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First time Stories

first time

How Much Is That Granny In The Window?

A neighbor's visitor sets a young man on fire - with the desire for older women

Steve glanced at the house across the street, noticing the drapes partly open and a figure move in the window. It was a little odd, since Julie was usually at work and her kids at school, and he paused at his door to look again. The drapes moved and close...

Endless Night

Three of us entered an erotic world

We had pre-planned an evening with our friend Jenny. The basis of our 'evening' was, jokingly, what happens happens. Never did I ever imagine the night that was in store for myself, my wife and our friend. We had begun our night at a bar, and since it was...

Robbie's Story - Part 1: The Long Dark Tunnel

Robbie was a sporty kid, but had never had much luck with girls. And then his luck changed.

"You coming on this camping trip at the weekend, Robbie?" Steve asked while they were catching their breath between sets of freestyle. "Yeah," Robbie replied. "Any excuse to get out of the house!" "Yeah," agreed Steve. "And there are girls coming!" Steve...

My Sister’s Ex-Boyfriend

Trying not to get along with my sister’s ex-boyfriend

"I can't believe you did that with my sister!" Even with two closed doors and a hallway between us, I can still clearly hear my sister yelling at Jax. Out of guilt, I had confessed to her what happened between him and me and she wasn't okay with it. I can...

Le Weekend - II

It is Saturday Night, and for all of them, life will never be the same again.

Drifting through the air, a muted jazz singer lamented the loss of her lover. Alone in the dining room, Antoine sat back in his chair, beguiled by the monochrome photographic print of Madame Bonheur. As the centrepiece on a wall, younger as a Mademoiselle...

Innocent Part III

Mel's education is lacking one vital component

Mel gripped my hand tightly as she whispered, “It’s big.” “It is a good size, fits very nicely,” I agreed. I knelt down, bringing her with me as we looked at the thing we needed. “Can we? Should we? Well, you can of course, I guess, but should I?” she ask...

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Zoe Becomes Our Little Cum Slut

The morning after the her seduction, Zoe's submissive training begins

The next morning, Matt told me to go to Zoe's room; he would get our girls ready for school. It was important, he said, that I was there when Zoe woke up. To avoid her panicking over what happened last night. Before I left, he slipped on my leather collar...


Sometimes growing up wasn't what you thought it was going to be. Can you find what you lost?

Growing up she’d been my best friend—looked up to me as we discovered life. Then I was called away. And when I returned, I was not the same. Broken, the tables had turned. And now, experienced in ways I was not, she was guiding me. I wondered at her self-...

Breaking The Ice

A trip to the ice rink was the start of my adventures

I was seventeen or thereabouts, in college and considering my options once my two years were up there. In my downtime I’d been invited around to the local ice rink by my friends, who, seeing how useless I was on the ice, had quickly abandoned me to keep f...


Once she found freedom there was no looking back

Free at last, free to do what I want, go where I want, and be me. After the religious tyranny my family had imposed on me over the last five years, I needed to find myself again. I used to be easygoing and carefree before Dad brought home Samuel. Samuel w...