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Wife's 5k Out of Town, Part 2

The wife's fun continues the next day after Justin invites his friends to the party

Oops, I did it again only worse this time.
Apparently, Justin told his friends at work about what happened and gave them my number.  They started texting and calling me the day after and wanted to meet up.  Angela was going to go sight-seeing since she didn't get to go last night.  I told her I was sore and wanted to stay in and that she could go out without me.
I texted them back and said if they wanted to come to the hotel, they could.  They said they'd go anywhere to get some of what Justin got.  They said they'd be over after their shift around five.  I asked them how many were coming over since I've never been with more than one person at a time.  They said three and asked if that was OK.  I was definitely intimidated and a bit scared which is why I texted you.  You gave me the OK again as long as the details were provided so I figured I'd give it a try.
To get ready, I showered and cleaned up as best I could.  I made sure my ass was extra clean since I figured that was going to get a lot of work.  They showed up just after five.  All three of them were good looking which was a relief.  I wasn't going to do any ugly guys.  I could tell they were nervous because they were antsy and the small talk we made was a little awkward. 
I broke the ice by asking them what Justin said about me.  Apparently, he said great things about me and just said we had an amazing time and wanted to share me with them.  I asked them what they wanted to do to me.  They said they wanted to strip me naked and all have their way with me.  They all three wanted to enter all three of my holes and treat me like a porn star slut.  I said that was fine with me and they could do whatever they wanted although I was totally nervous and my heart was pounding.
They surrounded me and tore my clothes off instantly.  They enveloped me by kissing my face, lips and neck.  They all caressed me from my tits down to my ass.  One guy got behind me and I could feel his already hard cock pressing up against my ass.  My juices were flowing already.  The guy behind me got on his knees and had me bend over so he had a good angle to lick my pussy and ass from behind. 
This put me down by one of the other guy's crotch so he pulled out his cock and I began licking it slowly, starting at his balls and then all the way up to the head.  Once there, I took it in and out of my mouth.  The third guy wanted some too so he took out his dick and grabbed my right hand and put it on his cock.  So here I am with one licking my pussy and ass, sucking one off, and jacking off the third.  It's the best multi-tasking I've ever done.  All three were loving it.  They then started rotating around and each taking the other's place.  I had only sucked two cocks my whole life and all of a sudden I was sucking three in a matter of minutes. 
Now that we were all worked it, it was time to screw.  The guy licking my asshole stood up and started doing me from behind.  He spread my ass cheeks apart as he had his way with me.  The other two guys didn't want handjobs anymore so they both stood in front of me with their cocks in my face, slapping it on my tongue and lips.  I tried to get both of them in my mouth at the same time but it didn't work so well so I just took turns sucking them off. 
After a few minutes of that, they walked me over to the bed.  One guy laid down and I climbed on top of him and he entered my wet pussy.  I was riding him hard when another guy stood up on the bed and put his dick in my mouth.  I was loving it.  I didn't know where the third guy was until all of a sudden I felt him enter my ass from behind.  It hurt at first because he was too anxious and was pumping my ass too hard.  I told him to slow down which he did.  Then I began to relax and it was game on.  So now I've got cocks in my mouth, pussy and ass at the same time.  It was amazing and I was loving it.  Like before, they started rotating around so that all three worked all three of my slutty holes. 
They were all so quiet so I asked them why they weren't talking dirty to me.  That opened the floodgates and they started talking majorly dirty to me.  This amped things up and they all told me to suck their cock, asked if I liked getting F'd in the ass, if I wanted their cumloads, etc.  I did whatever they asked.  I said I loved all three of their dicks in me and wanted all of their cum.
This got them excited and they all wanted to give me their loads.  All three wanted to blow their loads in different ways so I granted all three their wish.  They must've planned this ahead of time.  The first guy just wanted me to get on my knees and open my mouth while he jacked off and came on my tongue.  I licked his balls while I waited for his load and asked him for his big load.  He loved it and I could hear him starting to cum so I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue.  He held my head steady so he could get all of it in my mouth.  I licked his head as he came.  The other two guys were jacking off next to me watching.  I gulped down his load and asked who's next. 
The second guy stepped up and said he wanted to cum on my tits and have me lick it off but wanted to screw me until he came.  I got on my back on the bed and played with my tits while he was on top of me pumping my pussy.  He got harder and harder and I knew it was coming so I went around to the side of the bed so he could unload on my hard tits.  He shot two big ropes all over both of my tits.  I asked him how I was supposed to lick it up since I couldn't reach it with my tongue.  He scooped it up with his finger and fed me.  I began scooping it up as well and soon it was all gone.  I sucked and licked the last of it off his finger.  His dick was dripping cum afterward so I went down and sucked it as hard as I could to get every last drop. 

He said, "Holy shit, you really love cum don't you bitch?" 

I said, "Of course.  Doesn't every girl?" 

He just smiled and said, "I wish."
So now we're down to number three.  He asked if there was anything I wouldn't do and I said, "Nope.  What do you have in mind?"

 He simply bent me over and started pounding my ass.  It was rough and I was moaning loudly.  I could feel his cock hardening and getting ready to cum.  I was glad because my ass was sore.  He told his friend to move the coffee table over by the bed and I got a little nervous.  He screwed my ass for a few more seconds then pulled out and came all over the coffee table. 

I thought that was the end of it and he said, "You need to clean that up.  Your friend will be back soon."  I started to go to the bathroom to get some tissues and he grabbed me.  "No, that's not what I meant.  Clean it up with your tongue."
I was a little humiliated but also incredibly turned on that I got so much attention from the three of these guys and I wanted to give them a show they'd never forget.  I got on my knees and held my hair back.  I began licking up the third load and they were all mesmerized.  I watched them watch me lick up the cum and they actually high fived each other.  I licked all of it up and actually loved the taste of all three.  The time you came in my mouth tasted weird for some reason but everybody else's cum I've had tastes good to me.  I loved it and wished they had more for me.
I asked if they were happy and they said they were elated beyond belief.  They were upset I didn't cum so they wanted me to have my fun too.  They laid me back on the bed and all three were playing with my tits while the third guy began licking my clit and pussy.  They licked, talked dirty and worked my tits until I came not once but twice.  I thought that was so sweet that they wanted me to cum, especially since they had already cum. 
One of them was already hard again after I came a second time so I figured we may as well have another go-round.  This time, I just had them all gather around me while standing up and I'd just get on my knees and take turns sucking and stroking them.  I wanted their second loads on my face just to see how much cum they still had stored up.
They kept jacking off and after about five minutes, they all were ready to cum again.  I closed my eyes and awaited their loads.  The first guy came on my nose and lips.  I had my mouth closed too.  The second guy came on my eyes and cheek.  The third guy came on my forehead, nose and lips.  I got up and had them guide me to the mirror so I could see their loads.  It was definitely more than I thought since they had already shot big loads in my mouth already.  I was going to wash it off and one said, "What are you doing?  You're going to eat that too slut." 
I couldn't believe it.  I asked how I was supposed to eat these loads and he said, "How else would you eat a meal?  With a utensil." 

There was a spoon on the table left over from our lunch earlier in the day.  One of them grabbed it and began scooping their loads off my face.  After they gathered it all up, they told me to open my mouth.  I did and happily gulped the first spoonful like it was a bite of cereal.  The rest of the cum was gathered up with a second spoonful.  I grabbed the spoon myself and ate it up.  I licked the spoon clean and asked if that was it.  Unfortunately, it was. 
They were finally satisfied and said it was time to go.  I thanked them for cumming and said goodbye.  They all gave me a hug and kiss goodbye. Hopefully, I can see them all again before I leave.



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