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What Happens in Vegas, Part 4 - Final

Dog-day Afternoon

Katie snapped the waist on her bikini bottoms and turned to kiss Brian as they stood in the elevator. The 40-ish aged man in front of them turned to face them, his forehead wrinkled and eyebrows raised.

“Ha, sorry, my friend here gets all excited when he sees me in this bikini,” she said in mock surprise, raising her short white skirt exposing her blue and white polka dot bikini.

The man smiled and looked at the both of them before returning to face the front of the elevator.

“He looks a little cute after he smiles, he was a little serious at first don’t you think?” Katie whispered in Brian’s ear.

Brian only nodded his head and pinched her ass through the skirt and bikini.

“Hmmmpf,” she tried to muffle her scream but the man still turned around again.

“Do you think you can contain yourself while in the elevator?” The stranger asked rather seriously.

“Don’t you wish you could pinch my ass?” Katie quipped.

“Actually, yes,” he replied ashamed to look to Brian.

“Well, unfortunately for you, my ass is for him.”

The elevator stopped at the ground floor and they all walked out, Mike the Casino Host appeared from nowhere and headed for Katie and Brian.

“How is the stay Mr. & Mrs. Rogers?”

The elevator man turned back to admire Katie’s legs, she caught his glance and smiled.

“You wish,” she mouthed to the man.

Brian looked over at Katie confused by her mouthing while Mike continued speaking to him.

“Mike everything has been great, we’ve had a wonderful weekend.”

“Glad to hear it. Mrs. Rogers, did I see correctly you had a reservation for 8pm at Lagassi?”

“Yes, Mike.”

“I’ll make sure that everything is prepared per your instructions.”

“Can you also make sure we have a cabana at the pool? We were on our way out there now, but I forgot to call,” Katie said.

“Yes, m’am. I’ll take care of it.”

Mike shook their hands and walked away quickly, dialing his cell phone at the same time.

“Instructions for dinner?” Brian asked as they walked through the casino and towards the pool area.

“Oh, not everything is on a need-to-know-basis I guess. I asked for a secluded booth, perhaps so I could be naughty?” She said with a mock tone.

“Ha, now I see,” Brian replied.

They arrived at the pool and were greeted by one pool attendants who showed them to their cabana. They ordered drinks and sat around relaxing and talking.

Brian was reading a stock report on his iPad when he saw Katie’s legs moving in his peripheral vision and drew his attention.

“Mmmm, hello, sweetheart,” Katie was standing up smiling beneath her Gucci sunglasses, her bikini shimmering suddenly in the sunlight.

Nick had appeared quickly within the cabana and Katie kissed his cheeks.

“Hey,” he replied kissing her cheek. “Happy birthday, Brian,” he turned to Brian shaking his hand.

“Yea, thanks,” Brian replied.

“Really, this weekend has been fantastic. I really can’t thank you enough for everything. The room, food, shows,” he trailed off looking at Brian and Katie.

“Hey,” Brian interceded quickly, “we know. And it’s our pleasure, really. Not a problem.”

“Yes, Nick. Our pleasure,” Katie smirked again and pushed her sunglasses down her nose, exposing her brown eyes.

They all laughed a little at the joke and the waitress appeared again in the cabana to take another drink order.

“So, I have reservations for us tonight at Lagassi,” Katie said sipping her drink and staring at Nick through her sunglasses.

“Sure, I’ve heard that place is awesome.”

“That’s what I heard, too.”

“So what time?”

“8:00, so pick me up at our suite…7:15?” Katie said questionably to Brian.

“Sure,” Brian replied, his legs crossed holding his iPad.

“Brian is really going to enjoy his birthday present,” Katie said looking at Nick and then Brian.

“I hope so,” Brian replied.

“Katie told me she had some special stuff planned,” Nick said looking over to Brian.

“Should I be nervous?” Brian asked him.

“I don’t think so…but she hasn’t told me what. Only that it is a surprise.”

“Maybe you should excuse us now, baby. Why don’t you go relax and have a drink, I’ll meet you up in the room later.”

Brian sat for a second before responding. “Sure, I’ll see you upstairs,” he said as he rose and collected his stuff and put his shoes on.

“It’s okay, baby. It’s all for your birthday, you can’t know everything.”

Brian didn’t respond as he put his backpack over his shoulder.

“Alright, I love you. Nick, see y’all later” he nodded.

Brian walked away towards the pool bar, leaving the lovers in the shaded comfort of the cabana.

He sat down at the bar, and tried to position himself comfortably to at least attempt to observe Katie and Nick inside the cabana.

Katie peered over Nick’s shoulder spotting Brian, distantly watching them from the bar.

“He’s watching us from the bar,” she said staring through her sunglasses at Brian while talking to Nick.

“Is there something wrong?” Nick asked.

“No, no. He’s just very curious what I had in mind for his surprise.”

“Oh, yeh. That makes sense. So, what’s the surprise, you said the same thing to me.”

“Well, tonight will be his true fantasy experience. He’s done quite a bit of fantasy up until now, but this will be the ultimate for him. I want it to be perfect; it’s the OCD in me.”

“Sure, what do we need to do? What does he want?”

“He wants the absolute Cuckold-Fantasy. Essentially you take me out alone, he stays in the suite, we come home and have sex, you cum in my pussy and he makes me cum by going down on me.” Katie was factual about the fantasy and said it without much emotion.

“Okay, so what do I need to do?”

“Nothing, just roll with the situation. Do you have a problem with fucking me and cumming in me?” She laughed and took a sip of her drink.

“No, of course not. Geez, it’s been hard not to do the last few days. You’re on birth-control, right? So what would be the problem?”

“Nothing, no problem. It’s what I prefer anyway. But, you watched him last night that was very much moving towards his fantasy. Licking cum off my panties in front of you was a huge step. I know him well, and despite what he feels about this fantasy there is no way that he would go down on me after tonight unless I was able to get him to do what he did last night.”

“Yea, I guess I see how that would be the situation.”

“So, tonight you need to know now that I will push his limits, push his fantasy to the extreme. He wants to watch me get fucked and eat my pussy? He’ll eat my pussy the way you leave it. And I’ll make him uncomfortable in the process, that’s what he wants anyway. Are you cool with him being more intimate?”

“How intimate? What do I have to do? I’m not really sure he wants any guy-guy action.”

“Ha! No, Nick. I mean more intimate with me, I’m going to push him. I know he’d be alright with a male-male-female threesome. I want to push that, is that a problem for you? I need to know now so I don’t make you or him uncomfortable.”

“No, it’s alright. So you want both of us at the same time?” He asked, sipping his drink nervously.

“Maybe, we’ll see what happens.”

She stood up; her blue and white polka dot bikini exposed itself to the sunlight protruding into the cabana. Katie again spied Brian from a distance, smiling she bent down grabbed Nick’s cock and kissed him fully on the mouth. They embraced for several seconds and she turned to pick up her phone. She texted Brian:

“Naughty boy, spying. Get to the room and behave. I’ll see you in a little while.”

Brian looked up to their direction and saw his wife’s darling face smiling back at him. He smirked, signed the receipt in front of him and picked up his backpack. Apparently, she wins this round, he thought.

He pulled the door open leading the casino and walked in to the cool air-conditioning, leaving the lovers behind.


The door to the suite slammed shut loudly, Brian turned towards the door from his spot on a chair near the window. Katie stood there in her cute white dress and top, her sunglasses perched on her head, holding her hair back.

“Hi, sorry” she said softly realizing Brian was on holding his phone and speaking through his Bluetooth.

“Yes, thank for you the birthday wishes. We’re having a great time…yes; we have some plans for tonight. I’m told something special,” Brian looked over to his wife and smiled as he said “surprise”.

Katie walked to Brian and grabbed his phone and put it to her ear.

“Hey Joan,” she looked up to her husband. She had already surmised that he was speaking to his parents. “Yes, I’m taking care of him on his nearly 30 th birthday. Only 365 more days now,” she grabbed Brian’s hand as she teased about his birthday.

“Well, I got him a few things for his birthday: some artwork,” she smirked to Brian when she said artwork – more like sexy lingerie photos -, “another present that I still haven’t given him and his big surprise present he gets tonight.”

“Yes, Mom I think she’s a very good wife as well,” Brian said shaking his head.

“Well, Joan, it’s hard to come up with good presents for him. I always have to come up with original ideas.”

Katie pushed Brian gently back onto his chair and sat in his lap.

“Yes, Joan. Of course I’ll take care of him.”

Katie’s skirt had moved up her thighs and her bikini bottoms were now rubbing slowly against Brian’s crotch. Brian looked down at his shorts suddenly feeling the motion and softness of her bikini against him had caused him to become quite aroused.

“You are so dirty,” she mouthed to Brian turning her head to face him.

Brian relented to his frustrations and allowed Katie to rub against him without objection.

“Alright, well Brian and I love you and we’ll see y’all next month in Florida.”

Brian squirmed under her waist as she finally ended the phone call.

“Jesus!” Brian exhaled as she finally hit the End button on his iPhone. “You’re killing me.”

She laughed and kissed his cheek.

“I know I am, don’t worry it gets worse,” she replied.

“I don’t see how.”

“I’m sure you don’t. Relax and have a drink, it is your birthday. I’m going to take a bath; I’ll call you when I need you.” She leaned down and whispered again into his ear: “You need to shave me right?”

Katie’s voice tickled his ear and he closed his eyes.

“Of course, whatever you want sweetheart.”

“Yes, it’s what I want,” Katie said standing up, dropping her skirt and walking into the bedroom. Her cute blue and white polka-dot bikini ass shaking as she turned and winked.

“Do you like my polka-dots?” She asked starting to remove her top and put it on the floor by a bath towel.

“Uh, yes they’re lovely.”

Katie disappeared from view, her nude body made its way towards the bathroom and he heard the rushing sound of the water running into the bathtub.

Brian poured a drink from the bar, sat down on the couch and tried to be distracted with the television. But alas there was nothing worth watching and he turned the TV off and listened for any sounds coming from the bathroom.

He sat quietly listening for almost half an hour before he heard Katie’s voice echoing off the walls of the bathroom towards the couch.

“Brian, can you come in here?”

“Yea, I’ll be right there,” Brian replied placing his drink onto the side table near the couch.

“Thank you, oh, and take off all your clothes.”

Brian paused; he was already making his way towards the bathroom when he heard the last request.

“Okay, naked?”

“Yes, for now.” came the quick response.

Brian complied with her request and striped of his clothing and entered the bathroom, but was immediately shocked by his feelings. For some reason this moment felt differently than the last few days, despite everything he had done and witnessed the feeling he had in this bathroom was more tangible and real.

He shook his head slightly and looked down at Katie; her left leg was provocatively resting against the Italian marble surrounding the large tub.

“What?” she asked in her usual sheepish way.

“Nothing, you look truly magnificent.”

“It’s only my leg.”

“Even your leg makes you look magnificent.”

Her right hand rose delicately from the depths of the water and motioned for him to come closer.

“Come here,” she said very quietly, her seductive voice made his naked body shiver. “Put those on,” she said pointing to a pair of black satin bikini panties resting on a towel.

He stood silently for a moment.

“Are you serious? What the hell?” He smiled, trying to laugh.

“Yea, I’m serious. Are you saying you don’t want to wear them for me?”

He looked and Katie at the panties and back to Katie, still searching for words.

“Well…” his voice trailed off and that was all he could think to say.

“I got these just for you, as if you’ve never snooped around my panty drawer at home.”

Katie smiled observing Brian’s face.

“Um, am I supposed to respond to that or is it a rhetorical question?”

“Rhetorical. But true, right?” Her eyebrows rose.

Brian’s face was turning a slight shade of red.

“Yes, I’ll admit it’s an occasional indulgence.”

“Eh, it’s okay. You’re a sucker for cute panties, obviously. Put them on, you’re my little helper tonight.” Katie smiled enjoying his obvious embarrassment.

Brian reached down and pulled the black panties over his ankles, pulling them into place. The material felt foreign to his skin, but the idea of being forced into doing this in front of Katie was even worse.

He wasn’t even sure how she knew about his occasional indulgences with her panties, it had usually happened as a way to indulge his humiliation fantasies, the concept of maybe being caught.

“You do have a cute ass, now kneel there,” Katie said pointing to the towel near the bathtub that had previously held his black panties.

Brian kneeled down and rested his arms against the marbled side of the tub.

“Here,” Katie said handing Brian the shaving cream.

She moved her right leg out of the water and Brian began to spread the gel over her leg.

“That feels so nice; your hands are soft, little helper. Or maybe panty helper? Yes, I think panty helper is a great title.”

Brian smiled at her joke; he was trying not to take her too seriously. He remembered how much she was doing to indulge his fantasies.

“I try.”

Brian began scrapping the razor blade from her ankle to her knee.

“Be careful, get all the little hairs,” she pointed to a tiny clump of little hairs. “I need to be silky smooth tonight.”

Brian shaved the area she pointed to delicately and finished shaving her thigh.

“Is that smooth enough?” He asked.

“Yes, husband. I’m getting closer to being ready. Now let’s shave my left leg now.”

Katie moved her left leg towards Brian and he repeated the same process, carefully and meticulously shaving her leg and thigh. She ran her hands over the smooth skin and gave him an approving smile.

“So, it’s good?” He asked.

“Yes, are you ready for the real test?”

“Sure,” he said very unsure of himself.

Katie rose out of the bathtub, her body dripping with foam and water droplets. She sat down on the tub, her feet resting on the cool marble floor.

“Put a towel down,” she told him pointing at her feet.

Brian quickly slid the towel beneath his knees under her feet.

She spread her legs widely, exposing the soft folds of her sex scantly covered with hair.

“I need my pussy to be exceptionally smooth tonight; I got a nice wax before we came, remember?”

“Yes,” he replied kneeling uncomfortably on the marble.

“But you need to make sure that it’s perfect.”

Brian lathered the shaving gel in his hands and applied it delicately to her pussy, he worried he might hurt her shaving, as there wasn’t a lot of hair there anyway.

“Hand me the razor,” she said sticking her hand out.

He handed it to her and she began shaving the cream away from her sex slowly, and rinsed the blade beneath the bath water.

“Lick, little helper, make sure it’s smooth.”

Her voice was unchanged as though she had just asked him to bring her a glass of water.

Brian knelt down further towards her and licked the exposed strip of skin, his tongue running unhindered over the sensitive area. It tasted tangy, but reminded him of the taste on his tongue when shaving cream got onto his lips.

Katie shaved two additional stripes and was two-thirds of the way across when she stopped again.


He once again complied and found no remnants of hair left behind. He nodded his head and she continued shaving the remaining cream away.

“Lick,” she said one last time and his head knelt down again to inspect her work. “Is it smooth?”

“Yes,” he replied, his mouth still pressed loosely against her naked sex.

“There, lick that cream,” she pointed and then pushed his head towards a dot of shaving cream near her clit. “This isn’t really the cream you want to lick from my pussy is it?”

Brian’s tongue froze and he stopped, momentarily paralyzed by her words. He said nothing and then finished swallowing the small amount still present.

“No,” he said nearly under his breath. His head was still resting against her stomach and she ran her fingers through his hair.

“I know, but I’ve told you I wasn’t sure about letting someone fuck me without a condom. It’s been tough, because I really don’t like condoms.”

Brian didn’t respond and only opened his eyes to still find himself inches from her sex, he desperately restrained from licked her clit. How badly he wanted to do that.

“I know,” he finally managed.

“Tonight, is different,” she stopped short letting the words sear into Brian’s brain. “Tonight Nick’s huge cock is going to fuck me without a condom.”

Brian never responded and she picked his head up to face her.

“You will lick my pussy full of his cum, because that is what you want, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” he said ashamed and attempted to look away.

She turned his head back to face her.

“No, look at me. I know it’s what you want, stop being ashamed in front of me. Shame and humiliation might be what you feel in front of Nick, but not right here in this bathroom with me.”

“Okay, you’re right,” his voice responded with a whispered enthusiasm.

“See, it makes you hard,” she felt his erection through the thin fabric.


“All of this makes you hard: being denied sex, spending insane amounts of money for me and Nick to have fun, watching me have sex with another man,” she squeezed his cock harder and slowly began jerking him through the soft silky fabric.

“Ye-s, yes.”

“See, there’s no need to deny it now. That’s what this is all about, this whole weekend.”

She kissed him passionately on the lips, her still wet body pressed up against him as their bodies entwined.

“Now, go get my bra and panties,” she was factual again and released her hold on his crotch.

Brian looked at her quietly, entranced with the sexual tease of her body; her warm embrace suddenly disappeared - cold. He walked into the room and found the lingerie lying inconspicuously on top of the bed and returned promptly to the bathroom.

Brian handed the lingerie to Katie and she stared back at him and pointed at the bathroom counter.

“Place them there,” she said.

Brian placed the lingerie on the counter and Katie turned to face him, holding her mascara.

“Down on your knees cuck, facing the bathtub away from the counter.”

She pushed him down onto his knees, the soft mat providing some relief for his knees from the marble.

“Head up, mouth open,” she told him standing naked over him. She lifted her left leg around his body and placed her growingly excited sex over his mouth. “Now, be a good panty-boy and lick me while I finish my make up.”

Brian’s mouth and nostrils were consumed with the aroma and taste of her excitement and his cock strained at his silky confines. His tongue darted in and out of her wet lips, nibbling her clit and then moving back towards her tight ass.

Katie put her make up on with little verbal or physical cues for nearly 20 minutes and Brian’s mouth was beginning to ache from the constant activity. Katie felt his mouth begin to slow over the course of the last few minutes.

“Are you tired panty-boy? How will my pussy be excited for Nick if you haven’t properly serviced me before I leave?”

“I’m sorry,” he said stifled by the constraints of her sex consuming his mouth.

“Lick, don’t apologize. Wouldn’t you like me to cum?”

Brian’s mouth feverishly began to lick and suck her pussy, he grabbed her ass and pulled it towards him, nearly suffocating from the force of her body.

“Uh, yes, Cuck that is much better,” she said putting her makeup down and pulling his head closer. “Make me cum, now!”

Brian winced at the sudden command and he felt reenergized to bring her to orgasm.

“Do you want a spanking?”

“No,” he said stopping only briefly to respond.

“Well if you don’t do it soon I’ll have to give you a spanking in front of Nick, would you like that?”

“No,” he said quickly.

“Hurry!” She pulled his head forcefully against her sex and grinded the smooth silky skin against his teeth and mouth. Her throbbing clit rubbed gingerly along his teeth and she moaned loudly. “Mmm, your mouth is amazing. I can’t wait to ride your face again to orgasm tonight.”

She shuttered and her body tensed all over, her muscles convulsed and Brian felt her pussy contract and relax against his mouth, the pulsating muscles filling his mouth and face.

Katie pulled his face away from her sex a few seconds later and looked into his eyes.

“That was a great orgasm, but I haven’t decided if it warrants a spanking. Probably just a little punishment, I’ll leave it as a surprise. Get my panties.”

Brian reached over his head and found the pink and black Chantilly lace panties, they were gorgeous and his cock throbbed agonizingly against his own panties.

“Put them on me,” she said lifting her right leg and then her left.

Brian pulled the panties up and they hugged her waist tightly, the pink lace outlining her soft flesh as he looked longingly at her ass.

“Now my bra,” she said continuing with her eye makeup.

Brian stood and wrapped the bra through her arms and snapped it into place.

“Good, now kneel back down and wait for me to finish getting ready.”

Brian did as she said and waited patiently on his knees by her side. After her hair and makeup were finished she turned around to face Brian.

“So, do I look sexy enough to get Nick to cum in my pussy for you?”

Brian stood staring at her and nodded.

“I’m not sure I’ve ever seen you looking so sexy.”

“Well, to be honest the idea of doing this gets me very excited. It won’t just be fun for you,” she said looking down at the bulge in the black panties. She smiled.

She walked into the bedroom, her cute butt shaking beneath the pink and black lace.

“Hand me my heels, sweetheart.”

Brian found the nude colored Christian Louboutians and kneeled at her feet, placing each one of her foot carefully. She stood up straight and his eyes’ gaze followed the clean outline of her framed legs up to where they ended in a sea of lace.

“Mmm,” he said quietly under his breath.

“Did you say something?” she asked staring down at Brian.

“I just can’t believe this is happening.”

“I know,” she said putting on foot and then the other into her black dress. It slowly began to cover her exquisite lingerie and finally they disappeared all together.

The dress hung down above her knees, but loose enough for her full lace panties to not show any lines.

“What do you want me to do now? What should I do while you’re gone?” Brian asked.

“No masturbating while we’re out, you are to save that cum for later. And if you want to go have dinner or something just don’t go near us.”

“No, I think I’ll stay in. I could use a drink.”

“Yes, I’m sure you could. Because in a few hours I’m not sure your fantasies will be able to match the feelings you’ll have when it actually happens. You’ve watched him fuck me, but not like it will be tonight. Your cream-pie fantasy is the ultimate right? My big-cocked lover with no condom filling me up with his hot cum?”

Katie walked towards him and began stroking him again.

“Hmmmmff,” he grunted.

“I know it is. You are such a panty-boy cuck tonight, I love it.” She smiled and kissed him softly on the lips. “Maybe the next time I feel like spending too much at Nordstrom or Anthropologie I’ll come home, talk dirty about making you my cuck and rub my panties on your nose and you won’t care how much I spent, huh?”

She stopped stroking him nearly as quickly as she started.

Brian managed to release a small laugh at her comment and distract himself from her sudden denial of his sexual release.

“I’m sure that would soften the blow of the bill.”

They walked into the living room area and Katie sat on the couch.

“Will you pour me a drink?”

Brian nodded and noticed the clock on the wall behind the bar said 7:03pm.

“Nick should be here in a few minutes, I’m going to put some clothes on,” Brian said hand her the drink.

“Well, hmmm,” she said as if questioning the statement.

“What?” He asked.

“I suppose, but your punishment for earlier hasn’t been decided. I think perhaps you’ll need to be wearing those panties when we come back after our date. Yes, definitely. When we return I expect you waiting on your knees in those black silk panties.”

Her mouth curved as it emphasized the work cuck. Only days before she had insisted that she despised the word “cuck” and now she was saying it without hesitation.

Brian didn’t respond, too afraid of provoking another possible humiliation task. He hurried to the room and put on a pair of brown dress slacks over his black panties and a blue dress shirt. As he slipped his shoes on he heard a knock on the door and returned peering around over to Katie.

“Answer it,” she said calmly to him motioning to the door.

Brian walked to the door and opened it, finding Nick standing there in his recently purchased suit. He couldn’t help but feel a little bit better that the kid didn’t even have enough money to have more than one suit. He smiled ever faintly and ushered him inside.

They walked into the living room and found Katie sitting eloquently on the couch sipping her drink in absolute calm.

“Hey, baby. Did you have a good afternoon?”

“Yea, I met the guys after we left the pool. We had some drinks and gambled, it was a pretty good time.”

“Would you like a drink, Nick?” Brian asked from the bar.

“No, I’m okay. I’ll wait and have a drink at the restaurant.”

Brian watched them make small-talk for several minutes while he poured himself a drink and strained to hear their conversation but could only make out bits-and-pieces as they talked quietly.

“Alright, we better get to the restaurant. Are you ready Nick?” Katie asked in a louder tone.

“Yea, yea,” Nick replied.

Brian walked out from behind the bar and Katie approached him and kissed him on the cheek.

“I negotiated something else for you, or maybe I mean me. Either way, tonight will be something for you to remember,” she said and gave his crotch a squeeze. “You underwear feels so soft? Silk panties?” She asked a little louder.

Brian’s face began turning red and his cock responded to Katie’s touch.

“Uhh, enjoy dinner,” he said kissing her cheek.

Nick seemed unaware of their conversation and had walked quietly to the door. Katie smiled to her husband and reached her hand out to Nick and they opened the door to the hallway and disappeared out of sight. The door closed and Brian heard the latch click with an impending like unease.

Silence suddenly fell over the room and he took a sip of his drink and walked to the bedroom to get his iPhone.

Perhaps she’ll send some text messages while they’re out?

“Wow, what a day and it’s going to be a long night,” Brian said aloud to himself.

Brian walked outside onto the terrace and sat down at one of the tables and enjoyed his drink, the sounds of the Las Vegas Strip below him hustling with the busied activity of cars and pedestrians making their way from casino to casino.

A hard dinner

Katie and Nick sat at the bar having drinks, talking quietly and occasionally kissing softly when the Matre’D arrived to tell them their table was ready.

They made their way through the restaurant past well dressed couples and groups of girls and guys that looked ready to hit the clubs. Finally they arrived at their booth, slightly secluded from the other patrons.

“How convenient,” Katie whispered in Nick’s ear as the Maitre’D ushered them to sit.

“Is it?” He whispered back to her as they sat.

Katie smiled but did not respond; instead she ordered a drink from the Maitre’d. Nick also ordered a drink and they were left in privacy.

“Yes, it is nice. How else could I tease you and Brian if you we didn’t at least have a little privacy.”

“Ha, I guess. So, what do we do?”

Katie handed him her iPhone.

“Take a picture,” she said lifted her skirt as she faced Nick. Her black and pink lace panties glimmered against the soft lighting over their table.

“Nice panties, Katie they look fantastic. God I can’t wait to feel those in my hand,” he said handing the phone back to her.

“Who’s stopping you?” She took the phone and waited for his hand to snake its way under the tablecloth.

Nick’s fingers brushed the softness of her silky skin through the lace and she pulled his hand closer to her clit as her other hand manipulated the camera on her phone taking a few photos of Nick’s fingers exciting her sex and tracing along her lingerie.

“Mmm, yes, baby,” she whispered towards Nick.

His hand continued to stimulate her as attached the photos to a text message and hit send.

It’s going to be a hard dinner for someone: you, nick? Both? Be good :p luv u

Enjoy the photos…

“MMM,” she said more loudly and the waiter suddenly appeared with their drinks.

“M’am, sir, your drinks,” he said to the couple.

Katie shifted in her seat and Nick looked to the waiter.

“Thank you,” he replied.

Nick leaned over and kissed Katie, her sensual lips wrapping around his in a wet embrace. Katie smiled.

“Should we order? We shouldn’t take too long, should we?” She asked Nick as her hand found its way between Nick’s thighs, finding his hard cock throbbing against his suit pants.

“Yes,” he replied quickly.

A long night [to remember]

Brian was still sitting on the terrace at 9:47, almost two and half hours since Katie and Nick had left the suit for their dinner-date.

He tried desperately not to drive himself completely crazy with anticipation as he sipped his drink. His phone beeped again for the fourth time since they’d left. He looked down at his phone:

Should be back in 30 minutes, be a good boy and get ready. Black panties only, please birthday boy J

“Again? God this teasing is freaking killing me,” he said aloud to himself, his voice faded out by the noise below.

Brian stood and walked back into the suit, sitting down on the couch in the living room for several minutes before finally relenting to the reality that he would have to strip down leaving only the black panties on.

He removed his clothes carefully and placed them on the dresser drawers in the bedroom and returned to the living room. His drink was still sitting half-finished on the side table near the couch, he drank it one large gulp and placed the dirty glass onto the bar counter. With the Liquid Courage gone he sat down on the couch and felt his erection strain, once again, against the soft constraints provided by the silk underwear.

Time seemed to stand still to him: 10:07….10:10….10:12…10:16….

“How long do I have to wait,” he muttered under his breath. His heart rate had returned to the wildly fast palpations of the previous nights, the anticipation, the excitement, the teasing. He thought his heart would explode through his chest.

Well this is what it’s all about right? These unyielding emotional highs, the anxiety and angst

Brian managed a smile remember all of the nights he had thought of this moment, the sexual fantasies that had plunged themselves into his mind, his dreams. With only minutes left before his wife would make it a reality.


He was beginning to sweat, his heart rate was affecting him more greatly now.


Finally there was a faint noise in the hallway and the quiet slipping of the card key into the lock. And like a gunshot the door sprang open.

He could hear Katie and Nick speaking calmly to one another as he sat in silk panties on the couch of a $2,000 a night suite. But he couldn’t see them.

Where were they, what were they doing?

Katie’s black dress was the first object to appear in his sightline to the door, then her body and the familiar sight of Nick’s suit pants. They entered the room and Katie looked over to Brian.

“Hey, husband. Did you have a good evening?”

Brian didn’t respond from his position o the couch; he only glanced with a deeply red face from Nick to Katie.

“No, then? Well we had an excellent dinner, did you see my texts?”

“Yes, I saw them.”

“Didn’t you enjoy them?”


“I know, what a hard dinner for the two of you,” she said looking up to Nick. She kissed him on the mouth and her hand grazed the crotch of his suit pants.

“Yea, very much so,” Nick replied speaking more to Katie than Brian.

“Come on, baby,” Katie pulled Nick’s tie towards her and she walked backwards to the couch.

Katie positioned Nick on the couch next to Brian and she straddled Nick’s body, her dress coming more up her thighs exposing her long sensuous legs.

“Doesn’t he look cute?” Katie asked Nick, her face pressed against his.

They looked down at the black panties Brian was wearing and Katie smiled. Katie’s hand reached down and grabbed the front of the panties.

“Looks as though your cock likes the panties.”

She started jerking him slowly through the panties and returned her attention to Nick’s mouth, she grabbed his mouth with her other hand and kissed him deeply and hard, her tongue exploring every available space it could find.

“My husband loves this,” Katie whispered in Nick’s ear. “Soon, I’ll show you just how much he loves me.”

Brian was straining against the attention his wife’s hand was given him, the sexual tease of the last 12 hours was unbearable.

“Show me, Katie because I can’t wait to pull those panties off and plunge into you,” he replied to her whispers by sticking his hands under her dress and grabbing the lace of her panties forcefully.

“Ewww, yes,” she moaned out. “Cuck, get on your knees behind me, I want you to lick my ass while I play with Nick’s cock.”

Brian was frightened, he really didn’t know what his wife had planned but it was starting now. He snaked off of the couch and positioned himself on his knees just behind Katie.

Brian could feel a knot in his stomach. He slowly leaned his head in just underneath her dress, he could feel Nick’s legs around her body and the feeling was strangely sobering and exciting at the same time.

His tongue maneuvered just around the lace of the bikini and licked her ass cheeks, kissing and tasting the flesh. He caught the aroma of her excited sex as it trapped itself beneath her dress.

Katie was rocking her hips as his face attempted to find a good place to be.

He heard Nick’s zipper and felt her hands began to motion in such a way to jerk him and he felt a combination of excitement and anxiety.

“You can do better than that,” she said turning around to see his face buried in her ass and under her dress. “Lay down on the floor beneath me.”

Brian pulled his head slowly from the cavern of her dress lay down on his back as he felt Katie push herself down Nick’s body and her panty-covered sex was suddenly planted directly onto his mouth and face.

“Mmm, I can’t wait to suck this huge thing. This is so much bigger than Brian’s; I can actually suck it more easily. My gag reflex is pretty good, but it’s harder to show Brian that.”

She paused and Katie turned around to notice the black silk tent rising from Brian’s crotch.

“You are such a pervert to like being told your cock is smaller than his,” she said smiling back to Nick.

“Open your mouth and show me how good you are,” Nick said quite suddenly.

Katie head dropped down and her warm, vacuum-like motions began to bring Nick’s cock to full attention. She could feel it growing within her mouth, filling it more easily and pressing itself back against the entrance to her throat.

“Yes, god your mouth is so fucking perfect,” Nick said his hands were now firmly planted against the back of her head.

“Hmmpfff,” Katie’s verbal noises were all due to the large cock enveloping her mouth.

Brian was beginning to twist his mouth from side to side trying to magically work its way into the fabric into the soft, wet lips behind it.

Katie pushed down against Brian’s face and pulled her mouth quickly off of Nick’s engorged cock.

“Uhh! Yes!” She grabbed Brian’s hair violently and yanked up.

Katie responded with an animal-like lust, pulling her black dress quickly over her head and tossing it towards a chair.

“Your lingerie is fucking hot, you have to admit that,” Nick said to her as she leaned back down about to continue his sexual high from her mouth.

“You really think so?”

“Yes,” he leaned over and grabbed her phone from her purse and snapped several photos.

Katie leaned her arms on the couch on each side of Nick and kissed him.

“Thanks, now let me see that phone,” she took the device and looked down at Brian’s face still firmly entrenched in her panties.

“That is hot,” Nick whispered to her.

“I know, right?” she smiled and took several photos.

Brian continued his tongued pleasure of her sex but surprisingly never heard a word the two said. He wondered what was in store next for them.

Katie stood up and leaving Brian’s body below her as she unbuckled Nick’s pants.

“You’re the only one not properly dressed for this party,” she kissed him again as he began undressing himself and sat back down the couch.

Brian sat motionless consumed in his own sexual anxiety as Katie grabbed his hand and pulled him up. He rose to his knees and she dropped to her knees beside him.

“Enjoying yourself, cuckold?” She whispered.

“Ye-yes,” he stammered.

Katie leaned down and kissed the head of Nick’s erect cock and then slowly pushed her mouth down the length of it, consuming the shaft within her mouth.

Brian watched on at this close distance with awe. His hand was resting against his crotch and he contemplated trying to touch himself, but didn’t have time before her head returned several seconds later.

She looked at him, her eyes stared deeply into his and she took his hand and rested it on Nick’s thigh and the next thing he knew her mouth was on his, her tongue once again snaking through seemingly sucking out what little liquid was in his very dry mouth.

“Want to help?” She whispered into his ear.

Brian didn’t respond but he was obviously confused and anxious.

“Don’t worry,” she responded slightly more audible as she pulled the hand resting on Nick’s thigh to his still erect cock.

Katie wrapped Brian’s fingers around the shaft and as she leaned her head down to the cock. Brian felt her warm breath against his fingers as her wet tongue suddenly startled his hand.

It felt surreal as Katie’s other hand wrapped around Brian’s and they collectively pulled up and down in coordination with Katie’s mouth.

Brian’s sexual arousal continued to escalate and he was confused why Katie would make such a blatant move, this wasn’t really part of his sexual fantasies.

Humiliation? Domination? Did Katie want them both at the same time?

Katie’s mouth continued it’s furry of sucking and licking as both their hands jerked the hard cock into her mouth. Brian was fascinated by his wife’s intoxicating sexuality and he observed her with an intense eye.

They mutual stroking slowed and her mouth followed in unison when she leaned over and kissed Brian fully again the mouth.

He was surprised by the move and was temporarily off balance before his mouth responded to hers and they embraced for several seconds.

“The answer to your question is: both at the same time,” she leaned back and winked. “I always know what you’re thinking. But, don’t think I won’t push you.”

She stood up and was now towering over Nick and Brian.

“I want that,” she looked at Nick’s cock and then leaned over so her crotch was in Brian’s face as he kneeled below her.

Katie pulled Brian’s face closer to her as Nick stood up and position himself behind her, his erect cock pressed between her ass cheeks and her panty-covered clit rubbed against Brian’s mouth.

Brian’s warm breath tickled the fabric protecting her clit as Katie’s right hand grabbed the warm throbbing cock pressed against her ass and positioned it at the entrance to her excited sex.

Nick’s cock was poised to invade her lips and Katie closed her eyes as she thought about the impending thrill of his bare cock inside her.

“Pull my panties down,” she said quietly to Brian.

Brian did as she asked carefully putting his fingers inside the waistband of her panties and pulling down carefully, her pussy beginning to expose itself to his eyes and Nick’s cock.

“Right there,” she said again as he left the panties resting on her thighs just above the knees. “Lick me,” she said quietly again as she pulled Brian’s mouth closer.

Brian’s tongue ran over her throbbing clit and wet lips, further exciting them in anticipation of Nick’s cock. Katie suddenly reached behind her body and stood up lightly onto her toes, positioning the tumescent eight inch cock against her wet lips.

Katie’s shuttered slightly in excitement, she had already had sex with Nick but this was obviously different. She hadn’t fucked another man without a condom since college.

“Now,” she leaned her head back as Nick held her neck kissing her gently.

Nick responded by pushing inside of her and Katie descended slowly as she stood down off of her toes and back onto her feet, her pussy being penetrated deeper by the bare cock.

“Mmm,” she moaned against Nick’s face and the faint smell of shaving cream filled her nostrils, his face was soft against her cheek and neck.

“More,” she said pulling Brian’s mouth against her clit. “Lick more,” she repeated.

Nick was thrusting into her with an increasing rhythm as he moved his hands to her waist pulling her into him simultaneously.

Brian’s mouth continued working her clit as he could feel Nick’s cock sliding in and out of Katie, it certainly felt awkward to be this close to his cock but Katie’s verbal cues were enough to ensure that she was enjoying this.

Both of Katie’s hands grabbed Brian’s hair and she pulled him tightly against her pussy.

“I said lick,” she said slightly annoyed.

Brian tried to improve his technique when she thrust her hips upwards towards his mouth and he instantly felt Nick’s cock sliding between her lips and grazing his tongue. He pulled back quickly against Katie’s hands trying to focus once again on her clit.

“Hmmpf, I told you to be careful,” she said with her eyes closed, smiling, and Brian looked up to see her face contorted in pleasure from Nick’s cock.

As Brian positioned himself back against Katie’s clit he felt her orgasm beginning to build.

“Mmm, ye-yes,” she said loudly pulling against Brian’s head.

As Nick’s bare cock thrust inside Katie her lips began to convulse against him and Katie’s body shook and Nick’s hands embraced her waist and pulled her against his body.

“Uhhhhh, hmmmm,” she moaned out loud, her hands running through Brian’s hair. “That was unbelievable; my orgasms are getting better every day.”

Katie lifted her legs up one at a time and her panties fell to the floor and Nick unclasped her bra sitting it down next to the panties.

“Come on, the bed is more comfortable,” Katie said pulling Nick’s hand with her as they walked towards the bedroom. She turned and motioned for Brian to follow.

They entered the bedroom completely naked except for Brian still sporting the black panties.

“Are you still hard under there?” Katie asked Brian as she lay down on her back and Nick lay next to her.

“Yes,” he replied.

“Take them off, and come kneel here by the bed,” she told Brian returning her attention to Nick.

Brian removed the panties and tossed them aside near the wall as he kneeled by the bed, his face only a few feet from Katie’s as Nick slid on top of her and she spread her legs in response.

Nick leaned into Katie and his tongue pushed inside her mouth and they embraced passionately as Brian observed them. Brian’s heart was racing as he looked down at their torsos, Nick’s cock pressed against her bare pussy but not inside of her.

“Jesus,” Brian said very quietly to himself and Katie’s hand suddenly reached down and grabbed his cock.

“Enjoying?” She asked as her other hand grabbed Nick’s and pulled it inside of her. “I think I rather like two cocks instead of one. Are you sure we can’t take him home with us husband? He can last forever.”

Katie released Brian’s cock and she embraced Nick fully as Brian was forced to observe in sexual agony as their bodies entwined together on the bed. Katie often enjoyed Brian on top and he enjoyed the intimacy of the position. Watching them this way on the bed was certainly a reminder of his current status.

Katie’s legs wrapped around Nick’s waist pulling his cock into her as they continued their contortions atop the bed.

Brian watched for another fifteen minutes as they kissed, fucked and embraced one another before his eyes in what he felt was the most intimate of all of their encounters, at least that he had witnessed.

Nick’s pounding against her sex was slowing and Katie’s hand reached down and began jerking Brian’s erection again.

“Are you ready to come up here now?” She asked him.

“Yes, please,” he said smiling.

Nick pulled himself from her pussy and sat up on his knees as Katie rolled over and she pulled Brian onto the bed. Brian lay on his back exactly where Katie just lay. Katie smiled at Nick and then rolled her naked body on top of Brian and she was inches from his face.

“Are you sure you’re ready to be up here? Because he’s going to pound me with that huge cock,” she reached down grasping Brian’s cock again and squeezed.

“Yes, I’m sure I’m ready,” Brian whispered back.

Katie glanced at the clock on the bedside dresser: 11:13pm.

“It’s getting late, you’re birthday’s almost over. We need to get moving, huh?”

“For what?” Brian asked.

Katie only smiled as she positioned her legs on either side of Brian and rose up on her arms so that Nick could take her from behind.

“I want to get fucked from behind,” she leaned down whispering into Brian’s ear. “Uhhh,” she sighed into his ear and bit lightly as she felt Nick’s cock enter her again.

“Oh my god, you are so fucking hot right now I feel like I’ll explode,” Brian whispered back to her.

“Your birthday isn’t over yet, sweetheart. Your present isn’t quite here,” she said panting a response.

“What? You mean?” He said confused for a second, and her eyes opened meeting his.

“Ye-yes,” she said as Nick thrust into her again, his balls slapping against her as he did. “He’s going to cum in my pussy, just like you want him to, right?”

“You weren’t kidding earlier?” was all Brian could manage to say as Katie’s hair swayed against his face and would leave him temporarily blind as her body rocked against Nick’s cock.

“You wanted to be a cuckold, that’s what your birthday present is,” she whispered quickly, her body rocking more quickly to the rhythm of Nick’s fucking her.

“Is it okay with you?” He suddenly asked nervously.

“If it wasn’t I wouldn’t do it,” she replied as Brian felt her hands move from the bed to his chest. Katie braced herself being taken by Nick with Brian’s chest.

“I love you so much,” he said kissing her mouth as she stopped her body swaying to embrace him.

“I know, I love you, too.”

Nick’s hand slapped her ass and she began swaying to his motion again and the speed increased.

“Spank me again,” she told Nick and he responded by smacking her gorgeous ass several more times, each time his speed increasing. “Spanking me makes you cum, doesn’t it?” She asked Nick.

“Hell yea, I love spanking this ass,” he said between his heavy breaths.

“Cum in my pussy. Cum!” She told him and Brian could feel her breath against his face as the words left her mouth.

Nick suddenly jerked his torso against Katie’s ass and Brian watched Katie bit her lower lip, a cute habit that he loved.

“Mmm,” she sighed and smile broke across her face. “Uhhh, that feels so good,” Katie said to Brian and then turned to Nick.

Brian felt his face get flush and Katie suddenly kissed him.

“I better kiss you before you get all dirty,” Katie said kissing Brian as Nick pulled his wet cock from her sex and Brian watched him sit down at the end of the bed.

“Lay back,” she whispered to Brian.

Brian hesitantly and anxiously lay his head down against the pillow and was suddenly very self-conscious of his erection as Katie maneuvered above his body and he watched as her pussy was directly over him.

Katie slowly descended to her knees and her sex came ever closer to Brian’s mouth and he looked up at her nervously.

“Happy birthday,” Katie finally broke the silence of the room as her sex finally came in contact with his mouth.

Brian kissed her clit first before he felt Katie’s hands against his hair and she grinded further up his face.

“Not there,” she whispered down to him. “There,” she said as her obviously wet lips came to his.

Brian’s tongue slowly and carefully penetrated her pussy; he was frightened as to what might happen. After several seconds he tasted the familiar tang of cum, he had tasted it before but only after he had cum into Katie and then built the courage to go down on her again.

“You know you like it,” she whispered to Brian again. Katie reached behind her and began to stroke his erect cock. “Your cock likes it, don’t be ashamed.”

Brian embraced his perversion as his wife stroked his cock and he felt the cum run more freely into his mouth, he loved the feeling of his wife forcing him to eat her lover’s cum and it was so much better without having already expelled his own orgasm.

He continued licking and sucking her pussy for several minutes, trying to find every last morsel of cum while being spurred on by Katie’s hand agonizingly teasing him.

“You have done a very good job, cuck. We fulfilled your fantasy just in time,” Katie turned to the bedside dresser again and found the time displaying 11:46pm.

Katie lifted herself off of Brian’s mouth.

“All done? Did you get it all?”

“Yes,” he replied quietly.

“Good, let’s get this cock of yours into me. You still want me?” She asked with a little laugh.

“Yes!” He replied kissing her mouth and pulling her down against his cock quickly, entering her still very wet sex.

“Mmm,” she responded by moaning into his kiss. “You’re dirty,” she whispered kissing his lips.

Brian’s sexual frustrations began to pour out of him through his hard thrusts against her. Katie was bouncing and grinding against his cock as her hands braced her against his chest.

“Yes, baby! Harder,” she said to Brian.

They fucked like that for several more minutes before she leaned down and whispered in Brian’s ear.

“Can Nick fuck me, too?” Her eyes were wide and she was biting her lower lip again. “I want him to fuck my ass.”

“Sure,” Brian smiled.

Katie rose up and turned around and nodded for Nick to come closer.

“Fuck my ass,” she whispered to his face as he leaned against her body.

“Yea,” he replied.

Nick pushed her back down against Brian and squirted some of the lube he found table onto her exposed ass and rubbed it in with his tumescent member.

“I can’t believe I’m pulling this off,” she whispered back to Brian.

“You like it?” Brian asked.

“Yes, mmmm,” she moaned and pushed her ass back towards Nick’s cock as it slowly penetrated her. “Oh my god,” she exclaimed as her hands reached back behind her head and pulled Nick’s face closer to hers.

“What?” Nick asked her.

“Maybe I should have asked for this for my birthday instead of that boob job. And you smell fantastic.”

“The boob job makes you look even better than you probably did, though. Now it’s perfect,” Nick replied.

The three of them rocked and thrust in a synched rhythm that was sending Katie into a sexually induced coma, her eyes were opening and closing constantly as her breathing labored. One moment Nick was embracing her and the next Brian was suckling at her breasts while Katie pulled his mouth harder onto her nipples and Nick massaged her clit.

“I’m going to cum,” Brian whispered to her.

“Good, cum in me, baby,” she replied to him.

Before the words had left her mouth she felt the warm cum shoot in spurts from his cock buried deep inside her pussy.

“Mmmm, baby that’s a lot,” she pulled his head to her breasts and held him there as her heart pounded from the ecstasy.

Brian’s cock was retreating from her as he slowly pulled himself up to a pillow and fell back hard against it, spent from his orgasm.

“What about you?” Katie asked Nick, who’s cock was still sliding in and out of her ass.

“I’m close, what you like me to do?”

“You can cum on my pussy,” she smiled.

Nick slowly pulled his cock from her ass as she flipped over onto her back and lay down next to Brian, who opened his arm for her to lay on his shoulder.

“There,” Katie said pointing to her pussy. “I already have a bunch of cum in me,” she said smiling.

Nick’s cock quickly erupted with his manipulations and the cum shot in small spurts down onto her bare skin.

“Hmmmm,” he moaned quietly as his orgasm subsided.

“Mmm, that was good, not as much as before. Brian really had to deal with that big load you left earlier,” she turned to Brian and his face turned a light shade of red once again.

“Go on,” she put her arm quickly behind Brian’s head. “Quickly, because you know I don’t like it on my skin.”

Brian didn’t respond, only accepted her forceful hand behind his head that forced him to confront the cum spots formed on her gorgeous skin.

He licked the spots up slowly and felt his face continue to be flushed by his humiliation. Katie pressed his head down slightly as Nick leaned over to kiss her passionately on the mouth.

After the intensity of the night everyone had the appearance of a combination of pure satisfaction and exhaustion.

Brian and Katie lay holding each other as Nick slowly got up and leaned over onto knees.

“That might have been the most intense sex I’ve ever had…or perhaps the last three days,” he said turning and facing Katie and Brian.

“I agree,” Katie replied.

“I could use a drink,” Brian replied.

Brian slowly got up, found some pants and made his way to the bar, pouring himself, Katie and Nick a drink. Katie and Nick remained on the bed for few minutes holding and kissing one another as Brian watched from afar.

When they finally stood from the bed and joined Brian he was nearly done with his drink and rose to pour another.

“You were fantastic, I haven’t decided if this was Brian’s present or my present,” Katie said picking up her drink as her nude body lowered onto the couch.

“You look satisfied,” Brian said from behind his glass.

“I am, sweetheart.”

“Well, I can’t thank you enough for the weekend, I feel like I should come to Vegas more often but I’m not sure I’m going to get this lucky the next time,” Nick said as they all laughed.

They continued some small talk for the next twenty minutes, consuming a few more drinks. Brian observed Katie and Nick from his chair as they quietly pawed and kissed each other.

“I wish I could say I had the energy to go again, Nick. But, honestly after this weekend I may have to make Brian masturbate for a week before I can do it again,” Katie smiled over to Brian. “Well, you might even like that, huh?”

Brian smiled as they all stood up and Nick went to get dressed and Katie stood still naked watching Nick’s body slowly disappear behind his clothes. She sighed quietly and turned to Brian.

“I’m not sure I want this weekend to end, but I guess it eventually has to.”

Brian kissed her cheek and nodded.

“Eventually, it must end,” he responded.

They said their goodbyes and Katie watched Nick leave for the final time out their door into the hallway. She turned to find Brian but found him already laying down in the bedroom and went to join him, wrapping her naked body against his.

My Favorite Pair

Katie and Brian sat quietly at the table. Katie drank her tea and occasionally glanced at her iPad as Brian drank coffee and held a newspaper.

The bustle of the casino around the restaurant was a little less hectic at nine in the morning on a Sunday. Mike the casino host appeared suddenly at their table.

“Good morning Mr. Rogers, Mrs. Rogers. How was everything?”

“Wonderful, we had a great time,” Katie replied looking up from the iPad.

“Very good. Mr. Rogers your account has been cashed out.”

“Perfect, did I win enough to almost pay for your shopping?” Brian asked sarcastically towards Katie.

“Probably not,” Katie replied smiling. “But, you did give me and Nick some chips the other night.”

“True. Well, thanks again for everything, Mike. The suites were wonderful and wish we could stay a few more days but I need to get back to the office. Are you ready?” Brian asked Katie.

“Almost, I just need a few minutes. I have one last thing to do,” she replied.

“Alright, I’ll meet you at the car in a few minutes.”

Katie smiled and kissed her husband on the cheek, turned and walked away towards the shops.

An hour later Katie and Brian sat quietly in their seats aboard the plane and the flight attendant approached them.

“Would you like anything to drink?” She asked the couple.

“Yes, I’ll take a Vodka and Cranberry,” Katie replied smiling behind her Tom Ford sunglasses.

“Vodka and Orange Juice, please,” Brian added.

Katie took Brian’s hand and kissed it gently.

“What’s that for?” He asked.

“Nothing, I just love you and I’m happy.”

“Well that’s good to know. I shouldn’t be worried about you now? Not going to run off with a college kid or something?”

“Is that funny?” She asked mockingly.


“Well, they couldn’t afford me anyway,” she shrugged and looked out the window for a moment and then turned back to face Brian smiling.

“Touché,” he replied.

The flight attendant returned then with their drinks and told them to prepare for takeoff.

They casually sipped their drinks and Brian turned his attention back to Katie as she held his hand with one hand and her drink with the other, but she had returned her gaze to the activity outside the plane as it taxied on the runway.

Brian still felt a little hazy, the last few days were an emotional roll coaster that he had expected but wasn’t sure exactly how it would feel.

Katie was wearing a tan colored blouse with a floral design, Citizen jeans and Tom Ford sunglasses that she had insisted on buying the week before.

Who the hell is Tom Ford and why do they cost $400?

As the airplane lifted forcefully into the sky the light within the cabin grew brighter and Katie turned back to her husband, who was still observing her.

“I have one last present for you that I can give you now.”

“Geez, another present, seriously? I feel like I’ve gotten too much.”

“You have gotten too much, but it also means I don’t have to make a big deal about your 30 th birthday, right since 29 was so special?”

“Ha, I guess so.”

“Close your eyes,” she said reaching her hand down into her purse.

Brian felt a box in his hands and he opened his eyes. He found a small black square box with a green and red logo on it: Tag Heuer.

“Wow, really?” He asked.

“Open it,” she smiled.

He opened the box and found a stainless steel watch with a black face.

“This is really perfect, exactly what I would have chosen.”

“Yes, I know. Take it out,” she replied.

Brian took the watch out of its case and observed it at close inspection and then took off his other watch placing it into the box before placing it on his wrist.

“Are you sure that’s it?” She asked with her eyes widening.

“Is there something else?” He asked confused.

“Yes, the back,” she replied.

Brian unclasped the watch and took it into his hands, turning it over finding an inscription.

Happy 29th Birthday

I love You



“Hot Wife Katie, that’s me. What else will you remember from this trip or this birthday?”

“It is great, really. No one would look at the bottom of my watch. Very clever idea,” he replied bending over and kissing her softly on the lips.

Two hours later the plane landed safely back home and the familiar sights and sounds of the airport greeted them as they exited the plane and headed for the baggage claim.

Brian couldn’t help but feel different as he walked through the airport, his laptop bag hanging from his shoulder as Katie walked several steps ahead of him. Her gorgeous ass swayed slightly as it walked; aided by the wedge sandals she wore.

They entered the baggage claim area and Brian walked to the carousel as Katie exited into the warm Texas summer air.

“Hi, here’s my ticket,” Katie said smiling behind her sunglasses as she handed the ticket to the valet who promptly ran off into the chaos to find the car.

“Katie,” came a voice from nowhere and she turned around to find Nick standing alone holding a bag.

“Hello, wow I didn’t realize you were on our flight?”

“Yea, I thought I saw you in first class but didn’t want to bother you,” he replied.

Brian appeared from behind the glass doors of the baggage claim with a porter carting their luggage.

“Nick,” he said surprised.

“Hi, I just saw Katie and wanted to say hi.”

“Oh, didn’t realize you were on our flight.”

The porter stood by unaware and uncaring of their conversation when the valet arrived with their vehicle.

The porter placed all the baggage into the vehicle and Brian handed him $20 as he turned to find Nick and Katie still engrossed in conversation.

“Nick, it was good to see you again,” he shook Nick’s hand and adjusted his sunglasses over his nose.

“Yea, likewise.”

“Maybe we can catch dinner sometime,” Katie replied as Brian nodded and then walked back to the driver’s side of the vehicle disappearing. She kissed his cheek and opened the passenger door as Nick stepped in to take the door for her.

“Yea that would be fun,” he replied.

Nick closed the door and Katie rolled the window down as Brian held the steering wheel staring at the two of them.

“Too bad you missed these panties, these were some of my favorite that I brought,” Katie said unbuckling her jeans quickly and opening them enough to show the two men the soft white silk with lace designs.

Brian smiled and Nick shook his head.

“Here’s my cell number,” Katie said handing him a card with her name and number on it.

Nick nodded and watched as the car slowly pulled away and pushed into the traffic leaving the covered area and exposing itself to the harsh Texas sun, disappearing completely.

“I thought what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas,” Brian said merging into traffic and turning towards the highway.

“Well, it does stay in Vegas unless I decided otherwise,” Katie looked at him slyly as she buttoned her jeans back up. “Because I fucked Nick in the bathroom on the plane. These new panties have gotten pretty wet, I'll need you to take care of that when we get home," she continued.
Brian turned to face her and smiled without responding.

The End

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