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And Why Not?

She’ll come soon waggling her feet showing her candy socks to voyeurs watching her perform, wanking.

And why not? After all, they keep her feet warm. Other than her candy pink socks, she is naked, pure, ripe for fucking. And she’s about to be fucked, rigidly, deeply, penetratively, harder, than she’s ever been fucked before. He crouches over her, his leg...

WPC Pissy

How can I get this bossy woman to unleash her kinky side?

Janice was a good-looking woman in her late thirties. She was tall and well-proportioned - a bit more flesh on her than many men would like, but I thought she was just about perfect. She looked as if she must once have been very physically fit but had eas...

The Barman - Part 2

Sixty-four-year-old Pam and Kyle, forty-two years her junior, get together again for two days and nights of sex.

Pam Milton, aged sixty-four, had been home from her trip away on business for four days. Meetings to do with the business that Pam owned and ran had gone very well, but for Pam, the most memorable part of the trip was her night in a hotel. Pam had been fu...

Long Awaited - Part 2

Two weeks after her belting, Ruth Davies, aged sixty-six, revisits the slightly younger Richard Compton for more attention to her bottom

It was just over two weeks since sixty-six-year-old widow Ruth Davies had had a conversation in a local cafe with a gentleman that she had not seen before. The gentleman was named Richard Compton, and at fifty-six was ten years younger than Ruth. The conv...

A Deserved Belting - Part 2

Dean visits the older married woman over the road, Roslyn, for an evening and night of sex.

Twenty-eight-year-old Dean Houghton was a happy man. He had spent the previous evening and night with a fifty-six-year-old married woman that lived in a house opposite. The woman's name was Roslyn Miller and her husband Tony was a long-distance lorry driv...

Online Discovery - Part 2

Mature online and now real-life lovers arrange another meeting

Sixty-year-old Carolyn Jennings logged into her account on a sex site on a Tuesday morning, an account in which she went by the name of Sheila. As Sheila, she had met online a man calling himself Ted, and they developed an increasingly sexual online relat...

Exactly What She Needed - Part 4

Cole and Charlotte's affair continues, and Charlotte's arse gets a lot of attention.

Thirty-five-year-old Cole Tibbott could not get the latest text that he had received from his fifty-nine-year-old mother-in-law Charlotte Simpkins, out of his head. Cole had been married to Charlotte's daughter, Sophia, for eleven years, and up until a fe...

Suddenly Attractive - Part 3

Karl Davidson continues his affair with the woman next door whilst his wife continues to have illicit sex without Karl knowing.

Karl Davidson, aged forty-nine, had very recently started having sex with the divorced lady that he had lived next door to since he and his wife Monica bought their house fifteen years previously. Karl had never thought of Lorraine Macey, now aged sixty-o...

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It May Never Happen - Part 4

Life goes on as Sally and Jim's affair looks like getting even more intense

Sixty-one-year-old Sally O'Rourke and sixty-year-old Jim Reed, both married, were having a so-far secret affair. They had known and fancied each other for about thirty years, but their sexual connection was very new. They had so far met for sex on three o...

The Frustrated Muslim - Part 4

Fifty-five year old Pakistani Muslim Shazia meets here twenty-year-old lover Nathan for a second sex session

Shazia Shah, aged fifty-five, was a Pakistani Muslim lady who, until recently, had been very sexually frustrated. She had, after a lot of thought, put an advert on an internet sex dating site searching for a young male to give her sexual satisfaction. So...

The Frustrated Muslim - Part 3

Shazia responds to another reply to her advert, but this reply is not from a male

Fifty-five-year-old Pakistani Muslim Shazia Shah had recently placed an advertisement on a sex dating site seeking young males to cure her sexual frustration, and she had met and been well fucked by two young men, so far, as a result. She had just got hom...

Miss Reynolds - Part 3

More sex between a mature ex-teacher and her former pupil, including two nights in a hotel, as their relationship develops

They had only parted in the early hours of Thursday morning and were meeting again Friday evening, but Elizabeth Reynolds had a question for Matthew Collard. Elizabeth was a sixty-four-year-old ex-teacher and Matthew, twenty-two years her junior, was a fo...

Miss Reynolds - Part 2

A forty-something male and his former teacher having met at a school reunion get together for more sex

It was now four days since forty-two-year-old Matthew Collard and his former teacher, Elizabeth Reynolds, now sixty-four, had met at a school twenty-five-year reunion and had spent most of the night in a hotel room fucking. Both were single, although Matt...

Watching Her Arse - Part 3

A third consecutive sex night for fifty-eight-year-old Debbie and twenty-year-old Chris

"Do you want me to stay behind when we close tonight?" thirty-eight-year-old barman Steve Jefferson asked pub landlady Debbie Hammond. "What for?" responded fifty-eight-year-old Debbie, although she knew very well what for. "You know what for, to give you...