When Hubby is Out of Town

By LoveFemaleResistance

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Reluctantly Seduced during Happy Hour

My name is Sharon and this story is largely based on what happened in my life when I was 30 years old. At the time, I had been married for about 8 years to Robert, who was 33 at the time.

In general, life was good. In fact, our sex life was excellent. My husband was certainly more adventurous than I, but we both had our favorite fantasies.

Here’s what he would often tell me while we were making love, “Sharon imagine that you are dressed provocatively and walk into one of the classy nearby hotel bars where businessman are known to frequent. You sit at a table by yourself making yourself available for some action…. Not too much longer, an older, worldly businessman invites himself over to your table. He buys you some drinks and chats you up. All the while, I am sitting in a corner watching you get seduced and ready to act in case it gets out of hand. But, of course, I’m hoping that doesn’t happen and he gets you to his room. Eventually, he makes his move and asks you for a nightcap in his room.”

“Once in the elevator, he pushes you into the corner and aggressively starts to kiss your neck and mouth while squeezing your titties. Once the elevator gets to his floor you straighten up. He grabs your hand and you walk toward his room. You get to the door of his room and realize that you about to do something you have never done before – fuck a man not your husband!! Once inside, he realizes that he has you – the younger woman.”

“After kissing and caressing you all over, he forces you to your knees and so you can start unbuckling his pants. He pulls out his dick, which is bigger than mine, and puts his hands behind your head so he can push his dick deep into your mouth. Since you are such a good cocksucker, you quickly get him good and hard. But that’s not enough. He wants more – your pussy! He pushes you face down onto the bed and takes you from behind.”

At about this time in the story, my husband would invite his friend, our big black dildo, to finish me off. Not only was it long, it was very thick!! That was much different than my husband who was about 5” long and of average width. “He pushes his dick into you. After thrusting hard he grabs your hips hard, holds you, grunts, and you know that he is breeding you with his cum.”

I never let on as to how much I really liked that dildo since it really stretched me wide and rubbed my clitoris in all the right places. While the ”businessman” was fucking me, I would usually grab my husband’s cock and jerk him off until he came all over my hand.

Of course, my husband tried to turn this into something more than a sheer fantasy. While I found it to be quite erotic, I was not terribly interested in carrying it out in real life. While he suggested it on numerous occasions, he eventually gave up when I never showed any interest.

I happened to work at a large computer company that had a lot of younger people. One day, when I was in the company lunchroom, John, one of my co-workers walked up next to me, put his hands on my shoulders and whispered, “Sharon, you need to join us on Friday night instead of staying home alone when your husband is gone! You need to take advantage of your freedom when you have that chance!”

John, who was about 6’2” and quite muscular, was handsome with devilish good looks. I was guessing that he must have been an athlete in the past. And he was constantly trying to chat up during those times when he knew my husband was out of town - which was all too often.

John knew that my husband traveled quite often and was usually gone for several weeks at a time. It was after that he realized my husband had been gone for a while that he would start to really work on me. I don’t know if it was obvious that I was lonely and ready for some male attention or what. His usual tactics would be to try to get me to go out to Happy Hour Fridays after work. I knew my weaknesses …. if I got some drinks in me I might get easily tempted!! It’s for that reason that I steadfastly resisted. In fact, even though I HAD been tempted on a couple of occasions the longer my husband had been away, I had always held firm.

While my sex life up to that point in time was quite good, it all dramatically changed after my husband contracted a very serious illness. Up to this point in our relationship, we had probably had sex a thousand times. However, after he got home from the hospital and life returned to some semblance of normal, the poor guy couldn’t get it up anymore. How frustrating!!! And I mean for all of us! This went on for a number of months before he went to the doctor and learned that there had been serious urological damage that could not be easily reversed.

I was definitely in love with him, but I’m a real woman with real needs. Our sexual frustration went on for several months, but this was turning into a real problem. Heck, I was only 30 at the time and at the height of my sexuality. I needed to have those needs filled.

Fearing it would lead to the breakup of our marriage if we didn’t do something dramatic, my husband suggested that we figure out some way to keep me satisfied. But I told him how could we do anything if he couldn’t perform?

During one of our now many discussions on this topic, he brought up that long lost fantasy about the businessman. Wow! I was blown away. I had forgotten about that crazy fantasy. It didn’t take me long to dismiss it outright. But, the alternative surely wasn’t terribly appealing either. After we continued the discussion, he asked me if the businessman wasn’t appropriate if there was somebody else that I might be interested in me that might serve as a surrogate.

He then started quizzing me about guys that might be possible partners. I eventually had to admit that there was one guy at work, John, that had tried to ask me out on several occasions who I did find attractive. It’s never easy admitting to your husband that you are attracted to another man, but he seemed to take it in stride. Only problem was that John was black. That’s not something that I thought that I should tell my husband. What if he didn’t approve?

“When was the last time that he asked you out? So, if the opportunity presents itself, do you think that you would like to get it on with John?”

“Honestly, it’s been a while since he last asked…. I don’t really know about this ….. Maybe.” Reluctantly, I had said maybe because even I realized that we needed to do SOMETHING.

Not too long after that conversation, my husband left on a 5 week trip to Germany. He had told me before he left, “If you want to use this opportunity to get laid… It’s OK with me. You’re on birth control so it doesn’t really matter if he cums inside you.” His suggestion sure shocked the hell out of me. If that’s the case I am going to need to be more diligent about taking my birth control because it really hadn’t mattered of late. Hell, what’s the point if there is no possibility of getting laid?

“But … If you go through with it.… I want to hear all the details when I got back.”

I was hardly convinced that I wanted to do it - even if I had permission. But, I was really missing a good hard dick every once in a while. I never masturbated myself….. Was never into that… Really preferred the real thing…. And it had been a long time….

After he was gone for about 2 weeks, that familiar itch had started to set in. What a dilemma!!! My pussy was seriously in need…. But, could I go through with it?

Finally, I decided that I needed to give this some thought. Maybe, I would just make out with John. He could get me off, and then I would give him the excuse that I was married. Or I could just blow him…

A few days later, I spotted John in the lunchroom. Walking by him, I played coy and decided that I would start a conversation to find out if the group was still going out on Friday night. But I wanted to be subtle about how I did it. So, I just asked him about one of our colleagues who’s a real ass. John took the bait and ran with it. As the conversation proceeded, I dropped a subtle hint that my husband had been out of town for the last few weeks and was probably not going to be back for another three. As we continued to talk, I couldn’t help but ask if the Friday night group was still going out on a regular basis.

“Yeah, we still go most Friday nights. In fact, we’ll be going out this Friday. Want to join us? You know you need to get out and enjoy that freedom!” Then he winked at me.

“It’s a possibility. I have been pretty bored lately and might have some time. Let me think about it.”

I saw his smile and the wheels turning…..

When that Friday morning came, I decided that I was definitely going to go to Happy Hour and would go all out for the occasion. I hadn’t had to attract anybody in a long time, but this was an opportunity to be a real woman so I had wanted to look my best. I still had a good body that could turn heads. What the hell. Let’s live a little bit!!!

Years ago, when my husband was trying to convince me to seduce “the businessmen”, he had bought me some slitted panties as part of my outfit. His theory was that you wanted to make it easy for the guy to gain access. Wear dresses, not pants. Easy access to the pussy. I grabbed the slitted panties from the drawer. Imagine what a guy must be thinking when he rubs your panties and he immediately slides his fingers in your wet pussy. Must be an instant hard-on!!

I wore a simple dress with spaghetti straps so that all he would need to do his slide the straps down so he could suck and nibble on my titties. Easy access. Like you need to tell that to a girl. We all know how to get a guy to fuck us. I was started to get wet just thinking about the possibilities. How big was he? Would he try to fuck me in the bar? Get me in the car? Or wait to get me home?

But I also wondered when the moment came if I would really go through with it? My pussy definitely said yes. My mind was much less sure.

John and I ran into each other about 930 that morning. “Who are YOU meeting tonight, Sharon? Got a hot date? Not sure that I have ever seen you looking that sexy.” His comments and the way he looked at me sure made me felt good.

“Well……..”, I stammered, “…….I was thinking that I might want to join the group tonight. Is that OK……?”

I could see from the look on his face that it was more than OK. What he was really thinking about was that this might be his big opportunity to push his dick deep into my pussy.

The day dragged on as all I could think about what might happen and how nervous I really was. And how horny it was making me!! It’s sure been a long time. A real dick would sure feel good! But as the day wore on, I was starting to feel apprehensive – especially as the time drew nearer.

About 330, John popped into my office to give me an update. I could see the excitement on his face. He was already thinking that he was going to get lucky. But, would he? Or would I chicken out?

He said that about 6 of us would meet at 500 at a nearby club. I decided to leave work exactly at 500, but was very apprehensive – especially as I drove up to the club. Should I really go in? Or should I just blow this off and go home? I had never done anything like this. I knew my husband had tentatively approved it. But talking about it was one thing…. Doing it was totally another.

Finally, I decided that I needed to stop being a prude and take some chances. But what about my birth control. I had started taking it more regularly. But, was I really protected?

When I got there I noticed that I was the first one to arrive. Umm. That was a little strange. Maybe, this was a mistake. Definitely think I needed a drink….

I had only been sitting for a few minutes when the door swung open and John proudly strutted through. After he grabbed a drink, we sat down and chatted for a while. Not too much longer he got a text from one our co-workers which said that they were still finishing a deadline and that they said that it would be a while before they made it over.

So, for now, it was just John and me. A few drinks later… Wow, the alcohol was going straight to my head… It was especially bad given that I had not eaten in hours. Damn, I couldn’t help but notice how good looking John was. Was he a good kisser? My panties were already starting to consider the possibilities…

A half hour later, I was wondering…… Was anybody else really coming??? Or was this some scheme John had concocted to seduce me? Was I just another that would fall prey to John’s good looks? But, given the real buzz I had I was not sure that I really cared all that much anymore!!

We had been there for about hour and half when a slow song came on the juke box. John took the initiative, grabbed my hand, and led me to the dance floor. It was so different holding another man’s hand. Hadn’t happened in such a long time.

As we started to dance, I reflexively put my arms around his neck. He then put his hands on the small of my back and slowly starting rubbing me. He looked me in the eyes, “Sharon, I’ve always hoped that I would get this chance. You look so sexy in that outfit. What a turn-on. I only wish that you would dress like that more often.” He then grabbed me tighter and pressed his body closer to mine. I could feel exactly HOW turned on he was. Damn, that black cock was pressing against my belly. Wow, maybe, it was true what they say about blacks!! Definitely bigger than my husband! Probably as big as my husband’s “businessman friend”.

He was only inches away from my face and leaned forward to kiss me. I was not so sure about this ….. So I played hard to get, but one of his hands cupped the back of my neck so that I couldn’t move. What a sweet innocent kiss. Very romantic actually. He pulled back, looked me in the eyes, and then kissed me a second time. This time he lingered and lightly used his tongue on my lips. I love good kissing!! So, I instinctively parted my lips slightly. His tongue started exploring my mouth. But, it was not just his tongue that was doing the exploring. I could feel his other hand moving lower. In fact, it was heading toward my ass!!! At the same time, he pressed his dick into my belly. It was so, so close!! Just a little bitty cloth and panties with a wide open slit was all that separate his hard dick from my pussy! If only he knew how easily he could slide his dick into me if only he moved my dress up a small amount. And I’m not sure that I could have stopped him if I wanted! For sure, his big black cock would slide in easily given how sloppy wet I was getting from all this male attention, which had been sorely missing recently in my life. I’m telling you…, It would sure feel good to have that big dick in my pussy.

But then the song ended….. That was a pity since I had been really getting into it. In fact, I had unconsciously started grinding my pussy along his leg. After we sat down, he said to me, “Sharon, you were really getting into that.”

I blurted out as only a drunk person could, “Well, it has been a long time.” His eyes opened wide as that comment totally caught him off guard. And me too!

“How is that possible if you are married?”

I was backed into a corner, so I had to be honest. I explained the situation with my husband, but had fibbed during major portions to protect both my husband and not make it seem like I was out looking to get lucky. But, the cat was out of the bag. I could only imagine what he was thinking.

To break that awkward moment, I stood up to go to the bathroom and, wow, was I wobbly!! This is not good. There were lots of things moving around – including me! That made me wonder whether I would really be able to make it home given all the alcohol that we had drunk? When I returned from the restroom, John suggested that since it was getting late, and I was ‘three sheets to the wind’ as he phrased it, that I should leave my car at the club and he could drive me home. We could pick up my car tomorrow. Had to admit. He’s got a point. I shouldn’t be driving. Seems like a good idea.

As we got near his car it became obvious that my story about me not getting any in a long time must have gotten John all revved up. As I was about to open the car door, he pushed me up against the car, grabbed my head and started kissing my lips, and then quickly moved down my neck with soft, wet kisses. Right where we left off on the dance floor!! He caught me by surprise, but what a turn-on! Women love confident men!

Well, confident he clearly was because he decided to move his hand under my dress and started feeling my ass. And there wasn’t much panty there to protect it from his bare hands!! He started to get awfully close to my pussy… And it was on fire !!! I grabbed his hand and told him, “’John, I’m married, you know that I can’t let you do that.” Wasn’t sure that it would stop him in the least bit. Nor was I sure that I wanted him to stop!!! Finally, I told him, “John, I need to get home.”

On the drive home, I could tell how inebriated I really was. Wow! Between the alcohol and our making out, I was in another world.

We pulled up into the driveway and he grabbed my hand as we walked through the door. I started to get really apprehensive as we got closer to the door. This was starting to become more real now.

What excuse was I going to give him? I couldn’t let him in. I would never be able to resist him once we were in the house. I was a married woman. A little making out while dancing was one thing, but letting a complete stranger fuck me was quite another.

I turned toward him. “John, thanks for a great evening. I enjoyed it immensely. But, I’m married and I love my husband. I don’t want to cheat on him. You are very handsome and attractive, but I can’t do anything more.” I could see the deflation in his eyes.

He put his arm around the lower part of my back and pulled me closer to him. “Ï understand that you are married and love your husband. But as you told me earlier you are a woman with needs. I can satisfy you in ways that your husband can’t.” He pressed up against me and I could feel that hard black cock.

That made my pussy tingle and I was definitely tempted, but I told him, “John, that’s probably true, but I am still married. Now, I need to go. I will see you on Monday.”

“Sharon, OK. I understand. However, is it OK if I use the bathroom before I head out?”

“There’s a Shell station out near the road. You can go there.”

“Sharon, I am not sure I can wait that long.” Even though I really thought it was a ploy to get in the house, I thought that he might be telling the truth. Given how much we had been drinking he might actually be right. I looked at him and my sense was that he did really need to go to the bathroom. In fact, so did I. “OK. But, you must go after that.”

I turned to the open the door and was fumbling with the key. Damn, I really did have a serious buzz. Why can’t I get the door open? While I was fumbling with opening the lock, he put his hands on my shoulders and I could feel his breath on my neck as he said, “You’re a very sexy woman. Your husband is a lucky man.”

His words made me feel good as I was finally able to open the door as we walked into a dark house. I turned on the light in the hall and showed him where the bathroom was.

I thought to myself that while he was going I should do the same. So, I walked back to the master bathroom and I pulled my almost nothing panties off to go to the bathroom only to notice how slick my pussy was. Wow, he had really turned me on! I had never made out with another man on the dance floor or in the parking lot. Now, he was in the front part of house with his dick hanging out - probably only 30 feet away with nobody else in the house. It was so erotic!!

I rubbed my finger along my slit and noticed how sensitive it felt. Normally, I don’t like to masturbate, but it felt real good as I moved my fingers up and down my cunt. I lingered to rub my clitoris back and forth as I thought about that big black cock in the living room and wondered what it would feel like if I was on top of him in my bed, only a few feet away, letting him drive that monster in and out of my very wet, slick pussy. I leaned my head back and knew that this was not going to take long. OOOOOHHHHHH! AAAAWWWW!! Wow, I came hard as I drove my fingers deep as I hit THE spot. Damn, I don’t usually get off nearly that fast. He must have really gotten me worked up.

I came back to my senses and remembered that I had come here to relieve myself so I had better get back lest he wander back and see me like this. So, I went quickly and headed back to the living room.

He was standing there with has back to me looking at some pictures that I had near on living room shelves. I walked up and he seemed to be mesmerized by what he was looking at.

“I was just looking at your pictures from college.”

There was one in particular that seemed to really grab his interest. I moved closer to the bookshelf, in between him and the bookshelf, so I could grab the picture and look at it closer.

“Sharon, if I thought that you looked hot tonight, how could any male have resisted you looking like that? You were really sexy there. I know that I couldn’t have.”

What a genuine compliment. And it set off that familiar, warm tingle in my pussy – which was especially sensitive now since I had only just gotten myself off a minute ago.

He moved closer to me and put one arm on my shoulder and the other around me. It was then that I realized… Boy, it was going to be hard to get out of this one. For the time being, I was trapped in my own house!!

He was now in a perfect position to kiss me all along the length of my neck. I have always been a sucker for guys that were good kissers. After kissing my neck, he migrated to lightly kissing me near my ear. “Sharon, you are very sexy. I am having a really hard time resisting you.”

Wow, that felt good!! His tongue was starting to move up and down my neck. This was not good… I mean it was good .... but if I was not sure if I wanted him to fuck me in my house. Well, I diod want him to fuck me since I am aching to be fucked, but I have never done anything like this!!! It was going to be hard to resist him if this continues…….

The couch was close to us and he started to maneuver me with his other arm to draw me closer to the couch. I’m definitely interested, but was terribly conflicted. I knew that this could easily get out of hand if it went much further. Maybe, we’ll just make out for a while and then I’ll give him some excuse…..

“Sharon, let’s relax on the couch.” Probably not a bad idea since with all the alcohol I haven’t been very steady on my feet anyway. We sunk down to the couch sitting next to one another. He put his left arm around me and pulled me closer. He looked me in my eyes and tilted my head so he could kiss me.

His other arm was resting on just below my left breast. He softly kissed me at first. His tongue was dabbling around my lips. It felt so good that I parted my lips to grant him access. I love kissing. My tongue started touching his as he entered my mouth. With his other hand he started to rub my nipples through my blouse. My nipples are always very sensitive and usually respond quite quickly. Given how turned on I have been, the reaction was almost instantaneous. I could feel my pussy start purring……. If he touched me there, I might just spread my legs and let him take him here.

He moved to nibble on my earlobe. Now, I was really starting to lose it. He moved the strap of my dress down slowly and exposed my left titty. He moved his fingers across my naked titty, just lightly touching the nipple, as he continued to lick my neck. Damn, I was not sure when I have ever been this hot!!

He now moved his head over to my breast and licked the very edge of my very erect nipple. Tingles started to run up and down my body. He lapped and sucked ever so lightly at my breast. At the same time, he started to rub my thighs. I put my hand on top of his to stop him!!!! I realize that I was very, very wet. He was winning the battle –even if his hand hadn’t gotten to its final goal just yet. He held it there for a few moments and started to move it ever slowly toward my pussy. I knew that if he started rubbing my pussy, it’s all over. I’ll never be able to stop if he got that far. But, I must admit… it felt really, really good… My mind was trying to resist, but between his tongue working its magic on my nipple and his hand getting closer to my pussy, I was losing the battle. Maybe, I should just let him finger fuck me and get me off. I was sure that would satisfy me!!

I clamped my legs to prevent his hand from gaining access to my pussy. But, then he slid further down on the coach pulling me with him. That movement caused my legs to open slightly and he took full advantage of it moving quickly toward my pussy!! I clamped my legs with this hand in between, but to no avail. His finger was maneuvering right up against my very, very wet pussy. He started to move his hand up and down my pussy lips. Even with my legs clamped, there wasn’t much I could do. It felt so damn good that at this point, I wasn’t sure that I could resist him even if I had wanted to. And I was pretty sure that I didn’t want to resist!!! I wanted to get off so bad!!!! So, I just parted my legs a little as he gained full access to the pussy – even easier because of my slitted panties!! I was sure he was surprised when he slid right through my slitted panties into my hole. He whispered to me, “Sharon, you have one very wet pussy!”

Damn, that felt good!!! He started moving his finger in and out rubbing my clitoris back and forth. After my previous orgasm, this was not going to take long. I started to moan. OOOGGGGGHHHH!!! And exploded into another orgasm……

Right now, I couldn’t even see straight… It took a few moments, but as I was starting to calm down, I could feel that he had taken my hand and placed it on his cock. He started moving his hand up and down along his hard cock. Damn, the head of that cock was really thick – a lot like my husband’s “friend”. I was pretty sure I know what is expected of me next. But, was that cock going to fit in my mouth? He was clearly a mighty big boy.

Moments later, he moved my hand on top of his hard cock. “I have been dreaming about you sucking me for such a long time! I want to feel your wet lips all over my cock.” But at least if I blew him and got him off, he wouldn’t want to fuck me. Then, I could retain my dignity.

He took his hand, which had been behind my neck when he was kissing me, off my hand, and moved it down so I could suck his cock. I could hear his zipper being pulled down and belt being unbuckled. I knew what was coming next. I had never sucked another guy’s cock other than my husband, but I was pretty sure that was about to change.

He moved his hips so he could slide his underwear down. His dick popped out and I could see that big black cock for the first time - about 9 inches long. It was considerably longer than my husband’s, but it was not the length that concerned me. It was the width!! Damn, it was wide!! As big as that damn dildo my husband used. That really got my juices churning…. since I had only been with my husband so far and he was 5 inches long and very average.

He put his hands on the back of my head and guided my mouth to his hard cock. “Sharon, suck my cock!!”

I realize that I was about to blow my first guy since I have been married. My pussy was leaking as I was so wet and horny. He was lucky because when I am horny, I give really great blowjobs. I was a master at twirling my tongue rapidly all around the head and licking up and down the shaft. He didn’t know it, but he was about to get the blowjob of his life.

After about 5 minutes of my expert oral action, I could sense that he is getting close. Finally, his cock showed that that tell tale sign. I felt it get super hard and knew it was about to blow. I got ready. He shoved it deep in the back of my throat and held my head there. There was a gush of cum as it flooded the back of my mouth. Usually I could swallow all the sperm, but there was so much of it and I couldn’t easily get all of it. It leaked out around all sides of my mouth. He released my head and his dick popped out of my mouth momentarily. I was trying to get his dick back in my mouth so I could catch the next torrent of sperm. But just when it was back in, it slipped back out and the second shot of sperm shot across the far part of my face up on part of my ear and on top my hair. The next shot followed quickly after. Part of it went in my mouth while the rest went on my nose. The fourth squirt dribbled down his cock all over my chin. I licked it all up as fast as I could with my tongue. But some still dripped off my chin. He rubbed his fingers in the sperm that was on my face and put his fingers into my mouth so I could lick it all off. Damn I fell like half whore and the sexiest woman alive!!!

At this point, he was still largely sitting on the coach while I was lying on the couch with my face hovered near his crotch. He started to get relaxed and wanted to lie next to me. We rearranged ourselves on the couch so that he could put his hands around me in a spoon position. While he may have gotten off and was momentarily satisfied, it only served to ignite my fire even further.

Giving a good blowjob can really get me revved up; it’s a huge turn-on. My pussy was gushing at this point. After lying like that for a few minutes, he started to kiss my neck ever so slowly and moved his arms around me so he could start to caress my titties. It didn’t take long for this to progress so that his arm wandered down to touch my thighs. I grabbed his wrist in a half-heartened attempt to retain my chaste, but he was teasing me as he rubbed me between my legs on the outside of my panties. But, there was not much to prevent him from entering me. Slowly, he slid a finger inside my panties. He rubbed the entire length of my juicy pussy lips. Finally …. Finally ….. he pushed a finger inside my pussy. He was rubbing my clit in just the right way. Even though I was thoroughly enjoying this, what I really needed was a hard dick. I needed his dick and needed it badly since I haven’t been fucked in months!! I really didn’t want to wait any longer. I could feel his dick getting hard again as it poked me along the crack of my ass.

While I resisted earlier, I was so horny that I could fuck the entire football team right now. He could feel how dilated I was; ready for his cock to push its way inside me. The thin amount of material that was my panties was absolutely soaking right now. I didn’t know how much longer I could take it. I finally decided to turn around, face him directly, and kissed him hungrily pushing my tongue deep into his mouth.

He now started to rub my pussy with more passion as I let out a low-pitched moan. It had been a long time since a man had gotten me off. He now moved his head down toward my stomach and pushed my dress above my panties. He climbed between my legs and started kissing just above my panties. He expertly used his tongue to tease me, but I wanted the real thing… That big black cock… Make it feel it like that big black dildo…

He finally moved his tongue down near my pussy. He first licked the inside of my legs near my pussy on one side and then moved to the other side. What a tease! He had me. Just stick your dick in me. I needed it bad!! He moved his tongue along my clit through the slit in my panties. He was good!! Normally, I didn’t get off on a tongue, but given how horny I was almost anything would due. I put my hands around the back of his head to guide him. I was really into it now. I started moaning and was really close. I arched my head back, grabbed his head, held on tight, and let out that guttural sound. I bucked my hips back and forth as my orgasm hit. OOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!

It took a few minutes to calm down, only to realize that he was moving toward my head. He cupped my head, kissed my lips and then kissed my neck lightly. But, it was all a guise. He was trying to relax me and position himself at the same time so he could FUCK ME! I could feel his hard cock poking near the outside of my panties as he pressed down on me. He had me where he wanted me. I was lying down on the coach with him over me defenseless with slitted panties. This was the wrong time to be having doubts, but I was having major doubts now. I looked into his face, “John, we can’t do this. I’m married. I don’t remember if I took my birth control this morning. ”

Honestly, it was way too little; way too late. A man with a hard dick just an inch away from a wet pussy was not a man that was going to be dissuaded easily. He knew what he wanted - and it was between my legs - a very wet pussy. And a pussy that wanted him just as badly!! I pushed back on his stomach to force him away. But, it was no use. I realized that I was about to get fucked by a black man with a big, thick cock and there was nothing more than I could do about it. I couldn’t stop him now if I wanted. It was too late!!!

He started rubbing that big black head around the entrance to my hole. It easily slid in since I was so, so wet!!! But instead of slamming it all the way in, he was just rubbing it around the tip of my hole. “Sharon, do you want this big black dick in your wet pussy like all you white women do? Do you want me to give you a good hard fucking?”

Damn, I wanted to get fucked in the worst way. It wasn’t right, but my husband had to know that I deserved a good fucking every once in a while. I didn’t want to be teased any more!!

“Stop teasing me John!! Just fuck me!”

With one quick thrust, about half his big black cock slid easily into my gushy hole. He looked me in the eyes, “Sharon I have wanted to fuck you for the longest time. This feels so DAMN good. ” With that, he slammed the rest of that big black cock home so hard and quickly that it took my breath away. I have never felt so full in my life. He gave me a moment to get used to his size, and then started moving in and out.

This was starting to feel really, really good… Just like the big black dildo… The good news was that since I already blew him once I knew that he would probably last a good long time before he came. I sure wanted this fucking to last a while……

He then grabbed my legs, splayed them up straight in the air which allowed him to start slamming me hard. My tits were shaking all over the place as he rammed me hard into the couch. I love it when a guy fucks me hard.

When I am really turned on, I always moan quite loudly. “My God. John, that dick feels so damn good in my pussy! I needed this SO, SO bad!”

This went on for quite a few minutes and I knew that I was getting close. Thinking about having this big black cock deep in my pussy was so erotic. OOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

It wasn’t long after that, he his face got all contorted and then grabbed my ass hard, pushed his cock deep in my pussy and held it there, grunted, and bred me as his cum splashed against the back of my womb! We laid there for a minute, both trying to regain our breadth when he pulled his dick out of me. My pussy seemed so empty now as his cum leaked out of my pussy, dribbling along my ass leaving a pool of sperm on the couch.

“You white married bitches are the best! You’re such a great fuck, Sharon! Hope your husband goes out of town often.”

Sure hope that my birth control works!