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While in Jamaica Part 2

I'll make you proud!
She reached her soft hand out and the bartender took it and they shook hands.

It wasn't the shy conservative Michelle I knew and married that so easily introduced herself to the bartender, but actually I loved it. She had opened up and relaxed more around men at my own encouraging. He came over and introduced himself to me as well. His name was James.

We chatted the usual stuff, where you from? How long are you here for? She asked him where he lives and he told her, "About a quarter mile down the road from here."

"Ohhh," she said, "Is it on the ocean too?"

He told her yes but it was just a one bedroom cottage because it was only him. She mentioned it must be beautiful. "It's so close, you can easily stop at home for lunch." she said.

"I do actually, I have a dog I go home and take out." He told her.

"Ohh, what kind?" She asked, as she absolutely loves dogs.

"Labrador," he mentioned and she squealed with delight as she loves Lab's. "He's just a pup," he told her.

"Oh my God, I love Lab's and puppys are even better, I have to see him." She said.

He wasn't sure what to say with me sitting there so he just smiled and said, "Sure, anytime you want."

She smiled back at him and said, "Thanks, I'm taking you up on that."

He went back to bartending and I casually asked her if she thought he was nice too.

"Oh yes, I like him, everyone seems to be so nice here. I have got to see that puppy of his too." she said.

"I knew that as soon as he said he had a Lab pup." I told her. Then I added, "And he's so close too."

"I know," she said sounding excited. "I could walk there and I'd love to see his place to." she added. "This place is fantastic."

"It is a beautiful place," I said, as we both turned on our barstools to look out at the ocean and the nearby pool.

Then with a smile on her face she looked out and said, "Oh honey look, there's Mike from the pool from earlier." Then she waved at him.

Mike had also noticed and gave a short wave back. I casually asked her how long he was here for.

She looked in deep thought and then said, "Wow, I don't know." "I totally forgot to ask him that."

"Honey, you might want to know that." I mentioned. "I tell you what, I have to use the restroom so if you want, go on over and find out and I'll meet you back here at the bar."

"Oh, ok, I'll meet you back here," she said as she quickly got off the stool and walked away while smoothing out her hair with her hand.

I went to the rest room and came back and sat down. I couldn't see them from where I sat now but assumed they had just maybe walked temporarily out of site of the bar. I nursed my drink and looked at my cell phone and realized it had now been over 15 minutes that she was away. Finally after another 5 minutes she came back and sat down.

"Hi, well, he said he's only here for another 3 nights." She said.

"Ahhh, that's too bad and we're here another 6 nights."

Then she just answered, "I know." She then fell silent looking in deep thought. I looked her over and couldn't believe how sexy she looked. She seemed so much more proud and confident now and that in itself was sexy. Her shelf bra pushed the tops of her breasts up and out on display so nicely. She was looking at her cell phone and I wondered if they had maybe even exchanged numbers. I thought again about her seeming to be interested in something happening without me being there like I was with Sean and her. I decided that I could do it; I also decided she deserved it.

"You were gone quite awhile, what else did you talk about." I asked.

"Oh nothing really, let's see, he said he's staying here tonight and just going to the Blue Martini, the cocktail lounge downstairs in the resort. Oh, and he pointed out his bungalow to me, it looked really nice like ours, maybe a little longer, then she caught herself and laughed and said, I mean bigger, up on the cliff as well."

"Did he show you?" "Did you go there with him?" I asked.

She looked quickly at me, "No, of course not, there wasn't enough time for that."

"OK, but did he ask you to go there?" I smiled and asked.

She looked at me now with an expression like she wasn't sure what to say, and then, somewhat cautiously, she answered, "Yes."

I thanked her for being honest and told her it was really ok. I also told her I thought that he might have and then I added, "It shows he's got wonderful taste. So, if you didn't go how did you get out of it without offending his invitation?" I asked.

She became more quiet now and serious, "Well, I just told him I didn't have time to go with him and see his place."

She was being a little evasive which made me want to learn more so I pushed the subject. "Well, that would have let him know 'why' you couldn't right now, but do you think he got the impression you would like to if you did have more time?"

"Yes," she answered lowering her voice almost to a whisper as if she was caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

"Why is that?" I asked.

Now she looked deep into my eyes and whispered, "Because I told him."

"You told him?" I asked.

"Yes, I told him I would like to, but that I couldn't."

I smiled and put my hand on her thigh and whispered back, "I understand, this way he won't feel like you were rejecting his offer and have to feel bad."

"I know, I guess that's kinda what I thought too. Your not upset I did that are you? I know it gave him the impression I want to, but I really didn't want him feeling badly like I rejected him." She said.

"Of course I'm not upset babe, I know it might have been naughty and fun to go with him to his bungalow. In fact, honestly, I've been doing some thinking. You know, about the thought that if something happened that you could go alone and I would stay home and wait for you."

"Yes?" she answered, tilting her head not knowing where this was going.

"Well, I decided that actually, I'm OK with it. It'll be hard for me not being there to watch but it's something that I want you to be able to do, to experience."

A soft smile came to her face and she said, "Really? You do? You wouldn't mind waiting back, you know, while I went with someone?"

I had to be honest and said with a smile, "Well, I would mind, a lot. In fact it would drive me crazy, but then I realized it would drive me crazy with lust for you."

She laughed a little at that but then said, "Wow." Then she whispered so nicely, "If we ever did do something like that I promise I would tell you everything that happened when I come back, honest."

"I know you will," I now said, realizing fully that I had now made it as if it 'will' happen rather than it 'might' happen.

Then I explained to her, "After I thought about it awhile I realized that it would 'have' to be more comfortable for you if I wasn't there. I love you and if we do this I really want you to enjoy it fully and I just think you'd be able to let yourself go a little more without me there."

She looked at me so lovingly and whispered, "God I love you, and yes, honestly, I guess I would be more comfortable and I'm sure I could let myself go, even more."

Then she quickly added, "But that would be good for whomever I'm with too, wouldn't it?"

"I mean for me yes, of course, but I'd be so much better for him as well, right? Because I would be better got him?"

"Exactly, that's what I'm thinking." I said. "I'm glad we got that out of the way. I love how open and honest we can talk now. Honestly? With Mike, I probably even should have suggested that you both exchange cell numbers, you know, so you can both text or call each other if you wanted to. I'd be OK with it."

She looked at me a little surprised and said, "Well, actually, I'm glad you said that because we did honey, he's got mine and I have his."

I knew it I said to myself. She was turning into a little sexy minx and I loved it.

Just then James the bartender came by and asked us what we were doing later and Michelle quickly volunteered, "We might just be going to the Blue Martini later".

I casually said, "Well she might be, I'm feeling a little tired already from our trip. I might just lay low tonight." I'm sure James took note of that and we paid our bill and left with James saying, "See you later".

Back in our room I opened a cold Red Stripe from the fridge and sat down on the couch near the ocean. Michelle removed her shoes and sat down next to me and we kissed.

There was silence for awhile and then she asked, "Honey, are you serious about not going out tonight?"

Before I could answer her cell phone made the little sound of an incoming text. She turned away, glanced at it and set it down and turned back to me not saying a word.

I looked at her and she let out a little smile and asked, "What?"

"I just wondered if maybe that was a text message from Mike already, that's all."

"It was." she said.

"Come on, let me see babe." I asked.

She reached for the phone and gave it to me and I looked. It was innocent and just said 'hi' and asked if we were going down to the Blue Martini soon as he was on his way there.

"Well, what are you going to tell him?" I asked.

"She looked into my eyes trying to read me and said, "I, ... I don't know, what do you think I should tell him?"

"Honey, honestly, I am a little tired. Also you were tremendous with me in the shower earlier so I'm still so well satisfied and you know, you did mention you liked Mike and that you thought he was nice."

"Yes, I know I did." She said while blushing slightly and looking down.

She was being shy so with my fingers under her chin I raised her head up so she could look at me and I looked into her eyes and said, "Babe, you also admitted to me that he even seemed like the type of guy, you know, that you would let, fuck you."

"I know but......., she started to say but I cut her off.

"Babe," then I leaned over, smiled and kissed her as warmly as I could and softly said, "Honey, it's ok, really, why don't you go ahead and tell him you'll meet him there? Then just go and have a nice evening together and whatever happens, it's ok."

She sat back silently and searched my eyes again trying to make sure I was serious.

She seemed a little flustered and just whispered, "Really? I mean, do you want me to? Are you sure?"

I reached for the phone and picked it up and she watched as I slowly typed, "Yes, I'm coming, alone, wait for me. I just want to put on something a little more appropriate for tonight."

Then I gave her the phone back, kissed her again and said, "Now, go ahead and push send."

She hesitated and said, "But if something happens I want it to be good for you too, not just me. Tell me it'll excite you if I go to him."

I smiled and said, "It'll excite me. I'll be going crazy here alone but at the same time so anxious and so excited to eventually hear about what might have happened with your evening too."

She then leaned into me, kissed me deeply and we both then looked down at the cell phone for a few moments. She looked at me with the last bit of hesitation and then, slowly her tiny finger moved over to the send button and, she pushed it. She then threw it to the side and kissed me hard and deep. I couldn't help thinking it was again that wonderfully symbolic kiss goodbye to a loving husband for the evening.

"Now go, get yourself ready. Put on some nice sexy clothes. I want you to make sure that Mike, or actually any man that sees you tonight, will want you for his own. Make me proud." I said.

"Ok, I will, she said while finally giving me a little smile. I promise I'll make you proud."

She got up and practically skipped to the shower room. She was now starting to get excited. She went in and showered and then slipped on her sexiest thong panties, a pair of heels and a shelf bra that held her breasts up and out on display so nicely. It didn't even cover her nipples but would leave them exposed underneath her top. Then she did something, something especially for me.

She stepped out from the dressing room on her heels to let me see her and as she stood their for my eyes she said, "I'm going to wear these panties and this bra tonight when I go out."

"Do you think they look ok?" She asked me this while running her fingers lightly over each piece and then turning around and pushing her bottom out a little for me to see how well her panties looked on her sexy ass.

"Oh yes, damn babe, they look great on you, everything's absolutely perfect. You look so hot." I said. I realized right then that she had wanted me to see what she would have on underneath, before she put the rest of her clothes on. I'm sure it was so I would know and so I could better imagine her while she was away. She wanted me to be excited tonight as well, and I was.

Then she slipped on a sexy short little dress that showed her legs and her ass off so nicely. Then the perfume in all the right spots. While she was applying her perfume I had an idea and went into our suitcase and I took out the sexiest little sheer baby doll outfit that she had brought with her along with a sexy pair of nylons. They were small enough to fit into her purse and I slipped them in. I also quickly scribbled a little note saying, In the event I don't see you until morning, you may need these. Relax and enjoy, I love you. I got everything in her purse just in time.

She came out, did a little twirl and asked, "How do I look?".

"Wow, you look fabulous, he'll surely want to eat you.... up," I said.

She let out a little laugh and said, "I hope so, you know I'm still a little nervous going out without you like this, and meeting another man too."

Would it help if I told you that I was already excited? That watching you get ready to meet him and now about to leave to go to him, has me hard?

A soft smile came to her face and she looked down to see if I was telling her the truth. My hardness was obvious and seeing it she gave me a warm smile and whispered back, "Oh baby, you are hard. Yes, knowing that does help, it helps a lot, thank you."

"Good, ok, now please, go, and have fun. You can text me if you like but I'll be fine."

We kissed and said we love each other and she said she'd text me if she was late.

Then she grabbed her purse, opened the door and was gone. I could hear the clicking of her heels as she walked by the side of our bungalow out to the walkway that led down to the Blue Martini lounge.

This could be a long night I said to myself.

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