasing him unmercifully while she verbal taunted him with various comments about his dick being smaller and wanting to feel Nick’s cock again as soon as possible.

“Uhh, I’m close to cumming, baby,” Brian said, for third time in two minutes.

“Cum in my mouth, this is the first of my birthday presents.”

Brian’s hands reached behind her head and forced her head down as his hips moved forward. Katie reacted as quickly as possible, running her tongue up and around his cock as he pushed down on her head. Within seconds she could feel the pulsation of his cock, it throbbed, tensed and then she tasted the first bit of cum against her tongue.

“Hmmpphhh,” was all Brian was able to verbalize.

The cum spurted out against her mouth and throat while Katie continued pumping the cock for all the remaining remnants of cum. She swallowed quickly and looked up to Brian, wiping her mouth with her index finger.

“Did you enjoy your tease?”

“Yes, it was great.” Brian responded and his fell back against the couch cushion.

“Don’t want to back out of your present now do you? I know you’ve been very willing the last few days, but maybe you’ve changed your mind, especially after such a wonderful orgasm,” she looked intently at Brian’s face for any signs of disapproval.

“No,” Brian stroked her face. “I have not changed my mind. I feel a little post-orgasm relaxation but I haven’t changed my thoughts on this. My thoughts regarding this fantasy have never changed. I know some fantasies are like that, this isn’t. That’s how I know how serious I am about it.”

“Alright, I just wanted to make sure. I love you very much and have tried desperately to make this fantasy work for you and for me. Tonight you’ll have to sit here tormented and frustrated the way you described in your original confessions to me.”

“Yea, I know.”

“Yup, just make sure you have your phone with you.” Katie rose up and kissed him deeply on the mouth. “I love you very much sweetheart,” she said pulling away.

“I love you, too.”

Katie stood up and walked towards the bedroom.

“Hurry up and finish your coffee so we can go swimming and hang out, enjoy the beautiful weather.”

“Alright, I’m coming.”

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