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You Should Always Be Nice To Your Neighbours, Chapter three

I become Lisa, Debbi's lover, and all with my wife's help!
I left Debbi soundly asleep in her bed. Our night of lust had taken its toll on us both. I dressed quickly and walked across the yard and into my own house next door. As I climbed to the top of the stairs, I looked into our bedroom and saw DeeDee still bound, gagged, and tied to our bed. The only difference from last evening was that she was lying in a huge wet spot, with a gushing, white cream pie protruding from her reddened pussy. She was trying to say something, but the ring gag was doing its job, all I could hear was something like,

"Mummmmfff . . . "

As tired as I was, seeing my beautiful wife lying there, cum flowing from her obviously well-used pussy drove me crazy. My very tired cock sprung to life at once. I immediately pulled my clothes off, and stood there before her naked with my cock in hand, stroking it to DeeDee’s apparent pleasure.

The sight of that beautiful cream pie was too much to take. I kneeled on the bed and bent forward, placing my head between her bound legs. I pushed myself forward until my mouth was nearly touching her pussy lips. I stuck my tongue out and began to slowly lick the sweet cum from her body. My tongue flicked her clit back and forth, and my lips sucked against her pussy lips making sure that not a drop was left behind.

DeeDee moaned and groaned as I ministered to her hot, sweaty body. Her arousal was obvious and intense. She pulled her stomach muscles tight, trying to fend off the oncoming orgasm, but it was not to be. She let out a loud, but unintelligible yell as she passed through the wall of orgasm.

She lost bodily control and as she came a quick squirt of her red-hot piss shot out of her and directly into my mouth that was still firmly affixed to her pussy. We were both so excited that even her piss tasted like fine wine to me. I drank every drop and continued licking and sucking until I had sucked her clean of her lover’s cum.

My cock was not to be denied any longer. Even though DeeDee and I had agreed that I was not to have access to her sex at this point in our relationship, I positioned my cock in front of her face so that she could plainly see what was to happen next. I then jammed it into her swollen cunt, deeply and forcefully. The sensations struck us both as I began to furiously fuck my estranged wife. The idea that I was now actually forcibly fucking her, was driving me on harder and harder. I flung my body against hers over and over, until I felt the climax approaching. I began moaning as I felt the cum starting to flow, the sound drove DeeDee wild as well, and she climaxed once again.

Fully satisfied, I collapsed onto her like a pile of wet rags, fully spent. I lay against her, and with one hand I removed the ring gag from her jaws. She sputtered, and catching her breath, we locked lips and kissed deeply and more passionately than we had for many a year.

"You fucked me, you bastard!" she exclaimed.

Feeling a bit scared of the consequences, I spoke up anyway. 

"You are absolutely right, you cunt!" I said, as I looked her directly in her face.

Silence covered the room like a blanket, for what seemed an eternity.

"Well," she said, "I guess I deserved it, and probably a lot more, it’s about time that you took what you wanted without asking for it."

I was shocked.

"We have a lot to talk about, so untie me and let’s get into it before I lose my nerve. OK?" she said.

"I have to start here and then go back, so bear with me. I set you up with Debbi because I know that you two have long lusted after each other and did nothing about it. I wish I could say the same for her ex- husband . . . You know how much I liked to go riding with you, Debbi, and Tommy. You know that I used to love it when we switched riding partners and I went with him, and you took Debbi on our bike. What you don’t know, is that every opportunity that we had, Tommy and I were fucking each other like rabbits. Remember when we would sometimes ride ahead, and then we would meet up a half- hour or so later? Well, we would pull off the road somewhere and I would bend over his bike and let him take me. My ass and my pussy were always wet for him, and usually filled with his cum. I never refused his desires for me, no matter what. You almost caught us several times, and that only made it more exciting for us. You don’t know how many nights you got seconds . . . when you used to remark about how wet I was, it wasn’t my juices, lover."

"In the beginning, I would let him fuck me in whatever hole he wanted, so if he fucked my ass, I would let you fuck my pussy, and so on. But after a while, I didn’t care, I wanted to get caught, but never did. Just the idea that your cock would be bathed in his cum, drove me wild. That’s not all, either. Twice, I was invited to be the object of a gang-bang that another guy that I knew had set up. I was brought to a hotel: stripped naked, a leather hood placed over my head, blinding me, and I was used by many men, for hours and hours. Fortunately, you were away on business so you never found out."

I was shocked to say the least. Here, I learn that my own wife is a slut, fucking my best friend, and how many other men as well. DeeDee went on to tell me about several other men that she had met, dated, and fucked, sucked and dumped after she became bored with them. I listened in shock as tale after tale was recounted for me.

"That’s why, lover, that I told you that I wanted a separation and that we should no longer have a sexual relationship. I felt guilty as all hell, and this was my way to ease out of our marriage, hopefully without hurting you any more. You can’t imagine how many times I wished that you would catch me, beat the hell out of me, and fuck me endlessly as my punishment. But you never did, you were the perfect gentleman, you even allowed me to have one of my lovers over here last night, to fuck me in our own bed. I was sure that this would be the end, you would not accept that, we would be split-up finally, and my guilt would be lessened, at least for a while. But now we have whole new problem before us. All last night, all I could think about was you and Debbi making love, after her fetish ordeal was done."

"Sure, Paul was fantastic as a lover, very attentive, and he rode me like a stallion all night long, but somehow it was lacking. I could not let my mind be taken by him, although he certainly had my body. When you came into the room, and I forced a cream pie out of me, I was sure that you would go ballistic on me, I expected a beating like no other, and was fully prepared to accept it without complaint. But, what happened has changed everything. Your eagerness to lick his cum out of my pussy, and then take me as yours was absolutely the best sex I have ever had. What am I to do, now? I just don’t know! I still love being with Tommy, Paul drives me crazy, and so do a few others that I have not told you about. I am an unfaithful slut, a whore, and worse. Why do you want me?" DeeDee finished.

"I guess because I could always see the sexual tension between you and Tommy, and it made me want you even more. True, I only perceived tension, and never knew that you had acted on it, but it did drive me to climax more than once. I never knew about the others, but it doesn’t make any difference to me now. I have a suggestion for us," I said.

"OK," Dee replied, "Tell me what you propose, I’m all ears."

"Well, I am willing to allow you your freedom to date whomever you want to. You can have the freedom to go and do as you wish. I will buy you the sexiest outfits, help you get dressed and await your return, as long as I get to lick you clean, service you, and then force- fuck you until I am satisfied. I reserve the right to spank, paddle, whip and beat you as I see necessary, and even cage you like an animal if needed," I commanded.

"I will continue to forgo my rights to your clean body. I will only engage you if you are used, dripping with your lover's cum, piss and sweat. I will allow you to chastize me, deny me sexual release, and allow me to serve, and service your lovers. I will fluff them for you and clean them after their use of you, if you so demand," I offered.

DeeDee thought for a minute. "You realize what you are saying, don’t you . . . I will be turning you into a Cuckold . . . denied the rights of your own wife’s body in deference to other men. I will then be the dominant one in this marriage, and you will be my sexual slave," DeeDee proclaimed, with obvious excitement.

"Yes, I do understand that, and if you allow me to do so, I will serve you better than any other man could ever do."

DeeDee was quiet again, thinking. Then she said, "Well, it might just be nice to have a sissy slave as well . . . What if I told you that I have a rubber-doll mask that I was given for a gang-bang, to hide my identity, and that with a nice wig, boots, a corset and maybe a latex skirt and titty top you just might pass as my slut-sister.

"Then, after some time going out in public, with you dressed as my slutty sister, we might just go to the second step, I think that you would look great with all your facial and body hair laser removed, nice and smooth like a slut girl should be.

"That way, we won’t need to use the doll mask anymore, especially with a total make over. We will continue to let your hair grow so that eventually, we won’t need to use a wig for you, your own hair will look so nice dyed blonde when it gets to be mid shoulder length."

She continued, "For the final step in your transformation as my sissy-slut, you will undergo a permanent change to satisfy me, something that I have long dreamed about doing to you. You will have breast and hip implants to give you the sexy, hot-slut, girlish figure that would please me. No longer would you have your identity. It would be mine to control." DeeDee said, obviously very aroused.

At this point, I wasn’t sure that I had heard what she had said, could this be my wife talking to me? Did she really want to make me into someone totally different? All I knew was that my cock was harder than it had ever been before, the idea of giving up my identity to her was making my head spin. In my mind, I could see the transformation taking place, I could imagine how I would look in public with her, dressed in leather and latex slut clothes, boots, and a wig . . . then the make over, my hair dyed blonde . . . and finally seeing my own body change as I got used to my new breasts and curvy hips. I could see the effect this was having on DeeDee already, she was fingering her clit all the time she was speaking, her excitement was obvious and absolute.

Since we both worked from home in our own web-based business, my going to a job wouldn’t be a problem if I agreed. It didn’t take long to think it out.

"YES," I said to her as I bowed my head. "Please make me yours."

She reached toward me, and threw her arms around me with a great big hug.

"Oh, you can’t imagine how happy this makes me, my lover. Things are going to be fantastic! Now, for a start, take all of your male underwear and throw it away. From now on it’s strictly silky-panties, butt-plugs, latex dildo-panties and bikinis for you."

I hurried to the dresser and ran to the trash with an arm full of underwear.

"Now, come to bed, my darling, it’s time for some sleep. Tomorrow will be a very busy day."

We awoke early, I was so terribly horny that I wanted to make love to DeeDee right then, but she pushed me away sternly and admonished me.

"Not 'til I am ready for you, remember, you only get me after I have been satisfied elsewhere."

Now, my cock was ready to burst, but I took a deep breath and agreed.

DeeDee ushered me into the shower with her, another sure way to get me excited, as she rubbed her soapy body against mine . . . But this time it was to soap me up and shave my entire body from my neck to my ankles. When I got out of the shower I felt strangely naked, but silky smooth and sexy, none-the-less.

I was handed a pair of bright-red, satin panties and put them on without a word. DeeDee seemed pleased as she watched me slide them over my engorged cock.

We finished dressing and had breakfast, then she announced that today was shopping day for me. We were going to the mall to start my wardrobe. I would need panties, stockings, pantyhose, some baby-doll tee tops, miniskirts, heels, boots, and a few bras. Oh boy, I thought, this is for real now! .

In the mall, DeeDee seemed to glow as we shopped. She especially was excited as we went into the shoe store. She announced to the clerk in a full voice that I needed some pumps, strappy heels, and knee high boots and,

"That pair of red, thigh-high boots in the window!"

I was so embarrassed, but ready to explode at the same time. We finally started for home late in the afternoon. I had a trunk full of new clothes. My favorites were the 10-inch, denim miniskirt, a black spandex pair of jeans, some shiny leggings, a flare skirt and low cut, girl-jeans.

When we arrived home, we had a dress up trial. I was instructed to put on the denim mini, a baby-doll tee, and black stockings with the black vinyl, knee-boots we purchased. Adding the doll-head mask and a long blonde wig, I was set.

Looking into the mirror, I could not believe the transformation that had taken place.

"What do you think about your new wardrobe, Lisa?" DeeDee asked.

"Lisa?" I queried.

"Yes," she said, "That’s your new name. Get used to it, sister!"

Next was the computer for some slut-wear shopping. Falsie bras, silicon breast forms, a latex miniskirt, a latex mini dress, a zentai suit made of hot-pink spandex, a black vinyl miniskirt, a few sexy tops, a hot-pink, pleated, a cheerleader skirt, latex panties with rear openings, black-leather girls’ jeans, a fringed, girl’s biker jacket, thigh-high platform boots, and more.

Wow! Naturally, we got some ultra hot things for her too . . . after all, my sister deserves the best!

After a phone call, DeeDee announced that,

"We have a nail appointment at 3:00pm, so get ready."

"Nails?" I asked her.

"Yes, a girl needs her nails done if she is to be properly attired."

I was allowed to wear my new jeans: super tight, low cut and ultra girly- looking, with all the fancy stitching on them. A concession was made and I was allowed to wear a scoop-neck, black, tee-shirt, but I was given the pair of black, 4- inch heel pumps we bought to wear.

"You’ll have to get used to them sooner or later, so now is the time to start," she announced.

Taking hesitant steps, I tried to walk around the house. Amazingly, I caught on quickly with DeeDee's tutoring. I never felt so self-conscious as when we entered the nail salon. DeeDee’s regular girl sat me down and Dee told her exactly what "we" wanted. I wound up with long false nails, painted a bright neon-pink . . . talk about being self-conscious! While my nails were being attended to, another girl started to pluck and reshape my eyebrows. When she was finished, I looked in the mirror and hardly knew myself, what a difference they made to my appearance. Then, she had me take my shoes off and she did my toes pink to match. We walked out about an hour later, DeeDee beaming like a Cheshire cat that ate the canary.

I was a bit more subdued, to be sure. She had made appointments for me to undergo electrolysis starting tomorrow, the first of several appointments to remove all my facial and body hair. "Ouch," I thought. Boy, was I right!

The week went quickly, between my appointments, tutoring by DeeDee on the finer points of being a slut-sister, and having to do my regular tasks. DeeDee had called Debbi and asked her to come to our house for diner on Wednesday. She arrived wearing a tiny, red-vinyl, micromini skirt and matching red-vinyl, halter-top and platform stiletto fuck-me heels. Wow! She always sets me off.

DeeDee explained our new pact to her, and assured her that I was to be her full time lover. My wife had just given me away to Debbi. I was now effectively cut off by my own wife, er. I mean sister.

After the main course, DeeDee announced that it was desert time. She told me that I was to have mine first. She took Debbi by the hand, and together they sat down on the couch in the den. They spread their legs wide and pointed to their bare pussies. I knew what to do, I kneeled down and had myself some hot and wet pussy pie for my dessert.

When I had fully satisfied them both, DeeDee took Debbi by the hand, stood her up and walked her to the dining room table. She told Debbi to bend far over the table and grab hold of the far side, which she did without coaxing. DeeDee spread Debbi’s legs wide and pointed to her backside,

"Fuck her right now, I want to see and hear her cum while you shoot your load into her."

I dropped my jeans and did as instructed. Her pussy was soaked from my licking it, so entry was wet and wonderful. It didn’t take me long to get to the point of no return, nor did it Debbi. We both moaned and screamed as I filled her love-hole with a load of hot cum. When I pulled away, I was told to kneel down and clean my Mistresses pussy. No problem here, I sucked her clean and swallowed every drop. All the while, I could see that DeeDee was so excited by the scene that was unfolding. She played with her clit endlessly as we did our dirty deeds.

"Now, go spend the night with her, I want some privacy tonight, a new lover is coming over in one-half hour. He is into anal sex so I need to go take an enema before he arrives."

Debbi and I got up and walked next door to her house.

The games were just beginning.

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