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Xena's erotic, cuckold adventure

Lars and Xena always fantasized about a cuckold today it comes true.

The day is going slow for Xena as it is getting closer to summer and not as many patients are coming in. Luckily for her it is about 2 PM and the day is quickly cumming to an end. At about 2:15 PM a middle-age man about 5’10, with short light hair, blue eyes, wearing a sea blue suit top, and brown pants comes in for a blood test. At first Xena does not take much notice to him as he is just another number in the queue. However as she begins to swab his arm she notices she feels a bit attracted to him but quickly pushes that feeling aside. As she is preparing to take blood from him he begins talking to her and she notices she is enjoying the attention. The start to end process only took about 5 minutes but as Xena was finishing up he mentions to her that he is in town. Trying to ignore him so he gets out the door he continues to say that is staying not far from the hotel and would she like to stop by after work.

As tempting as that seems he initial reaction was to reject the advance. Publicly she has always denied wanting to try something like this but at the same time she wants to give it a try. She walks with him to the hall and out of ear shot of the others. She tells him that she is tempted but only wants to be eaten out nothing more. Agreeing he gives her the room number and hotel where she is staying at. After getting the information she feels quite aroused, noticing she is feeling wetness between her thighs, and that she is feeling quite flushed. Taking a moment to compose herself she walks back into the room and on break she calls her husband to tell him she is going to be late.

Leaving working she notices she feels nervous, horny, and a bit worried as she has never done this. Getting to the hotel she knocks at the door as he opens it she notices a glass of champagne on the table the lights on, and he is wearing a bath robe. Feeling a bit pressured she says giving me a few minutes I would like to shower. Getting into the shower she notices how excited she is getting and how it she feels between her legs. Turning off the shower she towels herself off and puts on one of the robes. She is now facing him on the bed with the robe open enough to show her cleavage and that is enough for him. He begins to open her robe and gently glides Xena to lie day. He spends time kissing her neck and then works his way down to her breasts where he spends time sucking both, licking her nipples, and caressing them. Finally he starts kissing his way down to her hips and then begins to tease her outer lips with his tongue. He then slowly begins to finger her noticing how wet this is getting her and he does that he then begins to lick the outside of her clit. As he does this he spends time taking in the musky smell that she is producing from being so aroused. Finally he goes deeper by removing the outer skin from her clit and begins to lick all around it while he continues to finger. Finally he removes his finger and licks the inside of her pussy tasting her essence. Xena notices that he is getting quite aroused and guides him into the 69 position where is on the bottom and she climbs on top of him. He continues to her out, finger her pussy, and playing with her clit as Xena begins to stroke is 7.5” long hard cock. Momentarily she takes it into her mouth before continuing to stroke whilst she plays with his balls. It is not much longer before she cum and he shoots his load into the air.

Xena climbs down and they lay together for a few minutes before Xena gets dressed and leaves. Getting home she tells her husband, Lars, boy do I have something to share with you.

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