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My heart stopped when I looked into his eyes.

My heart stopped when I looked into his eyes, golden with a hint of green, a look of determination in them. I swallowed suddenly, a tad afraid, but mainly curious. My eyes couldn't move, no matter how hard I willed them to do so. "Why don't we get out of here?" His voice sounded and felt like melted chocolate, creamy and delicious. My vocal chords seemed to not work, and once this was...Read On


Public Service

Drew and Cheryl shop, plan, practice and proceed to a vacation site for new experiences.

Shopping with Cheryl at any time was pretty enjoyable. Shopping with her for sexy clothes was an absolute hoot! No big department stores for that lady. She was all about boutiques, little stores, and distinctive fashions. In spite of my expectation, the small stores and little shops increased the intimacy of the experience. She had me on the verge by the time we’d finished selection the...Read On


07. Strip Chess with Guapa

Ah, you English. How you ever make babies, eh?

I can highly recommend 'strip chess', but I have to say choose your partner carefully if you don’t want to be sitting there naked in the first ten minutes. It’s not a game of chance. I was in Spain, where I had been sent by my devious little cow of a best friend as a recompense for being dumped by Charlotte, one of the girls she had tried to set me up with. Charlotte had got back together...Read On


A Passionate Day

Another sensual encounter that leaves a sweet taste in my mouth

A Passionate Day I wake from a restless night’s sleep; in a highlyaroused state. My cock is already hard, precum seeping from my swollen head. I close my eyes again, as my brain recalls the previous evening’s amazing encounter with the woman of my dreams. Images crash into each other, like dodgems at a fairground. In my minds eye I see you arching your back. “I want more, don’t...Read On

Recommended Read

Happy New Year, 1976

Jill walked through the front door of the Bluebird Bar covered with snow. She got a mischievous grin on her face when she saw me. She walked up to my station and set her large thermos on the bar between us. She had on a huge over-sized knit hat and mittens that matched her black pea coat. It was obviously starting to come down pretty thick outside. It had only been flurries when I had started...Read On


Hot Blonde Ex

After nervously pacing a bit and thinking about what I was doing I heard a knock at the door. I looked through the spy hole, It was her. She was really dressed up and had a bag with her. I unlocked the door and opened it. She smiled at me, her big blue eyes and pearly white teeth shining. She had such sexy lips that always turned me on. She stepped through the door and kissed me on the...Read On

Recommended Read

06. Mazzy's Perfect Head

“I don’t give head,” Mazzy said, blinking big eyes at me.

The early-dawn city lights blurred past behind her as the taxi took us home. “I know it’s selfish and you can do whatever you like, I love it all, and I’m on the pill, but I won’t suck you. I’m protecting my throat, my voice, is that okay?” This was more than okay, for two reasons: First, Mazzy was astonishingly beautiful; I mean the kind of beauty you rarely meet in the flesh, the kind...Read On

Editor's Pick

Saving Felicity

“Here will work just fine,” Eduardo pointlessly shouted to Felicity, over the deafening howl of the wind. His face was covered with a scarf, snood and goggles, which made it impossible to see what he was saying. His muffled words were picked up by the wind and carried away, but in that moment it was fear that caused Felicity’s deafness to intensify. All around her, the world had turned to...Read On


Five Strokes

One night, after a very long day of work and ridiculous traffic, I finally make it home. Pulling up to my driveway, I work to strip my mind of this entire horrible day. I feel dirty from dealing with a demanding boss, incorrigible clients, and incompetent co-workers. I notice as I come in the door all the lights are out, but your car is home. “Strange,” I think. Walking into the house,...Read On


Helping Hand

Someone new learns from someone with some experience; or the other way around....

This story is set in the late 1970’s. It was a time before e-mail, before everyone had their own workstations and computers at their desks. A lot of communications in the office were hand-written on “inter-office memo” pads. Typing documents was done by clerks, who were almost exclusively women. Ray liked his first job. It was technically challenging. As with most engineering positions,...Read On


In Plain Sight: An Escort's Story - Part 4

Amanda returns from a shopping trip and discovers something she didn't know about herself

--- In Plain Sight: An Escort’s Story – Part 4 --- As Kayla and I walked out of Mr. Keller’s house and toward a brand new Black Mercedes Benz 500SL glimmering in the driveway I started to realize that my life was about to change. I’m sure that some people will argue the change wasn’t for the better but sometimes you have to do what works for you. For me stepping out of a multi-million...Read On


An Early Dourado Sketch Part 2 - A Wishful Fantasy

A long-awaited narrative story.

November had set in, winter’s cloak was descending, and I was finally able to make the move that had been planned for a year. I managed to schedule the air travel to make a stopover enroute to my final destination up North where the winds hit heavy on the borderlines. Stopping over in Denver for a day, to meet someone whom I had met and had many conversations with in the past year, and knew I...Read On


Silver For Him

Cathy gets a nipple piercing to suprise her boyfriend before they make passionate love.

Her blood red hair fell down her almost bare back, just a lace black bra strap on her delicious pale skin. Cathy waited for Max to take off her kinky undergarment, but his hand was gripping her ass cheek and he was quick to rip off her panties. Her boyfriend was now on top of her, with his erect penis poking through his boxers onto her shaved love mound. Softly but with sexual force, he...Read On


Horse and Ruth

She’s at her bedroom window right now. Taking another of her fevers.

They call me Horse and I’m the caretaker here at the Vicar’s big house, since I left the army anyway. The Reverend Michael chose me himself, from quite a few lads. I’m good with tools and my hands but he didn’t seem to care. He licked his lips and walked round me. Half expected him to pat my flank and feed me sugarlumps. “You are so disarmingly innocent. Like a child in a man’s body!” He said....Read On


Pleasure Cruise - Part 5

Ebony and Nate continue their hot cruise hook up.

The sun streaming through the partially closed curtains woke me from a deep, dreamless sleep. Groggily, I rolled onto my side and took a moment to watch Nate, who was still sleeping soundly beside me. One arm was laid across his stomach, the other behind his head. He looked so relaxed all stretched out beside me, his strong chest gently rising and falling with every breath. In my mind,...Read On



A few months after the German occupation of France in June 1940, Emilio Vargas, an émigré carpenter of Andalusian heritage who had moved to Carcassone in the early 1930s to seek work, decided to return to Spain with his French wife of two years, Elise, who was then eight months pregnant with their first child. Under cover of darkness, in late November 1940, they left their home and made...Read On


(Re)Discovering Myself - Chapter III

There was no talking, no discussion, no foreplay. Just, lust. Pure and simple lust. James tore at my shirt after pulling my jacket off, his hands eager to get at my skin, tender though it was over the only recently healed lacerations I had suffered. His hands, smooth in parts and rough in others, did not caress my skin. They pushed at my clothes, wanting to get them as far away from me...Read On


Tell me what you want

A woman experiences a sexual awakening at the hands of a man who helps her find her voice.

I love the way his rough hands feel against my cheek and the way he smells when we're so close. His breath fans across my neck, raising goose bumps on my skin. I feel nerves knotting in my stomach, I know that this man is different than the others I've been with. He's passionate, and he's gotten me wetter from making out than any of the guys I've had sex with. I don't know what he wants, how...Read On


Grown Ups

When did watching porn replace... doing it?

Helen noticed the boyfriend before the girl. He was tall and handsome in a young, trendy way; muscular arms wrapped around his girlfriend. Italian tourists, they looked like. Maybe Spanish. Twenty-something. Wedged into a corner by the door of the tube train, utterly oblivious to the rush-hour cram. Helen, sitting next to her husband George and on their way to  The Bundle Of Joy Baby...Read On


A Different Kind of Love (Part One)

The first time I'd gone without all the kinky-fuckery.

“You have her for fifteen minutes, and then we’re sending him in,” Mr. Barns’ voice comes from outside my dressing room. My prep team is holding lingerie against my skin, deciding what color looks sexiest against my tan skin tone. They apply makeup, spray things in my hair and apply lotion to my body. I’m completely naked in front of them. I scroll through Instagram and listen to music,...Read On


The Genius in Sex Part 4: Morning Routine

A healthy breakfast will greatly affect your test grades.

My name is Alphonse Chereau. But I'm sure you already knew that. So I'm back for another round. I know you guys got yourselves cum-soaked reading about my previous sexual encounters, but this one will be even better, all you have to do is read it to find out just what the fuck I'm talking about. Last time I wrote to you, I was twenty one years old. Well I've grown to be twenty five, and...Read On


Contract Hit Man7

Al's gang is slaughtered, Dale rescues Gia with great difficulty, and has sex with Ayana.

The story of the stolen cars was first reported on the social media: The Outfit had five cars stolen from a valet parking site last Friday night. The theft occurred at the Excalibur nightclub. A group of hooligans started annoying the valets at about nine a.m. but disappeared before the police arrived. It is believed the cars were stolen then. There was no evidence of how the cars all...Read On


Like Animals

From the experiences of a young couple...

Finally, my period was over. It had probably been over a week since I had a good fuck. Normally, on the days before my period I'm not in the mood and then when it comes, my sex drive kicks into high gear. I sometimes have sex while on it, but it's not preferable to me. The mess is a really big turn off. My husband was at work and would be coming home later on tonight so I had a lot to do....Read On


Service not included

An inattentive husband leads to an intimate adventure

She looked back over her shoulder and checked herself in the full-length mirror. She smiled, not bad for late thirties, not bad at all. Adjusting the stockings making sure the seam ran straight up her shapely legs, she turned back, slipping the yellow cotton dress on over her head. She smoothed the cool material over her body, her small firm breasts, unencumbered by a bra, stood proud....Read On


New Year's Eve Party

A good deed leads to a night of steamy passion.

“I don’t want to go,” said Mitzi. “And just why not?” asked Courtney. “Because I don’t have a dress for starters,” said Mitzi. Mitzi Kramer and Courtney Wells had been in several dress shops looking for an evening gown for the New Year’s Eve party they were invited to. Courtney was tall, slender, with long, straight, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and curves in all the right places. Mitzi...Read On


My Professor

A tutor session gets steamy...

I was never good at memorizing. I did great on tests, but only because I had studied weeks, if not months, before the test was announced. I wanted to be a doctor, but because of my weak memory, I never thought I could really make it. "Lacey? You wanted to see me?" My anatomy professor, Dr. Adam Weiss, asked. Everybody else had left, and it was just the two of us. He was handsome and young...Read On



I never thought I would break all the rules that made me... Now it would be us against them

Nobody really knows what it’s about. That feeling within your soul. It’s like looking out into the night sky searching for a star that you last saw some time ago. You have no idea what it looks like, how bright it shines, but it’s there. The feeling is confusing, mixed up, missing, but yet its presence is undeniable, but only you know it exists. The sky outside was a brilliant light blue...Read On


The Runner

Again the sad smile. He shrugged. “I just run.”

The city glimmered in a sunrise that picked out the tallest tower and flooded its penthouse with golden light. The space looked empty but for a pair of bare knees, visible either side of the black pod of an armchair. Nadia twirled the chair around until her naked thighs were spread to the entire city. Her fingers dug between them, too feverish in her desire to care if anyone could see her....Read On


It all started a couple of years ago...

It all started a couple of years ago. She was a friend of one of my daughters and came to our house regularly. The first time I met her, I felt a disturbingly sexual tension between us. I had never felt that before, especially not with women twenty five years younger than me. I was happily married at the time, and my now ex-wife and I had a great sex life. And whatever I was not getting at...Read On


02. Giving Jess a Hand

Treating a hard-working girl to a memorable night off.

People call me BC. BigCat. I have had this nickname all my life except for a period of 3 or 4 years at Art College, where I was known as ‘Fluffer’. These are the stories of that time. Fluffer’s time. The tutor contemplated over his pint, all sage like in his white beard, and said he would sign off my term’s work if I did him one favour. I was used to this, having been a carpenter...Read On