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You Should Always Be Nice to Your Neighbours

I Rediscover The Girl Next-Door
Several months ago, my wife DeeDee, told me that she wanted a separation. Her new life goals didn’t include me. She was determined to find a good genteman that shared her new values. Since we had been drifting apart for some time, this was no big shocker.

It was one of those sultry summer nights. The heat and humidity could be cut with a spoon. I was home alone with the TV on for company.

DeeDee had dressed in her hottest summer party clothes and was out on a date for the evening with one of her new boyfriends. She looked so hot when she came down the stairs dressed in tiny stretch jeans micro shorts that barely covered her behind, and a nearly transparent lace bikini top. To complete her outfit she wore bright red platform fuck me stiletto heels with a two inch clear plastic platform, matching stainless steel wrist bands and collar with D rings.

God, did she ever make me horny, parading around the house for so long before she left, but I guessed that was the idea. Then to really make me crazy, she gathered up some of our favorite personal bondage gear to take with her: ropes, wrist and ankle straps, a posture collar and spanking belt, along with her favorite vibrating dildo.

“I can’t wait to get started on my wet spot,” she said. ”Nothing feels better than the feeling of nice hot cum dripping out of my pussy and soaking my shorts, don’t you agree?”

DeeDee knew exactly how to hit home with her comments. DeeDee smiled as she teased me and it worked. I was still in love with her, and she knew how to hurt.

With that she walked out of the house, got into her car, put the top down, and sped away.

“Never should have bought her that Mercedes convertible,” I said to myself.

The ringing of our phone broke the silence of the TV that was on picture only.

“Hi Lance, it’s Debbi from next door. Do you mind if I use the pool? It’s hot as hell in here.”

I told her certainly, it was a standing invitation that she and her now ex husband were always free to use our pool, as they had done for years. Now that she was alone, the invite still remained.

After getting married at nineteen, Debbi decided at forty-one that she needed freedom to explore and find herself. This had come as a total shock not only to her husband, but to DeeDee and I as well. They were always together, the four of us frequently went riding on the weekends, and we were always at each other’s houses for one reason or another.

He was a life long rider, and owned a Harley accessory business and an online Harley motorcycle parts business. He had three bikes, one of which was an old police bike I helped him to totally reconstruct.

I had known Debbi since I bought my home in the 1970s. I used to see her and her sister playing in their back yard with their dolls. When her parents retired, they gave the house to Debbi and her then new husband and moved to a retirement house in California.

The front door bell rang in less than a minute after I hung the phone up. As I opened the door, Debbi was standing there in a hot pink wet-look bikini, her hair and makeup all done to a T, and beaming a smile. Her ankle strap locking platform heels finished the outfit off, although they surely didn’t say, Let’s go swimming…

“Thanks for the use of the pool, I was melting,” she said.

As she came in to the house, I saw as she walked past me that the bikini was a string style with absolutely no back at all and hardly any front as well.

“Nice suit,” I said. “What happened to the rest of it?”

She just smiled and asked me where DeeDee was.

“Out on a date,” I said.

“Oh, that’s cool,” she said. “Are you two back to swinging again? I’ve seen her leaving the house a lot lately, late at night, dressed to fuck.”

“No,” I said. “We are separated now, and she is out on a real date, looking for a new husband.”

Debbi’s face dropped like a stone. She just looked at me and said nothing for what seemed an eternity.

She told me that she was sorry, and that I should try to make the best of it. After some more chat, she asked if I would join her outside, and go swimming with her.

“Sure,” I said. “Why not?”

With that, she looked straight into my eyes and said, “Then, I guess I won’t need this, will I?”

She stripped off her bikini, and taking the key to her shoe locks out of her bra and unlocking her shoes, she stood before me, jaybird naked.

She took my hand and said, “Let’s go,” and out we went.

She jumped into the pool and yelled at me to do the same.

“I don’t have suit on,” I said.

“Neither do I,” she laughed. “Take it off big boy, and join me.”

I did as requested! After swimming for a while, and some small talk, I was treading water about five feet from where she was. She then swam over to me and threw her arms around my neck and pulled herself close to me, kissing me with quite a lot of pent up passion.

“Have we got a lot to talk about,” she said. “But first, have you ever had sex in a pool?”

“Yes,” I answered.

“Well, I have not, but tonight that’s going to change.”

She pulled herself up to my chest, and lifting her legs up, wrapped them around my waist. She gave me another deep kiss and she lowered herself onto my rigid cock.

As she impaled herself with my cock, she audibly shuddered and groaned.

“Fuck me hard,” she moaned as she continued to kiss me. “I’ve been waiting years for this minute; you’ve got a lot of catching up to do.”

I certainly didn’t need a lot of convincing.

“I don’t have a rubber on, Debbi,” I replied.

“Fuck the rubber, I want to feel cock, not sock! Fuck me until I scream. I want to feel your hot cum fill me right now,” she yelled out. “Make me your fuck whore!”

Not having had sex for some time, we both came like school kids on a first date. We moved over to the side of the pool, and I lifted her off my cock, and sat her down on the coping of the pool.

“You have no idea, Lance, how long I have dreamed about you and I being lovers,” She said.

This shocked me to say the least. Yes, I had known her for years; but I never thought of her as a sex partner. She had been a close friend to me, my past ladies, and DeeDee, but that’s all.

As a small person, only 5 feet tall and about 85 pounds, from a distance she looked like a teenager. She loved the biker lifestyle, loved to dress like a biker babe, and had an amazingly tight, toned body. She was a Yoga instructor and gymnast.

“Since I was younger, I used to see you with your first wife, and then the herd of girlfriends that came and went. When the first one moved in with you, I hated you. She was so much like me and so sexy that I both dreamed of being her, and hated her all at the same time.”

“The fantasies that I used to dream up about you and I were so erotic. I used to dream of you breaking into my house and fucking me while my husband slept in the same bed. I saw a sex film and then dreamed about being dressed in a head to toe latex catsuit and boots, then having you put me into a cell in your basement and keeping me as your fuck toy, unable to speak or cry out for help due to the ring gag that you pushed into my mouth. You took me out daily to give me deep enemas, water me down with a hose, and feed me by putting scraps into a dog’s dish on the floor of the cell. I was forced to kneel before you while you pushed your cock into the ring gag and pissed into my throat, punishing me severely if I gagged, or spilled a drop. Increasingly large butt plugs were forced into my behind and I was fucked and fisted regularly for your pleasure. I once dreamed about you walking me into a slimy bog and pointing me towards the oozing goo, directing me strip naked and to walk into it. You watched as I sunk into deep, sticky clay until I disappeared from sight. All the while, professing my love for you. There were so many other scenarios that used to make me masturbate wildly while I dreamed about you and me,” she rambled on.

“I used to dream about putting a thick, clear, latex bag over my head and tie it shut as I masturbated myself, thinking about you coming to rescue me at the last second,” she finished.

I was speechless, hearing her confessions. What could I say? My cock was bulging like a flagpole after hearing her dreams. Oh, if they could only come true...

“Do you remember that when Wendy moved in, and we used to all go riding together, how friendly she and I were?”

“Yes, I sure do,” I said.

“Well,” she said, “Wendy invited me over to go swimming one day when you were at work. By the time the afternoon was over; she and I had seduced each other, we were lovers for three years, Lance.”

“When you and my husband were both out and at work, Wendy and I would jump into your bed, and spend the day pleasuring each other for hours on end.”

My jaw dropped, and I was amazed. Now, a lot of past history made sense to me. The girls were very close, and would spend lots of time shopping, at the beach, now I really knew why.

“Wendy was my second girl lover, but not my last... I am very bisexual, Lance. Does that bother you?”

“Not at all,” I said.

”Good, you should know that I also tried to seduce DeeDee, but she would have no part of it.”

Not knowing what to say, I just shook my head, “OK.”

“You must tell me more about your relationship with the girl with the raven hair. I see her coming and going from your house so frequently. I guess DeeDee didn’t mind your having a girlfriend. I always wanted to try swinging; but I once told my husband about my desire, and he had an absolute fit, and nearly hit me. I used to see DeeDee going out at night with a guy driving a big Jaguar, what happened to him? I used to see them at night on the patio having sex when I was on my deck watching the stars,” Debbi rambled on and on. “Do you realize that it was so obvious that DeeDee had the hots for my husband, when we used to go out riding, but he was too dumb to realize it.”

“Yes,” I said.

“She often mentioned how nice he was, and how much she liked him, but she was afraid of causing a neighborhood problem if it didn’t work out, or if you got upset."

"Ironic, but now you and I are here together,” I replied.

The questions kept flooding over me. Debbi knew as much about my life as I did, maybe more... considering her love of Wendy and DeeDee.

As we walked upstairs to bed, I asked her if she wanted anything to sleep in, she only replied, “Your arms, lover.”

“My husband didn’t like the idea of me having girlfriends, it bothered him a lot, that’s one reason we split,” she said.

“Will DeeDee be home soon?” she asked.

I told her that she said she would not be back until about 2AM, and that it really didn’t matter anyway, we were separated.

She said, “That’s good because I am spending the night in your bed, with you, and you are not going to get a lot of sleep, I’ve got years to make up for.”

About 2:30 the front door opened. It was DeeDee returning home. She came upstairs to say good night. Debbi sat up and before DeeDee could say anything, she said, “Hi Dee how was your date?”

Not shocked at all, DeeDee merely said, “Oh, great, thanks. I’m glad to finally see you two together. I hope you pounded Debbi’s pussy really well; I’ll see you both in the morning.”

“Don’t leave,” Debbi said, “Why not join us in bed?”

A second of quiet fell over the room, broken by DeeDee unsnapping the waist band of her shorts and letting them drop to the floor. Kicking her shoes off and let her top fall as well. She climbed into bed with us. As she did, she took her panties off and bunched them up, “You’ll like these, Lance, they are completely soaked with my lover's cum.”

I opened my mouth wide to accept my gift. The girls then fell into each other’s arms and kissed deeply and with great passion. The next three hours were a bit of a blur to me, but one that I won’t soon forget.

I had no alternative but to lay there as they had also tied my wrists together with a rope that we had in the headboard of the bed. I not only got to see the hottest girl on girl sex I had ever imagined, but when they were finished they each took turns squatting over my lips allowing their sex to fill my eager mouth.

In the morning, Debbi got up, put her bikini back on and made us all breakfast. The three of us sat around the table for almost an hour, talking and laughing.

“I have a dream fantasy that I want you to live out with me,” Debbi said to me.

“Will you come to my house tonight about 9PM tonight so we can make it happen?”

Looking at her and DeeDee, I said, “Sure I will.”

“Why not keep him for the night that way I can have my new boyfriend stay here for an overnight fuck session?” DeeDee said to her.

“You bet I will,” she replied.

To be continued in Chapter 2.

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