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While the cat's away ...

it's time to play
It's Saturday and one of those wonderful mornings when I awake gently with the realisation that I have no commitments, nothing I have to do, and am alone for once. My husband Tom has gone to play golf and I had heard another car leave with Beth, the beautiful university student lodging with us for a while until she finds digs, off with her boyfriend for the weekend.

I am alone.

It is rare for me to have space like this and with the warm feeling inside I know that I need some release – let's call a spade, a spade – I need to masturbate. I've worked for it, I've earned it and nothing will stop me from doing it.

I hope you can tell that I'm comfortable with my sexuality; I know what I like, my husband likes what I know, and after the luxurious sex we had last night, I'm ever hopeful that he need stray no further than my side of the bed.

I like to prepare for my time alone. The sun is shining in through the window and it's warm so I fold back the duvet and get a towel from the bathroom because if this goes to plan, I might well need something to absorb the excitement. Going to the bedside table, I take my time in choosing my weapon; in fact weapons on this occasion – a beautiful glass dildo that I put into a mug of hot water, and a two-battery rocket vibrator – the combination is deadly.

Taking off my thin white cotton nightie, largely transparent through age but adored by Tom who often watches me with eagle-eyes while pretending to read his book, I lie back on the bed and take a long, deep breath. Life is good and about to get better. I lie still, savouring the moment, and then with both hands gently tease my nipples – they harden to the touch and that lovely tingle spreads down my body as if connected by acupuncture points to my now moistening pussy.

No toys yet; I must resist or this glorious time will be over too soon. Slowly my right hand moves to the centre of the universe, that place that makes all problems disappear for a while and which gives meaning to life itself. I touch my clit and suck an involuntary breath through my teeth. This is good.

Damn – what was that? I'm sure I heard something. How could that be? Everyone is out and I have my own time, for my own pleasure. Frustrated and annoyed, I wrap the towel around me and go out onto the landing to find out what it could be. I can hear a strange noise from Beth's room – but she's away. Creeping slowly forward, I can see through the slightly open door the glorious Beth lying on her front – she's completely naked and on top of the bed, with her iPad propped on the pillow, clearly watching some porn – it looks from a distance as if there are two girls in a 69 softly licking each other's pussies as the tension mounts. Beth appears completely absorbed in what she's watching and her gorgeous arse – yes I can be vulgar, but this really is a gorgeous arse - is poetry in motion. She is clearly watching the porn and very gently rocking her hips so her pussy is just rubbing along a ridge she has made in the sheets – this is hot – I can imagine the delaying effect this approach would have on my own orgasm and therefore the intensity when she comes will be breath-taking. Lucky girl – why don't I go back to bed and do the same. Two things hit me at the same time – firstly it must have been the postman and not the boyfriend collecting Beth, and secondly, why don't I watch and touch myself here, very quietly, rather than go back to my carefully created, safe little 'play-station'.

No decision.

Very quietly, I put my hand inside the towel and start to stroke my clit while watching the delicious globes of Beth's bottom rock gently forward and back. I'm neither lesbian, nor bi- but this hasn't dawned on me yet; I'm just captivated by the sight in front of me. I don't think I've ever seen anything so erotic in all my life. She's tall, blond, has blue eyes and is everything I should be jealous of, but somehow another human being, indulging in something not only natural but seeming so right, is a real turn-on. I stroke some more, and my breathing gets shorter while my pulse gets faster. I don't even notice when the towel drops to the floor.

Beth's breathing and pulse appear to be following the same road and before long she plunges her head into the pillow to the side of the iPad, her bottom thrusts her pussy into the bedclothes and I can just hear the deep moan of her pleasure as her orgasm engulfs every part of her that I can see ... and that's all of her. I stand motionless, captivated by what I have just witnessed, but realise that she will hear me if I move. I stop breathing; I stand there like Lot's wife as rigid as a block of salt. My towel is round my ankles and my second and third fingers frozen either side of my clit like a finger stuck to a metal dish just taken out of the freezer. She turns to face me; I tremble not knowing where to look or what to do. She blushes, clearly mortified by what I had witnessed and apparently embarrassed by what she is seeing. I'm still captivated by her gorgeous body and my brain is boiling with contradictory emotions – to stay and stare, or take fright and flee.

"Mrs ..."

"Beth ... I ..."

Neither of us knows what to say or what to do. Beth makes the first move, sitting on the edge of the bed and smiles. I don't know where to look. I've started to tremble and my hand at last moves from my tingling pussy but I don't quite know what to do with it. Without thinking, I lick my fingers and taste the reason why this is all so forbidden.

Beth stands and I look her up and down and decide that now is the time to turn and leave, pretending none of this has happened. She slowly approaches me looking straight into my eyes silently compelling me to stay where I am. After what seems like an eternity, we are standing toe-to-toe, breast-to-breast, still staring deep into each others eyes. She hugs me and time stops. All my systems are screaming 'no', except that part of me that is still back in my own bed longing for release. I hug her back. No word is spoken but Beth leads me to the bed and softly lowers me on my back, caressing my body and touching places that leave me incapable of response other than the quiet moan that escapes my lips. She kisses me and then slowly works her way down my body, pausing only at each nipple, kissing, sucking and gently biting them until they stand out like hard bullets before moving inexorably toward heaven's gate. Suckling on my pussy, and licking my clit, she swings her leg over me and gently lowers her own perfection onto my mouth where my inexperience turns into experience in very short order, judging by the problems she has eating me and moaning at the same time.

Is this infidelity? Nothing will change my lifelong relationship with my husband, so is this just fun, like going to the opera or playing golf, or have I betrayed everything I believe in? Actually, at this moment, I'm not thinking about that. The ethics will have to come later, as frankly I could never look myself in the eye again and ask "what did you miss with that decision to say no?"

I digress; we are both building to a huge climax, my first and her second, but she has age on her side so perhaps it will be a tie – simultaneous orgasm is a target that Tom and I strive for but seldom achieve – Beth and I are somehow in tune and as we both lick, nibble and suck, we can sense the wave building to the point of no return and we both come together, shaking and trembling and almost crying in the delight of what we have just done.

Silence, apart from the post-orgasmic breathing. A giggle each – such a tension-reliever the giggle; you can't beat it. What now? We hear someone else breathing – our heads turn.


The breathing stops dead. He stares straight into my eyes – is that lust or anger? I can't tell but his eyes don't move an inch from mine, and I don't dare to move in case my world comes tumbling down around me. Thankfully, Beth has her wits about her, if not much else, and because she is not staring into his eyes, spots the bulge in his trousers.

"Hi Tom, we were just getting warmed up for you".

"The golf was cancelled" he says, as if in explanation for why he is now slowly removing his trousers.

As if in slow motion, and without moving his gaze from mine, he takes off his shirt and socks and stands still for a moment before unhooking his boxers from his fully erect cock and slides them down his legs, kicking them into the corner of the room. Beth and I gasp, as the reality of what is about to happen breaks into our apparently comatose state. Tom approaches the bed, the cock he is so proud of thrust out in front of him – not 'bobbing' – too hard for that. Dilemma – does he fulfill his dream of bedding the gorgeous student Beth that I have seen him drool over, and appear unfaithful despite what he's seen me do, or does he fuck the wife and maintain some sort of integrity. My choice; my dilemma – not his – I take over. I push him down on the bed and as if to regain some sort of possession, lower my head to his cock, leaving Beth to watch while she gently strokes my backside as if in some sort of support for what is happening, or perhaps just maintaining a connection with what we did together such a short time ago. My oral ministrations are showing signs of being too much for Tom who is almost whimpering with pleasure so I swing my body over his face and lower my dripping pussy onto his mouth to prevent any discussion on what I plan next.

I look at Beth and we both give the smallest smile to each other, and she gently manoeuvres herself over his lower body and without allowing him to penetrate her, she rubs her outer lips up and down his iron-hard cock, making each of them moan in their own way while I watch transfixed at what is going on before me. Finally Beth looks me directly in the eye and I nod almost imperceptibly and the edible Beth, two orgasms into the morning, impales what seems like an impossibly small pussy onto the generous blessings of my husband Tom's rigid cock. Slowly, slowly she lowers herself, catching her breath as she does – Tom stops his work on my pussy for a moment, savouring the feelings that only a young tight pussy can offer but is gracious enough so start again once Beth's peachy bum settles on his legs.

Everyone's a winner. Watching the intensely bitter-sweet experience of my husband screwing the impossibly beautiful Beth with whom I had just had my first lesbian experience as he eats me out, while Beth is impaled on what I suspect is a more substantial offering than her meagre boyfriend can give her, and Tom the beneficiary of this delectation at one end and a compliant, loving and still fully committed wife at the other, can only be win-win-win for all.

Beth starts to move gently up and down, and I can't help myself but lean forward and kiss her with a passion which she eagerly reciprocates. Her pace increases and Tom inevitably comes first, and who can blame him; I'm a close second with his expert treatment of my now hyper-sensitive clit, and Beth delights us both by finishing herself off with the deft ministrations of her lovely hand and her beautiful long fingers. We all collapse in a heap of sated bodies.

I'd love to say that this was the first encounter of many, but Beth moved into Hall and fidelity remains the bedrock of our marriage, but golf-widow Saturday mornings remain a special treat for me, and now I have something serious to masturbate about.

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