The doctor (2): Rose comes for a visit (or is that visits for a come)

She visits the doctor for a special treatment

It was an odd day for a Thursday. Normally, the afternoon was the busiest time for my doctor's rooms, but today there were no patients at all. I decided to give Mrs Winterbottom the afternoon off as I knew she was going to a birthday party and needed to go get a gift. It was the perfect time to catch up on some reading I wanted to do from the latest issue of the New England Journal of Medicine....Read On


Bound for pleasure

A little light bondage and submission enhances their sexual pleasure

I am so happy that I have been accept what you have to give me, and love and cherish you for it. I am so lucky that you chose me to submit to, and to let me take control of your pleasure, of every sensation, and that you let me make you mine through what I do with that control. I want all the things that you know, and many you don't know, that we can do to enhance your pleasure, to make...Read On


The Doctor

You visit the doctor, and get all you were hoping for and more

It was not long after your 18th birthday, which you celebrated with a lovely square cake with yellow edge icing, and the words Happy 18th Birthday Jacqueline in green and blue on top, that your Mom suggested that you go see the doctor for an annual “woman’s checkup”. You thought about it for a couple of months, but you could not bring yourself to make the appointment. The problem was that...Read On



The get together The get together

You meet at a restaurant, and what happens afterwards provides magnificent orgasms

I was just thinking about how you seduced your friend Michelle with my erotic stories, and you and her talked about all things sexual frequently online for a couple of weeks. I loved the snippets you sent to me. Then finally, on that Saturday afternoon, we met at the Butcher Shop Restaurant. As we planned online, I came with a couple of my stories to read, one that I had written just for the...Read On



Beach sunset

Two couples watch each other make love on the beach, and become close friends

Remember the day we went to the beach to watch the sunset. It was a lovely, warm, summer evening, and there were lots of people sitting on the sand, drinking sundowners and watching the sun sink out over the cool South Atlantic Ocean. We walked, hand in hand, along the edge of the breaking waves, now and again dabbling our feet in the cool water as it washed over the sand. We slowly ambled...Read On

Group Sex(2)


We three (the MMF version)

Elly, Chris and I on a yacht in the Florida Keys. The weather is not the only hot thing.

I am just writing this little story to remind you of our time together. It was really a wonderful experience; both you and Chris are wonderful people. I never really felt like I would have this type of experience in my life, and I want to thank you both for letting it happen. You haven't forgotten it have you? I certainly never will. Even as I sit down to write this I feel thoroughly aroused...Read On


We three (the FFM version)

The three of them have a wonderful time together

Was it only a month ago that you came to visit Annie at our place, just to say hello, and to get to know her a little better? It must have been that you fond yourselves enjoying each other's company, and an unusual closeness developed between you. Then you found yourselves sharing certain intimacies, including sexual likes and dislikes. Can you recall.... Annie looks somewhat...Read On

Love Poems(5)



Feel what words do to you as I feel your love of their effects

Words can be hold or withhold power,  hold or give pleasure,  create arousal beyond physical means. From thoughts and desires expressed,  and your hands,   your fingers becom words' slave,   for through my words,   printed on the actions of your fingers,  the movement of your hips,  the press of your aroused clit against a pillow,  the delightful filling of a shape within,  or the sweet...Read On


Feel my touch

Feel my touch

I hurl to your heart, straight  A kiss that touches no lip  Yet heats your skin no less  Than when my kiss you sip Feel my touch,   my hands burning on your skin,   wanting you in lusty silence,   just to let me in Let me into you secret places,  where the fire burns so bright,   desire lighting up the darkness,   taking away the last of night Cause I dream the things you say  I desire...Read On


The stars will speak your name

Read it; close your eyes and feel it

In passion's sweet embrace,   we light the night,   the stars will speak your name   before the sun's breath   blows them into the oblivion of day  a desire slowly fulfilled is born anew   as love and lust together light the flame  butterflies drift around the morning sky  and we have no need to ever wonder why...Read On



She sees what she has known all along

There's rain on the window  It's morning  As she stares through the glass  at the ground There's a tear on her cheek  She's turning  And the light just catches  her frown The footprints of yesterday's loving  Are washed by the rain as it falls  And the heartache of yesterday's caring  Has her imprisoned between these four walls The walls close in   on her thinking  She can't see...Read On


Passion in cyberspace

You know you have felt this, you totally know it

Love and passion's sweet embrace untwined, A heart waits, longing For love to take passion holding strong The body and the soul enjoined Electrons rushing through glass and wire Carry words whose images in the minds eye Hold meanings new and bold Yet no substitute for the soul's desire But passion by herself can discover Sweet release apart from the tired ache of unrequited love...Read On



The assignment

Get some brandy, and have an intense orgasm

The assignment that I, your teacher about yourself, am giving you tonight is quite simple. I want you to celebrate yourself. You know what I mean, love yourself as only you can in a way that is special and that helps you to fall in love with the most important person in your life, yourself. Here is what I would like you to do as soon as you have the chance. Do you have any brandy at home?...Read On


Play for me, in your office

I give you instructions to play in your office. You will obey.

I know you are at work, and that there are people around. I also know that being aroused under those circumstances is something you love. Besides, they won't know how wet I have made you, or how much you ache to cum. Read on and ache, read on, and feel the delight of arousal. You know you want it. I want it for you, Yasmin. The people around you won't know that you are wet from thinking...Read On

Oral Sex(2)


The picnic table

Eating on a picnic table provides a tasty experience

We sat, just holding one another after your first orgasm, while slowly you came down from it, and were ready to have another. After a little while, I kissed you again, deeply, drinking of the taste of your own cum that lingered on your lips where my fingers had spread it a little earlier. My hand held the right side of your face, and pulled you at first reluctantly into the kiss. Soon you...Read On


The Morning Rush

He gets her off in the morning traffic, she cums hard

You remember, don't you, the other morning when you were driving me to work through the morning rush hour? You were wearing a summer dress, which was resting just above your knees. You looked so sexy sitting there watching the traffic. You remember, we had made love the previous night, we were talking about it, how we would build it up, and then hold it back, enhancing the thrill for both of...Read On



The wall

I pull you inside the door, and fuck you against the wall of my hotel room

I was looking out the window, waiting for you to arrive. I was fluttering with the anticipation of seeing you exit the cab, and walk across the sidewalk. I remember once when we were talking you said, "I fantasize about pure sex, raw sex, just fucking raw up against the wall. Just fucking with no thought except for the feelings." Today I was going to give you that fantasy, give us...Read On

Straight Sex(10)


The white dress

He comes home and finds her outside, they have sex against the outside wall of the house.

I was just thinking about the other day, the day I came home and found you standing outside the house, where you had been looking at some flowers in the garden. You were bare foot, and you were wearing that white dress. Yes, that one, the one that drives me mad with desire. On your head you were wearing a brown floppy hat to keep of the sun, and your hair was draped over one shoulder. ...Read On


On the piano (revisited)

Great sex, like great music, is as much about the pauses as it is about the notes

This is a revised version of a story that I based on "The Guitar" story. I hope you like it. I hope it produces the effect we all crave. Love to know! I remember the day I walked unexpected into your living room, late on a Sunday afternoon. I felt a delicious glow in the pit of my stomach, and as I opened the door to enter your house, your music enveloped me, surrounding me in a mantle...Read On


The passengers

A flight becomes eventful, as they join the mile high club together

I sat fidgeting in the airport lounge. I looked around at my fellow passengers and wondered where they were coming from and where they were going. I peered out at the jets imperfectly seen through the rain-soaked window, and glanced up at the simple round clock on the wall, as though willing it to turn 8:15 PM. At that magic moment, the flight from Montreal to Amsterdam would be called,...Read On


The train

The cars are not the only thing coupled on this European train

Hello Annie. Do you remember me, the guy from Agadir, Morocco? We met on the train from Rotterdam to Prague. Remember? I got on after you did, and fate placed us together in a compartment with no other passengers. I will remember that glorious night forever, and should the sands of the Moroccan desert swallow me up, my last thoughts will be the memory or our shared passion. For what is...Read On


Unfinished business

If it is good bye, let be special, with lots of orgasms

It took a whole day to prepare. I wanted it to be a special day in lots of different ways, one that would create strong memories, the kind that stay with you for life. Earlier, I had gone shopping for ingredients to make a good chicken stirfry, free range chicken, fresh vegetables, and cashew nuts. Also fruit so we could make a fruit salad together. I finished the photograph I mounted...Read On


Honey eyes

Just the most amazing and beautiful sex ever

It was late, and I kept you waiting. I hate doing that, but the press hounded me because of my talk on stochastic models for predicting suitable responses to global warming. It was really hard to get away, you can even see me in the television interview looking at my watch. I was sure you would be tired of waiting, and not terribly happy with me, but I wanted to be with you way more than I...Read On


Sex in a hollow tree

A hollow tree in a park is a good place for loving sex

I was thinking yesterday about that trip to that National Park in Kenya where you can walk around. You remember how we made love in the bush with the animals all around us. There was even once when we were mating at the same time as a pair of impala. You remember? But the highlight of that trip for me was the time we made out inside a hollow baobab tree. Do you still remember that? We...Read On


Mosi-oa-Tunya (the Smoke that Thunders)

They fuck in the mist from the waterfal

It was summer, the height of the rainy season in Zimbabwe, and we were walking along the trail looking at the torrents of water tumbling over Victoria Falls, and crashing into the gorge below. It was a good rainy season and the river was in full flood, with the result that huge clouds of warm mist were rising up from the gorge, and drifting across the path, and into the forest beyond....Read On


Afternoon Beach

The sand proves no impediment to sex on the beach (and not a drink)

Do you still remember that day at Sandy Bay, when we lived your fantasy and made love on the beach? I will never forget it. It still sends tingles through me whenever I think about the sheer joy we felt. Remember, we were walking down to the beach about mid afternoon, following the rocks from Llandudno rather than taking the path. Soon after we passed out of view of the Llandudno houses,...Read On


The Guitar

They pluck each other's strings

I remember the day I walked unexpected into your livingroom, late on a Sunday afternoon. I could hear the the soothing sound of your guitar as I walked up the drive, sounds so lovely that my heart seemed to stop beating in order to that I might listen more perfectly to the perfect sounds you were creating. I felt a delicious glow in the pit of my stomach, and as I opened the door to enter...Read On