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The Class Reunion - Part One

Loosely based on actual events

I’d like to say that we were snuggled up, basking in the afterglow of our gentle, romantic lovemaking. Actually, we lay sprawled across the king-size bed in my hotel room, sweating and gasping, my now semi-turgid member shiny with her pussy-juice, while her freshly-fucked vagina leaked my cum onto the sheets. It started off very innocent. Alice and I had been high-school sweethearts until...Read On


The Wager

He saw their bet as a sure thing. So did she.

Bill’s sexy dream was getting really wonderful when the damn alarm blared. He threw his right hand at the snooze button, desperately trying to keep dreaming. It was not fair to be jarred out of his dream just as Catherine Zeta-Jones was fondling his cock. Bill lost the battle to stay asleep and opened his eyes slowly. Through the haze of sleepy eyes, he saw a shadowy figure bending over him...Read On


My Orgasms Are His

Getting caught masturbating has its perks.

Stroking my pussy furiously I am so horny. I can’t believe we got interrupted this morning and I need to hurry as he will be back soon. I hear the key in the door, he's back already, damnit but I can work with this. I moan loudly, he will not be pleased with this, well he will be but I always feel he protests too much and I plan on giving him one hell of a show now. The bedroom door...Read On

Recommended Read

Who Done Her?

My hands scrambled in a fruitless attempt to hold onto his muscular, slippery flesh. We were both coated in a thin layer of sweat, caused by our rhythmic coitus dance; bodies entwined together, sharing the mutual pleasure of fornication. My breasts bounced with every thrust of his cock, which moved like a piston inside the depths of my soaked pussy. I was so full and stretched to my limit....Read On


Interstate Meeting

An amazing interstate meeting arranged on an adult site

As I barreled down the interstate, I realized I was fast approaching a point of no return. On one hand I was entering into something I wasn’t sure I was ready for, but on the other hand, I was drawn towards something I had no control over. It started innocently enough, casual conversation on an adult site. We quickly learned that we were both in the same position. We both had a need, a want,...Read On


The Promise

My wife sets me up to have sex with her best friend.

The Promise On a recent trip down South I promised my wife, Jay, I would call in on her best friend and say hello. Jill and Jay had always been close and often kept in contact by phone. Apart from the usual friendly banter, teasing and odd joking around between Jill and I when we lived in the same area, nothing ever happened between us. Although, on occasion I got the feeling that...Read On


Snow King Lodge

My weekend trip to Jackson Hole

As I pulled into Kim’s driveway in my new Porsche to pick her up for a romantic getaway that I had booked at a mountain resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I was hoping this weekend would turn a corner in our relationship. We had been dating for a few months and, aside from some heavy petting, nothing else was happening. I watched her exit her house and couldn’t help but inhale sharply. She was...Read On


My Attentive Angel

Her angel works to bring in a whole lot of glory.

Slamming me against the wall, his lips ravished mine as our hands worked to remove the barriers between us. As flesh slapped flesh, gasps of anticipation swirled with our dueling tongues. My desire for what would come brought liquid heat to my soft tangle of curls, wetting my inner thighs. His stiff loins rubbed against my navel, trailing a sticky, wet path along my skin, chilling as the air...Read On


What Happened Last Night?

When a man wakes up in his bed hung over, he discovers an uninvited guest.

My long sleep halted and a horrible pain in my head was noticed immediately as my back arched up on my bed in my bedroom. "Fuck, my head." My hands leaped to my head and rubbed it. Then my arms and legs were stretched out and a decent amount of relief was felt as I was alone. "I feel like shit." I yawned and my eyes toured my bedroom of my apartment. There were clothes, beer cans and...Read On


The girl in the window, a tale of an Amsterdam night

When the boys’ trip to Amsterdam came up... Well who could say no?

It’d been six months of happy masturbation. Since my return home I still hadn’t gotten any closer to pussy than the wank mags at work. So when the boys’ trip to Amsterdam came up, I decided to give the other side of life a go. I needed to laid, I was noticing myself that I was becoming more unattractive to the opposite sex by the day. It’s like when you’re with a partner and getting laid...Read On


Holiday massage

Holiday massage with happy ending

I woke up on this the first day of the second week of our holiday in Mallorca knowing that I was returning the compliment to Charles. I had booked a massage for him. He was unaware that later today he was to experience the same as he had arranged for me in our first week here, a tantric massage. As usual, he was horny and hard, I teased him, pulling the sheets back and taking his hard cock...Read On


Wild, Wet, and Wonderful

It's wild and sure to get the blood pumping

Coming to, my head pounded with a migraine, letting me know that whatever happened the previous night must have been good. Opening my clear, blue eyes, I found myself in a dark room -- it wasn't my own. The beating in my chest increased as I began to panic. Rolling to what I believed was my side of the bed brought me against a hot and hard, masculine body. The contact of skin on skin made...Read On


Raine Chronicles: Raine Storm Part 2

Passionate Round 2

That sound. That wonderful rhythmic sound. Like a standing ovation after a wonderful performance. Mother nature was providing a soundtrack of wonderful melody and tune. It took him a few seconds to realize where he was, looking around at his room, dimly lit by the street lamps outside. Raine reached up and rubbed his eyes as they slowly adjusted to the darkness. He didn’t know how long he...Read On


The Night I Got a Tattoo

I drank to much and walked away with more than a tattoo.

I was 25, and I had wanted to get a tattoo for a long time but never had the nerve. One night a few friends and I went out drinking and partying. Not something I do on a regular basis but I thought, why not, it will be fun. So the four of us hit the bar, and before long I had drank much more than I had intended and was hitting on the guy sitting beside me at the bar. He was tall, taller than...Read On


Detours (Part 3 of 3)

A stormy night at a roadside motel

The Malibu pulled into the unpaved parking space just in front of the office of the Traveller’s Lodge. The ten room strip motel was just off the side of the roadway, located between here and there in the middle of the forest. There were only two other cars parked outside when Bonnie and Donovan had arrived. Normally, Bonnie was able to drive much longer into the night. Though she...Read On


Detours (Part 2 of 3)

The road trip takes a little detour

Ten years ago... It was Friday night, a week before Bonnie was to head off to her freshman year in university. Earlier in the day, Bonnie’s dad had surprised her by giving her the car to take with her. “When we get there and get you settled in, I’ll take the bus back,” he had said. While she kind of wished that he had told her earlier --it was going to be a scramble to find a place...Read On


Men are not Boys

Mandy has the best sex of her young life!

She walked out of the elevator onto the tenth floor of the building with the address she received a little over an hour ago. The message that proceeded was simple. "I want you, come to me." Her heart was pounding in her throat and she could feel a mix of excitement and fear surge from the warm wetness between her thighs all the way up through her chest to the base of her spine. The thrill...Read On


Chanel and Eugene 16

Eugene sure knows how to treat a woman :)

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Buuzzz. Jesus fucking Christ, where is my phone? Fumbling with shit on the coffee table, I snag the annoying, vibrating device and silence it. I lean back into the warmth and Eugene wraps an arm around me. Buzz. Buzz- fuck. I find my phone again and look at the screen. Shit! I clear my throat and answer the call. "Hello?" "Hello Chanel, it's Jessica. Did you still...Read On


Sisterhood of Sin -- 9 -- The Dangerous Game

Our heroine takes a giant step toward sexual honesty with her husband.

"Hello, Sir. My name is Cate, and I'm here to play a game called 'Earn an Orgasm' with you. Your role is to make me earn an orgasm. To do that, I must keep this chastity belt on for three hours while you try to get me to take it off. If I take it off early you get to punish me. Until the time expires or until I remove it, I will be at your mercy. For the punishment, how about we agree that...Read On


The Escort Revisits the Widower

An escort cannot help herself and returns to see her client, the widower

It was only three days since her visit to the widower when Amy got a call from the escort service. “He called today,” said Ellen, her 'Director of Services', “and he asked for you to call him.” She rattled off a phone number and Amy replied, “He’s really a very nice man, just lonely since his wife died. Since he paid double for very little time, I’d like to give him a freebie, Ellen.” “I...Read On


Email Invitation

A short description of a bit of play that resulted from an email invitation

Your email inviting me to stop by after work was a pleasant surprise. Even more intriguing was the note at the end saying the door would be unlocked and to let myself in. I came up the stairs to the master bedroom. I could hear you breathe as I entered the door. You were in the giant Lay-Z-boy rocker in the alcove by the bay window, wearing only one of my long sleeved white shirts with...Read On


Detours (Part 1 of 3)

The devil is in the detours

It was Bonnie’s dad who had instilled in her the love of a good, long road-trip. Her appreciation of the finer things such as a car loaded with snack-food and CDs, rest stops, and the nuances of “roadkill bingo” were all because of him. He enjoyed planning his routes as much as he did just tossing the bags in the trunk on a whim and picking a direction and driving. And Bonnie always went...Read On


A Workday Fuck

A story about a chance encounter at work with an Indian colleague

I didn’t notice the crowds of people filing on and off thetrain. I couldn’t tell you who sat opposite to me, next to me, who bumped into me. The usual sounds and smells of the packed commuter journey were dimmed by the memory of soft moans, subtle perfume and the sweet smell of sex. I just stared out of the window, a look of blissful remembrance on my face. One of my hands cupped my chin,...Read On



Susan has it all: good looks, excellent connections and a life spent amongst the rich and famous.

It was with nothing but disgust that Susan regarded the musicians whose subtle and accomplished performance was so enrapturing most of the other guests. Susan was conscious that she was a fraud in so many ways and her presence at the recital a sham. It was the music she should be appreciating rather than the musicians. She should be somehow transported to the higher plane that Franz Schubert...Read On


Rain in the Park

“Where are you? I’m downtown,” she texted him. It was already almost midnight and Sophie had gone out with some friends to see a hockey game. They ended up going to the pub afterwards so Rich met her there. As the impending closing time approached she became increasingly flirtatious as they danced and kissed on the dance floor to the music the live band was pumping out. She was a hot...Read On


Dirty Talk

Dirty talk gets a lot dirtier if you do it with the actions.

This is a continuation of my previous story: Ingenious Toys .  The ‘Kombi’ of course was a VW Transporter, but not one of the 1960’s chartreuse microbuses you might be imagining. The only similarity that it bore to one of those countless hippie/surfer vans circling the country was an airbrush mural on the side; a surfer shooting through a pipeline and running his fingers through the wall...Read On


The Arrival Of Claudia

An unexpected present changed my life.

About seven years before I would officially be pensionable, I was granted the opportunity to take an early retirement, with a reasonably comfortable financial arrangement. Nowadays a rare phenomenon. After working weeks of fifty hours and more I suddenly had a lot of time on my hands. The famous black hole didn’t appear; I had enough pursuits. Soon I had made it an almost daily habit to go for...Read On


Memories of Times Past

My lover comes home to me

The door was unlocked – she knows she is always welcome and missed when not around. I hear the door open and lock behind her then the shout. “Hello.” My already pounding heart quickens again and I order her to come upstairs. She follows the instruction and stands in front of me in my room. Even after a long day at work her beauty shines through – a combination of classic porcelain...Read On


Carol - Part Seven

Still early in our relationship, Carol and I continue to explore our sexual interests

Prologue It had been an interesting 24 hours, beginning with a straightforward, but totally unexpected question from Carol: did I want to fuck her? Despite my surprise at the question, I did not hesitate with my response. There followed an interesting, but quick, four hand game of strip poker and a late dare proffered by Carol. I had already won three poker hands, each win resulting...Read On


You're all wet

Molly gets Luke wet and he returns the favor

Luke pulled into the driveway in a cloud of west Texas dust. He'd been out all morning checking cows and fixing fences. He was hot dirty and ready for a cold beer and lunch. As he walked around the front of the truck he caught a glimpse of his wife, Molly. Molly was watering her flowers in the front yard. She was in her usual summer Saturday kick back clothes, bikini top cut-offs and those...Read On