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While my husband slept

Fucking and sucking my husband's friend
It was two am, and I awoke; all was quite in the house, so I got up to get a drink of water. John my husband was sound asleep, as usual after drinking half the night before going to bed and fucking me, getting his jolly's off but leaving me high and dry, and horny as all hell.

I went down stairs and looked in at Jim asleep on the couch. He and John were old drinking buddies and he had helped John kill a couple fifths last night. He was laying on the couch with just his shorts on; it was pretty warm as it was the middle of summer.

I could see the out line of his cock inside his shorts and it looked good, I moved over closer to the couch and bent over, moving my hand I pushed down his shorts exposing the head of his cock, I slowly lowered my head down and put my lips around it. As I slowly put the head into my mouth it started to grow, and I started sucking on it. It filled my mouth, Jim put his hands on the back of my neck, and slowly pushed his big cock down my throat. I hadn't known he had woken up. Must of been something I had done.

Within a few minutes I could tell he was getting ready to cum, but instead of cuming, he pulled his cock out of my mouth, and pulled my body up onto the couch, where he pulled my gown aside, opened my legs and inserted his cock into my hot and wet cunt. Oh, what a good fucker he was, I came almost immediately, and he wasn't far behind, we lay there for a short while and he started fucking me again. I was thrilled that he could recover so fast, and his hot, hard cock was really fucking my hot, wet cunt.
When I came it was so good, I wanted to yell and scream, but didn't as I didn't want to wake up John, who might get pissed that I was fucking his friend.

When Jim blew his load into my cunt, a few minutes later. I knew he was done, and so was I. Boy he was just what my horny pussy needed, I would be able to go to sleep now.

I got up and went into the bedroom and as I climbed into bed, John said "Where have you been?"

I told him the bathroom, and snuggled up next to him . He put his arms around me, and started playing with my tits. I started to get hot again and he crawled on top of me and put his hard cock into my wet pussy. It was still wet and hot from Jim fucking me so he slid right in and started fucking me, it wasn't long before both of us came, me right after he gave me a big load of cum. Then he rolled off and went back to sleep.

I got up and went into the bathroom and took a good hot shower and as I was drying off, the door opened and there stood Jim.

He walked over and put his arms around me and sat me on the sink top and spread my legs and proceeded to put his hard cock into my cunt, Well I can't say I didn't mind that. He told me he had heard john and me fucking and it had made him hard, so when he heard me go into the bathroom, he decided to come and get another fuck, I was happy to oblige him.

I was very quite, when I again returned to bed, I lay there with Jim's cum running down the cheeks of my ass, and it felt good. I knew that there would be many more fucks with Jim, as he and John partied a lot together and John was always passing out early, so now I wouldn't be going to bed horny anymore.

I woke early and feeling good. A good hot shower later and I went into the kitchen to make breakfast for my two guys. In a few minutes John shows up, as he had smelled the bacon cooking, and asked if Jim was still here.

I told him, I didn't know as I had only been in the kitchen, and I assumed he was still on the couch.

He went out to check and I heard them talking John asked him if he had slept ok, and Jim told him the best he had in years.

Well John told him he might as well spend another night with us, as he had a couple things Jim could help him with.

I thought, 'Well, I know something he could help me with.'

After they had ate, they went out to the garage where they did man things for awhile then came back in to watch a ball game on the television. I was ordered to fetch them some beer.

That was one of the things we always had plenty of, beer and whiskey, as John loved his drinks.

John always hit the beer pretty good, and I could see he was drinking two or three to Jim's one, so it wasn't too long before John was taking a little snooze.

The next thing I knew was Jim was there with his arms around me kissing me, and playing with my tits. He lifted me up onto the counter top and pulled my panties off of me, before I could say anything he was sliding his hard cock into my hot pussy. Oh, I was so hot for him to fuck me, we never said anything, he just fucked me hot and fast, he said he was so horny for my cunt that he couldn't wait to fuck me.

He blew his load into my hot, wet pussy and I could feel it run down my legs, he went down on his knees and started sucking my wet pussy and licking all of the juicy wetness in my cunt, oh I came good.

I took his cock and put it in my mouth and sucked all of the cum and juice off of it, before I told him that's it for awhile.

My poor little pussy was wore out, and I knew it would get more action before the day was done.

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