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Wife fulfills a fantasy - sans husband

Anne's fantasy of having two men insifde her is a reality



It was Saturday morning. One of those Saturdays in middle spring that was sunny and delightful with summer pushing spring away. The temperature was in the low 80s and the week end promised to be great.


Mike, my husband of 10 years, and I, were traveling to one of those resorts with golf, tennis, swimming pool and other amenities. Mike’s company was having a meeting to discuss last year’s performance and to plan for this year’s sales efforts. In reality the unit that Mike managed had done well and we were going on a 2 day R&R trip. I knew that as soon as we registered Mike would disappear to play golf and I would go to the swimming pool.


We got in our room and Mike disappeared . . .   as expected. I stayed at the room to get my dress for tonight’s banquet so that any wrinkle it got in the suitcase, I could iron over and have it ready. After doing that I got my bikini out so that I could get some sun and swim a few laps. After the birth of the girls, now ages 8 and 10, my mother said that I should really do some exercise to loose the baby weight and become again “firm”. And I did that. Only that I enjoyed my exercise so much that I was looking awesome. I had always been somewhat petite but in H.S. I did a lot of sports. Soccer and cross country running.


I had given a lot of time to my studies and my sports in H.S. and had paid little attention to boys. For the senior year Mike and I became “an item”.   We had been together now about 6 months. Mike was not a tall kid, so as a couple we looked well. We began talking and noticing each other because Mike was also into soccer and cross country running. We really fell for each other. We would go to the movies and then we would neck a bit in the car.  


I preserved my virginity as much as I could but on Prom Night we had “the” first sex. After that night we continued having sex and I became pregnant. We faced our parents, we got married and Mike began working to support his new family. Our parents helped us and with Mike’s positive attitude and big efforts he progressed well in business. So two girls and ten years later here we were.


A lot of things happened on those ten years. All of them, good things. Mike and I became adventurous in our sex and we were using sex toys very freely. It all started when Mike bought a porn film. He said that he and I could have a few lessons in sex. For a while it was a great idea. My orgasms had been getting better and better. Because of this, one of the items in our suitcase was a vibrator or two.


So, I was putting things away and putting on my bikini to go to the pool. I went to the bathroom to pee and to take a look at myself with the bikini. I wanted to make sure that all pubic hair was out of the way. I was looking very good. My body was real firm and with great curves. Good size breasts and great waist and hips.   Mike always said that my body was chiseled by a sculptor.   Looking at the image on the mirror, I was looking at a great looking woman. I believe that I had developed some liking to women and some liking to have a woman … sexually. No, I did not consider me strictly Lesbian but would like to taste another woman’s pussy.


Mike and I had spoken of going one step forward. Add a man, or a girl, to our love making. He wanted to experience, once, that type of sex. I was kind of intrigued and said to ponder a bit more this action. I was not totally opposed but I was a little concerned. The main question always was WHO?? And were we ready for such step without fear that could upset our marriage.


So, here I am looking at myself in the mirror. Somehow I felt something that made me go and look for my vibrator. I wanted to fuck that woman. I began by rubbing my nipples through the bikini top and rubbing my clit and pussy with the vibrator. The effect desired arrived and I began undressing me. I loved that woman in the mirror. Her breasts were nice, rounded and with very sexually erect nipples. The vibrator it seemed to have a mind of his very own. Her very own??? It had already filled my pussy once or twice at the same time that when coming out had given my clit reasons to be excited. I felt my juices beginning to flow. I laid myself on the floor in front of the mirror and fucked my pussy with my vibrator. I began sensing the orgasm coming and fucked my pussy more quickly. I felt it almost coming and . . .   I cum with a real powerful orgasm. I left the vibrator humming in my pussy and began enjoying that after effect and feeling that orgasmic aftershock.


I have no idea how long I was in that process. I have never tried to measure how long does it take love making. In my mind I had just had “another” lesbian experience. The woman in the mirror gave me one huge orgasm.


After some time, got my bikini on again and left for the pool. At the pool I saw Violet, the wife of one of Mike’s salesman, who also was a very good friend of my mother. Annie - she said - how are you? How are the girls? - Everything is fine. The girls with Mom and Dad. It is good to see you Violet. - Annie, that bikini, you look fabulous. You are such a beauty. - Violet, please you are making me blush. (Nahhhhh, I know it and it is the truth). I thank her for the compliment took a lounge chair by her side, went to get a towel and ordered a cool drink. The fellow at the pool service area looked familiar to me. It seems that I saw him at the front desk. I made a comment to that fact and told him that he is a hard working individual. Left him and jumped in the pool. Did my laps, came out and sat at the lounge. Violet and I began chatting and grabbing some rays.


After a while I jumped again into the pool for a few more laps and then said good bye to Violet to get ready for tonight. Got to the room and began to fuss around with the suitcase and stuff. I got undressed and put on the terry robe from the bathroom. After some time I felt someone knocking on the door. Went to see and saw a pair of young men. They seem like the guy in the pool and the guy in the reception desk. They were twins!!. I opened the door and said that, - “you guys are twins, - duh”, that is why I thought you were working too hard. What can I do for you guys???


They said that they wanted to show me a tape of the property in case we wanted to consider purchasing a “time/share vacation apt.” - But my husband is not here now and he should see it too. Jim, one of the twins said, that they would show this one to me to answer questions that would come up and then they would leave the tape with me. I said - OK, that is a good idea. They put the tape on and it began with an overview of the property, amenities and it said, “now let us look at one of the apts. you would like to purchase”. Frankly I was not paying too much attention at the tape. I was looking at how good looking the twins were. My mind began racing as to what I could do to both of them. Oh, yes, I would not mind fucking these two. So the tape showed Mark, the other twin, entering the apt and saying that it was great looking. All of a sudden the tape showed ME in my sexual moment before the swim. I kind of felt ashamed and insulted. But the twins said that I looked awesome. That they had been trying to catch somebody on these activities and they finally did. Without thinking it too much I realized that this is what Mike and I had been talking only that Mike wanted to be present. Many thoughts went through my mind in a split second. At the end of a barely two seconds, I stood up, unbuttoned the robe, showed my naked body and asked “What are you boys waiting??


Jim went straight for my tits and my mouth. We began a real hard love tonguing. And a nipple rubbing. In the meantime Mark got undressed and came behind me with a hard on already. I felt him poking my ass and then Jim undressed also. They took me to the bed, Jim continued on my mouth and Mark began to eat my pussy. I became a slut in record time. I   was really in sexual heaven. After a few more kisses, Jim moved and presented his cock to my mouth. I “gulped” it into my mouth and began giving him a great suck-job. Mark had my pussy all lathered up and he also moved to fuck me. I felt Mark’s cock penetrating my pussy. I felt all of Mark’s cock moving in inch by delightful inch, penetrating my pussy. Mark was going slow. And so was Jim. In my mind I was asking how come it took me this long to experience two cocks in my holes. I felt all sexual whorish and satisfying feelings we women have during sex, before, during and after the orgasm. Because it was two cocks, the pleasure was “more” and the juices began flowing faster and the orgasm came quick. What I did not suspect too much was that the twins were not ejaculating yet and that gave my sexual system to give me more than one orgasm. Have no clue how many more, but I was having more than one orgasm.


Jim said, hey Mark, before you cum let us switch and you fuck her mouth and I will fuck her cunt. Those words alone made for more orgasms. They moved and now I had Mark in my mouth and Jim penetrating my pussy. And the explosions were incredible. I was tossing my head around signifying the amount of sex I was experiencing. At one moment I was able to say, “ok guys, keep this fuck going, yes, fuck me, fuck me hard.” Which they complied. Mark was the first to cum. I felt my mouth being filled with that cum that I have learned to swallow. Felt Mark’s cock vibrating and spurting in my mouth. Once Mark was over then Jim began his explosion. More juices for my cunt. And my whole body trembling/vibrating with orgasmic pleasure. I told Jim to leave his cock inside of me to enjoy more the aftershock.


After a few minutes they began dressing and I asked about the tape. They said it was mine. I did not want to stand up from bed to soon. They understood and said that they also had to leave or their uncle would have their hide. They kiss me good bye and left. I began thinking. Sex aside, WTF do I tell Mike????? I was feeling a bit ashamed. I cheated on Mike. Did not plan it. Did not have any idea that it would happen this way It did fulfill one of “our” fantasies but Mike was supposed to be present. I allowed myself to behave whorish in order to fulfill MY fantasy. Got up. Took a shower and began getting ready for the banquet. .                            

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