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Wife Confessions - Cheating

Wife Confessions - Cheating

She Wants A Little Fun Too
I knew when I got married to my husband that it wasn't going to be easy. He is a business man, one who has to travel a lot. I understood; I knew that I would be spending a lot of time alone. But, then again, so was he, or so I thought.

I met Brian at a bar, where I had seen him many times. When I finally got the courage to talk to him, he told me he was just recently divorced. His wife couldn't take the constant being alone all the time. She packed her bags and never looked back. I didn’t think, even then, he was all that upset about it. After that night, we moved pretty quickly. We were married in less than six months from that night. That was almost seventeen years ago.

We always talked about having kids when things slowed down for my husband. He told me if we were to have kids, he’d want to be around for them. Well, his job never slowed down, so we never had kids. I made myself busy working at a nursery, they've been my kids. Mind you, I don’t need to work; my husband makes enough to take care of us. I chose to, because, I can only keep the house so clean.

Our marriage has always been good. When he is home, he is sweet, caring, loving, gives me all his attention. I've never had a complaint. I never thought twice that things were different when he wasn't home. That was, until I came across a number in his phone that had a heart next to the name Amanda. I had no idea who she was.

This caused me to look through his text messages. I saw endless messages between them, talking about their times together when he was there. What I read wasn't just a relationship about sex, but so much like what he and I have. I didn't want to just accuse him of anything. I had proof, of course, but I wanted to be logical.

I could have easily ended the marriage, left him, and never looked back. I could have been like his first wife. However, I was comfortable in this marriage. I had a good life, I had everything I needed and wanted. I didn't want that to end.


Choosing not to say anything, I decide that if he can have another lover, so can I. I don’t know where to start, but, the in thing right now, seems to be online dating. I search online and quickly find a site that is called ‘Wives Who Cheat’. It is much like the situation I’m in. There are other types of wives and even husbands on here.

I make a profile, making it as honest as possible. I have no desires to leave my husband. I’m just looking for someone to play with, when my husband isn’t home. A lot of men, of all ages, message me. It’s a little overwhelming, but makes me feel more wanted than I have ever felt.

I’m only forty-four, so I’m still young. I am in great shape. You have to be to take care of a bunch of little kids all day long. I find myself pretty average. I don’t stand out. I’m the older version of the girl next door, or maybe her mum.

Going through the profiles of other members, I read about why they are on here. A lot of them are blunt, looking for just sex. Others seem to just want a place to dwell in the pain of being cheated on, or not getting attention from their spouse. A few of them are really depressing, making me sad for them. Should I be so sad that my husband is cheating? I know it hurts, but I did just fine not knowing, so should I let that change now? I don’t believe so.

It is Chris who sends me a message first. He is excited, because I’m the first person he has met, who lives in the same area. I read his message, afterwards, I look on his profile. He is forty-seven, a dad of four. He goes on to tell me that his wife and he have an open marriage. Their marriage has always been open. They believe that is what makes it work so well for them. The concept of an open marriage has never crossed my mind, but I can see the perks in it.

After exchanging several messages, we decide to meet. My husband is away again. I can see him with that girl Amanda, wondering what kind of life he has with her. I told Chris about my situation, he said he understands why I would want to stay. It makes me feel better about my choice.

The day is perfect, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and I’m not nervous. Why would I be? This to me feels so right. We’ve decided to meet at the mall, a nice public setting. I know who I’m looking for, since I know what he looks like. He is even better looking in person. Chris stands at six-feet two-inches, with dark blonde hair and well dressed. I like him immediately.

Chris is lively, talkative, and full of energy. We walk around the mall, mostly window shopping, and just getting to know one another. After about two hours, I offer him to come to my place. I even offer to make lunch. He can’t and doesn’t resist. We take our own cars back to my place, him following me.

Back at my place, Chris and I continue to chat as I make lunch. I’ve always enjoyed cooking for someone else. It is nice to be able to cook for someone, again. Though, I notice while I’m cooking, Chris can’t take his eyes off of me. It makes me feel excited, that familiar ache building in my core. I watch him from the corner of my eye, still focused on making lunch.

When we’re sitting at the table, he talks to me about his job. It’s my turn to eye him, loving what I see. I can’t help but undress him with my eyes, wondering if he looks as good naked. It’s been so long since I’ve been with another man. I want him to fuck me here on the table, a place I eat daily. I want that memory every time I’m sitting here.

After lunch, Chris helps me clean up, and we have coffee in the living room. I know he can’t stay much longer, since his kids will be home soon. He seems to be a loving father, which I like. How could I not, right? Though, I do wish he could stay longer.

Once he bids his farewells, I tell him I hope we can see each other soon. He agrees we should, which makes me happy. Not even a half hour later, he sends me a text. He tells me he was rock hard for me the whole time he was with me. I can’t contain it anymore. I run upstairs and into my bedroom. I find my good friend Bob, who has never let me down.

Masturbating has always helped the ease of my sexual needs, but never cures it. Sometimes, it feels like it just makes it worse. Not today though. I think of Chris and my dining room table. My fingers are roaming over my body, with my vibrator deep inside me. I have the speed up as high as it can go, buzzing harshly against my clit and deep inside me. Chris is giving me no mercy on my table. He slams himself hard inside me, fucking me with all the power he can.

I don’t hold back, I want to orgasm many times. I cry out a long moan each time, throbbing around my toy. I feel my body twisting and turning, begging for more. It’s not until I reach my fifth orgasm, I begin to slow down. With one more, I slide my toy out. My pussy feels used and abused. I fucking love it. I suck on my toy, taking it as deep as I can, and take a photo. I send it to Chris, with a message about how I wish he would have fucked me on my table.

He sends me back a text, telling me he had the same idea. Attached with the message is a photo of his cock. It’s thick, hard and dripping with pre-cum. It’s incredibly sexy, and all I want to do is suck on him. I haven’t felt this wound up in a long time. Not that my husband and I don’t have sex. We even have great sex. I guess it is the thrill of someone new.

The next few days we text each other, teasing each other further. I find myself masturbating every night, sometimes even during the day. Each time Chris is the one deep inside me. We’ve been talking about taking it to the next level, but we both want to make sure it’s the right thing.

By the time the weekend comes, Chris goes silent. He and his wife spend their entire weekends with their kids. It makes for a lonely weekend for me, but we have made plans to see each other again Monday. That’s what I allow myself to look forward to.

When Monday comes, I’m so ready to see Chris. I spent the weekend with a few friends of mine, to keep busy. I wanted to share with them what I was doing, but I know none of them would understand. I’m not sure I would either, if I was them. I guess this will just have to be my dirty little secret.

Chris arrives at my house with pizza and a DVD. It’s pouring rain, so our plans changed last minute. We fall into a comfortable place on the sofa, with the film starting, we talk mostly about our weekends. I’m surprised at how comfortable I feel being with Chris. I have never been so intimate with someone, other than my husband.

After we finish eating, Chris pulls me into a close cuddle. His fingers are softly caressing my back, with my head on his chest. The soft rhythm of his heart is soothing, it’s nice to listen to. I think I lose myself in listening to his heart and watching the film, I don’t notice when he lifts my chin up to look at him. He smiles down at me, placing a single kiss on my lips. He is gentle, soft, tender.

A low purr comes from my throat, pulling him into me, to kiss me deeper this time. Suddenly my own heart is racing. I feel the blood flowing through me quickly. It’s all running towards my middle. I feel as though I’m on fire, I need to get out of my clothes! We begin to strip out of them, kissing and groping along the way.

When we’re both naked, he lifts me up and I wrap my legs around his middle and he carries me to the dining room. He places me onto the table, with his mouth roaming all over me, until he finds my center. Chris takes all the control, nipping, sucking, licking, flicking all over me. I feel red hot, burning with passion. I want to convulse with need.

Deep inside, the ache roars louder. I need him, and begin to beg for it. Until he finally stands, lifting my legs right up over his shoulders. He looks down into my eyes, whispers he wants me to scream out his name, and before I can question him, he thrusts inside me. The crying moan that is released from me is tangled with his name. His hips are thrusting hard and fast, slamming against my ass. I feel as though the entire table is moving, never slowing down. He moves faster, deeper inside me. It’s everything I wanted the times I thought of him inside me.

Leaning down, with my legs still over his shoulders, he kisses me hard. The mix of tension and pleasure causes me to climax. I come hard around him, squeezing tightly. We both groan, he joins with me, filling me deeply with his seed. It feels as though a hose has been turned on inside me. I grind up into it, wanting to milk him dry.

Chris carries me back to the sofa, snuggling me close, I let out a sigh. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I knew when we started talking I made the right choice with him. We decide to re-watch the film, actually watching it this time. Of course there is soft petting while watching it.

After he leaves hours later, what I’ve done is on my mind a lot. I don’t regret doing it, but wonder if I should tell my husband? If he has someone, why can’t I? Why not have an open marriage, like Chris does. It works for him. It is something that I think on a lot.

Two weeks later, when Brian comes home, he is the loving husband I know. It makes my choice harder, and I’m worried he can tell something is on my mind. We’ve never had issues, but can I live a secret life, like he has? I don’t think I can.

I sit Brian down. One thing about him is he has never had a temper, and always listens to the whole story, before reacting. That’s what I do. I tell him about how I found the text messages between him and Amanda. The look on his face is shocked and worried, even a little confused. I guess since I’m not flipping out on him. He lets me continue talking.

I go on, telling him what I thought when I first found out. That maybe divorce was the answer, but knew it wasn't two seconds later. That’s when I tell him about the site, and I tell him about Chris. Once I start talking about it, it all comes out. I don’t hold anything back. I tell him that I don’t want to divorce, we’re happy when he is home. That, I think it would be good to have an open marriage.

The idea isn't for either of us to slut around. Just that he’d have Amanda and I would have Chris. This is, of course, after I had a conversation with Chris about continuing together. He agreed, once he spoke to his wife. I tell Brian that when he is home, we’re great, as we always have been. But, I deserve something when he isn't home, also.

If he can’t agree to the terms, divorce is the answer. I won’t be neglected, if he isn't, when he is away. He sits there for a long time, thinking. He is soaking all this information in. When he does answer, he agrees. I’m not totally surprised, but part of me is. He must really like, or even love this Amanda girl. But, it also shows that he still very much loves me, because he doesn't want to lose me.

We agree that we don’t need to meet the other’s partners. I have no desire to know anything about Amanda, and Brian feels the same about Chris. Brian will tell Amanda I know about her, now, though. That way we all know what is going on.

After our long conversation about everything, Brian and I make love. We make love like we haven’t in years. It makes me fall in love with him all over again. Our marriage is improving for the better, after all these years. I know I've made the right choice, having an open marriage.

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