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Wife's 5k Out of Town, Part 1

The wife hooks up with a stranger while out of town running a 5k with a girlfriend.

I thought I'd let you know what happened during my trip up here in the DC area.  No secrets, right?  After Angela and I ran our 5k this morning we went out for lunch.  While at the restaurant, we had a server that was really nice and extremely easy on the eyes.  He was flirting with both of us but especially me.  I've been away for a couple of days now so I was already super horny without you here.  Anyway, he was really attractive and seemingly kind and asked me what I was doing later that day.  I told him we finished the race and we were just going to do some sight-seeing since we were visiting.

He introduced himself to me and said his name was Justin. He was probably in his mid-to-late twenties but had the appearance of a guy who had seen and done a lot in a short amount of time. He just seemed to be one of those old souls whose age belied his actual experience in life. He said he wanted to chaperone us since he knew the area.  Of course I said yes and asked him what time he got off.  He said four which was perfect.

I went back to the hotel and showered.  I shaved my pussy real good because I wanted him to have it. I needed cock and his was going to be good I could tell.  Angela was tired so I told her she could just hang out at the hotel and I'd go out and explore the area.  She asked if I'd be OK and I told her not to worry. I had a sly smile on my face so I think she knew what I was up to. She's seen me in action enough to know when I was getting my slut on. The server gave me his number so I passed it along to her in case I disappeared. He picked me up just after four and we left in his car.  He had an SUV with plenty of room in the back. 

We were driving nowhere in particular and I finally asked him where we were going.  He said he didn't know and that he had lied to me about knowing the area.  He just wanted to pick me up because he was attracted to me and thought I had a slutty look about me.  I told him I was flattered but that I was married just to see what he would say.  He said he was attracted to me regardless and that you weren't around so what harm would it be if I were to have some fun.  I told him that I was attracted to him too but that I loved you and didn't want to do anything to hurt you.  That's when I texted you and asked if it was okay if I had my fun.  You said it was okay as long as I gave you all the details so here we are.  I told him you gave me the okay and he had a big grin on his face.

I told him to pull over.  My pussy was instantly wet at the mere thought of his cock in me.  We pulled into a dimly lit, sparse parking lot in a nice area. He slid over to me and started kissing me passionately.  He swirled his tongue around my mouth and I got even wetter.  He slid his hand up my shirt from the back and unclipped my bra.  He delicately slid my bra off and lifted my shirt.  He squeezed my right nipple as he sucked on the left nipple and areola.  They were so erect and felt so good in his mouth.

I worked my right hand down to his crotch and caressed his dick over his shorts.  He moaned as I did so.  He returned the favor and rubbed my clit over my jeans.  My panties were already soaked.  We undid each other's pants to get easier access to the goods.  I stroked his cock as he tilted his chair back.  He was HUGE.  Biggest cock I've ever seen.  I wasn't sure I could fit it in my mouth but I certainly wanted to find out.

I licked his cock up and down slowly as I cupped his balls.  He moaned some more.  He was excited too and there were drops of pre-cum all down the head of his dick.  I worked my way up and slurped it off which he loved.  I then deep-throated it as best I could. I was a little shocked when he started talking really dirty so quickly.  Secretly, I loved it though.  He said, "Suck that big cock bitch."  My heart was pounding and I felt like a total slut but you turned me into this so I don't feel bad about it. 

I kept licking and sucking his cock.  I even began talking dirty back to him.  I said, "I love licking and sucking this dick.  I'm your cock-sucking slut today.  I want all of your cum in my mouth."  He was about ready to explode but I stopped before he came in my mouth.
I climbed into the backseat and took off the rest of my clothes and he quickly followed suit. I told him to eat some pussy and ass.  I got on my hands and knees and he obliged.  He worked his skillful tongue all around my holes.  He inserted his tongue in my ass as I worked my clit.  I came almost immediately on his face.  He wanted more so I gave it to him. He loved eating my ass!  I came again but needed a hard cock in my pussy to cum harder.

I told him to put it inside me so he got behind me and started doing me from behind.  He slapped my ass and fingered my asshole while he did me.  I was shocked about his finger in my ass but after the initial shock, it began to feel amazing.  I squealed in delight.  He kept licking his finger after taking it out of my ass which turned both of us on.  I came for the third time, this one was by far the best.

He talked dirty the entire time he screwed me.  He called me slut, cocksucker, bitch, whore, you name it.  I loved it all.  He asked me if I wanted his load.  I said I did. I don't know how guys sense the fact that I love eating cum but they're able to somehow pick it up. He said, "Beg me for it bitch."

I did.  "Please give me your load."  He asked me where I wanted it.  I told him I wanted to swallow it.  He again said to beg for it.  I said, "Please let me eat your cum daddy."

He sat down on the seat and grabbed my hair violently and shoved my mouth down on his cock.  I tasted my pussy juices all over his cock and went up and down on it as fast as I could.  He kept saying, "Suck that cock and eat that cum bitch."  He finally stopped and just moaned.  He blew the biggest load I've ever felt all over my mouth, tongue, and down my throat.  I almost choked on it.  I swallowed every drop though.

After cleaning his cock with my tongue, I sat back and was breathless.  After a couple of minutes, drops of post-cum seeped out of the head of his dick.  I went down and licked it off, much to his delight.  Afterwards, we got dressed and he dropped me off at the hotel.  He didn't say a word to me on the way back.  When he got to the hotel, he reached across, opened the door and pushed me out.  He used me like a total slut.  I loved every minute of it.



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