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Wife Gets 3 Men

John and his wife have fun with 2 friends.
Emma (22) and John (24) have been married for just over eighteen months and have a one year old child. Before marriage there were a few encounters with other women. After marriage there was an encounter with a couple of John’s friends who were in a gay relationship. This was Emma’s first time with more than one man, she ended up with three! The night went great and everyone had an amazing experience and all vowed to do it again.

One year after that party, this story begins. After spending a lot of time away from home, John was imagining a repeat of what had happened, but if possible better, so he wrote an idea in an email to Emma. She loved the idea. Soon after John got home a plan was hatched to meet up with the same friends, Steve and Stuart, but details were vague. John got in touch with Steve to ask if they were still interested and without hesitation he agreed.

Three weeks later Emma, John, Steve and Stuart found themselves on a road trip heading to the rolling hills of Wales where they had all booked a small cottage for a couple of nights. On arrival they all unpacked and took their bags to either bedroom. When they were done they met in the living room. There was no TV, just a log fireplace and the laptop that John had brought for music. They all sat down chatting about nif naf and trivia with the odd pre-emptive innuendo.

Steve later on cooked a meal for the four and they all sat down to eat and opened the first bottle of wine of the night. While sitting around the dining table, the conversation eventually reached the key subject, sex. They began to discuss the night one year previous and all the things that had happened. Emma really opened up about it and told how she was so nervous but has since been looking forward to a similar night. Steve and Stuart added that they had sometimes spoken of it when they were feeling horny.

It was reaching 9 o’clock when John suggested that they should all get cleaned up and dressed for the night’s fun. Emma headed to the shower upstairs whilst Steve and Stuart went to theirs to get ready. John cleared the table and set the scene in the living room, lighting the fire and starting the background music. The dress code to be followed was all men in shorts, Emma could wear anything that she felt was sexy.

After all the men were ready they met in the living room, opening a bottle of champagne to get the fun started. They all sat on the same sofa which faced the log fire and the stairs to the left. They sat in good spirits, obviously all excited. Steve had a little grope of Stuart’s shorts to see exactly how excited he was. Quite, it seemed.

The chat was interrupted by the sound of heels descending the wooden stairs. Slowly Emma began to appear, first her feet with pink heels, then her sexy legs covered by black stockings. As she continued down the stairs the men could see her hips appear, wearing a little black skirt and then she came into full view. Stood at the bottom of the stairs, she looked amazing. Dressed in pink heels, black stockings, black tiny skirt and cropped white shirt with a little tartan tie. Her hair held up with a clip, her face looking gorgeous with luscious shiny lips.

The three guys sat and stared with John commenting on how stunning his wife looked. The bulges in every pair of shorts grew. The plan was, and had always been, to start with a game. This turned out to be Spin the Bottle, simple but effective. They started slowly and had a laugh. You could either take a dare from the spinner or answer a sex related question. With all four sitting on the floor, in front of the fire, champagne in hand, the game picked up.

John spun the bottle and it landed on Emma. Feeling the need to liven things up, she chose a dare. Now John being in the mood decided to get things rolling, after all that’s what this is all about. The dare came out and it was to remove her silky thong and let each of the men have a little taste of her sweet pussy. She smiled and removed her thong. She then sat up on the sofa with her pussy on the edge for all to see. It was glistening where she had been getting excited with all of the kissing and dirty questions.

John spoke up and invited Stuart to have the first taste. He crawled forward and softly licked Emma’s pussy from bottom to top. Steve followed and took the same route only with a little push inside with his tongue. John crawled forward and gave Emma’s hard clit a lick which provoked a low moan.

The game continued and it was Emma’s spin, which landed on Steve. He wanted a question, which was ‘What do you want me to do to you?’

To which Steve replied, ‘Wank my cock for a while.’ So as the game continued Emma sat, back to the sofa, slowly stroking Steve’s cock. The game went on for another 10 minutes, mostly questions, with Steve getting wanked. Then the game was neglected as Emma got more turned on. She knelt up and buried her head into Steve’s crotch, taking his cock in her mouth. She began sucking and wanking as though she was desperate for cum.

Stuart was then urged forward to help John start on Emma. John, gripping her tight arse, began to lick her arsehole and rub her clit. Lifting away he then let Stuart lick her arse. She was moaning away as she continued to twist Steve’s cock into her mouth. Reaching down, Stuart grasped John’s cock and began to wank him. John returned the favour and they were both kneeling behind Emma’s arse wanking each other and taking turns to lick her dripping hole.

Steve had his head back resting on the sofa, while Emma was bent over swallowing as much as she could of his cock. Every so often Emma would moan as John and Stuart continued to eat her pussy. John reached under and started rubbing Emma’s clit with his two fingers, nice and slow. This got her gyrating her arse as though to urge someone to fill her up. With this taken as a hint, John took hold of Stuart’s cock and slowly guided it towards Emma’s soaked pussy. Rubbing his head into Emma’s lips quickly got his cock wet, and so he slowly started to push his bulbous cock end in.

Gradually Stuart started to move faster, with each stroke going deeper. Emma’s pussy by now was completely soaked and being stretched open by Stuart’s girth. She began to wank Steve’s cock faster and faster, encouraging Stuart to fuck her faster and harder. Each dip of Stuart’s cock forced a short sigh from her mouth. John then grasping the bottle of oil from the table, proceeded to work his thumb into Emma’s tight arsehole. Eventually he had two fingers inside and could feel the movement of Stuart’s cock diving into his wife. He began twisting his fingers, and rubbing Stuart’s cock through the wall between her arse and her now stretched pussy.

Stuart pulls his cock out and makes his way to Emma’s other end. Steve then lies down on the floor, manoeuvring Emma to straddle him. Inch by inch Steve’s cock enters her pussy for the first time since the year before. Stuart kneels over Steve’s face and Emma takes his cock in her mouth, hungry for length. John kneels behind Emma watching as she rides the other man’s cock that’s deep inside her, rubbing her cervix with each movement. Cupping Steve’s balls, John begins to massage them and squeezes the base of Steve’s cock, making him even harder. He leans forward to lick Emma’s arsehole causing a loud moan.

After a few minutes of this, it’s time for Emma to have the three cocks she’d been waiting for all in her at once. Dripping oil over the back of Steve’s cock and his own, John massages the lube in. Slowly giving time for Emma to accept the second length, he pushes his head onto her pussy, using Steve’s cock to lever it in. Surely enough, and not without a short scream, Emma’s pussy is filled with two cocks. Her husband and another. John and Steve begin to rhythmically fuck her pussy, leaving her with a cock deep inside at every moment.

After she adjusts to the feeling she becomes increasingly hungry for sex. She sucks Stuart’s cock like there’s no time left. She even joins the rhythm that’s been created by the two lengths fucking her hole. For a moment she takes Stuart’s eight inches from her mouth, turns to look at her husband and gives him a reassuring smile, meaning that she has no regrets of asking for this.

With Stuart only ever having had one women before (Emma one year ago), John and Steve gently let their cocks slide out followed by a stream of Emma’s wetness. Stuart then lies down next to Emma on his back allowing her to shuffle across to straddle him instead. She guides his cock with precision, lowering herself onto it with ease having been stretched open by the other two. With his length being slightly bigger, she feels him pound her cervix with every drop, and he still has an inch left to go. It takes no time for her to adapt and soon she is taking his entire eight inches.

She leans over him with her pert small tits hanging in front of his face and begins to ride his cock. The way she does to John when she wants him to cum. The look on Stuart’s face says it all, he’s nearly there. John and Steve stand either side of Emma and pull her upright. She then takes each man’s cock in her hands and begins to suck, switching from one to the other. As she rides Stuart’s cock he gets close to cumming. She can tell this so she stands up and makes her way through to the dining room, still holding the two cocks as though she is dragging her toys.

Emma sits herself on the edge of the dining table. Leaning back on her elbows and lifting her legs into the air, “I want to be filled with cum boys”. John grasps Stuart’s hard long cock and presents it to Emma’s dripping pussy. In one movement he pushes his cock into her hole and pushes until he can go no further. Emma’s eyes roll back for a moment as she takes his whole length inside her. She reaches down to her pussy and starts rubbing her clit frantically. Stuart adopts that pace and before long he’s ready to cum. “Push it deep, I want your cum deep inside me!” Emma calls as she fights for her breath.

One last stroke and he forces his cock into Emma’s cervix, filling her up with his load. His arms give way as he jolts, squeezing every last drop deep into Emma’s body. Quickly, Emma pushes him out and urges Steve to take his place. Still rubbing her clit she leans up to grab Steve’s arse, pulling him in, burying his seven inches into her. Leaning back she lifts her bum up and down, trying best to force his climax. Stuart stands behind Steve gripping his arse, pushing him further into Emma’s cum filled pussy. A minute later and Steve adds his load to Stuart’s, pushing his cock right into Emma’s pussy, pressing on her womb. He jolts for a few seconds then steps away.

John then rubs his cock head against his wife’s pussy lips and slowly enters her hole. They can both feel the massive amounts of cum already inside. He starts to pound his wife’s pussy, gripping her hips and lifting her further on to his cock. He can feel his cock rubbing against her womb. He fucks her harder, wanting to add his own load. Emma starts to let out screams on the verge of climax. John continues to pound his wife’s already abused pussy, just enough for her climax. She grasps at the ends of the table, her body in spasm, her muscles contracting. After waiting for her to come down he fucks at full rate and within seconds he is adding his load to her collection.

John’s cock slides from Emma’s pussy. As the mixture of cum starts to follow, Emma reaches for an empty wine glass from the centre of the table. She places it at her arse, catching all of the cum that falls from her pussy. With a squeeze every so often to make sure none is missed. The last drop falls into the glass and she sits up to face the three men watching. Slowly and sexily she lifts the glass above her head, looks up and pours all of the cum into her mouth. Placing the empty glass on the table she looks back at the men. She opens her mouth and using her tongue, mixes all of the cum together. Some from each of the men looking on. In one go, she closes her mouth and swallows the lot. Three loads of cum filling her pussy and now her stomach.

Steve and Stuart retreat back to the living room while Emma and John share a passionate kiss. The couple head for the shower to freshen up. Steve and Stuart finish their wine then do the same. 20 minutes later Steve and Stuart arrive back in the living room to be met by Emma and John, who are drinking a fresh bottle of wine. Waiting for the next game.

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