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Wife's Fantasy

Would you like to have a couple to play with. She maybe masturbate in front of you with little touching teasing sex toy play while her big strong black african partner kneels behind you massaging your buttocks forcing your panties into your bum crack and the wetness of your soaking pussy. He would then slide them down just enough to run his tongue from your inner thighs to the base off your spine without touching your sex. She is kneeling on a bench in front of you, legs together pushing a medium size dildo into her tight swollen pussy, juices flowing down her legs.

The big man pulls you by the waist back a step, and forces your shoulders down exposing your sexy pantie clad behind completely to him. She has now replaced the dildo with a larger one slowly fucking herself and you wish you could hold it and help her. He lightly smacks one of your buttocks followed by the other, then pulls your panties aside and butt cheeks apart, and runs his tongue from your dripping clit to your anal opening then pushes in hard. You almost cum immediately.

She demands of him to fuck her doggy style, but he refuses so she asks you whether you would do it with a strapon she produces. You wish he would keep using his tongue more but he just pushes a finger into your very wet opening, teases, then retreats followed by a light spank to heighten your arousal.

She hands you the strapon and you feel the extra tingling running through your pussy; thinking of fucking an attractive woman instead of the one taking it for change. He stands up behind you snuggling up, wrapping his arms around you cupping your breasts, lightly running his fingers across your nipples that have become hard an erect. He runs one hand down inside your panties across your swollen mound then creeps one finger across your clitoris. He pressed his finger deep into your wetness as far as his finger will go. He then retreats sliding its length back over your clitoris.

You can feel his hard on bearing into the top off your bum crack an lower spine as he is much taller than yourself. She is handing you the strapon, standing in front of you. If I were to guess, I'd say she's in her early thirties; slightly shorter than your self with a curvy figure and large breasts but by no means an overweight person. She is wearing the most gorgeous lingerie you could buy, but at watching her partner caressing you has released one of her breasts to touch her nipple while gently fingering herself with her panties pushed to one side.

As she tries to hand you the strapon, he pushes her hand away and with the finger he had just entered you, tells her to suck it which she gladly accepts. He then tells her to go down on her knees an lick your pussy before you're allowed to fuck her. She drops to her knees immediately and pulls your panties to one side then proceeds to run her tongue up the inside of your legs up past your pussy onto your tummy.

He has pushed his boxers down releasing his raging hard on to grind harder into your behind. You reach back behind you with one hand feeling his buttocks, pulling him harder into yourself, the other hand you fondle your breasts desperately wanting to touch your very wet spot. He stands slightly back from you giving you access to grip his rigid cock and stroke it up against your back . You're amazed by its length not so much its girth and wish you could see it, but after couple strokes he pushes your hand away and snuggles back in behind you.

She is still teasing you with her tongue, but still avoiding your wet sex and you want to thrust into her face. You lower your hand to touch the burning desire in you but she grabs your hand pushing it away then forces her whole face against you, pushing her tongue into your slit then up over your clit. As she retreats you cant help but place your hand behind her head an pull her back in again, thrusting forward with your pelvic muscles an slightly parting you legs.

Till now your partner has been made to listen only but has extracted his penis an slowly stroking it. The woman had insisted that your partner be blindfolded and only listen till asked to join in. He had not even seen a photo of the couple, as you had picked them out on a dating service an briefly met over coffee. You were immediately attracted to them and noticed how the woman took on a mistress style immediately, her gentle giant husband going along with everything. He standing at a guess 6'6'' tall, completely shaven head, 35-40sh an very athletic wearing jeans an tee-shirt. Your body felt something instantly on that first meeting.

Your partner had amazingly gone along with the whole idea as, he wasn't one to be dominated so to speak but he did sometimes fantasize about you being the centre of attraction or erotic scenarios. So here you are now with your panties pulled to one side, looking down at this attractive woman running her tongue over your clitoris. As you are standing, the pleasure makes you feel weak in knees, but the big man has gone down behind you on his knees, holding you by the waist and burying his face into your panties, his tongue forcing the fabric against your bottom.You can almost feel your lubrication juices running down your legs.

A look behind you sees the big mans hard cock jutting out against his boxer shorts so you still don't get to see how large his cock is. They both seem to sense your close to cumming and stop pleasuring you, but you cant help but touch yourself so she picks up a small leather whip cat-o-nine-tails and smacks it gently on back of your hand to remind you whose giving the pleasure. She then gives one quick stroke across her partners boxer shorts ordering him to attach the strap on onto you.

As she moves over to your partner seated on a chair your wondering his thoughts. She seems to have completely taken control of everything. Its ok with you, as its not normal for you to take the lead more to just go with the flow and it feels good to have somebody a bit dominant.She whacks her short whip on the leg of his jeans startling him asking why he has them undone and stroking himself. He half mumbled something about being horny before she interrupted him, pushing his hands to the sides with her whip then taking a firm grip on his cock and stroking it up and down. Putting her whip down she pulled her panties to one side and pushed two fingers into her wetness. She then asked him would he like to taste her but, as he opened his mouth to speak she had placed her fingers in there and he seemed to suck them gladly.This was a relief to you as you weren't quiet sure he was enjoying the situation.

She commented on his cock that it wasn't very long at all, but it made up for it in girth saying she had not seen one that fat before an maybe, if he was lucky he'd get to fuck her later. The situation now felt a lot better as you knew she wanted that fat cock as much as you wanted her partner to fuck you with that big long cock of his. It seemed now that your partner was enjoying himself more an more.

The big dark man is now in front of you on his knees fumbling with the strapon cock. He is so tall he runs is tongue from your belly button up to between your breasts then whispers for you to perhaps remove your bra. Your nipples are already aching to be touched so you gladly wriggle it up to give him access where he then runs his wet tongue across them sending erotic shivers through your body. At the same time he is trying to push the harness between your legs deliberately forcing the back of his thumb into the wet folds of your panties hard into your slit. His partner sees what he is doing and comes back over. She scrapes her whip hard across his erect cock hidden inside his boxer shorts then pushes your legs apart so as he can fit the strapon properly denying you of more pleasure again. As he does so, she notices your partner has again started stroking himself so orders him to lie on the floor on his back and push his trousers down, only to his knees.

She then removes his belt from its keepers and makes him hold his arms by his sides. She has him arch his back up so she could wriggle the belt back underneath him around his waist an arms and buckled it up. Again you thought he would resist but looking at his cock he was horny as hell, blind folded into the bargain.

She proceeded to unlace her corset enough to reveal her large full breasts then, stood astride your partner facing his cock squatting down till her panties just touched his nose an mouth. He immediately started pushing his tongue into the wet fabric giving her immediate pleasure as she pinched and massaged one of her breasts. She then asked her partner to get some massage lube. She poured it all over your partners cock then slowly stroked it up an down, her other hand tearing her panties to one side so as to let your partner lick an probe all her erogenous zones.

She then asked her partner did he think she should cum on him, an if so, would he give her that special feeling to get there. With out a word he turned from you an reached between her legs pushing his long index finger over her naked clitoris up into her vagina against the outer wall. She reached behind herself an removed the blindfold from your partner, then asked him to tongue fuck her bottom only. Not even thirty seconds of this was enough to make her start wetting as her partner jerked his finger in out of her cunt. Sensing that she was going to make your partner cum she stopped jerking him off and stood up still letting the big dark man continue finger fuck her furiously causing her to climax in a gush off fluids down her legs an over your partner.

In the meantime you cannot resist pushing your finger under the side of your panties to find yourself incredibly wet from all the arousal in front of you. As mistress madam (as you secretly named her) has come back to earth, she sets her attention on ordering you to now remove the strapon as, she wont be needing it just at the moment. She then orders you waving her little whip handle to get rid of your panties which you gladly remove then pushes the smooth handle between your legs an just into your wet inferno. It feels so good that it wouldn't be too many jabs against your clit and you'd be cumming as well but she knew this, only giving you as much pleasure as needed to stay on fire.

She calls her partner over to her side running her hand over his hard cock still trying to burst out of his boxers while still gently jabbing your clitoris. She then asks would you like to take his cock in your mouth. All you can do is nod in full approval so she then instructs you to squat down over your partners face whose still lying on the floor unable to touch his ragging cock. As you pull down the attractive dark mans boxers, his long hard cock springs free almost hitting you in face and you take it immediately in your mouth .One hand you cup his balls, the other you hold him by the base of his cock then he slowly fucks it in an out of your mouth. By how much cock is in your hand,and how much your deep throuting it must be all of ten inches long. You want to grind your soaking pussy on your partners face but madam whacks your butt cheek to sit still as well as your partners for trying to stroke his cock again. The big man starts to speed his strokes up a bit, putting one hand behind your head the other pinching your nipples. You start to feel hot flushes and want to thrust your soaking cunt on your partners face again to bring that overwhelming relief. Madam bitch steps in again pushing her partner away from you and smacking her little whip across your butt causing you to stand up.

She pushes you back standing flat against the wall then, with her little whip commands you to put your legs together hiding your soaking wetness.She then commands both men to their knees in front of you and take it in turns tonguing your clit but not allowing you to part your legs for better access. You put your hand behind their heads thrusting your pelvic region forward but its not enough, you need fucking with cock, and now. Madam bitch can see this and smacks the men to their feet then asks you which one would you like to have fuck you. You immediately look at your partner but before you say anything he nods his head towards the big man in approval.

Madam commands you to stay as you were against the wall, legs together but places your hands up above you head. The big man steps in front of you placing the palms of his hands against yours pinning them against wall. You feel helpless to his mercy as he lowers his head to run his saliva coated tongue across your nipples making them harder than ever. He places his feet either side of yours and bends his knees to lower his cock enough to bring it back up jabbing an thrusting forcing it between your legs. You are so wet it easily lubricates and thrusts deeper an deeper up into your vagina. The tightness of having your legs clamped between his causes the friction on your clitoris to new heights of arousal.With his head on your shoulder he curls his tongue around and in your ear lobe. It is all too much and the heat overpowers your body as you ask him to fuck you harder. You feel your juices gushing out around his cock something that has never happened before and your now thrusting at his cock as well . It hits you like a freight train the orgasmic sensations ripping through your entire body out through every nerve ending.

As the handsome big black man withdraws his cock, you almost collapse as your body feels completely drained of energy. It now dawns on you that he maybe hasn't cum yet and you look around to the others who have vacated to the couch sometime in your lost world of erotica. Your partner is sitting on the couch edge laying back still with his trousers on but down around his ankles. Madam is sitting knees astride him with his thick firm cock embedded deep in her beautiful rounded bottom,gently rocking on him, her larger breasts swinging free just letting her nipples touch his hard chest.

The big black man is now standing behind her an you realise he hasn't cum properly yet so you walk across the carpet on your knees an stroke his long cock back to full hardness using the lube that madam has handed you. He spanks alternate cheeks of her rounded bottom four or five times then pours lube all over them, probing her bottom beside your partners cock with his finger.

She starts muttering all sorts of profound obscenities now lying hard on your partners body, pushing her bottom up for more access. You pull the big man down onto his knees then guide his long cock rubbing it around where his finger was along side your partners cock teasing her bottom more. He spanks her cheeky bottom a couple more times then starts gentle short thrusts until her bottom gives way to two cocks at same time. After only couple of duel penetrations sliding into her well lubed bottom, as well as her own fingers furiously masturbating her clitoris she orgasmed to extreme heights never reached before.

Your partner timed his moment of no return well, shooting his hot cum deep into madams very hot bottom with the big man withdrawing his cock letting you stroke it spurting all over her sexy buttocks. You think what could we possibly try next time!

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