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Wife in Swinging Webcam Sex

Wife's fantasy becomes reality and more.
A little background first - we are a happily married couple who are still very much in love.
We first started seeing one another in our late teens and are now in our early forties and have a young family. As you can imagine after all that time we have had a go at most things that a couple can do together. We have always been keen to try anything new in the bedroom or anywhere else for that matter.

We are both still in pretty good shape, not too over weight or anything, but must admit we aren't massively body or looks obsessed anymore - you're more than likely to see us walking in the woods rather than dancing on podiums in night clubs these days.

We don't exactly do the fake tan & hair extensions either - if you ever met us out and about, I think you would see us a relaxed pleasant couple and would be surprised how dirty our minds can be.

Now we just fancy adding something new to our sex life, hence writing down our fantasies for this site. We are both going to write a story/fantasy and whichever one gets highest on here wins the right to have a real life fantasy fulfilled.

It's the middle of another bleak English Winter - seeing very little daylight from week to week and falling asleep by 9 most nights due to it being dark for so long. This is the time of year that we always start to go a little stir crazy and really want to do something to make our adrenaline flow again.

When we have sex together we exchange dirty fantasies and scenarios, they start off gently then seem to spiral into all out any orifice gang bangs, the filthier the better.
They make our love making hotter than normal. Being worried about the other person being jealous no longer seems to apply, but we never really discuss the fantasies after we have both come, so nothing ever develops with them.

That is until one night when we were lying together, sweaty and panting, in a sweet post coital glow. My sexy blond wife Sadie asked whether we are both all talk or is anything ever going to be done about our debauched sexual fantasies.

I am in shock and speechless for a while as all sorts of things run through my mind. I feel anger, jealousy, but above all excitement and my cock begins to twitch at the thought of it.
This makes her give a knowing wry smile.

I don't know if she's kidding or not, we have always enjoyed our porn and naughty stories, but we have never really discussed going the whole way and fulfilling any of them.

Sadie then says, "You know I love you dearly and want to spend the rest of my life with you and only you, but when we first met you know I had some same sex relationships and I am really missing the touch and taste of another woman at the moment."

"Is that all you want to try?" I inquire with trepidation.

"Well there are a couple of other things, but you might not be ready to discuss these yet."

"Try me," I insist.

The jealous feeling in the deep pit of my stomach is feeling strangely good now and my cock is throbbing harder than ever, an hard on always manages to cloud my better judgments.

"Go on honestly, it's all making me feel a little giddy," I continue.

"Well I can tell its having an effect on you down there, I'm soaking wet just thinking about it too." She opens her legs and I can see her juices trickling down her thigh, as if to drive her point home. "If you are sure you can take it?"

"Of course, I'm a big boy."

"I can see that. What I have been thinking about a lot recently is finding a woman that could dominate me. I so want to be submissive to a strong bisexual woman - but in my dirty dreams she would bring another man along to help her dominate me. Preferably one with a massive cock." She blushed when she gave the extra detail of wanting a man with a massive cock.

I twinged down below again. "Where would I be, during all this?" I inquired.

"Watching it all happen of course, thats the main part of the fantasy - I'd be putting on a performance for you in a way."

"Do I join in your fantasy?"

"This is embarrassing, but no, not yet. I feel too jealous yet to share you with anyone else."

"Oh, now that was a surprise. You get a bit of everything and I get nothing."

"I know sorry. I just want to give it a go and let myself totally go the first time. I think once I have done it, then I should be OK for us both playing and exploring together."

"I think I need to think about things more for a while - its all come as a bit of a shock."

"If you are really OK then I will do a little bit of research and then we can either forget about it or jump in head first," she replied as she finally made a grab for my throbbing hard on.

The night was finished with some very hot sex - but I didn't fall asleep afterwards, her bombshell of a suggestion just kept going around and around in my head.

Two weeks passed and things just went on as normal and that night was never discussed again. Then like a bolt of lightening out of the blue after sex, she tells me that she thinks she's found the ideal couple and would I like to see what I thought of their profile.

She got the laptop and showed me there details on the swingers site. They looked like an attractive couple and the female did have some hot bondage outfits and did indeed turn out to be dominant and bisexual. Her husband's penis in the photos attached also looked to be on the larger side that my Wife had suggested she also fancied trying.

The strange feelings of anger, jealousy and excitement all came flooding back as before.
Have I changed into one of those cuckolds that I have read about? I don't think I have, but like my wife I really fancied doing something exciting, but unlike her I didn't have a clue what I wanted to do. This was the first time she had ever asked for something like this and who am I to deny her some kinky fun?

Now I wanted to see the advert that she had used on this site to attract what appeared to be a very "in demand", couple.

She showed me her profile page and it did describe basically what she had said to me her fantasy was, but she was on as single female and her list of likes were much more extreme than I thought they would be. For example - double penetration, gang bangs, fisting, BDSM - it made her appear to be an anything goes kinky nymph. She had put on some pictures that we had taken for personal use earlier that year and I must admit she did look very hot.

"Why are you on as single?" I asked.

"It gets you much more interest if you're on as a single female. I literally got hundreds of replies. If you read my ad though it does say I am happily married," she added with an out of place sweet smile and flutter of eye lashes.

"Well just as long as they know I'm going to be there, for your own safety."

"They know all about you, I chatted to her the other day, we meet them tomorrow night. A baby sitter has been arranged."

"Fuck, you don't mess about do you, I thought we had more things to discuss?"

"Shut up and fuck me!" is all she said as she pounced on me once more with passion in her eyes.

Its now Saturday night we have both had a long bath are shaved and appropriately pruned and preened, when the phone rings, Sadie answers it. She comes back into the bedroom just as I am pulling on my best boxers - she looks bright red and a little bit teary eyed.

"The baby sitter has just rung and canceled." She almost cries.

"Well, we will just have to cancel the evening then, I am full of butterflies as it is and starting to have second thoughts," I answer.

"They will be at the hotel by now and I only have their land line number, I will have to at least go down and apologize in person, it's only polite," Sadie replies breathlessly.

I don't offer to go, because I know I have drunk over the legal limit when I was in the bath, trying my best to calm my nerves.

"I won't be long - see you in two shakes of a big cock!" she jokes and then she's gone.

Half an hour passes before my mobile beeps telling me I have a text message from Sadie.
It reads - "Sorry Honey, log onto web cam chat on the swingers site and check my account Anais_nin!
Love u x"

I feel sick and shaky as I do as instructed. I click onto the web cam thats been opened in her profile name and immediately see my beautiful wife sat at the end of a hotel bed in her tight black dress, stocking tops showing and her hair already looking tussled.

Stood next to her is the sexy brunette whom I recognize from the profile she showed me; we will call her Lucy, due to resemblance to Lucy Lawless.

She has already removed her dress to show off her sexy body in a tight leather Basque, thigh high boots, hold ups and a whip in one hand. This scene makes me erect straight away.

A message comes through for me to open another web cam - this is via their profile page and shows the room from a different angle.

Then another message comes through for me to open yet another web cam - I don't recognize this user name, but open it anyway. This is now from another angle showing the same bed. So now from the comfort of our computer desk at home I can see the same scene unfolding from 3 different angles.

"Right my sexy slut, are you ready to do everything I instruct you to do?" says the sexy brunette.

"Yes Mistress, anything you want," says my breathless wife.

I have to get my cock out now and begin to masturbate at what I am watching and hearing on our home PC.

Within seconds my gorgeous wife is wearing just her black bra and panties, hold ups, stilettos and leather cuffs around her wrists ankles and a collar around her neck.
She's placed onto the bed on her hands and knees with her bottom sticking up in the air - the brunette now starts to whip her, starting gently at first then slowly getting harder as she gauges my wifes tolerance to pain, which is looking surprisingly high to me.

Red welt marks begin to show against her pale skin all over her back, bottom and upper thighs - she only responds by moaning louder. A naked man with a very big erection suddenly comes into view and kneels on the bed by Sadie's head, he lifts her head by grabbing her hair and guides his cock into her gasping open mouth. He proceeds to push his cock down her throat fucking her face slowly. His wife Lucy puts her finger down the side of Sadie's panties and comments on how wet it's making her to be allowed to be a slut like this, sucking on other womens husbands cocks.

His fat veined cock finally vanishes all the way down Sadie's throat and she lets out a guttural moan, saliva dripping out of the corner of her mouth onto the bed below.

To my surprise another naked man steps into view, this one is black and sporting an even bigger cock, it looks positively obscene in size. She pulls her face off the first cock and proceeds to lick the balls of the new arrival licking up and down the length of the forearm thick black cock.

"This is one of the reasons your wife couldn't say no when she turned up at the hotel earlier, all I had to do was show your slut of a wife a picture of this black cock and her mind was made up," said Lucy clearly for me to hear.

I could still see my Sadie wanking both cocks and going from sucking one then the other like a seasoned porn star - she couldn't deep throat the black cock due to its size, but it didn't stop her from trying damned hard to get it into her throat, making some strange primal noises in the process. Her panties were then slowly removed by Lucy and I could see even on the web cam that they were soaking wet, her thighs looked shiny from her juices and sweat.

The domme then pulled Sadie's arse cheeks apart and started to rim her anus, she then started to push her tongue deep into her arse hole, making Sadie moan with desire and push back for all she was worth.

My wifes tormentor then went out of site for a moment and later returned with an inflatable butt plug. This was too much for me, seeing my wife sucking hungrily on 2 strangers cocks and getting rimmed at the same time. I had my first orgasm of the night all over my chest and stomach, but this didn't make my raging hard on go away.

The black butt plug was greased up and pushed all the way up her receptive arse.

"Every one change!" shouted the brunette and briefly Sadie was left all alone on the bed panting heavily, covered in sweat and red welt marks, with a black butt plug sticking out of her arse hole....what a sight.

Sadie's hair was grabbed again and pushed into the other womans wet shaved pussy, she started licking as if her life depended on it. The domme had the inflater part of the butt plug in her hand and every now and again pumped it, making my wife gasp and winced as her back hole was stretched wider and wider.

The white naked man then climbed onto the bed and aimed his fat cock against her dripping cunt, her slowly pushed forward until he was all the way in and he had no more cock to give. This nearly made Sadie scream the place down and I think she came straight away, from the look of her convulsions.

They didn't really give her any time to recover the man started pumping into her hard and Lucy slapped her face to make her come around from the stupor and start licking again.

Sadie was made to lick deep and swallow all the other womans juices up, she was also made to push her tongue deep into her arse, she was doing every thing she was told without question or complaint. I'd never realized how dirty and totally submissive she could really be.

Lucy's husband kept pumping into Sadie faster and harder until finally he started to cum deep into her pussy, it looked like there was a lot being pumped deep, because I could see it running out of the sides and dripping onto the covers. He finally pulled out and more spunk spewed out, running down the inside of her trembling legs. We had never got onto the subject of condoms before this event, everything had gone so fast, I thought she would have always insisted on safe sex, it all looked a bit too late now.

No sooner had the first man gotten off the bed, then the next took up position. The massive black cock end nudged against my wifes come drenched opening, the cocks dimensions were so large it looked almost cartoon like and I must admit I was feeling anxious on her behalf.

He stayed in the same position and it was my wife who pushed back onto his thick black shaft. The fist like knob end slowly entered her stretching her pussy to its max, then the shaft seemed to slip inside her cum drenched cunt easily, pushing out the first mans spunk in the process, so that it made little rivers down the in side of her thighs.

Lucy had let Sadie stop licking her whilst she concentrated on reversing her body onto the large shaft. This was the first act of kindness she had shown tonight and when the cock had finally gone all the way in to the hilt, every body just stopped for a few moments, it looked as if the web cam had stuck.

It was at this moment that I realised the web cams were in the public part of the chat rooms, so at least another 200 people were watching my beloved slut being used and abused.
It looked like none of them were watching any of the other web cams.

I quickly checked our messages and realised hundreds had been coming through from men, women and couples. All with instructions, suggestions or wanting to meet as soon as possible; I'll let Sadie deal with these later.

I then noticed we had mail via our normal account and when I quickly checked this there was about 30 HD quality photo's that had been taken of the nights action. These were being taken by the first man that had already had my wife. You could see every goose bump and throbbing vein - I knew we would be sharing these photo's during our sex sessions for a long time to come.

Technology can be fantastic sometimes.

Back to the web cam show and now Sadie was licking pussy as if it was her last meal as she was being slowly fucked from behind. He was taking long slow thrusts, nearly coming all the way out before he pushed the whole length back into the hilt, his black shaft was shiny from another mans spunk and Sadie's sex juices.

Her body just seemed to be constantly shuddering as if she was having orgasm after orgasm. This went on for another 10 to 15 minutes until Lucy finally came from Sadie's licking. She held tight onto her hair and pushed her head hard between her legs as if she was trying to get it inside her.

"Right I've come now, its all change again!" shouted Lucy, once she came down from her orgasm.

The large cock was pulled all the way out this time and it made a sort of slurping noise as it left her well used hole. The butt plug, which was still firmly wedged in place was let down to about half its size and pulled out. The web cam at the bottom of the bed was brought a little closer to show a close up of the two now gaping holes.

Once she had managed to gather some of her senses, they helped her off her bed and into the bathroom for a toilet break.

Before long she was back on the bed facing the web cam with her wrist cuffs tied to her ankle cuffs, making her sit in a crouched position on the bed. Still covered in a sheen of sweat, a sex rash on her chest, nipples looking painfully erect and a swollen well used gaping pussy on full view. I still couldn't believe this was my "sweet" wife that I was watching give the best porn show that I had ever seen.

The black cock was then put near her face so she could lick and suck it to full hardness again. Once it was throbbing and looking even bigger than before, he lay on the bed next to Sadie with his legs dangling off the edge of the bed. Lucy and her husband then came back into view got hold of her underneath her arms and legs on either side of her and lifted her up into the air. They lifted her over the big erect cock that was pointing skyward and he rubbed it around her pussy a little bit before taking aim at the entrance of her anus.

No way, she will definitely not be able to take it in there, I had been shocked when she managed to take the monster into her pussy. Yet again she said nothing, she was up for anything that they wanted to try with her and went along with anything and everything.

The weight of her own body was holding the cock end against her bum hole, they slowly let more of her weight push against the intruder. It wasn't budging, the rock hard cock was bending under the pressure being forced onto the end of it, until the unthinkable happened...her arse hole gave way and the big knob end vanished into her rectum.
She gave out a long moan, but never said stop.

They let her take a couple of breaths before continuing sliding her stretched asshole down the big black shiny shaft, more and more disappeared inside her until she was sat all the way down with just his balls showing. She was gasping in short sharp breaths as her body tried to get used to the intrusion in her behind.

In the past she has struggled taking mine in that hole and now she was sitting all the way down on the biggest cock I had ever seen. I felt proud with how well she was performing and a bit worried as to whether things would or could ever be the same, mentally and physically.

Before her breathing had returned to normal Lucy had gotten some nipple clamps with a chain attached and fastened them to Sadie's erect nipples, bringing forth another loud gasp of breath. The big cock in her arse started to bugger her slowly, Lucy's husband took some more close up photo's on his camera to forward onto me.

He was erect again as well, so put down his camera and took aim with his cock at my wifes front hole. I know that DP is one of her recurring fantasies and as he pushed into her it was being made reality right in front of my eyes. (and everybody else watching on line)

They both started to fuck her hard, fast and deep, Lucy pulled on the chain attached to Sadie's nipples with one hand and gripped her around the throat with her other. It was finally all too much for her, she let out a scream, convulsed violently like she was having an epileptic fit then fainted. I came for about the forth time that night watching this crescendo.

When she came around, they continued to fuck her until they both came and emptied their balls into both her holes, just using her totally for there own gratification.

After the cocks slid out of her she was laid on her side to rest, the web cam at the foot of the bed just focusing on the gaping holes with what looked like pints of come oozing out of them.

"I hope you enjoyed that honey," said the other woman into her web cam.

Over her shoulder you could see my wife still laying there motionless.

"Your wonderful slut of a wife hasn't just promised to be mine tonight, but she has promised to be my slut anytime I want her in the future as well, just thought you should know."

"We will drop her off shortly," then all the cams went blank.

Christ, what have we done?

About 2 hours later a very tired looking wife was stood in our hall way. Mascara stains down her cheeks, cum in her hair, smelling rather strongly of sex, hers and other peoples. They must have made her walk through the hotel reception looking like this.

"Are you OK?" I asked.

"I never really even tried booking a baby sitter, night night," was all that she replied before going to bed and sleeping until late into the following day.

The end... for now.

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