What Happens In Vegas

By Sogitoergocum

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My slutty friend leads me astray
My husband Jim works for an engineering firm. At a company picnic a few years ago I was introduced to his co-worker, Ron, and Ron’s wife, Lily. It turned out we lived only about 5 minutes apart. Lil and I became good friends and did everything together.

Neither of us worked or had children so we had lots of time to get up to mischief. Well, at least Lil did. She had regular affairs and told me everything. I got a thrill listening to all the sordid details of her cheating – usually it was one night stands, but she’d occasionally stick with one guy for several encounters.

I couldn’t believe that Ron didn’t even suspect, but she maintained he was so involved with work that he barely acknowledged her. Up till last April, I had only misbehaved once. Lil and I went to a bachelorette party. I got drunk and remember being in a club and then being driven to a house party somewhere. In the car I was kissing some guy and letting him slide his hand into my panties and finger me.

When we got to the party he took me to a bedroom and I lay down on the bed beside him. He pulled his jeans and boxers down and guided my hand to his cock. As I was stroking him I got scared about where it was going and ran out of the room.

I was looking for Lil but couldn’t find her. I went to the living room where most of the people were and asked for someone to call me a taxi. The guy had followed me from the bedroom and he got nasty and tried to drag me back. Other guys intervened and a scuffle started. Anyway, someone called me a cab and I made it home, a bit rattled and feeling guilty. Jim was sound asleep so that was good. I made a decision the next morning to never get in that situation again.

Fast forward to last April – Jim and Ron were part of a delegation from their firm sent to a convention in Vegas. Of course Lil and I tagged along. On the second day, we were by the pool as usual. The husbands were busy in the morning but were supposed to join us for lunch and have the rest of the day free.

At noon I got a text from Jim…they had gone golfing. I was a little pissed but Lil was delighted. She had been flirting with a couple of young guys who had rented a cabana just behind us. They had been sending us drinks and trying to entice us to join them. I was reluctant, but once the text came I gave in to Lil’s pleas and we moved in.

They ordered lunch and the booze was flowing freely. I was very drunk. Lil was shamelessly kissing the dark-haired guy and letting him run his hands all over her. I resisted the other fella’s advances for a while but eventually let him rub some sunscreen on me and once his hands got to work I was putty.

Next thing I knew all four of us were in an elevator heading up to their room. My guy (his name was Tyler) was kissing me while squeezing my ass cheeks. We got to the room and Lil and her guy (can’t remember his name for the life of me!) wasted no time in stripping off and jumping on the bed – they didn’t seem to care that they had an audience.

Drunk and horny as I was, I still hesitated. I had never witnessed another couple fucking right in front of me. It was incredibly hot. Tyler was behind me, also watching. I didn’t resist as he pulled the straps of my suit over my shoulders and cupped my tits, running his rough thumbs over my nipples. Lil’s man was fucking her hard and she was loving it. I wanted so badly to get fucked that I started pulling my swimsuit all the way off.

Tyler reacted quickly and held me as I stepped out of it. Then he quickly and firmly bent me over the end of the bed and spread my thighs with his knee. With one hand on my lower back he held me as he found my wet pussy with the head of his cock. It didn’t take long for him to be fully into me and it felt fantastic as he fucked me. Soon he quickened and I knew he was going to come. I didn’t care, I wanted him to shoot his load in me. We were both loud as he spurted, I could feel it jetting in.

Lil’s man came only a few seconds later and all four of us lay panting for breath. I was still bent over the end of the bed! Tyler pulled me up gently and we lay down in a more normal fashion. I looked over at Lil and we both started laughing. The guys got up and high-fived each other, cheeky bastards. Still, we didn’t mind.

More drinks were ordered from room service and we started talking about sex. The guys wanted to switch partners. I said no but Lil said yes. Tyler jumped at the chance and went to Lil’s bed. The other guy came and lay down with me. He was very nice and said if I didn’t want to, it was OK. We could just watch those two, he said.

Tyler started fucking Lil in the missionary but soon flipped her over and was doing her doggy-style. My new guy was lying behind me, one hand had started rubbing my tits and the other had found its way to my pussy and was playing with my clit. It wasn’t long before he lifted my leg and his cock slipped into my cunt. God, it felt good. Both guys lasted longer this time. I had never felt so well-fucked in my life. I sucked his cock clean after he came in me.

The guys knew we were married and that our husbands were in Vegas with us, so they didn’t argue when we realized it was time to go and get cleaned up before Jim and Ron got back from the golf course. Lil and I had adjoining rooms and we used hers to shower and dress.

I guess the combination of heat, booze, and sex caught up with me and I crashed on the bed. When I woke a couple hours later the hubbies were back and both snoring. Apparently they had had a few drinks after their game. It was funny – later we gave them hell for ditching our lunch plans and going off to enjoy themselves. They compensated by taking us shopping the next afternoon! Poor suckers!

Lil wanted to look for the two guys again and go for round two, but I refused. I’d had my fun for this trip. I’m definitely looking forward to more naughty adventures with Lil, though!