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Straight sex stories relate to aesthetic, sexual and romantic attraction exclusively between two individuals of differing genders. All normal stories between loving couples go in here - please find the relevant niche category should your story involve something a bit out of the ordinary.

Recommended Read

Dirty Words

Dirty words make Anya and Max all hot and bothered after hours at the daycare center

“You’re a fuck head!” “ You’re a fuck head!” A tornado of aggressive profanities instantly sucked the attention of everyone in the area. All eyes and ears were instantly yanked in the direction of where the volley of vulgarities were suddenly being launched in the yard. “Fuck you in the fuck head!" “Fuck you , fuck head!” The verbal duelists were both three years old. Within...Read On


The Boat Trip

Long summer days of sun and sex at sea

Sophie stood on deck, leaning into the railing and letting the breeze sweep her long blonde hair back over her shoulders. The harbour was receding, the expanse of blue water between the boat she stood on and the coastline growing larger. She’d always loved being out on the water, the feeling of being liberated from any worries on land, letting time and cares drift away. Chances to feed...Read On


You’re Mine #4

Kristin takes control of Scott and Layla.

After our trip in the mountains, Layla and I headed home.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy. I looked at her as she gazed out the window and recalled that morning in bed... She had slept on my chest all night. Her long blonde hair was a mess after our night of pleasure. I could feel her wake up and squeeze me tight as she came to.  “Morning,” I smiled down at her.  She brought...Read On

Recommended Read

I've Got You, Babe

Let me give you what you deserve.

I put on your favorite nightie - you know, the black satin one with lace attempting to cover my breasts. I sit with legs spread at the head of the bed. I pat the bed between my legs beckoning you over. You are naked and come to the bed and lay down on your back, with your head nestled between my legs. The top of your head butts up against my naked pussy.  I place the blindfold over your...Read On


Challenge Accepted

Reality? Fiction? You decide...

Eighteen months, Eighteen long months since I last had a cock inside me. There is only so much a toy, and talking online can do for you.  It was an ordinary Tuesday morning when I woke up early due to a snoring husband. Knowing I wouldn't sleep again, I got up and went downstairs to relax. I turned Lush on in the background not expecting anyone to be online. This is where my day changed...Read On


Twenty-Year High School Reunion With Kelly

Kelly anxiously looked forward to what turned out to be a night to remember.

It was early August of 1998. A couple of months prior Kelly and I had received, and RSVP’d to, an invitation to our twentieth high school class reunion. We were both looking forward to the event, but Kelly especially. That night she was the sexiest and most beautiful she had ever been in her life. And everyone noticed. Our class was huge, a byproduct of the baby boom, and graduated over...Read On


Rambling Man

A workplace flirtation has legs...

Friday “Ow, fuck!” Maisie fell arse first into the brambles. This trip had been a last-minute training opportunity imposed onto her by her boss. Maisie wasn’t sure how she was meant to lead a group of unruly teenagers on a ramble in the future when she couldn’t even hack it herself now. “Here,” Ethan held out a hand to pull her up. His green eyes twinkled with laughter but he didn’t...Read On


Weekend With A Porn Star

I met up with a porn star.

LA, the city of angels. I had gone to meet up with an angel. It was not something I would have usually had done, but I had some holiday time and she had told me so many times to come that I decided, fuck it. I had been a member of Lush for many years and had met many fun and loving people, but there was a certain few that made an impression on me. Gina was one of them. Gina was an...Read On


Naked with Netflix

"You ready, babe?" "Yes, just putting on something comfier," I yell from the bedroom. I walk into the room in a silk knee-length pale blue nightgown. You smile in approval. You love me in blue because you say it brings out my blue eyes. We have had a busy week and are looking forward to curling up on our couch together and watching the hot new Netflix series. Your bare chest is showing...Read On


Victoria Claims Her Morning Treat

When Victoria wakes early she sees her lover has something for her under the sheets

Victoria looked over at the figure sleeping next to her. Richard was a few years older than her twenty-seven years, but regular workouts and a healthy lifestyle kept him in good shape. But, although his body was always a turn on for her, it was the shape lower down, beneath the expensive cotton sheet that held her attention now.  Even in the early morning half-light she could see the outline...Read On


The Doctor (Part 2)

They continue in the doctor’s office. Incredible orgasms ensue.

After you came down from your forced orgasm, and all the joyous things you felt, you looked at me with those dark eyes. “Can I suck you?” you asked. “Yes, of course,” I replied. “I think that would be kinda nice.” “You won’t cum in my mouth, though?” you said, your eyes wide with concern. “Not unless you make me cum,” I said. “I want you to cum inside me,” you replied. “In my pussy.” ...Read On

Recommended Read

Jasmin - The Sultan's Daughter

Royal princess thwarts father's wishes and discovers love

The head eunuch entered my quarters, bowed, and excused himself for arriving unannounced. “Princess Jasmin, your father requests your presence at dinner tonight.” “Does he?” “He requests that you make yourself the most beautiful you can and also requests that you borrow some jewelry from your mother. As there are guests, you will be veiled and maintain a decorous attitude.” “What’s...Read On


Becoming a Screenwriter

An author of children's books writes scripts for porn videos.

I can't say that I have all of the answers to this but something unexpected happened that changed everything. It wasn't planned or on my bucket list. Sometimes fate just happens. When we met, it was at the Verizon store. I was there to replace my aging mobile phone. So was she. Mine was two years old. Hers was less than that and, "so out of date," she grumbled. Obviously, it was time for her...Read On


Sex in a hollow tree

They find a holow baobab tree that is just right

I was thinking yesterday about that trip to Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe. You remember how we made love in the bush with the animals all around us. There was even once when we were mating at the same time as a pair of impala. You remember? But the highlight of that trip for me was the time we made out inside a hollow baobab tree. Do you still remember that? Driving out to the...Read On


A Stud Recalls

A once shy eighteen-year-old finds young females suddenly willing.

The first week of my final year at Norton HighSchool and I was determined that, with my new-found confidence, I would, at last, get to screw Jan Vickley, who I’d lusted after for months. She was the school certainty according to my school mates, who boasted at how they’d parted her thighs so easily. Jan was no raging beauty, but her face, with full lips and a sultry glint in her green...Read On


Breaking Through

Sarah can't pull herself away from her thesis paper.

The tapping was incessant. Irritating. Ken glanced up from the football game to watch her. Sarah's pink fingernails drummed against the desk. From index to pinky, over and over, as if the typing motion would will her thesis into existence. It had been weeks. The same thing, same routine. Ken woke at 5 am to work out, shower, then head downtown to his job. Sarah usually roused around 6:30 am....Read On


The Flowering of Love

A flower is more than its petals, it is a metaphor

It had been a long week. We were both busy, and had scarcely seen one another during the whole week. There is nothing unusual there. We are both professionals, whose profession is not just a job, but part of who we are. We are secure enough to realise this, although most people separate the ‘job’ from the ‘person’. In our case, we know that what we each have come to love in the other is...Read On


Nail Technician: Part 2

Linh and I take it to the bedroom.

I finally got to sleep after last night's activities.  I knew that it was going to be a long day wondering what was going to happen tonight.  I made some coffee, then headed for the gym.  I couldn't get her out of my mind no matter what I did.    I got back home and grabbed something to eat, then headed to the bathroom to shave and do a little man-scaping.  I wanted to be very presentable...Read On


Manila At Last

He meets a 32 year old virgin, and what transpires is inspirational.

The Dragonair flight from Hong Kong to Manila just seemed too long, even though it was just two hours. But I was anxious to be there, to meet you, to take you in my arms finally, and to love you with all my heart, soul and physical being. I had been working for a month in Hong Kong, and that presented the opportunity for us to get together in Manila. To say I was excited was an understatement....Read On


The passengers

Sometimes good things happen on long flights

I sat fidgeting in the airport lounge. I looked around at my fellow passengers and wondered where they were coming from and where they were going. I peered out at the jets imperfectly seen through the rain-soaked window, and glanced up at the simple round clock on the wall, as though willing it to turn 8:15 PM. At that magic moment, the flight from Montreal to Amsterdam would be called,...Read On


Nicky and the Premature Ejaculation

Time to learn a lesson

It had been over a month since I had seen Misty, my second escort and sexual experience. The whole affair had been revelatory, yet it had left me feeling guilty and I decided to abstain from any more working girl visits. But, as I’ve alluded to before: once you pop, you just can’t stop. Life briefly got in the way. I ended up going on a trip for over a week. With the busy schedule and...Read On


Welcome Home

The stress of the day melts under her welcome

I put my keys on the hook and close the door behind me, glancing at the mail on the hallway table. I have already loosened my tie and I'm ready to get out of my business suit to put a stressful day of work behind me. Actually, it's been a stressful week and I know I've been distracted at home because of it. I call out my wife's name, "Donna!" but there is no answer. That's strange , I think...Read On


Summer Rebellion

In the summer of 1982, I learnt a lot about myself and life in general. Life is all about sex, drugs and music. There’s not enough time in the day to worry about the little things that won’t matter by the end of it all. People, especially my parents lived their whole life with such sincerity, never strayed just a fraction. They should really learn to lighten up and have a little fun, that’s...Read On


Nail Technician: Part 1

Linh, my nail technician, needed to go on a sexual expedition, and I was determined to be her guide!

Linh was my nail technician that I met at the nail salon months ago. She was tiny, I'm guessing 4'-10" and 95 pounds. She seemed like 5'-3" because she always wore high pumps. She was so hot, had a great body and an exceptionally gorgeous ass. She seemed to like to flirt with me in our conversations. She knew I was married but, it wasn't going very well. I loved to go there for my one...Read On


Some Hot Morning

A steamy start to a work day

I’m in front of the large mirror when you enter the bathroom dressed in just your boxers, your hair ruffled from sleep. The air is heavy from my shower a few minutes ago, with a hint of fragrant steam still lingering. I’m stood in my bra and panties, letting a richly scented body oil sink into my skin before I dress for work. My matching underwear is pale pink, the soft, lace-trimmed...Read On

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Orgasmic Massage

After a stressful week what you need most is a pair of strong, warm hands on your body.

“It’s not fucking fair,” is it? In every major - and even not so major - city, men can go to any number of massage parlors and get their cocks worked along with their backs and legs and arms. Why is it that women can’t get the same thing? The experience of an amazing, full body massage that then turns erotic and ends with an explosive, earth-shaking orgasm? It’s definitely unfair. It’s why...Read On


Phoebe And The Ranger

Phoebe's coworker heats up her summer internship

Years later, once life had turned all too predictable, Phoebe would wonder how she’d not been more appreciative of the fun and freedom of the summer before she began her last year of college, when she was twenty-two. She’d hoped to work in conservation when she graduated, so her ideal summer would have been spent at a reserve in Africa, or in the deep rainforest. Instead, she was at a...Read On


Nice To Meet You

Lani meets a handsome stranger at the bar.

Lani looked up from the bar and scanned the customers. She looked for empty drinks and flagging hands while pouring a light beer from the tap for the busty blonde practically lying over her date at the end of the bar. If it were her, Lani would've held out for something more expensive. Like hell she'd throw herself on a man over a cheap pint. Not that the man was worth drooling...Read On



Has Deborah gone from the frying pan and into the fire?

Deborah was a teenager in the nineteen-sixties. In nineteen-sixty-two she was seventeen-years-old. The industrial town where she was raised was hard-core blue-collar. Women knew their place and the bulky men she grew up with were traditional male chauvinistic pigs. That was simply the way it was. On Friday and Saturday evenings, women congregated in the kitchen playing cards after they had...Read On


The Exchange

Sarah plays host to her boyfriend's visting friend.

Sarah and Don laid beside each other smiling, their faces flushed. They stayed like that for what seemed like hours until Don's watch beeped. As Don stood up and pulled on his shirt, Sarah lingered on the bed watching him. She loved how sexy Don looked, his cock peeking out from under his shirt. Resisting the urge to put her mouth on it and start something else, she stood up and handed him...Read On