Wife breaks the routine

By pepper80

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After three years of dating and two years of marriage the sex had started to slow down. One sexless week would turn into two. When my wife asked about it I let it slip that I thought sex had become routine. It may have been a mistake but as it turned out honesty was the best policy.

That evening I was mortified when I overheard her telling her older sister what I said. Her sister was a new age feminist wanna be psychologist. I just knew this could lead to no good. I heard my wife nervously giggle several times and a lot of o.k.'s.

After hanging up the phone my wife told me to give her an hour an come to bed. I could hear her drawing a bath and going through her dresser and closet. I passed the hour in nervous anticipation but I also wondered it would be lame. When I entered our bedroom she had a single candle lit. She told me to undress and led me to the bed. The pillows were neatly stacked against the headboard so I was half lying half sitting up.

As my eyes adjusted to the single candle light I could see she had on a robe and stockings. She straddled me sitting on my stomach. The stockings were the one for each leg type they felt a little scratchy on my legs. She had no panties on and the robe felt silky and nice. She was warm and smelled great from some type of bath lotion.

I reached up to pull her robe open but she grabbed my hands. In the firmest voice I had ever heard her use she told me "keep you hands to your side or were going to stop, Understand?" Yes I immediately answered.  I loved everything so far and had to see where this was going.

She leaned forward kissing me letting her gown come open. She brought her breast oh so close to my face, the smell of her hair was adding to my excitement  and  although  I had touched her breasts a thousand times I never wanted them more. The silky robe rubbing up against me further added to my torment. I reached to caress her breast. She rose up and sternly warned "Last warning obey or were done" . I quickly put my hands back to my side.

She rewarded me gently skimming her breasts against my lips. " Do you want them baby" "Yes" Oh god I did! How about a "yes, ma'am" Yes ma'am" I eagerly replied. I was rewarded with several minutes of sucking she controlled the tempo and alternated the left and right.

She rose up letting the robe fall away. She held the top of the bed board in a half crouching position  holding  her  freshly shaved vagina inches from from my face. "You are obeying so nicely would you like to lick me a little" "Yes ma'am" I said "I think its going to take a little bit more than that How about you cook dinner Saturday and Sunday" I felt like I had a tennis ball stuck in my throat I had never been so worked up "Yes" I was able to get out. She rewarded me by lowering herself on my face, she rode my tongue and chin to orgasm.

She collected herself "good boy, listening, obeying, keeping your hands where I told you". "stay still, look straight ahead" She rose off of me and went to her night stand. I wanted her back on top of me back where I could smell her and hear her whispered commands" She came back dropping a bunch of stuff just out my vision. This time she straddled me with her bottom by my face her long hair teased my penis and inner thighs.

"Lets try a little rimming" she ordered I was a little hesitant never having done this before. "Now" she hissed forcing her bottom in my face. She still smelled clean from her bath and I just started licking according to her command "harder, softer deeper" whatever she wanted. She started to rub some kind of lotion on my penis. It was not a lube but something that caused a little desensitizing, over that she placed a condom and what felt like a rubber band further securing the condom. She was smart I don't think I would have lasted another second without exploding.

She let out a little giggle "Oh what a good little ass licker you are, wouldn't it be great if all our friends knew what an obedient little ass licker you are? Not so routine huh?

"I want to fuck you now more than the first time more than ever" I pleaded. "thats not going to happen anytime soon" she coolly replied.

"Turn over, up on your knees, head on the pillow, arms straight in front and grab the sheets" I felt the cool lube on my anus. I had never allowed her anywhere near there before. But I knew the tide had turned I should just keep my mouth shut and comply. She worked her finger around the outside prolonging my torment than one finger than a small vibe in the off mode. After an eternity she removed the condom and started milking my penis while working the vibe in and out. As soon as I started ejaculating she turned the vibe on perfectly hitting my prostate gland. I shouted I bucked but I didn't move my hands or lift my head as she had instructed me. I was so proud to be hers but exhausted from the best night of sex ever.

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