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You little cocksucker

Was she drunk or did she really remember.

You little cocksucker

Having worked through the jealous phase of my personality years ago I always had that deeply buried fantasy about my wife taking on some additional duties besides just fucking me. But being the prude she is I am sure she would never hear of what my plans would be. I have tried a few times to bring up little things like, "I would love to see you suck somebody else’s dick", while she was in the middle of multiple orgasms but it was always shut down with, "What did you say?"

After that I kept my mouth shut. It did not used to be like that, when we were younger we drank way too much and it was during one drunken night I shared her and she did not have an idea it was happening.

When we were first married I worked in a very bad part of town. As much of a wimp as I was with my wife I was totally the opposite when it came to living on the streets. My job, at the time, required me to be the baddest MF on the street and I took to it like a duck to water. So it only made since that when we went out we would go to a place where I was more or less in control.

One of these places was a dive of a bar that drew all kinds of street folks in during the course of a day. Being a rough place it was a no rules kind on place and hard telling what you would see on a given night. I never did worry about being there with my new young wife because the people who frequented the place were either scared of me or respected me. So we would go down and spend the night drinking just watching the street people come in and out.

It was one of those nights when a number of ladies of the night came in a few times just to rest and get off their feet. We struck up conversations because I was hopping that some of that street whore mentality would rub off onto my wife. This particular night one of them was complaining that everybody she ran into wanted their dick sucked. Then she proceeded to tell us about the number and sizes of the guys she had sucked off that night.

Even though she was young and not used to this life I could see that the street gals descriptions of the dicks and the number of guys she sucked was getting my wife just a little turned on. She would never admit it but she started squirming in her seat.

It was getting to me and I was determined to get a blowjob tonight from someone, hopefully my wife. We stayed until closing and stumbled out to the car, my wife has never been able to drink and she was about one more drink from passing out.

As soon as I got in the car I jumped her; by now I was horny as fuck and needed some relief, hopefully in her sweet young mouth. After a few minutes of heavy necking I reached into her pants and started fingering her pussy with great abandon. This was not a time for sweet nothings just a good old fashioned fuck and suck.

I pulled her skirt up and ripped her panties off and stuck three fingers in as she was starting to get the first of her many orgasms. I had taken my dick out of my pants and bent her head down and she sucked it into her mouth. I had learned that the only way to get her to suck dick was to get her drunk and she was.

We kept that up for quite awhile, I was not really worried about anyone seeing us as we were parked in a little off street parking lot and all the lights were off. To get a little more room I had opened the car door so I could stretch out some while she got down to her job. Not being one to like dome lights, (gives people on the outside of the car a good view) I had taken it out of my car prior so I did not even have to worry about that.

By now my wife was into her own orgasms and sucking dick I don’t imagine much else mattered. That was great for her but I was always scanning my surroundings and I really had a feeling I was being watched. I looked around and saw a movement in the shadows and saw someone standing and watching us.

I recognized the bartender standing just out from the light and from his actions he had been watching us for awhile. I can only imagine what he was thinking watching a pretty young girl with her pussy exposed and sucking dick. As a matter of fact I knew what he was thinking as he had his dick out and was stroking it.

By now my wife was working up and down on my dick as she had her umpteenth orgasm and she had no idea where she was or who she was doing. Her entire focus was on her pussy and how it felt.

I motioned for the bartender to walk closer so he could get a better look. He was quick to take me up on it and was soon standing right next to the car stroking his dick. He was so close his dick was just inside the car real close to my wife. I thought he was going to cum over her face and I did not mind that at all but I came up with a better idea.

I started pulling my wife’s head off my dick and she was resisting, she wanted that dick in her mouth and when I took it out she made little moaning noises until there was a dick in her mouth again. I did this a few times and she did the same thing.

I pulled her head off one more time and motioned for the bartender to get just a little closer, which he did at once. This time I guided her to his dick and she sucked it down.

She was lying across my lap and I was holding her up with one arm while still playing with her pussy with the other. Just the way she was laying put the entire action right at my eye level.

Man she was into sucking dick right now, her head was a blur and I knew she had no idea she was sucking the bartender’s dick. As a matter of fact she did not like him and complained of his service most of the night. But right now I was watching her give someone a blowjob who she would not normally even talk too.

By now the bartender was getting into it and had grabbed her head with both hands, he was skull fucking her and getting ready to cum. I would imagine he thought he was in the twilight zone cause good stuff like this don’t normally happen to a middle aged bartender in a bad part of town. But it was right now, a pretty gal barely out of her teens was sucking him off and he was going to splash his cum in her mouth as soon as her could.

As close as I was I could see his dick start to vein up and knew he was ready to cum, with a loud moan he started shooting cum into the mouth of my little bride and she started swallowing as much as she could. Lots of it dripped out of her mouth and onto my lap but at the time I did not care.

After he was done he backed up so fast his dick almost made a noise coming out of her mouth. I guess he wanted to get away as fast as he could before I changed my mind and killed him for what he just did. But I still had and hardon and wanted that taken care of.

I put her head back down on my lap and she continued sucking like noting ever happened. I sat there a few minutes and thought about what I had just seen my little women do and it did not take long for me to get a nut. I blew a second wad into her pretty mouth within a matter of minutes from the first. I guess she had her full of cum as this load just dribbled from her mouth back down onto my dick.

She promptly passed out. I drove home and got her from the car and put her to bed. I lay in the darkness for awhile and thought of her blowing the bartender and started to get another hard on, but I just let the feeling pass, I needed sleep.

When we got up the next morning I fixed breakfast and drew her a bath. After she had eaten and cleaned up we sat and talked about the night before as she nursed a hangover. During the course of the conversation she said, "I remember you cumming twice last night, but that is about all I remember".

Imagine that, I said and changed the subject. And I thought, "you little cocksucker".





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