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Wife's Friend Comes Back for Seconds

My wife recently fucked a friend from work and I got to watch them. She was so hot and seductive, it was as if she was someone else when she fucked him. His name was David and he really knew how to please her. From the looks on their faces when he pushed his cock in her pussy, I knew she enjoyed him. I decided I would come up with a plan to be able to watch her perform with him again.

David works with my wife, so it was easy to track him down. I called him at work and asked him if he could come over to our house again. He couldn't believe I wanted him to come back and visit my wife. "So you are okay with me fucking her, yet again?" he said. I explained to him that after he fucked her she fucked me like crazy for days! Our sex life had gotten even hotter since he last fucked her. I wanted something even sexier, something extra naughty, so I talked David into letting me watch them together. He was uneasy at first, but I assured him it was okay and I would keep my distance from them.

That night I told my wife to dress in a sexy, seductive dress and I told her she would get a surprise at the end of the night. We went out for drinks and had a great time. Every man in the place had their eyes on her, just wanting a piece of her. It was getting late so I told her, "We should get home, your surprise is waiting for you."

I timed it just right and David was at our house waiting on us. I told her, "Here is your surprise."

We got into our house and I asked David to sit on one side of the living room while we sat on the other side. I turned to my wife and told her here are the rules, you can't fuck him till I say you can. You can do what you want but he cannot fuck you till I say so. She smiled agreed, but she said once she started there was no going back.

I then told her, "Why don't you go over there and say hello, but don't stay too long, I want you to come back here when I call you."

She walked up to him, slowly, seductively in her black high hills and red dress. She began kissing him. He pulled up her left leg and began rubbing her leg. Her dress had a high slit on the left hand side and I could see her red stockings and garter set. His hands were all over her, even touching her boobs as well. I was so hard. I told her to come back to my side of the room.

I began kissing her, grabbing her round ass and telling her how hot and sexy she looked. I asked if she wanted his cock and she eagerly said yes. I told her to turn around so he could see her. I undid her dress, all she had on was her red bra and matching garter set. I grabbed her tits and told David, "You want these titties don't you? You couldn't get enough of her last time."

He right away responded with a yes and that he couldn't wait to have her.

I told her, "Why don't you go over there and give him a lap dance and make him work for your pussy?"

She eased over to his side of the room and began a slow seductive dance in front of him, but he grabbed her and turned her around towards me. His hands made his way to her tits, gently rubbing and squeezing them. He said to me, "You like this don't you? It turns you on to see a man with his hands on your wife's tits? You want to see her suck someone else's dick, don't you? It turns you on to see her get fucked, doesn't it?"

He was playing with my head but it was so true. I told him yes it did, and told him that he was going to get the fuck of his life right now I was so excited. My dick got harder and harder. His hands made their way towards her pussy and he slipped a finger inside of her. She moaned, she was so wet he told me. I couldn't take it, I needed relief..

I told her to come suck my dick. She walked over, got on her knees and began stroking my cock. She began licking the tip of it and made her way down to my balls. Her tongue felt so good, I was so close to exploding and I wanted to last longer so I pulled her up. I told her that I knew her pussy was on fire and it wanted his cock. She eagerly agreed and told me she couldn't wait to have him inside of her and with this I said for her to go and fuck him.

She walked over to him and began sucking his cock. He was moaning and moaning telling me how good her lips felt and how lucky I was to have her. I told him he was the lucky one, because now he was going to have her, he was going to pound his manhood inside of her awaiting pussy.

She took off her panties and straddled him, but she did a reverse cow girl so that I could see everything. She told me that she loved me as she guided his cock inside of her. I was so turned on watching his cock disappear deep inside her pussy.

She began to ride him hard and fast pounding up and down. His hands made their way to her tits; he quickly took off her bra and her tits popped out. He grabbed and squeezed her tits, telling me how tight she felt and how perky her natural titties felt. My wife was moaning and moaning telling him how good he felt inside of her and how thick his cock was.

He decided to take her from behind and eased his cock inside her wet pussy again. He grabbed her hips and started banging away. He was pounding her hard and strong. She arched her back and he grabbed her hair, pulling it. I kept thinking to myself how it takes a real man to see his wife getting fucked like this and not respond with rage and jealousy. He was pounding her tight pussy, which he owned at the moment because my wife was in ecstasy. I needed to touch her so I walked over to her, and while David pounded her, she grabbed my cock and stroked it.

I was so turned on I released my load and she licked my cum. She had gobs of cum on her mouth area and she continued to lick me dry. I was drained, so I decided to sit and watch the show.

"Don't stop!" she yelled, "Fuck me with your big dick!"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, she was talking like a total slut. Where did my wife go?

David began yelling, "I am cumming!"

He pulled out and he came on her backside, but she quickly turned around and licked his cock. My wife really seemed to love sucking cock! She got up and told him, "Thank you for the fuck."

He decided it was time to leave and my wife invited me to shower with her. I kept thinking how much our sex life changed once we began experimenting.

I then decided I wanted to see what it was like to fuck another woman since she had been experimenting so much lately.

It was my turn now.

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