Wife's Fantasy

By charl1e5

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We wanted to spice things up, I didnt expect this!
My wife is a little younger than me, we have been married for 18 years and have never strayed.

We both felt that sex, while still good, was getting a little routine and it could do with spicing up, we have chatted for ages about what to do and have tried a few different things. We both decided that we would have a box each, write our fantasies on a piece of paper and we would take one fantasy from each others box and arrange it but not let on which fantasy it was or when it would happen to make it more exciting.

We each picked one out and when I read what my wife had written, I was shocked but that soon turned to excitement, it read "Spend time with a really well hung black guy" with the condition that I would be there to share the moment and for safety.

Well! I did had second thoughts about arranging this but the more I thought about it, the more exciting I found it, how long had me wife had this fantasy?

Anyway, it just happened that I was friendly with a black guy who went to the same gym as me, he was American and an athletics coach so was really fit, I knew he was well hung as I had seen him in the changing room, so I took him for a coffee and told him about my wife's fantasy. He wasn't sure about doing it so I showed him a picture of my wife, she is 5'8" size 10, 34C chest, with long blond hair and green eyes, he said as he was going back to the States in 2 weeks, so because there would be no embarrassing moments after, he would do it, then said if she was as lovely as her picture, it would be a pleasure.

I told my wife I had invited a friend over for drinks on the Friday evening and asked her to dress nice and sexy as I wanted to make an impression, she wore a low cut short blue dress that showed off her lovely figure and looked stunning and had no idea about what was about to happen.

He arrived about 8 and when I let him in and introduced them, the look on her face was a picture, she followed me into the kitchen and whispered, "Is this for me?" I just smiled and said "Have fun babe".

After a few drinks, I left them alone for a few minutes, they were sitting close and chatting, when I came back, he had his hand on her thigh and I think they had just kissed, she was very flushed and looked a little embarrassed, I smiled as she looked at me and just said "Go on you 2, just pretend I'm not here". My heart was beating fast and I was getting excited, I sat across the room to them and watched.

They kissed, it was a nice kiss, gentle and tender, then my wife stood up and let her dress fall to the floor, she was now just wearing a thong, her breasts are firm and full, she looked amazing! He smiled, looked at me, nodded and mouthed "Thank you", she took his hand and encouraged him to his feet, then undid his trousers, let them fall, then eased his bulging boxers down, I was right, when his cock popped out it was hard and huge, I'm about 8 inches but he must have been at least 10, probably more and much thicker than me. Her mouth dropped open as she saw his size and she looked at me as she took it into her hand, she then dropped to her knees, licked round the head and took him into her mouth, sucked it for a few minutes, then she removed her thong and sat down opening her legs wide, she was newly shaved and looked lovely. He went down between her legs and licked her gently then used his fingers to stoke her pussy lips before slipping them into her, after about 2 minutes she started to cum, she pushed her pussy against his mouth and held his head to prolong the pleasure as she came big time. When she had finished and relaxed a little, he pulled her to the edge of the chair, rubbed his cock along her pussy then eased it in slowly, she is quite tight down there and I wondered if she would be able to take him but he was really gentle, she gasped as he eased his full length slowly into her, I could see she was really stretched, then he began to move in and out till she came again, this was a really intense orgasm, she arched her back and grabbed his arse, pulling his full length into herself. They changed position to her on top till he said he was about to cum, when she got off and took him in her mouth sucking him hard again till he came. I was a little surprised as she has never let me cum in her mouth, then she turned to me and showed me her mouth full of cum, she swallowed it then kissed me before taking my hard penis out and sucking me till I came also in her mouth, I loved it.

We had some more drinks, all naked then when she had aroused us both again we started round 2, this time it was a proper three some, taking it in turns to be sucked while the other fucked, we both finished cumming from each side onto her face.

He finally left about 2am with us all smiling and more than satisfied. I cant wait until its my turn, I hope she has picked the one where I asked for a 3some with her hot friend :-)