Wife Fantasy

By SheriPie

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Six months ago my husband took me to a bar, handed me a motel key and told me to pick up a man, take him back the motel and fuck him while he secretly watched. Tonight I want to have the experience he seemed to enjoy so much.

When we arrived at the bar, we went next door and rented a room. I opened the curtains and turned all the lights on and sent him across the street to the bar. I waited a ½ hour then headed over myself.

When I walked in I located him and took a seat across the bar from him, watching him sit there drinking a beer, looking around the room. I began to survey the room myself when I spotted her.

She was a beautiful brunette wearing a small black dress with thin straps going over her shoulders. It was low cut and she had on a push-up bra which helped expose her I’d say 34 D’s. She was definitely looking for a good time tonight and definitely had my husband in her sights.

I looked at my husband and slightly tilted my head in her direction. He met her gaze and he smiled at her. He then motioned to the bartender. I saw the bartender nod as if approving and delivered the woman a drink from my husband.

She looked at him and smiled as if to say "thanks" and he held up his beer to her. After about 2 minutes he got up and headed to the seat next to her. She motioned for him to sit down and they began talking. After awhile she was laughing, giving him the come fuck me eyes and kept putting her hand on his knee. I sat there thinking oh yeah….she wants him. I squirmed in my seat with anticipation.

When a slow song came on I saw him take her hand and lead her to the dance floor. She pressed in close against him as they swayed to the music. His hand was on her lower back and he ever so slowly began moving it south then back up. He was teasing her. I could just see her body screaming, “Just take my ass in your hands and pull me into you”.

While swaying to the music I could see her pushing her hot pussy into his groin area. I wondered if he was hard yet because I was wet and really squirming in my seat trying to keep control of myself.

They returned to the bar and I saw him lean over and whisper something in her ear. She smiled and nodded. They stood up and he led her out of the bar with his hand on her very lower back. I quickly finished my drink and headed out the door.

When I exited the bar I saw my husband quickly glance over his shoulder at me and smile. He then moved his hand down to her ass and squeezed. She returned the gesture. When they entered the motel I quickly went around to the back of the building to our window. With the lights on full I knew they couldn’t see me.

I watched them walk into the room. She entered first and started heading for the window. My husband quickly came up behind her and pulled her against him. I saw the pure pleasure in her face waiting for him to make the next move. He brought his hands up to her breasts and began squeezing them. He then moved his hands to the straps of her dress and slowly started sliding them off her shoulders.

He pushed her dress down past her big beautiful breasts, un-did her bra and took them in his hands. He began squeezing and rubbing her breasts, pinching her nipples. I saw her lay her head back on his shoulder and I knew what she was feeling. She took her hands and put them behind her and began massaging my husbands probably rock hard cock at this point.

He slid her dress down past her hips, letting it fall to the floor. He then took one of his hands off her breasts and slowly ran it down to her wet pussy. I watched as her hips moved in motion with his hand. He turned her around and kissed her deeply. He pulled his shirt over his head then began to undo his pants.

I knew she was going to be pleased with what waited for her behind his jeans. She helped him pull his pants down and took his hard cock in her hand and began stoking it. He went to the chair and sat down and motioned her to come over. He pulled her down to her knees, had his dick in one hand and put the other one behind her head and pulled her to his manhood. She willing put it in her mouth and began sucking, licking and stroking his cock like she had never tasted anything so good before. His head went back and his eyes closed as she sucked him deep and hard.

I was so consumed by what was going on beyond that window that I didn’t even hear that couple come up behind me. “What are you doing”, I heard. I turned around and smiled and told them that I was watching my husband fuck another woman. “You are ok with that”, the woman asked me.

“Yes”, I said, “I am enjoying it very much.”

The man asked, “Mind if we watch with you?”

“Sure”, I answered.

While I was talking to the other couple my husband had moved her up on the table and was sliding his fingers in and out of her pussy. I could see how wet she was and how much the pleasure was overwhelming her. He then took his mouth and began licking and sucking at her wet pussy. She began thrusting her hips in his face and I could see she was about to cum. She screamed out and her whole body shuddered at she came all over my husbands face. He then quickly pulled her up bent her over the table and began fucking her hard from behind. She was screaming in ecstasy. I then saw him smack her on the ass, which seemed to make her hotter. He smacked her again harder which made her scream out “YES, YES…fuck me, fuck me hard!”

I was so turned on I could feel that my panties were just soaked. I turned and looked at the couple with me and he was behind her pressed up against her with his hand down the front of her pants. I was jealous. The sound my husband makes right before he cums pulled my attention back to the window. I watched him pull her off the table and push her to her knees and put his dick in her mouth. Holding the back of her head he rammed his rock hard cock in and out of her mouth which she happily sucked until he unloaded his wad in her mouth.

All I could think about was getting in that room and fucking my husband. The man standing outside with me said, “Wow, that was great.”

“Yes, it was”, said the woman.

I turned to them smiling saying, “Yes, it was.”

“I’m Max and this is my wife Shelia,” the man said.

“Hi, I’m Sheri and that is my husband Shawn. Are you guys staying at the motel tonight?”, I asked.

“No, they were full, so we didn’t get a room”, Max said.

As I was turning to head back to our room, I stopped and turned to them and asked, “Would you like to join us in our room?"