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Wife's surprise when i got home from work

The day started like any other, but the way it ended was almost unbelievable
I arrive at home, park the car, and unlock the house door, which is unusual as I know my wife is at home. As I enter I notice it is quite dark and all the blinds are closed. Then I hear it, the distinct moaning sounds of a man and a woman. Thinking the worst but being a bit curious as well, I walk inside and that is when I see it. Thank Christ it’s only the computer with some porn playing on it. Next to the computer is a note and various sex toys my partner owns, and the note says, 'Pick what you want me to use and join me in the bedroom.'

I grab a few dirty magazines, the large vibrator and a bottle of lube and walk towards the bedroom. As I walk in I see her, my wonderful wife, just lying there, naked and on the bed waiting. “So what have you got for me?” she says. I lay the items on the bed as she widens her eyes to see what I have brought for her to 'get the party started.' “Good choice,” she says.

“I’m going to take a shower and I’ll be back. Enjoy,” I say as I leave for the bathroom.

I have a slightly longer shower than normal, making sure I’m clean head to toe. I shave the beard, wash the hair and scrub the important parts, when an idea suddenly pops into my head; what if I leave the shower running and try to sneak a peek at what my wife is up to? I have always been a bit of a voyeur, but she doesn’t know that.

“Best idea ever,” I say to myself.

I sneak out of the shower, quickly dry myself off and sneak up the hallway. I know just where to walk and how fast to go so the floor doesn’t creak, as I have done this many times before. I peek around the corner of the door and there she is, lying naked on top of the bed, reading a magazine in one hand, caressing her pussy with the vibrator, slowly sliding it in and out, occasionally pulling it all the way out to give her clitoris a bit of extra attention. Instantly my cock is at full attention. She is moaning ever so slightly as I continue to watch her; I slowly stroke my now rock hard cock. After enough stimulation, I sneak back to the bathroom, turn off the shower, wait a few seconds and head to the bedroom.

She throws the magazine to the floor and almost begs, “I need to suck that cock.”

I straddle her on the bed, ensuring she still has one hand to continue on her pussy and one to pay attention to the throbbing member in front of her face.

She moans as my cock enters her throat and begins to slowly lick, suck and caress my cock with her tongue. She is an excellent cock sucker, and the best thing is she can’t get enough of it. She continues to give one of the best head jobs of my life - there have been plenty too. She sucks the entire length to the base of my cock without even a hint of gagging, slowly sucks on the way back out of her throat, gives the tip a little bit of tongue flicking and dives straight back down on it. She has an amazing ability to deep throat while continuing to flick and roll her tongue around my cock at the same time. She comes back up for some air and remembers to pay my balls some attention, licking and sucking on them in a way only she knows how.

She brings herself to one more moaning orgasm with her vibrator before demanding that I fuck her. Of course I oblige by lying down and assuming my favourite position, I might add too. She straddles me, grabs my cock, and rubs it on her clit for some extra attention before slowly lowering herself onto me. We both moan in pleasure as she hits the base of my cock with her clit. She holds the position for a little while to allow her pussy to adjust to the size of my cock before slowly starting to slide up and down again.

Her pussy feels so awesome, so wet and hot I could almost just blow my load straight away, but there is no way that is happening, not today. As she continues to ride my cock and moan like there is no tomorrow, she grabs my hands and forcefully places them on her tits. With her hands caressing mine and mine caressing her tits, she starts moaning even louder if that was possible), and has another massive, bed shaking orgasm.

Once she calms down from the previous orgasm, she picks up where she left off, although this time she insists on me paying extra special attention to her breast as she continues to ride me. So as she is sliding up and down, I lean forward and begin to lightly run my lips across her breasts, giving her goose bumps as she shudders just a bit. I make sure a get close enough to her nipples without actually touching them, teasing her in anticipation.

After a few minutes I grab one of her now erect nipples with my lips and suck it as hard and deep as I can go. She groans in pleasure while increasing her tempo in response. For the next few minutes I continue to lick, suck and caress both her shapely tits while she continues to ride me like it’s the last fuck she is ever going to get.

A few more orgasms later, just when I think she has had enough, she slides straight on up and off my cock. With confusing in my eyes she says, “Time to pound me from behind.”

I don’t need to be told twice, so I move around behind her, admiring her beautiful arse at the same time. I move in closer; she grabs me by the cock from between her legs and guides me into her dripping pussy. She buries her head in to pillow and moans once more. I start slowly sliding in and out of her, allowing all her juices to thoroughly moisten my cock from base to tip. When I’m sure she will be able to handle it, I start absolutely ramming her.

She screams out load and throws her head back to look at me with those 'fuck yeah' eyes. I grab her hair, pull a little tension and keep on pounding the life out of her. With each forward thrust I ensure my balls are swinging up and smacking her on the clit. I slow down just a bit to be able to spank her arse as I pound my cock into her. This sends her absolutely wild and I must say I enjoy it quite a bit too. We continue like this until she can’t take any more orgasms.

She turns he head over her shoulder and says, “So, how do want to finish this?”

In the state I’m in there is only one way I want this to end. I say to her, “I want you on the floor and on your knees. Then I want you to start playing with your pussy while I rub my cock in front of your face until I cum all over your beautiful face and tits.”

She practically jumps off me and assumes the position on the floor. She loves the feeling of being covered in hot cum. So as she is down there on the floor, crazily playing with her pussy and rubbing her tits in a state of pure bliss, I’m standing right in front of her stroking my cock, watching her writhe in pleasure.

I thought I would try something else she loves, so I get a bit closer and start to tap her face with my cock. She loves it when I just whack it on her cheeks as she plays with herself. She is going off more than I've seen before when all of a sudden, she grabs my cock and rams it deep in her mouth. This is something she has never done - suck me off after fucking her. The thoughts of this are making me go wild, but now I want her to keep sucking her pussy juices of my cock for as long as I can take it. Between playing with her pussy, the cock sucking and the little whacks on the face, we are both ready to cum so hard.

I can hear her about to cum, so I pull my cock out of her mouth, whack it on her face a few times and tell her, "I’m going to cum!!” She keeps playing with clit and leans back a bit, ready to receive her final gift. As she starts to have her final orgasm I release load after load of hot cum straight onto her face and tits and a little in her mouth. She recovers slightly from her orgasm to lean forward and take my cock back into her mouth to suck the last drops of cum from my slowly softening cock. We both fall to the floor into a heap of sweat and cum.

“Best sex ever,” I proclaim.

“Agreed,” she tells me as we get up and walk towards the shower.

“Can’t wait to do this again,” we both say almost in unison.

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