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Wife's revenge

She leveled the score
We were on  holiday. Spanish island. Nice beaches good social scene and many good looking people.
Just arrived we took a walk. Chris, my wife, had been so busy she hadn't had time to have her hair waxed so we went looking for a Pharmacia. We found one in the old town which had some real nice local stuff. So back to our apartment and we set to depilating  Chris's armpits and legs. She and I have had a lot of practice. You know, it often hurts a lot as that hair is ripped out. It's kind of fitting that I should be involved so as to share the pain of the doing as well as the pleasure of the result.

So we finished her legs and came to her pubic hair. Normally she would go to a salon be we were on it so we carried on. I told her I'd love her to have a Brazilian, no hair at all. She said she'd see how the wax was and decide. Lucky for me the local wax worked a treat. And I found inspiration in the art of female pubic depilation.

I get so turned on when Chris has no pussy hair. I ask her to wear short skirts when we are out and she does! She thinks it's great fun. Every so often she shows me or sits in a way I can see her lovely bald pussy.

Having rubbed her with a soothing salve but not made love as she was soar, we went out to eat .
It was a bar with entertainment. The food was good and the music proved to be great. We got up and danced as soon as our food had gone down. She looked great, with a top that gave nice flashes of her breasts and a light weight short skirt that blew in the air. I went for drinks and on my return to Chris she was really sharp with me. I didn't understand why. Eventually it came out that she was pissed at the way I looked at the girl behind the bar, a beautiful Caribbean woman. I don't think I feasted my eyes on her gorgeous form more than the next man. But Chris had gone in to an old story between us. A while back I had an affair with a black woman which ended and I realised it was right for me to be with Chris. But she found out about it and every time a dark skinned woman was on TV the subject came up. Recently we had cleared a lot of stuff between us and things were going well. Not now however! For a while she gave me the third degree again about the physical qualities of the other woman. How did we kiss? How did her butt feel? What was the texture of her breasts and the shape and form of the nipples? How was it when I went down on her? How long did we fuck? All difficult things answer and keep in Chris's good books. Our drinks were consumed without noticing, and more!

" I'm going to dance on my own!" she said. And off she went.

Men noticed the lone woman and homed in on her. In the space of an hour and a half she danced with ten different guys and ended up with one of them sitting at a table not far from mine. She sat so she could show her pussy to me. The guy didn't know of me and he was quite openly after her. He bought some drinks and tapas. They got on with their evening he oblivious of my existence and she being quite open to his advances. They went back to the dance floor where they danced close and when he span her is was easy to see her hairless beauty.. When he went to the bar and she the toilet I followed and waited for her. "What's going on?" I asked. "It looks as though the gods are smiling on me." she said, " I was given a nice guy to have an affair with. You can disappear" she said, "or be my brother here on holiday with me and we'll both continue to stay at the apartment." She was serious. " I'd rather see what's going on than just imagine it." I answered.
"OK. So you go and open the porch so you can get in and bring the key to the girl at the bar tell your wife will collect it. Oh. And one more thing" she said, turning gentle and alluring, " Get me some condoms while you are at and leave them with the wench at the bar too! Oh, Brother, I am going to put you through it until I feel I have my revenge."

Feeling rather blown out I just did what she said. I found a store that sold condoms and got real embarrassed explaining in broken Spanish to the young woman what it was I wanted. It turned out she spoke English!! Shit! My night felt really weird.

I went back and gave the gorgeous black girl the key and the condoms, to be collected by my wife. "You mean Chris?" She smiled and  she shook her breasts in my direction. I took a drink and headed outside where I could have a smoke as well.
I sat for a minute or two and Chris and her man passed close by. He went to relieve himself. She went to the bar, made her collection, shared a joke with the younger woman and headed straight for me. She moved so fast I thought she was going to attack me but she grabbed my hand, drew me to an obscured area of the patio and pulled me to her. "Hold me love. I'm scared. I'm going through with this and I know I'm going really enjoy what ever happens but I love you all the same. I want my revenge but I am going to try not to be cruel. I want us to learn from this experience." She pulled herself to me. "I need you to do something else for me." she said. "Go on." I whispered. "I need you to lick my pussy so I am good and wet for that cock!" Immediately I felt included, my erection was instant and I dropped to my knees. I knelt in the shadow of a pillar while she pulled up her skirt and watched for her next love. I was so glad that the other guy took so long and I was able to make an impression on Chris emotions. But all to soon she stepped back lowered her skirt and ran off to meet him. I heard her speak in Spanish to him.

I didn't follow. I just took a long walk back to the apartment I found the porch wide open and entered quietly. There was a light and noise in the kitchen. I looked in and saw Chris leaning on the table while the guy entered her from behind. I hoped he was in her pussy as she has never liked anal with me. They were both dressed. There were wine glasses on the table and the wine was moving in the glasses as they made it. As I watched he tugged at her top and she pulled it off so he could massage her breasts and pull her nipples, which I knew she loved.
He was shafting her well and she was enjoying it. He shuddered, lost his rhythm and let out a yell while pushing himself in to her. He moaned and breathed real hard. They rested.  I heard the wet sound of him slipping out of her. She turned to him and a long embrace ending in a deep passionate kiss. I backed in to the dark and out on to the terrace.

I suppose it was late but, with all the excitement, I felt wide awake. For quite a while Chris and her lover laughed and chattered in fast Spanish which I could not keep up with. She made some drinks and they came out to the terrace. I melted into the shadow. Finishing their drinks they set at each other again. She pulled at his shirt and tried the belt of his pants. He obliged. Naked now she took a face loth and wiped his pens dry before slipping a condom on. She laid him down and straddled him pulling his wrapped penus to her hungry vagina. Slowly she eased herself on to him easing up and them gently down further. Soon she was in a strong rhythm. Panting, breasts bouncing this way and that, slapping his wet groin with hers until they both came again. They were tired, crawled to the sofa and cuddled up. Soon quiet. I crept by them and went to bed with a very hard erection.

The next morning I awoke to the sound of chinking crockery and the smell of coffee. Chris had brought me breakfast. She thanked me for not being a selfish bastard and letting go with Elias. He was from Madrid and on holiday with his sister. To which she added quite firmly that I shouldn't even think of going after her. Elias and his sister Lola were coming to lunch. "Two sisters and two brothers all on holiday together." Then she jumped in to bed and cuddled up close to me. We made the most amazing love. We kissed and caressed all over. I ate her pussy until the smell of condom was gone! Then we showered and got dressed for our guests. He was all over her to which she responded and Lola and I had to make Spangles conversation while Chris and Elias took over the bed room to have quite noisy sex.

Chris and Elias spent over half our holiday swimming, sunning and sexing themselves and slept together too. It turned out that he had pierced nipples and normally wore a ring in his penis but he took it out so he could get the condom on. Chris had always hated my piercings but loved his. Lola had rings in her nipples which I enjoyed.

Elias left promising to keep in touch with Chris. She, left behind with me, was quiet for a while then she went out not returning until quite late and went to bed alone. The next morning she showed me. "I saw you admiring Lola's rings so I've got some now and I have two pussy piercings! They looked great but I couldn't touch her for the rest of the holiday as the piercings healed. But she looked so good! Now I have pierced my nipples and my penis, Chris still has hers.

Elias is still in touch. Chris has told him that I'm not her brother. He's still going to visit soon. It seems that my wife's revenge will take some time yet. I'll keep you informed! 


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