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Just a guy that likes to write erotic stories as a hobby, when the weather is too hot or too nasty to be outside. I lean toward stories about couples - married or not - where the partners are (or become) somewhat adventurous, but the woman more so than the man. Cuckold stories sometimes, other times just cheating, or even merely flirting, temptation and fantasy.

My stories tend to be longer and more winding, with a lot of scene, background, and character development rather than just quick, hot, all-sweaty-sex tales. Not that there's anything wrong with that, as they say on Seinfeld; it's just not my particular style.

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The southern U.S.
Mountain biking, road biking, hiking, climbing, fishing, boating, any kind of travel. Seeing America's open lands and National Parks. Almost anything outdoors. Shooting (target and sport, not a hunter). Bird watching. Football(American style), both college and NFL
Favorite Books:
Wow, too many to list! Avid reader, 2 to 4 books per week. Lately? The Tin Roof Blowdown, In The Electric Mist With Confederate Dead, Purple Cane Road, and White Doves at Morning (all James Lee Burke), a couple of Jack Reacher novels, some fantasy/adventure stuff like Tolkien or the Malazan Book of the Fallen series by Steven Erikson, re-reading Game of Thrones; non-fiction science-related stuff like The Hot Zone, The Coming Plague, Origins Reconsidered (Leakey) or other epidemiology or archaeology/anthropology/evolutionary science related tomes.
Favorite Authors:
James Lee Burke; Stephen White; Randy Wayne White (no relation); J.R.R. Tolkien; Lee Child; S.M. Stirling; George R.R. Martin; JacquelIne Carey; Tom Clancy; Brad Thor; Vince Flynn; Steven Erikson; Wilbur Smith; the earlier Stephen King novels; Dean Koontz; Elmore Leonard
Favorite Movies:
Not a huge movie buff. Recently enjoyed The Avengers and the Thor movies. Have repeatedly enjoyed Saving Private Ryan; Forrest Gump; The Green Mile; Shawshank Redemption; Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit, of course; the earlier Star Wars series; the first Jurassic Park; The Bucket List; Taken; anything starring Liv Tyler or Halle Berry ;-)
Favourite TV Shows:
Justified, The Bridge, 24, Game of Thrones (wow, just...wow), Band of Brothers, Big Bang Theory
Favorite Music:
Classic rock & Motown (60's and 70's stuff) Skynyrd, Creedence, Pink Floyd, Seger, Aerosmith, Beatles, Stones, Bill Withers, Gladys Knight, etc; semi-classic country like Garth, Travis Tritt, Alan Jackson, George Strait, Roseanne Cash, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Patty Loveless, Suzy Bogguss, etc, but nothing too old & twangy; Smooth jazz or blues - Boney James, David Sanborn, Wynton Marsalis, Stevie Ray Vaughn, BB King
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22 May 2014
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Posted: 30 Jun 2016 13:58

Hope you have a great one!

Topic: Lush Matching Photo Game:
Posted: 27 Jun 2016 12:54


Guy lifting her skirt

Topic: USA 2016 Elections .... Libertarian Party
Posted: 27 Jun 2016 10:23

As I have said before, I have found this election cycle to be like crack-candy.

I see on CNN that there is some Town Hall with the Libertarian Party (Gary Johnson/William Weld) this week.

I am so curious!

To my American friends/foes ..... is this a viable party that can make some difference to this presidential election?


It probably will not make a difference in this election, but it very well may draw more voters than it ever has in the past simply because both of the major party candidates are so utterly disgusting and distasteful to the millions of Americans that have the ability to reason.

On the one side you have the most corrupt, lying, self-centered, cronyist half of the most corrupt, lying, self-centered couple in politics, while on the other you have a pompous, egotistical, lying windbag. One has gotten people killed and then lied about it with her usual utter disregard and incompetence (and will continue to do so, thanks to her sense of entitlement and her hacked emails) while the other cares about not one soul in this world other than himself.

Because I cannot bring myself to vote for either of these two despicable pieces of crap, either of whom will be a disaster for America, I intend to educate myself about Gary Johnson although I was not a fan of his ideas in the last election. Really sad and disgusting that this is the best America has to offer, no?

Love them or hate them, Bernie and Ted Cruz were by far the most honest people in this election cycle. Opposite ends of the spectrum, but both are the only ones that went to Washington and actually stood up for their principles, trying to do what they had promised their constituents (you know, the people that elected them) they would do. Refreshing to see politicians whose campaign promises don't expire on election day, even if I don't agree with all of their ideas. Of course, their own parties punished them for exposing the hypocrisy of the other members.

We stopped electing honest people to the Office of the Presidency some time ago, it seems, but 2016 promises to be a new low.

Topic: Announcing the Winners of our Gothic Erotic Stories Competition
Posted: 27 Jun 2016 08:44

Congratulations to the winners, top ten, and all who entered a story in this very tough category, very well done!


Topic: How do you like to be jerked off?
Posted: 27 Jun 2016 00:48

I prefer a light, teasing, feathery touch or a gentle grip rather than her trying to choke the life out of it, and definitely plenty of action on the head. Ball-play and touching is great, lube is good but not necessary with the right touch as I'm fairly strongly self-lubing - although lube it up for any prostate play! Which, btw, is also great! Just don't lose a ring in there or anything. That can be problematic. Umm, you know, I've heard...

Topic: Cannot Submit New Stories. Getting General Error--Problem processing request.
Posted: 27 Jun 2016 00:05

Hey Guys, I have been trying to submit a new story and I keep getting a general error page every time I push the submit button. I'm at a loss of what to do. Can someone help me?

That was happening to me too, same scenario, when I tried to use Firefox as my browser. When I switched over to Chrome or Edge it posted with no problem, and this was after I'd been using Firefox with no issues for some time. I still use Chrome when submitting here now to avoid issues, although everything else on the site seems to work fine when using Firefox.

Topic: Where abouts do you like to cum?
Posted: 18 Jun 2016 13:01

1) Inside of her. There is nothing like that sensation of thrusting deep into that welcoming velvet sheath and letting go, that first intense spasm.
2) On her pussy, for some fun after-play, touching and licking; fortunately the first two are possible on the same orgasm.
3) In her mouth and/or on her lips, followed by a wet, slippery kiss.
4) On her breasts, where we can watch it splatter onto her, and then her fingers, or mine, or both can massage it into her sensitive nipples.

Topic: Are you a true pussy eater?
Posted: 17 Jun 2016 15:51

Guess so! I really enjoy it, and there are so many things that lips and a tongue can do that no other body part can accomplish. When she starts having multiple orgasms, one after another, I just don't want to stop! It's a great warm up, a fun mutual thing, sometimes a great pleasure to just have her enjoy and not follow up with any penetration, but also a great after-pleasure, a sensual tongue massage of that hot, creamy delight. That really seems to light the fireworks!
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Topic: Lush Matching Photo Game:
Posted: 17 Jun 2016 08:56



Very funny - slow learner!

https://upload.lushstories.com/1986416901-Nip dec.jpg

Tattooed chest

Topic: Just wondering about something?
Posted: 15 Jun 2016 21:52

I always struggle on names too. Often it is one of the tougher decisions, which is silly, but I tend to shy away from mundane names unless I'm writing a mundane character. I also like names I can shorten, because I'll likely be typing them a lot. I've used Allison (Alli), Kaitlyn (Kaity), Kristi, Kaci, and Kori (seems like I was hung up on the letter K for awhile) as well as Elizabeth (I went with Beth for short, coulda been Liz too I guess) and Marci, among others.

On yours I like Karley (that partiality to K again, maybe?) or even Karli. Just my <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/my2cents.gif" alt="My 2 cents"> and worth every penny!

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I sat on one side of the small rectangular table, she and Ray on the other, with Kaitlyn directly across from me. The steaks were perfect, mine rare as requested, and the side dishes and Cabernet I’d brought hit all the right notes. Partway through the meal, I felt Kaity’s bare foot touch my boot and then begin a slow journey up my calf and thigh until she found the soft bulge of my balls and...

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I hadn’t seen Kaitlyn in close to six years. We hadn’t stayed in touch after we went our separate ways. We’d made a clean break, both agreeing that it was the only way, that it was for the best. Although I’d missed her terribly for awhile, missed the wild sex, the parties and excitement, the spark she added to my life, I’d forced myself to think about her less and less the last few...

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It didn’t take long to get to the Garden Inn, maybe ten minutes, but Marci had me hard and throbbing most of the way. In fact, between her touch and my imagination about what Allison might be doing to Michael, my heart was pounding and I was almost quivering with arousal. I’d been stroking Marci’s bare thigh with my free hand, steering with the other, and she had scooted forward in her...

Added 02 Apr 2016 | Category Wife Lovers | Votes 34 | Avg Score 5 | Views 7,269 | 26 Comments

Recommended Read Big Dick's Trucking Service, Inc: Part 2

I felt my right nut slip from Stella's lips as she released it and moved to the left, suctioning that one in for the same tongue bath she’d just completed on the right one. Her hand continued to slide up and down my hard shaft, stroking my full length with an extra twist applied to the swollen head of my cock each time her hand enclosed it. Her expert ball-sucking combined with her small,...

Added 25 Mar 2016 | Category Hardcore | Votes 35 | Avg Score 4.91 | Views 18,410 | 21 Comments

Glamour Shots: Chapter 28

I was pleased to discover that we’d be able to get a table after only a short wait. With last-minute plans on a Friday night, a short wait was not a sure thing by any means. We spent the time at the bar, where I had the pleasure of watching Alli, short skirt and sans panties, try to slide up onto the high bar stool without becoming intimate with the room. She slapped my arm when she saw...

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I’d interviewed for my new job just over a week ago. At the time, I’d assumed that it was probably one of the strangest days I would ever have in my life, but I was hired and that’s what mattered. I really needed the job. I just completed my first week on the job, and it turns out that my assumption regarding the peculiarity of my interview day proved to be premature… and completely wrong. ...

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Tony:  My cock had been hard as a rock most of the afternoon. I wasn’t supposed to meet her today, it wasn’t in our plans, but I knew that if I called her she would come. She’d have to, because her obsession was as great as mine, perhaps worse. It was already late in the day so she’d make the weak, obligatory objections about her husband coming home and getting dinner ready for him and their...

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Editor's Pick Red Tails In The Sunset

We love each other and are happy together, but we’re also very honest and open with each other and we’d decided that we wanted more. More excitement, more adventure, more boldness, more… something. Anything. Maybe just more openness and honesty and a chance to explore and satisfy our curiosity. We’d married late, both thirty years old, and at forty-one we remained best friends as well...

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Tired. Stone-tired, bone-weary, a long week behind me and what I hope will be a relaxing weekend ahead, I lock the car; draping my worn garment bag over my shoulder I leave the carport area. Crossing the yard, skirting the pool and the rows of chaise lounges lined up neatly on the pool deck as I head to our condo, I can’t help but appreciate the special beauty of the night despite my exhaustion....

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With the familiar hiss of air brakes releasing and a blast of diesel smoke, the bus pulled out of Des Moines, heading west again on Interstate-80 ultimately bound for Denver. I’d boarded late that morning in Chicago, and now, as evening approached, we were once again rolling westward… at least until the next small town with a Greyhound Bus stop required another detour. As strange as it...

Added 04 Jul 2015 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 65 | Avg Score 5 | Views 14,444 | 50 Comments

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Hope you are having a super fantastic week. Mwuahh 💋

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Posted: 29 Jun 2016 20:43
Thinking of you...
Posted: 29 Jun 2016 14:34
Wow! My first RR! Thank you so much for reading, commenting and voting on "Kara: Without Care" https://www.lushstories.com/stories/straight-sex/kara-without-care.aspx And of course for awarding the RR. It's hard to express how appreciative I am. Stay horny my friend.

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A bit of naughtiness for your wall today. XOXO~Lilly

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Thought I would give you a giggle my sweet friend. 🌸

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Hope you're having a nice day...xo

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Hope you're having a great day...xo

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