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Your Boyfriend Called

It’s a game, right?
I kissed my wife when she got home from work on Saturday. She works in retail, and I have an office job, so we are only off together on Sundays; she usually has a Tuesday or Wednesday off and I’m off alone on Saturday. I took the groceries from her hands and followed behind her into the kitchen.

“Your boyfriend called,” I told her. She turned to me and smiled.

“Oh. Really?” She grinned, and made a suspicious face. “I told him not to call me at home,” she said.

We had been playing this game for several weeks, teasing each other about her boyfriend. It had started when I was leaving on a business trip, and told her that when I slept in the hotel, I slept on the same side of the bed as I do at home, and how it was weird, because her side was empty, and even though I could spread out, I didn’t. I asked her if she spread out when I was gone.

“I can’t,” she teased. “My boyfriend will be here.”

“Every night?” I asked, picking up her tease.

“Oh, yes,” she said, “not that we’ll be sleeping much. He’s insatiable.” We laughed, and kissed, and I left for my trip.

When I returned home after a few days she picked me up at the airport. We kissed, and as we pulled away I told her I had missed her. Since the kids had moved out, we had sex more frequently, and I rubbed her leg, and asked her if she missed me.

“I guess,” she said. “But I don’t know if I’m in the mood tonight,” she teased playfully. “My boyfriend kept me pretty busy.”

“I’ll bet he did,” I answered. “I bet he can’t resist you.”

“He almost wore me out,” she laughed, “but I might be able to work up some energy for you.”

Over the next weeks, the teasing continued, in both directions, getting more and more specific. When I noticed the sheets had been changed, I would ask if she had him over, and soiled them. She would tell me things they did. I would ask if he was bigger than me. She would get out of work late and pretend she had stopped at his house for a quickie. It all made for good fun. Sometimes, when we were having sex, she would tell me to fuck her harder, ‘like my boyfriend does it’. It became a regular part of our married life seduction. After her last day off, she told me, “He doesn’t want you to fuck me anymore.”

“So, what did he say?” she asked, as we put away the few groceries.

“Well,” I began, “he repeated what you told me, that he doesn’t want me to have sex with you,” I began, looking her in the eye, and holding her close. “He said this,” I slipped my hand between her legs, rubbing her through her pants, “belongs to him.”

“You better listen to him,” she laughed, “he’s pretty big.”

“And he told me that I don’t treat you right; that you are special, and I should treat you special.”

Her eyes opened wide, and she pouted. “Really?”

“Oh, yes,” I exaggerated, “he gave me some good advice for tonight.” I kissed her forehead, and held her close. She settled her head against my shoulder and wrapped her arms around me.

“Don’t keep me in suspense,” she sighed as we hugged, and I played with her hair.

“He said I should treat you like a lady. Pamper you. And he said that if I treat you right, you could make me cum, but not inside you, and only if I give you at least three orgasms first.” I pulled back and lifted her head to look into her eyes. “And at least one of them has to be with my tongue.”

“O-ooh, yeah, I like the sound of that.”

“So, I made a light dinner, just some salad and a nice Panini sandwich,” I said, taking her by the hand and leading her to the table. “While you eat, I will run your bath and pour the wine.”

“M-mm, perfect.”

“After your bath, there will be a nice massage,” I told her as I served her dinner. I frequently massaged her, and the massages always turned into very erotic events.

“That sounds lovely,” she said, taking a forkful of salad. She sat, and chewed, and looked at me. When she swallowed, she said. “Well? What are you waiting for? Get busy, get my bath ready,” she laughed.

“Your wish is my command,” I said, and bowed my head, and left for the bathroom. I ran a hot bath, with some scented bath oils I had purchased that day on my shopping excursion to prepare for our adventure night. I checked the big fluffy towels, and lit the candles, and opened the wine. I poured her a glass and left it on the edge of the tub. Then I checked my shaving gear, made sure everything was ready, and returned to the kitchen.

She was finishing as I entered. “You bath is prepared, my dear,” I effused, and she smiled and stood. She walked to me, as if to kiss me, and dramatically passed me by, turning her head and brushing my cheek with her fingertips.

“Thank you,” she said as she passed by. “My boyfriend should have called you a long time ago.” She turned and grinned as she rounded the doorway into the hall.

“Actually,” I called, trailing after her as she began disrobing, “he told me that I should wash you, and assist you in your preparations for the evening.” She stopped and turned, looking at me as she unbuttoned her shirt, and made a satisfied face. This was her game, but I was going to get something out of it. She went into the bathroom and gasped quietly at the gentle ambience. “He told me that I should shampoo your hair, and wash you, all over.” I indicated the shaving implements. “He also insisted that I groom you well. Shave your legs for you.” She raised an eyebrow, a hand on one hip. “He, u-hm, also informed me that he would like your pussy shaved, and told me to be extra careful.”

“Oh, he did, did he?”

“Oh, yes,” I lied. I had been after her to shave her vagina for years. She’d done it once or twice when we were younger, and I loved it, just a little strip of hair above her puffy lips. “He told me that, uh, he wants you that way whenever he comes over to fuck you.” She was smirking now. “Not for me, mind you,” I stammered, turning away, unable to meet her eyes and keep a straight face. “For him. He said he likes his pussy nice and smooth.”

She shook her head slowly, and resumed undressing, handing me her discarded clothing. “Funny,” she said, “he never mentioned it to me.”

“Yes,” I covered, “he mentioned it would be a surprise to you. But he, uh-m...” I faked folding her clothes, thinking quickly. “He said he wanted me to do it for him.”

“Kind of a subservient thing?” she asked with a smirk, peeling her panties down and standing naked as she handed them to me. “To put you in your place?”

“Yes, something like that, I guess. At any rate,” I said, placing the clothes in a neat pile on the counter and picking up the scissors, “allow me to trim you, first.” She patiently stood there, lifting her leg when I asked her to, as I carefully trimmed her pubic area, preparing it for the razor. With the longer hairs clipped, I used an electric trimmer to edge and shape, and get the tighter places cut down to stubble.

With her pussy trimmed, she stepped into the hot water, and settled in for a soak, sipping her wine. “M-mm, I like this; this is very nice.” She looked up at me and added. “I could get used to this type of treatment.”

“I’ll bet you could,” I quipped. “Remember I am just following his directions.”

“My boyfriend’s directions.”

“That’s right.” She held her head back as I poured hot water onto her head, and began shampooing her hair. I massaged her scalp as I worked the lather, and she made small, contented sounds as I worked silently, building the lather, and rinsing. I used her conditioner next. After rinsing again, I soaped up a bath puff, and began washing her shoulders and arms. She sipped wine as I worked, and continued her game.

“I hope I do well tonight,” I told her as I lathered her skin. “I don’t want to disappoint him.” I washed her back as she sat forward. “He seems to have you under his control. He must be a wonderful lover.”

“He doesn’t love me,” she murmured. “He fucks me.”

The language startled me, but I hid my surprise. Her foul mouth comes out when she’s really excited and horny, but I didn’t realize she was at that point yet. “Well, he must fuck you pretty good.”


“For you to do what he says.”

“Uhm hmm.”

“I could never control you, tell you to do things, and you do it.”

“It’s different,” she snickered. “He fucks me so good, and his cock is so big.” Her head was down, and she looked up at me from the corner of her eyes, her wet hair shielding her smile. “He’s bigger than you; a lot bigger. His cock feels so good when he fucks me.” She stopped while I rinsed her back. “I’m my own person with you, I do what I want. But for him I’ll do whatever he says.”

I lifted her leg and began soaping her up, taking extra care to caress her skin as I worked. “You must really enjoy it.”

“The bath?”

“No, fucking your boyfriend.” My hand went between her legs, and I gently stroked her pussy. “You must like his big cock fucking your pussy.” She sighed and rested her head back on the ledge, her eyes closed as I washed between her legs, slipping my hand as far back as I could reach. “Does he make you do thing? Kinky things?” I switched to her other leg.

“M-mm, yeah, he makes me do nasty, awful stuff. Things only sluts do.” She opened her eyes to slits and peered at me, looking for a reaction, but I pretended I didn’t notice and occupied myself on her leg. “I feel so dirty with him,” she added.

“Well,” I said, pretending her sexy talk didn’t arouse me, “I hope you feel cleaner now.” I used the small pitcher to rinse her leg, still held up in the air. Resting her heel on the edge of the tub, I refilled her wine, and fetched the shave gear.

I smoothed the shave cream on all sides of her leg after letting out some of the water from the tub, but adding a little more hot water, letting the faucet run slowly. When it was completely coated I began shaving, starting from her ankle. “You know,” I said quietly, as she was resting her head against the far end of the tub, eyes closed, “I could get used to this.” Remembering the game, I chirped, “I wonder what he’ll suggest next time?”

I took a pause in my work to fetch a hand towel, and rolling it tightly I placed it behind her neck. “Oh, thank you, sweetie,” she sighed, reclosing her eyes and relaxing. And then, as an afterthought, added, “My boyfriend is so considerate, to tell you to do this.”

I looked at her as I rinsed the razor, and she had a sweet half-smile, and I smiled too, but only for me. I finished her lower leg and began her thigh, lifting her leg in the air to get the back. The movement and the lowered water level exposed her trimmed sex, and I risked a glance as I resumed shaving her. Her labia looked a little puffy, and very inviting. Thinking of what was in store, my dick stirred in my pants, but I returned my focus to her grooming; going slowly, checking for missed stubble with the inside of my wrist.

After finishing the first leg, I started on the second, again taking my time as she relaxed, enjoying the silence. When the second leg was finished I rinsed her off, and asked her to raise her arms. She opened her eyes and took the razor from me.

“I’ll do those,” she said. “They’re a little harder than legs.” I watched her for a few minutes, then stood and fetched the fluffy terrycloth robe I had brought in. When she was done, I asked her to stand, and I wrapped her in the robe, and instructed her to sit on the towel draped off the edge of the tub, with her legs on the outside.

“I thought you forgot for a minute,” she quipped.

“Oh, no,” I said sarcastically, “who am I to ignore your boyfriend’s instructions?” I knelt in front of her, opening the bottom of the robe, and pushed her knees apart, exposing her wonderful pussy. I rubbed the shave cream into her stubble, making believe I wasn't just rubbing her and feeling her soft, warm lips, and the heat emanating from her center.

I changed the blade, and began removing her hair, starting from the top of her tightly trimmed bush, leaving a narrow one-inch strip. I pushed her legs wider, and worked down the sides of her pussy, exposing the lips in all their hairless glory. I was really getting into this, and tried not to get too excited, for fear of nicking her sensitive skin. I went underneath as far as I could reach, then did her inside thighs where I couldn’t reach when I did her legs.

She squirmed a little when I pulled her labia apart, getting at the hairs surrounding her slit. I could feel her juices on my fingertips, and she made small grunting noises occasionally, but let me do my work. Finishing the sides, I worked my way to the top of her slit, where her clit hood stood proudly out from between her lips.

“Try to stay still, now,” I cautioned, and heard her inhale as I manipulated her hood out of the way, shaving the hair from the sides, and trimming back her strip of hair so it ended about an inch above her clit.

“M-mm, that feels nice,” she said. “You could give me my first orgasm right now.”

“No, no; too soon,” I told her. Finished, I wiped her with a wet towel, and admired my work. Her hairless crotch looked so inviting and sexy! “Wow, you boyfriend really knows what he’s about,” I told her. “Look how sexy your pussy is.”

She looked down at herself, and gasped a little, and her hand met mine there, stroking herself. “Oh, shit, that feels good.” She looked me in the eyes, with a smoky sexy gaze. “Don’t you want to just fuck me now?”

I heard the urgency in her voice, the one that usually triggers me into quick action. I fought it down. “Oh, well of course I do. But I’m not allowed, remember?”

“I won’t tell if you don’t,” she replied quickly.

“No, no way. There are rules, remember?” I grinned at her. “But I’m really going to enjoy licking you until you cum.” Her eyes opened wider. “Later,” I warned. “Stand up, please.”

I stripped the robe from her shoulders and had her step back into the tub. I kept her standing, and facing the wall, her butt to me, and told her to bend over, lean against the wall.

“What are you doing?” she asked, a little nervousness in her voice.

“Front and back, that’s what he told me,” I said, reaching for the Nair. I smeared some on my hands, and smoothed it on the small hairs spreading out from her crack. “He said he wants no hair on your pussy or ass, honey.” I squirted some into her crack and smoothed it in with a finger. I spread her cheeks a little as she grunted, making sure I got all the hairs around her tight back door, without getting any on her opening. As tight as it was held closed, I still wanted to avoid misplacing the cream.

We’ve never done anything anal, and her reaction to having me touch her rosebud was the same as always, an instant and determined clenching. And I didn’t expect anything to change now, as she was adamant about the ‘exit only’ policy. But as much as I dreamed of sex with her shaved, one of my turnoffs was when we went doggie style, and all I had to look at was her hair-covered ass crack. I was taking full advantage of the game.

With her ass coated, I checked the clock to wait, and took the opportunity to refill the wine glasses, noting she was starting her third. She’d be nice and loose on two, but after three she has a hard time reaching orgasm; she says she can’t focus. So I only gave her a half. I straightened up the bathroom a little as she patiently waited for me to finish.

When enough time elapsed I took the hand nozzle from the shower and set the water temperature, and rinsed her gently with a washcloth, eliminating all the hair from her ass. Then I slipped the nozzle beneath her to rinse her shaved pussy, watching the water splashing across her wonderful hairless skin. She wriggled a little when I focused the stream on her clit, just for a few seconds. I turned off the water, and patted her dry with a big fluffy towel, admiring the new look of her ass and pussy. Her muscle had relaxed a little but still held tightly closed, while her pussy was open, flowering, and oozing with excitement. It was very inviting, and my dick got hard imagining the rest of the night.

I turned her around and stood her sideways. I used witch hazel on her pussy and ass to prevent pimples and razor burn. It stung a little, but it’s still the best skin conditioner. Then I added some aloe lotion, with vitamin E oil, and she wriggled some more as I applied it. She was really excited now, and so was I.

With her grooming complete, I helped her out of the tub and wrapped her in another fluffy towel, then led her to the bedroom, where I had prepared the massage table. We had ordered it online; as I said, she loves massages, and we do this fairly frequently, and it always ends well. I was using coconut oil, because massage oil is great, but the perfumes can be irritating, and they stay in the sheets, and they don’t taste good. I had lit the candles prior, and turned on some soft, sensual music. I positioned her on the table, face down, pulled her hair out of the way, but before she relaxed, I took a few silk scarves I had purchased (I told you I went shopping, right?) and wrapped them around her head as a blindfold. I didn’t want her looking around as I finished preparing her.

Once she was settled I busied myself getting ready to begin her massage. I made a few sounds by the oil on the table as a distraction and moved quickly to the bed, shoving the pillow aside to access the toys I had purchased on my shopping excursion for this adventure. Selecting the vibrating egg and coating it with some coconut oil, I stepped to the table at my wife’s hips.

I slipped a hand between her legs, easing them apart, then moved it up to her pussy. I stroked her a few times, feeling the wetness spill out from between her hairless labia, until I heard her respond. I slipped a finger inside, then pulled it out. She sighed as I vacated. Then I moved the egg to her opening, and slowly slid it between her labia, into her vagina. I watched her pussy resist, then open, and accept the smooth oval. I pushed it gently inside her opening, watching her lips close around it, holding it snug, the wire disappearing inside her.

I turned the controller on low, and she moaned. I moved to the head of the table, reached for the bottle of oil which I had placed in a bowl of hot water, and drizzled warm oil across her shoulders and down her back, and began her massage.

She’s not particularly tense, ever; but she likes to be massaged, and over the years I’ve gotten pretty good at it. I worked the muscles in her shoulders and neck, then did her upper arms, and slowly worked my way down her back. I didn’t speak to her, spending quite a bit of time working down her spine to her lower back, feeling the little bit of extra fat she’s accumulated there over the years. I felt for the muscles through her skin, loosening each one, then eventually slid my hands down to the fleshy globes of her ass.

I fondled them first, feeling the smooth, hairless skin, delighted at the absence of hair between her cheeks that look so unsightly coated in oil. I began working the large muscles, allowing my fingers to play into her crack a little, spreading her cheeks, and teasing between them. Massaging the large muscles as I spread her, I exposed her private crinkled hole.

“Does your boyfriend love your ass like I do?” I asked in a low, soothing tone. She didn’t respond. “Do you let him touch you like this?” Unable to resist, despite her long-standing objections, I touched her starfish, feeling it tighten under my finger. “Does he like to touch you here, tickle your back hole? Does he tell you to give it to him, and you let him?

Her answer surprised me.

“O-oh, yeah,” she said, her voice muffled from inside the face rest. “Sometimes he slips a finger in there, and he tells me one day he’s going to fuck my ass.” I froze a second, astounded at her words, then massaged her back door a little more, pushing my finger at her opening. “But it’s for him, not for you,” she teased.

My dick was hard, having touched her ass more than I ever had before. I dreamed of the day she might allow me to continue, but knew in my heart it would never come. I had long ago resigned myself to dying having never tried anal sex.

I resumed my massage, continuing down her thigh. I worked the muscles in her leg, down to her knee, then did her calf and ankle. I spent extra time on her foot, working the toes and soles of her feet. After completing the other leg, I signaled her to turn over, taking care not to allow her to tangle the wire from the egg controller around her leg. She was still blinded by the scarves, so I guided her to the middle as she awkwardly turned and rolled over, settling back into position.

This is the point where our massage adventures usually turn erotic. She feels exposed, naked on the table, and relaxed from the wine and the first half of the massage. Frankly, it’s hard to concentrate on the front with her tits and pussy facing me and her lying there for me to run my hands all over her at will. But I disciplined myself and started at her shoulders, and worked each arm to the fingers, Like the toes, it’s a key part of the massage, because you have to lift the limb, and hold the hand or foot, and working the individual digits. She loves that part; she’s told me so, and I take extra care to do it right, and this time was no exception.

With her arms and shoulders complete, I paused and wiped the oil from my hands and reached for the controller. I turned it up a little and she responded with a satisfied groan. Until then I was only trying to maintain her arousal, to enhance the erotic nature of the massage. But now I wanted to increase it. If this were a regular massage night I would continue with the rest of her; her chest, stomach, hips and legs before returning to her breasts and her pussy. But I had a three-orgasm commitment, and I wanted to get busy.

I drizzled oil onto her breasts; it was still mostly warm, and she sighed. I began massaging lightly, hefting the weight of the flesh from where they slipped to the side, coating them, stroking to the center and up from underneath. I was standing at her head again, leaning over, and I resisted the urge to push my semi-hard cock hear her face. That was for later.

I began squeezing her boobs together, feeling them slick and smooth in my hands, and she made soft noises as I played with her flesh. The sounds increased as I began teasing the nipples, pinching and pulling them between my oily fingers. Her hands began moving, trying to find me, to find my dick, to hold my hard cock the way she usually does. I pushed her hands aside and stepped away from the table, returning to the bed for the next toy.

“Not this time, honey. Dirty girl wives with don’t get to play with hubby’s cock until Boyfriend says so, remember?” I teased. I picked up the thin vibe from the bed but didn’t use it on her right away. I positioned myself at the side of the table, even with her hips.

First I stroked her pussy with my hand, spreading the oil and her flowing syrupy juices across her lips as she squirmed. I allowed a finger to slide up her wet slit, stroking her clit gently as she gasped at the contact. I turned on the vibe, turned up the egg, and with one hand pulled back her hood to expose her sensitive hard button.

Her hips bucked and she cried out as I touched her clit with the vibe, and then began working her button, leaning in to smell her arousal, and began teasing her to her first climax. I knew the egg inside was making her crazy, keeping her close to the edge, and the vibe did its work beautifully, increasing her excitement and driving her closer, making her cry out, her hips bucking up from the table. She tried to squeeze her legs together but I used my elbows to hold them apart, spread, exposing her swollen leaking lips. Then her ass lifted off the table and she gasped and cried out, and I eased the pressure slightly, prolonging and allowing her to ride her first orgasm to its conclusion.

As she caught her breath and relaxed I pulled the vibe away, turned down the egg a little, and leaned over her face to kiss her. Her mouth opened, wanting me, her tongue darting out to fill mine, her hot breath panting into my mouth; we kissed a few minutes, and then I moved to her neck, whispering into her ear.

“Does your boyfriend make you cum like that?” I asked quietly. “Do you scream for him when you come?” She groaned in response, and I worked my way down her chest, and nuzzled her breasts, licking lightly around the nipples (this is why I use coconut oil), then sucking each one into my mouth as she grunted her delight. My fingers played with her pussy as I sucked one, then the other, nipping and biting and licking them, eliciting moans from her. Then I kissed down her stomach, tongued her belly button, and moved my face to her pussy.

The smell of her arousal was nearly overwhelming, and her lips were wet with her cum, slightly tangy and less thick than her initial lubrication. I pulled her hips to the side of the table and she moved at my direction as I draped her leg over my shoulder, squatting down, and pushed her other leg to the side to breathe in her scent. I exhaled onto her open lips and she sighed.

“Do you spread your legs for your boyfriend like this? I this how he wants you, spread wide, showing him your wet sexy cunt?” She usually hates the c-word, but it turns her on when she’s really hot, and she reacted as expected.

“Oh, yeah, baby, he likes my cunt wide open for him. Lick my shaved pussy, baby, lick the pussy you shaved for him.”

Damn, she turned me on! I pushed my face into her hot hole, my tongue out and flat, and gave her pussy a long, slow lick from the bottom to the top, tasting her cum and avoiding her clit. I went back, licking up the side, licking and sucking lightly on her fat outer lips, then gently touching her clit with the tip of my tongue. She bucked against my face trying to increase the contact, but I held her hips still with my arms, and used my fingers to ply her lips apart, opening her pussy, then probing around the egg wire at the opening of her hole. Then I slowly moved up, tickling lightly, steadily, until I reached her clit. It was hard and standing proud, and I knew that the egg was keeping her close.

I started massaging her button with my tongue and she reacted, her legs trying to close around my head as she gasped and groaned, her hands now in my hair, holding me at her love hole, as if I would try to leave! I licked her, tickling her pearl, occasionally swiping up her leaking hole and sucking her juices. I buried my face between her legs, then moved back to her clit, sucking it between puckered lips like it was a nipple, tonguing the tip, and then stayed there, stimulating her, hearing her cries escalating, building in intensity; then she tightened and her legs clenched my head and she bucked against my face as she came, hard and loud, shouting her climax to the room, and soaking my face. I licked her juices, drinking them in, delighting in her reactions as she rode the lightning to the end.

I pulled back, adjusted her back onto the center of the table, and stood up to return to her face, and kissed her again, and she sucked my lips and tongue passionately, sharing her juices with me. “You like that?” I asked as we kissed, talking into her searching, hungry mouth. “You like tasting your pussy in my mouth, sucking your cum from my lips?” She groaned and licked and sucked harder. “Do you suck your cum off his dick when he fucks you?”

She grunted and broke the kiss. “Yeah, baby, I love the taste of my cunt on his cock after he fucks me,” she whispered hoarsely. “I’m so nasty with him, with his big cock.”

I pulled back and stood, looking down at her. She was breathing heavily, and I reluctantly pulled the egg from her pussy, and reached for the last of the new toys, a life-like dildo, larger than my dick but not monstrous, nothing that would hurt.

“Then this might feel familiar,” I said, and played the head of the cock at her open hole, her lips gaping and waiting, spreading open at the smooth head.

“Oh, yeah, baby, his cock feels so good,” she cooed. I got the head wet in her juices, then pulled it away and brought it to her lips. Her mouth opened immediately.

“That’s it, baby, suck his cock, suck your pussy cum off the head of his big dick.” She moaned around the head, sucking as if it were real, like she wanted it to cum. I pulled it away and her mouth hung open, needy and empty. I switched hands and returned the toy to her pussy, poised at her opening, and pressed a little. I watched her lips spread as the head pushed inside.

“Oh, baby, your shaved pussy looks so hot with his cock going in you,” I encouraged, “He’s going to fuck you now; fuck your cunt with his big cock, you want that? H-mm? You want your boyfriend’s big cock to fuck your wet cunt?”

“Oh, yeah, I want his big dick inside me, I want him to fuck the pussy that you can’t have! I want to cum on his cock and suck it off!”

I pushed again, and her pussy opened, and I watched the girth of the toy stretch her hole, sliding into her as she groaned with delight. I pushed about halfway into her, trying hard to control my excitement. Part of me, the evil part, wanted to jam the whole thing into her, but unlike my own cock, I wouldn’t be able to feel the limits of her depth, and I didn’t want to hurt her and ruin the moment. I wanted her to get fucked, and cum on the toy. As it settled into her, I pulled it back, stroking in and out a few times, watching her take the lifelike invader, watched her pussy wrap itself around the shaft, feeling the suction as I pulled out, the resistance as I pushed back. It was dirty, and sexy, and almost too hot to watch. The sound of fucking was audible over her panting cries.

After a few strokes I paused with half the cock still outside, and began slowly driving it into her. “You like his big dick, don’t you? You like the way he fills you, stretches your pussy?” She only managed a groan in response, and I pushed slowly, watching it slip inside, almost to the fake balls. “His big cock is almost all the way in, baby, your pussy looks so hot getting fucked like this, can you feel him? Is he deep inside you?”

“Oh, God, yes, I can feel him filling me up, fuck, his dick is stretching my pussy, HIS pussy now, fuck, his cock owns me!” I pushed the last of the toy inside, feeling the resistance as the base pressed against her lips, and she humped her ass up off the table, trying to get more. I started stroking, small pumps, not pulling all the way out, and then switched hands so I could move closer to her head. With my free hand I pulled my sweatpants down, freeing my hard cock, which was oozing pre-cum like a faucet. I began extending the strokes, making them longer, letting her feel her more of the length going in and out of her pussy, and stroked my shaft with my free hand.

“He’s fucking you good now, fucking your pussy.”

“Fuck, its good, fuck me, fuck me with my boyfriend’s big cock!”

“You slut, you let him fuck you right in front of me?” I teased. “You give him your cunt that used to be mine? You like his big dick so much?” I increased the speed now, giving her the full length on each thrust, still resisting the urge to slam it in hard.

“Oh, baby his dick is wonderful, he’s so big, so fat! Yes, I give him my slut cunt! Look at him fuck me!”

I wrenched my hand from my dick and pulled her head to the side of the table, then stepped closer. My cockhead brushed her cheek, and she turned her face to the side, her mouth open. Her tongue was out, and her lips wrapped around the slimy head of my dick.

“Yeah, baby, you want two cocks, don’t you? You want to suck my dick while your boyfriend fucks your hot pussy?” She groaned her affirmation, and I pushed my hips forward, driving the head into her wet, welcoming mouth, and she took about half my length inside, grabbing my shaft with one hand. My manipulation of the dildo in her pussy lost its rhythm as her lips gripped my shaft and her tongue caressed the head of my cock.

Not her ordinary oral attention, this; she was hungrily slurping and gobbling my cock as though she needed her mouth filled in order to cum, and she made nasty grunting sounds as I began thrusting into her, knowing I couldn’t go too deep. My cock was responding already; having been aroused for so long as I made her cum, my turn was not far off, and my needy cock was reacting to her efforts along with my brain’s response to how sexy and wanton she was behaving. Her level of arousal was truly inspiring!

I tried resuming the work in her pussy, but found it too distracting to pump her pussy and her mouth at once, stretching to reach, and I took her hand from my cock and pushed it between her legs, releasing the toy. Her other hand quickly joined the first.

“That’s it, baby, make your boyfriend fuck his hot cunt for you, cum on his cock!” My hands now free, I held her head sideways on the table and she held her mouth open as I stroked in and out while she grunted and pounded herself harder than I had, one hand rubbing her clit. As her passion escalated, she could no longer focus on sucking me and just held her mouth open, tongue out, and as I felt my climax approach I jerked my shaft, rubbing the head on her tongue. My grunts and groans were mixing with hers.

“Yeah, baby,” I gasped, “Take my cum, make me cum on you while he fucks you, I want to cum in your mouth when you cum!” She moaned, her breath short and shallow, and began yipping and crying out in short bursts. I felt my balls clench and slowed my strokes, controlling my ejaculation, waiting for her to hit her edge.

I didn’t have to wait long. Her barks and shouts increased, and her eyes opened wide, glaring at me, unseeing and glazed; and then she was cumming, and as she shouted, I jerked myself harder, and my legs buckled and I blasted a thick strand of cum across her lips, into her mouth. I bellowed as several strong spasms shots ropes of cum across her nose and cheeks, and then I pulled her head to my cock, shoving the head inside and she breathed heavily through her nose as she sucked my head, and I deposited the remaining drops of my cum into her mouth.

She continued sucking me as her climax declined and passed, until my cockhead was too sensitive and I pulled out. My vision cleared, and I looked at her, naked and shaved, the toy still inside her, her hand lightly stroking it in and out, her face coated in my cream as it ran down the side of her face. She had never looked so sexy, or so naughty and nasty, or so happy.

I watched her tongue snake out of her mouth and lick her lips, and I leaned down to kiss her, tasting myself in her mouth. I’ve never had a problem kissing her after she sucks my dick, and I love kissing her after I lick her pussy, making her taste herself, but I had never cum on her face before. But that didn’t stop me from kissing my love, my wonderful, adventurous wife, and our tongues swirled in the dance of our passion, sharing our climax together.

Later, as we cleaned up, still naked, she said, “That was some story you put together there.”

“I was motivated,” I told her, grinning. “I have you to thank for the inspiration.”

She grinned back. “It was incredible.” She looked at me sideways then. “You know I would never want anyone but you. But two cocks, sucking your dick and getting fucked at the same time, God, it was unbelievable.” She stepped into me, still naked. “Thank you,” she said, and we kissed again, loving now, not hungry and passionate.

“It was my pleasure, believe me,” I told her when she broke the kiss, and held her close. “And I must admit, watching you take your boyfriend’s dick was awesome.” I squeezed her to me. “But that’s as close as I get to another dick in the room.”

She looked up at me, and put on a pouty face. “So,” she teased, “you don’t want to bring a man home to fuck me while I suck your dick?”

“Sorry, hon,” I told her, “you’re all mine, and I’m not sharing.” I squeezed her ass, then added, “Unless I could bring home another woman?”

“You wish,” she laughed.

“I do,” I told her, “what an adventure night that would be!” I kissed her forehead. “But I think I’ll just wait until the next time you tease me into another inspiring event.”

“That’s a deal!”

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