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You Can Have Mine, If I Can Have Yours

We explore a local swinger's club.

It was early in our dating, Karen and I had read several articles about the "new" swinging lifestyle that was becoming so popular in New York City: several new clubs had recently opened, and with some research, we found that right here in our village was a very large and famous club called "Michael’s Lounge."

Our first trip out was a bit of sensory overload: the entire club was filled with happy, fun loving couples, dancing, drinking, socializing and just plain making out on the dance floor. At 1AM sharp, the lights went down and red lights were turned on, illuminating the dance floor with an erotic glow. The ladies, most of whom were dressed like any other club goers, filed off into the ladies room in packs, emerging wearing little or nothing. A thong panty and heels, a string bikini and boots, or just shoes and a smile were the outfits of choice.

Not to be outdone, Karen smiled at me and filed off to do her part. As she returned, her tight body was accented by the glimmering, wet-look black, tie side bikini and the six-inch platform heels she was wearing. Onto the dance floor we went, spending most of the evening, dancing, touching and thrilling each other with our lustful expressions and whispered comments. The thrill of having my lady erotically portrayed for all to see and appreciate was such a tremendous thrill for me.

This routine repeated for several weeks, each night culminating in a wild love making sessions when we returned home. On more than one evening, her top mysteriously disappeared as she danced, leaving her naked breasts pressed against my chest, and proudly displayed for everyone in the club to enjoy.

A few weeks later, we were approached by a very attractive couple that were just about our ages, possibly a bit younger. Frank and Wendy were their names. They sat down at our table and began chatting us up. Frank owned a motorcycle shop that repaired British bikes only, BSA, Norton, and Triumph. Wendy, like Karen, was a teacher, so we all had lots in common to talk about. Our friendship continued to grow as we saw them for several weeks.

We had reached the point that we were dancing with each other’s ladies, grinding our bodies together on the dance floor and making out as we danced slow dances.

One week, while dancing with each other’s lady, Karen came over to me and said that Frank had invited us back to their home for a drink and to get more acquainted. She said that she wanted to go, and asked if I was willing.

"Sure," I said, "Why not?"

We gathered our belongings and clothes and met then at the club’s lobby.

Frank suggested that Wendy ride back with me, in my car, so I wouldn’t get lost, and that Karen come with him.

Wendy quickly grabbed my arm and said, "Let’s go."

Wendy started to drag me outside into the parking lot without giving me a chance to say anything more. Frank put his arm around Karen’s back, whispered something into her ear, and off we all went. A short ride later, we had arrived at their home, it was a very nice Tudor home in a very good section of town. Certainly, they were not slobs . . .

I did notice that as Frank exited his car, he stopped to pull his fly zipper up . . . and that Karen was licking her lips as she got out of his car.

As the evening was young, Karen was still dressed in her bright red, strapless leather dress, which she had slipped over her tiny bikini and heels. I was wearing my black leather jeans, matching leather shirt, and biker boots. Their home was lovely, quaint, and comfortable feeling. We all sat on the living room floor, with the stereo playing softly in the background, as Frank got us all drinks. Get to know each other conversation ensued, and our commonality of interests was even more obvious.

From the time we had entered their home: Wendy was right beside me, and Karen had become Frank’s companion, with his arm wrapped tightly around her.

Each of us were engaging in mild make-out play, and exchanging sexy glances and body language. It was obvious that Karen was not at all uncomfortable with this pairing, nor was I.

Wendy and I had drifted off into a conversation of our own, Frank and Karen were likewise engaged, their hands and fingers were roaming each others body, drawing little circles, and tracing the outlines of muscles with gentle, deliberate motions, designed to excite the tactile senses.

When they both stood up, Karen said that Frank was going to show her the entire house, I nodded "OK" and continued to talk with Wendy. Once they were out of the room, Wendy, without saying a word, began to undress, leaving only her spike-heel white boots on. Her body was lovely, and quite sexy to say the least. During her undressing, she never lost a word of our conversation. We continued to talk and started making out more intensely as she pulled my shirt off and began to rub, scratch and caress my chest. The play became quite heated, and my thoughts were centered on my own pleasures. Our hands roamed freely, pleasuring each other as we advanced in our play.

About 45 minutes later, Frank and Karen returned to the room as Wendy and I were locked in a very intense embrace. I had managed to begin fist-fucking Wendy, I had already gotten most of my hand inside of her soaking wet pussy, she was moaning and red-faced as she was lost in her throws of passion.

Frank was bare-chested, and Karen was totally naked, wearing just her heels. Their arms were around each other, and as they come into the room, They stopped and kissed in a very long and sensual embrace. Karen sat down on the couch directly in front of where Wendy and I were sitting on the floor. She acted as if nothing were changed, not being even outwardly aware that she had somehow "lost" her dress. Bending forward to me, she put her hand under my chin and brought her face close to mine to kiss me. Before our lips touched, she whispered to me,

" Lance, I want you to know that I love you very much, but I just threw my dress off in the hall right outside of this room and I let Frank show me the house naked. Then, I dragged Frank in their bathroom and seduced him. He bent me over the counter and fucked me like a wild man."

With that she kissed me, and opened her legs wide to show me her soaking wet pussy as proof of her deeds. I could see the wonderful river of Frank’s cum pouring out of her pussy as she displayed it for my appreciation.

A wave of lust swept over me like never before. I grabbed her thighs and pushed them further apart. Pulling myself close to her, I buried my face between her legs and jammed my tongue deep inside of her cunt, licking and sucking her clean.

The impulse was so rapid and overwhelming that I never stopped to realize what I was doing, nor that I was sucking another man’s cum out of my girlfriend.

I had eaten my own cum out of her on numerous occasions, a service that she demanded after a hot night of wild fucking. She loved to grab my hair and shove my face into her hungry pussy.

This was something that drove her crazy, and me as well. Wendy was responding to the scene also by ripping her husband’s pants off and sucking his cock clean of Karens juices.

When I finished my lustful session with Karen’s soaking wet pussy, Wendy stood up and took me by the hand,

" Time for me to show you the house," she said.

Indeed, she did . . . when we returned to the living room some time later, Frank and Karen were totally engrossed in each other’s bodies. Karen was lying on her back, with her legs folded back over her shoulders. Frank was mounted on top of her, pile-driving her with his generously long cock.

"Fuck me, Fuck me," she repeated over and over.

"You are going to be my Fuck Whore, you cunt!" he screamed out at her.

"Yes, Yes!" she yelled back."Make me your whore, Fuck me."

They were both crying out and screwing like wild dogs. Not to be outdone, Wendy lay on her back right next to Karen, mimicking her position with her body, she invited me to mount her, and pile-drive fuck her, at the same time that my girlfriend was getting hers. Karen looked over at me and yelled out,

"Fuck that whore bitch’s cunt, Fuck her, Fuck her."

When both Frank and I were spent: the girls rolled their legs back onto the floor, and without saying a word, turned head to toe. Karen positioned herself on top of Wendy. They both began to tongue each others pussy, providing a great show of "69-lNG" each other as they licked each other’s pussy clean. Wendy was finished first, she looked up and said that she was coming home with me that night, and that Karen was to stay with her husband until we met for brunch at a nice waterfront restaurant on Sunday, when we would swap partners back again. Wendy went into her bedroom and came back wearing a pair of very small hot-pink spandex hot-pants and a small cut off titty top, with her white boots still on.

"Is that all you are going to wear to brunch?" Karen asked Wendy.

"Sure, why not, I love putting on a good show," she said.

"Then take my dress with you, dear, just leave the bikini for me to wear, and my heels." Karen said. "If I’m a fuck whore, I might as well show off like one too."

I couldn’t believe that she would dare go into a restaurant wearing only a skimpy string bikini and heels, but the very idea gave me a raging hard on.

Wendy took my arm and said, "Let’s go, lover, I’m ready."

Karen excitedly said, "YES, me too."

As Wendy and I were leaving the house, I heard Karen tell Frank, "Fuck me in the ass, all whores love an ass Fucking."

Wendy and I didn’t get much sleep that night, I don’t think Karen and Frank did either. Noon on Sunday we met at the designated restaurant on the waterfront. Wendy had spent over an hour at my home teasing and setting her beautiful long hair, and fixing her makeup to perfection. Her body glistened with the after glow of sex, and she looked so beautiful that I wanted to rip her clothes off of her and screw her once again, but I resisted.

Arriving at the meeting place, Karen and Frank were already there standing at the bar smiling and laughing. Karen too looked fantastic, made up to perfection and glowing. Her string bikini hid little, and she loved the glances and attention she was getting. Karen had her arm wrapped around Frank’s waist and was pulled as close to him as she could possibly get.

Karen looked at me and said as she smiled, "Well, Lance, how do you like your girlfriend being another man’s fuck toy?"

Smiling more she added,

"We fucked all night long, and again this morning, Frank is a wonderful lover, my ass and cunt are still throbbing and dripping his cum!"

With that she turned to him and kissed him with all the passion she could muster. She let her arm go free from his waist and stepped toward me.

She pressed her body next to me and said, "I hope you are a good sport, I do love you very much, but I do love to tease you. Now, lets go, take me into the mens room, I want you to push me over the counter and fuck me as hard as you can before we eat, ass or pussy, it’s your choice."

Wendy spoke up, "Frank, do your duty, let’s go."

We all walked toward the restrooms like penguins in a row.

In ensuing weeks, we were together many times, we double dated, with switched partners, went to dinners, house parties, and late night swimming pool adventures.

Life is good!
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