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Am 33 year old male. Have had a very adventurous love life and love to discuss shared experiences, kinky secrets and fantasies.

I have also taken my shot at writing a few stories and love to hear feedback on what you think.

-Being a bull for cuckold couple
-Married women
-Black hair
-Nice ass (all sizes)
-Women who are classy in the street but freaks in the sheets
-Indian, black, Latina and Asian women
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Topic: Ever fallen in love with someone you can't have?
Posted: 27 Mar 2016 21:15


Topic: Men & Women.....cowgirl or reverse cowgirl....which do you prefer? why?
Posted: 11 Dec 2015 13:25

Hard to choose but probably reverse. Love the view of a great ass and her pussy lips wrapped around my cock as she bobs up and down.

Topic: Sex in a vehicle survey :)
Posted: 28 May 2015 16:03

How old are you?34

Have you done anything sexual in a:

Car? Yes
Pickup Truck? Yes
Limousine? N
Tractor Trailer Truck? N
Delivery Truck? N
Fire or Ambulance Vehicle? N
Taxi Cab? Y
Police Car? N
School Bus? Y
Rental Car? Y
Any Other Mode of Transport? Tractor- yes?

Where was the vehicle parked when you had sex in it? Road

Secluded parking lot? Y
Public parking lot? Y
Deserted back road? Y
At a drive-in theater? N
In a garage? Y
In a driveway? Y
On the side of a roadway? Y
At a freeway rest stop? N
Any other place not listed?

What have you done in a vehicle:

Masturbated? Y
Heavy petting? Y
Blowjob? Y
Fingered? Y
Handjob? Y
69? Y
Fucking? Y

Did you:

Get completely naked? Y
Left just a shirt on? Y
Left just socks on? Y
Just removed underwear/panties? Y

Where in the vehicle did you do it?

Front seat? Y
Back seat? N
In the bed of a pickup? N
On top of the hood? Y
On top of the trunk? N
On the roof of the car? N

What positions have you tried in a vehicle?

Have you ever gotten caught by:

Cops? N
Friends? N
Strangers? Y
Parents? N
Siblings? N
Someone else not listed?

If you got caught did you:

Stop everything and leave? Y
Keep going at it? N
Hide until they were gone? N
Get arrested? N
Have your parents called? N
Get seen while actually fucking? Y
Get seen completely naked? Y

Did the vehicle you were in belong to:

You? Y
Your partner? Y
Parents? Y
Work? N
A rental company? N

After you were done did the vehicle:

Smell like sex, sweat and cum? Y
Have completely fogged up windows? N
Had handprints on the windows? N
Not start or run out of gas? N
Need significant cleaning? N

Have you had sex in a vehicle to celebrate:

Birthday? Y
Anniversary? Y
Prom/Graduation? Y
Wedding? N
Engagement? N
Valentine's Day? y
New Year's Eve? Y

Was your first sexual experience in a vehicle? Y

Was there any particular vehicle that was the best to have sex in? truck

Do you always "christen" every new vehicle you buy? N

Have you ever encountered other people having sex in a vehicle? N

Have you ever given or received "road head"? Y

Have you ever masturbated and had a huge shuttering orgasm while driving? Y

When was the last time you had sex in a vehicle? few years

Does the thought or memories of sex in a car make you horny even today? Y

Would you ever allow your teenage daughter to have a date at a drive-in? Y

Approximately how many times have you had some sort of sex in a vehicle? 50

Any exciting stories you'd like share?

Topic: Have you fucked or been fucked at Work or on the premise at Work?
Posted: 22 Sep 2014 20:35

yes I have. Happened one time with the summer intern on after her going away party. We didn't even get fully naked. Just bent over the desk and went at it.

Topic: Would you lick her pussy after you came in?
Posted: 22 Sep 2014 20:22

To be honest, I was always really squimish about it and didn't want to do it. Until, I met my ex and she disclosed that she had a desire to see me do it. Even then I would lose my nerve after I came but one night she gave me a blow job and kissed me with a mouthful and I slowly started to get over my fears. After awhile, orally cleaning each other after sex became a status quo. She always got off on it.

Topic: Strangest fetish you had to deal with?
Posted: 22 Apr 2014 19:38

Had an ex who had a big cum fetish. Loved to have me taste it off her tits, out of her pussy or kissing her after a blow job. Would drive her crazy.

Posted: 20 Mar 2014 19:49

Have dated two indian girls. They were very shy about sex until we finally started doing stuff and they turned into some of the sexiest and kinkiest lovers i have had. Granted our relatinoship had to be secret as they feared what their family would say back in India but while they lived in NY, we had a lot of fun.

Topic: If you COULD suck your own dick....?
Posted: 27 Dec 2013 08:34

When I was younger i use to be able to do that. Those teen years kept my cock pretty busy. Thank god i found a girlfriend to do it for me.

Topic: Have you ever had sex or performed oral sex in front of others?
Posted: 26 Dec 2013 11:34

Yes I have done both. Last time was with a married couple.

Topic: Where is the kinkiest place you have masturbated and what is kinkiest thing that you have masturbate
Posted: 07 Dec 2013 06:41

1. Kinkiest place I have masturbated? While driving. Is a bit tricky for guys at the end i discovered. lol
2. Kinkiest thing you have masturbated to? **Content removed by moderator for violating forum posting guidelines.**

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Outsourced Loneliness

I had been working in a dead end job for the first five years out of college. As I began to approach thirty, the idea of sitting in a nameless office in a middle of the road accounting firm looking at spread sheets quickly began to lose any degree of interest. I had been dating a girl for about a year and a half. I really cared for her but at the same time didn’t feel as though I was ready...

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I love our last RP and I am looking for more. Love Lana
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Thanks for adding. Loved our RP and would love to chat more with you.
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Thanks for the add
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couldn't resist..
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