Wife gets a treat

By je2321

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My wife gets to have 3 cocks instead of the usual one!
After coming home from work early on a Thursday afternoon, I slip in the backdoor and as I’m putting my jacket on the hook I can hear some strange noises. I walk to the living room door and peer through the crack. To my surprise (a nice surprise at that), I see you lay on the floor naked, with porn playing on the TV. I get an instant solid erection. I notice on the floor around you there are 2 of your dildos. In your hands are another 2, a large clear one buzzing away and a smaller pink one. I watch in amazement as you put the smaller one in your pussy, which I can see glistening in the light of the TV.

You start moving it in and out with low moans coming from your mouth, head tilted back and eyes closed, I suppose imagining yourself in the situation on the TV. I can’t see the screen, but I can hear the moans and screams of some hardcore porn. Taking the big vibrator, you start rubbing your clit. I put a hand on my throbbing cock and start to rub it, still looking through the crack in the door. You move to get up and I hold my breath. Turning over onto your knees and elbows you put the small dildo back in your pussy and start to force it in, then brilliantly you push the other, larger, vibrator into your pussy with the small one. I can only stare as you take two plastic cocks in your pussy. I can see that your eyes are still closed, fantasising.

I release my cock from the tight work trousers and begin to slowly wank, watching my wife fuck herself hard with two dildos. You start to flush in the face and I can tell you’re about to come. Pushing the door open slightly, I can see on the TV that the porn is hardcore, with three men fucking one young girl. I just think to myself how filthy you’re being and I get turned on tenfold. I start wanking harder and just as you come all over the two plastics shafts, I come into my hand, also imagining you in that situation on the TV.

I quickly open and close the backdoor and head upstairs, giving you chance to sort yourself out after hearing the bang. When I come down, I act as though I saw nothing and just had to rush to the toilet. You sit there all flushed, everything packed away and trying to talk normal, although slightly out of breath. I don’t mention anything.

A couple of days later we head to a hotel for the night, just to treat ourselves. I had booked it the day before just out of the blue. We arrive at the plush reception, get our key and make our way upstairs. I know that you packed your sexy lingerie but I have a surprise in my bag for later.

After a couple of hours in the hotel bar drinking enough wine to get us a bit drunk and very horny, we take our time heading up to the room. Once inside, and drinking some more wine I get on to the subject of what we fantasise about. I tell you some of my daydreams, nothing out of the ordinary, then you just say that yours are like mine.

“Maybe true” I say, “sometimes I do think about you getting fucked by 3 or more men!”

“Really? I’ve never even thought about that.” Is your reply, your voice slightly shaky.

“Is that so? I’ve got reason to think that you would love that”

As I finish my sentence I stand up and walk to the desk to refill our glasses. You just look at me, trying to look unfazed by my comment. I ask you if you want to play a little sexy game, and eager to get off the previous subject you instantly agree. I get you to come over to the bed and I slowly undress you until you’re standing there nude. I reach into my bag and hand you some new sexy lingerie; a very small thong that is hardly worth wearing and a blindfold. I wait for you to slip your sexy legs into the thong and start to apply the blindfold.

Once everything is black to you, I guide you to the bed and help you to crawl on to it. I push your head down so you’re on your knees and shoulders, head to one side. You can now hear some rustling around and then feel me take hold of your wrists and pull them towards your feet. I start to attach straps to you, linking your ankles together, then attaching your wrists. Now, you kneel in a very vulnerable position with no movement of your body, blindfolded and nervous about what’s happening.

I whisper into your ear “You’ve been a naughty girl and now your real fantasy will be true, only not how you’d imagined!”

I squirt some Durex Tingle lube onto my two fingers and slop it underneath your thong. Rubbing it into your pussy and then, pushing my fingers inside, you let out a low moan. The room goes quiet for a minute, but seems like an age to you. You hear the hotel door open, making you more nervous about being so vulnerable. After what appeared to be minutes, the door closed and you can hear footsteps move over the bathroom’s tiled floor. The door closes.

Two or three minutes later the door opens and I take a gulp of my wine. You can sense other people are there but are too nervous and excited to speak. The sounds of wine glasses being filled and clothing moving, fills the air. Suddenly in your ear you hear,

“You’re gonna enjoy this babe, just go with the flow” Like you had any choice.

You feel two fingers touch your pussy. I’m rubbing it, feeling the warm lube, soaking your thong. I slowly pull down your thong, stretching it to just by your knees. Your beautiful, pink, shaven pussy is now on full show. I lean forward and lick your arsehole, putting pressure on your small, tight, ring.

“Who’s first then?” I say.

“What??” You reply, in shock. You had in your head it was all a play thing.

Moments later, you feel a hand place down on your left bum cheek and then the bulbous head of a cock rest on the outside of your pussy. A rush of adrenaline and excitement travels all through your body. You let out an uncontrollable sigh, as though preparing yourself for a fucking. The head of the cock then pushes slowly into your pussy, easily with the lube. The tingles have started now and the sensation of that warm cock filling you just adds to the pleasure. You start to ride back and forwards, the maximum movement you can make. Your breathing gets heavy and you’re now in full flow, all inhibitions have long gone. As far as you’re concerned, there’s a cock filling you up and it feels great.

“Are you enjoying this baby?” You hear in your ear, confirming for you that someone else must be there if I’m at that end.

The cock pulls out of you without notice and you let out a moan as if to say, ‘No, please don’t stop’. As though answering your thoughts, you feel a cock push into your dripping pussy. This one seems to fill you even more, and stretches your pussy wider than before. It must be different. It starts moving deep inside you without delay, slamming into you. Your moans become louder and the odd scream exits your mouth. I reach underneath your belly and start rubbing your clit, adding to the already sensational feeling that is ripping through your body.

You start to climax, and as you do, the big, thick, cock inside you buries deep into your pussy, hitting the spot just in time to extend your orgasm. The cock then retreats and you kneel there, recovering. Suddenly you feel another unmistakable push of a cock head at your pussy. You’re filled within seconds, this cock not as big as the last, but definitely long, already hitting your spot deep inside. You’re getting fucked hard now and it’s not long before you let out another gush of juices with your orgasm.

The cock slips out of you and then I start to remove the restraints from your ankles, yet leaving your wrists bound together. Still blindfolded, you feel someone lay next to you and start to pull you across. Even blindfolded you move over and bury his cock inside you. Now, sitting on top, you can begin riding cock, doing things your own way. You start rocking your luscious hips back and forth, grinding the large, long, cock. You feel a hand on your back gently push you forward. Next thing, there’s a cock pushing at your pussy and against the cock that is already in there. Slowly it pushes in your pussy, stretching it open further than ever before. You adjust yourself to allow it in. There’s no pain, but it feels so tight and you’re so full.

The two cocks start rhythmically rocking in and out of your pussy, keeping you constantly full of big, hard, cock. You can’t get your breath through the exhilarating feeling. Your mouth wide open gasping for air. In an instant there’s a cock head rubbing your lips. You reach up with your hands bound together and grip the cock with both hands. ‘Wow’ you think, even with both hands this cock still pokes out the end of your fists. It’s girth is big and you bravely attempt to take it in your mouth. The thought ‘This must’ve been the one that filled me!’ goes through your mind as you struggle to get this cock in your mouth. You take the head in but can’t manage anymore, so licking the end, tasting the precum, you begin to wank it back and forth, slightly twisting your hand with each stroke.

You feel someone playing with the ties at the back of your blindfold, and then seconds later it falls from your face. You can now see the real size of this cock, bigger than you imagined. You look down to see whose cock you’re riding, a bit dazed from the sensation of two cocks in your pussy. To your surprise, or not, Steve looks up at you and smiles. You would normally be embarrassed but this amazing fuck has eliminated any chance of that. You just smile and close your eyes. Raising your head, opening your eyes again, you see that the cock you’re methodically stroking off and licking every last bit belongs to Stuart. You think ‘I can’t remember him being this big!’ Unaffected by these two blokes fucking your pussy and face, you turn to me. You look at me, eyes full of lust, and smile. Your eyes then roll back into your head as you begin to climax. The orgasm is intense, you lean onto Stu’s hips to support yourself, digging in your nails and burying your head in his crotch, his cock resting against your head.

I pull out of your pussy, followed by Steve. Stuart moves around to my end as Steve climbs out from underneath you. I put some more lube onto your arsehole, and gently push my cock deep inside. You bury your head into the bed sheets as I begin to pump faster into your tight hole. Steve and Stu are next to me, gripping each other’s cocks, wanking as they watch me drive into your arse. A few minutes pass and I pull out, allowing Steve to take my place. He slowly pushes his cock into your arse, still open and loose from my cock. He starts to fuck your hole, and reaches under to put two fingers in your pussy. I stand there, watching him fuck you as Stu grips my shaft and starts to wank me. We move up to your end so you can see what is happening.

Stu kneels in front of you and puts his length in your mouth. You start to suck his cock hard as I watch and you get your arse fucked. Steve then pulls out, letting Stu put his cock in you. His being a bit bigger than ours, he takes his time pushing into your arse. While watching I lean in to kiss your soft lips. Steve takes hold of my cock now and starts to wank me off. I lay on the bed my cock in front of your face, Steve wanking it away. You then grab it, and start licking, sharing it with Steve, you licking while he’s wanking.

Stu pulls from your arse and comes around to my side of the bed, placing his cock in my hand. All inhibitions gone, I take his cock and begin to wank it. It feels thick, and I wank him off while his cock is inches from my face. I can smell his precum and the faint scent of your arse. It’s the strangest feeling, being sucked off by you and wanked by Steve, while wanking Stu’s thick cock right above my face. I feel myself getting a bit uncomfortable, but just in time I hear from you,

“This is such a turn on babe, I never would have imagined this happening.”

Steve pauses wanking my cock for a second to say, “I can’t believe how filthy we’re being!” With this encouragement I carry on with the task in hand. Then, out of nowhere, I feel a finger pushing on my arsehole. It’s you. In my head I’m thinking how wrong this is, ‘Here I am wanking a big cock and being sucked by my wife and wanked by Steve!’ I was worrying what you would think, but then, this was supposed to be a ‘surprisingly’ sexy night.

You kneel up and in one movement, straddle me, my cock slipping easily inside your soaked pussy. Steve, losing hold of my cock, now focuses on you. He starts to lick your wet arsehole, now and again sliding his tongue into your already loosened hole. You moan with pleasure, my length in your pussy, Steve’s tongue in your arse. My head is tilted to one side, with Stu’s cock inches from me, rock hard. Now fully in the spirit of things, I use one hand to massage Stu’s balls and the other to rub your clit. Your eyes are closed, you’re just fucking and floating!

Steve steps away from your arse and comes to take Stu’s place. With only seconds to swap, they switch cocks and I’ve now got Steve’s length in my hand, which seems a good size to handle. Stu takes his place behind you, carrying on from where Steve left off. Licking your arse, he slips two fingers into your pussy alongside my cock. He starts to rub your insides, quickly and strongly. You come within moments, soaking my cock and Stu’s fingers. He licks them dry, having his first taste of female juices, then aims back on your arse. Standing up he then grips his cock, still rock hard and throbbing, and begins to push in to your arse.

“Arghh! It’s so big!” You say, struggling to get your words out.

Steve turns around on me, straddling my chest and holding his cock above my mouth. You cup his balls and start to massage them, he lets out a groan. Sucking one of your fingers, you then proceed to push it into his arse, moving it about, your knuckle making him tighten. You fuck his arse with your finger making him groan louder. Still, you’re riding my cock like a pro, with Stu fucking your arse. I can feel his cock on mine through the thin wall in your pussy. Steve pulls away from my mouth, turns around and pushes his cock into your gorgeous mouth. You start to suck in that well experienced way that you do. He groans, you’re obviously doing a good job.

I pull out of your pussy and crawl from beneath you and Steve. He lies on his back and takes my place. Slowly he guides the head of his cock into your warm, wet, hole, forcing against Stu’s which is still pumping your arse. Steve leans up to your tits and kisses your tits, licking your nipples as he goes. They both pull out of you and step back, both taking their cocks in their hands, slowly wanking to keep solid. I take hold of your waist and turn you over, sitting you on the edge of the bed.

All three of our cocks are now surrounding your face, wanking away. Your bound hands grab at them, but you don’t know which to hold. Finally grasping mine and Steve’s cocks, you take Stu in your mouth as he’s stood centre. You start to suck while twisting his cock with your tight gripped mouth. He helps you along by stroking his cock and in no time at all, your mouth is full of Stu’s cum, so much that you can’t keep it all in, his man juice dripping down your chin. You then, with your mouth still full of cum, take Steve’s length in your mouth, wanking his cock vigorously until he too pushes out loads of cum and tops up your mouth. You open wide and roll your tongue around, showing me your mouth full of their cum.

I push my cock into your soaking, cum filled mouth and wank hard, desperate to add to your collection. I wank harder and harder until finally blowing a huge load of my cum into your mouth. As I pull away a bit more fires out and covers your cheek. You, with Steve’s, Stu’s and my spunk all over your cheeks and chin, filling your mouth, dripping onto your thighs. You stand up with weak legs and lean in to kiss me, pushing some of the cum into my mouth with your tongue. You then pass the rest to Steve and then Stu. We all swallow the cum, feeling the filthiest we have ever felt. You bend down and kiss each of our cocks, taking each cock head in your mouth as you do, taking any leftover drips.

We all climb in the shower, and sit down to finish our wine, everybody speechless but with smiles on their faces. We discuss what will happen next, and more importantly ask you what you thought.

“Amazing!” Is all you can manage to say.

We talk for an hour or so, all sat naked, commenting on our three cocks and your pussy, along the lines of how tight and good you felt, and how much the cocks filled you up. We decide that it will happen again, but this time you’ll be involved in the planning. We all lie on the bed and pull the duvet over us. We fall asleep, Steve lying behind Stu, who is facing you in the middle, then me behind you with my cock against your bum. I reach around and notice you stroking your pussy, just slowly rubbing it, savouring the feeling. They’re asleep you’re enjoying yourself. I lean over and kiss you, leaving you to fumble away.

The End.....