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The botanist, 2 blondes and a blindfold

being punished has never been so good

Having done very well at school I had several scholarships to choose from when I wrote my final exams. I decided to take up and offer from Callahan University , as I wanted to experience living in another country and all that goes with it. My chosen field was botany and Callahan had a reputation as one of the leading universities in the field.   The first couple of months...Read On


The Gigolo

Laura is rich, successful, single and bored, until she engages Raoul, a Latino gigolo

Laura puckered her lips as she applied the eyeliner. For years she’d had no idea why she puckered up when she put on eyeliner until a friend had questioned her about it several months ago. It had taken her three weeks of casual pondering before she suddenly realized there was no real reason for it. Her mother had always pouted when she put on makeup and she had passed the habit onto her...Read On


Every time without fail

Last night several things happened that were new and felt very good. One started when, after a bunch of handgasms, I was lying beside the Caveman and he let me touch his cock. Often, when he's concentrating on giving me orgasms, he keeps my hands from his penis (despite my best efforts to sneak down there). I'm slowly learning to accept this concept...Read On


A broken horse

tired and worn out after working the doors again in south east jolly old i wanna go home to my good woman.. and there she is stood in the most sexiest laced red and black silk line lingerie iv'e ever seen her wear in the hall way. My eyes scanning her up and down and i feel something move in my pants She looks at me and says "your not going to sleep yet!". so i was intrigued as to what...Read On


The Party

It was a pretty small party. Twenty or so people. It was Jane's birthday and she'd just invited a few friends round for some drinks. We were all around 17 but Jane's parents were out for the weekend and we had some stoner buy us a load of spirits. As we all lounged around her house drinking I noticed Alex had decided to come along. Alex has bleached blonde hair, green-grey eyes and a...Read On



Ruby is in an 'entertaining' mood tonight ;)

The club was packed, hot, steamy and dark - just the way I like it. The stage, conspicuously empty, a spotlight shining patiently on a stool. I couldn't stand still. The nervous energy inside me like a volcano about to erupt. I had come by myself, intent on one thing alone, and my mind was consumed with the anticipation of what the night would bring. The crowd started to get restless,...Read On


Double or quits

our relationship was over, I was heartbroken.  My parents couldn’t stand to see me so blue.  I moped around the house for weeks, skipping out on school and hiding in my bedroom. My Dad is a wonderful guy. He and my Mom presented me with a wonderful gift two weeks ago. They gave me one all-expense-paid ticket on a Princess Cruise line that was to last a whole week.  Others from...Read On


The Last Visitor

Wendy is about to leave an old castle, but a tour guide catches her eye and something else

Wendy stepped into the great hall and looked around, the light was fading and she pulled the trench coat around her slim figure. She had been so caught up in the ancient splendor of Castle Doune she had forgotten the time. Although old and rundown, she preferred it to the other castle she had visited which was undergoing extensive restoration. Doune however was just the way she imagined a...Read On


Strangers On A Train (Full Story)

Two strangers with miles to travel and no idea the adventure they would find On the train.

Strangers On A Train   It was a three day trip on the train from California to Indiana. I was excited to take the train home. The trip to California had been pretty cool. I spent most of my time in the smoking car meeting all kinds of people from everywhere. I had forgotten to bring a carry on bag though and didn’t change clothes for three days. I made sure I had extra clothes...Read On


Exotic Car

Part 1: A mountain drive in the sleek black sports car on a hot summer's day...

The wind whipped in the car's open window, rushing through her hair, billowing it. She was smiling, her eyes closed, face turned into the bright sun, enjoying the sensation of the cool breeze on the otherwise hot day. The scorched asphalt blurred, trees and bushes flew by melting into a paint brush wave of green and brown hues. Soft field fragrances wafted in on the wind; wild flowers,...Read On


Stranger Danger

Ruby finds herself in need of a natural phenomenon

It had been a difficult few months at work. The 'too hard' basket on my desk was reaching maximum capacity - a hundred little complicated tasks that everyone else seemed to think was MY job to solve. Every single time I found a moment to myself to reach for the to do list, the phone would blare its nagging ring, only to convey some disgruntled customer who felt the need  to vent...Read On


Lucy - Ex-Convent Pt.1

Lucy arranges to meet a friend

The pub you have chosen to meet in is unfamiliar to you.  It's old-fashioned, divided into booths of dark wood, the seating is benches covered in cracked leather and wingback-chairs.  Despite the smoking ban the smell of leather and wood has only just overtaken the tobacco smell that has permeated the walls from decades of haze.  You have chosen a bench facing the entrance so you can watch...Read On


My First Ride of Spring

It was a beautiful day and I decided to go for a ride, then I rode her.

I woke early. I only had a few days left to my vacation, and up until now it had rained most everyday this week. I poured myself a coffee and went out on the deck. It was still a bit chilly, but the sun was coming up and there didn’t appear to be any clouds in the sky. Being the 3 rd week in April it was about time we had a nice day, so far it was a wet chilly spring. It’s going...Read On


Corporate Takeover Part 3

A weekend that I wont soon forget

The last few days since my trip to Boston were difficult. I thought of her often, actually maybe I should scratch that as I thought of her all the time. She was in my head. Kind of like waking up with a tune in your head and you continue to keep replaying it over and over throughout the day. Although I would say that this was much more pleasant. It was Monday morning and I...Read On



He had to travel far to find the perfect lover

The plane banked as it gained elevation from the damp and wet London . Paul settled back in his first class seat with a frown etched on his face. He was irritated by a delay in take off. The fact that he had a major, in fact final fight with his girlfriend of 6 years added to the knot in his stomach. She had yet another excuse to avoid joining him on the short break to South Africa ...Read On


The Scottish Professor

Jenny is an American student in Scotland, who makes a surprising discovery about her professor

Jenny tied the bow of the black, silk blouse and tucked it further into her short, tartan skirt. One of the things she loved most about Britain was the huge variety of fashions and styles available here, a far cry from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Twenty three years old and yearning for exotic travel, she’d cashed in a 401K and combining it with her savings, had signed on at Edinburgh...Read On


For Art's Sake

Meeting Christine felt like it was all about tennis... tuns out it was about art, and a lot more

The story of how I met Christine still amazes me.     Who knew the adventure I’d embark upon when the phone rang that Sunday afternoon? “Is that Mark?”   The voice was female, mid-twenties I guessed, but all business. “It is.” I kept up the business-like nature of the call.   “How can I help you?” “You’re in my league at the tennis club.   Would you like to play this week?   ...Read On



Two friends discover something more.....

This story was written as a tag-team effort, in collaboration with a certain "bitsie", who is the most unusual muse that I could imagine.   Him :   Hal dragged the last suitcase out of the back of the van and over to the curb, where the porter was waiting with the rest of the luggage. "That's the last of them," he grunted as he dropped the...Read On


Personal Assistant

Fiona hires an Australian male as a PA, he turns out to have other talents however.

The dank, gray gloom was lifting as I pulled into the parking lot outside the mist-shrouded warehouse in Edinburgh. The snow was still falling heavily, swirling snowflakes had reduced visibility to a few feet by the time we reached our destination. Even though we had managed to outrun the blizzard, it would be difficult getting back this afternoon. Beside me, Fiona pulled the black trench...Read On


Corporate Takeover Part 2

This story picks up where we left off.

When we left our hero, he was standing in the middle of the corporate jungle about to fall into the clutches of …just kidding! She smiled and said, what no more protest? All I could do at this point was groan. She now bit lightly on my now raging hard-on, I thought that the fabric would rip. I needed release, in more ways than one.  My cock straining against the fabric was...Read On


Corporate Takeover

It started with our annual holiday party, I had no idea that it would lead to this...

Man I hated coming to these corporate functions. It was our annual holiday party, and most of the people in attendance were already feeling quite good. I was already tired of the let’s be polite and ask how things are going. I have never been into small talk. I wasn’t looking forward to the 90 minute drive home, and was wondering if I had been here long enough so that I could make...Read On


The Stacks

John? I'm not wearing a bra. See?" "Pull your sweater back down. This is the library, for Pete's sake, not your bedroom. Besides, you never wear a bra." "I'm not wearing panties either." "Debbie, please. I've got a heat transfer final tomorrow." "Heat transfer? I've got some heat for you. I'm really hot. Feel." "Debbie, please." "Well?" "You're warm." "And wet. Wouldn't you like to...Read On


Beltane Rites

  He walked into the grove not knowing what to expect.  His arms Burned yet fro the adornments the priests had placed upon him when he was chosen.  They had explained that he would know what to do when the time came but the young hunter was still nervous.  The fog of uncertainty was lifting as he walked further into the circle and closer to the bonfire that raged in its' center. Sweat gathered...Read On


The surfer

She found the perfect lover.

The onshore wind blew the curtains aside and the breeze coming of the Benguela current was cool enough to make Paula’s nipples pucker. Late afternoon sun bouncing off the ocean coloured her naked body gold. Her breasts were firm and faced straight up when she laid on her back, the tan lines of a small bikini, visible. The white of her panties contrasted with the brown of her legs and...Read On


Prisoners of Love

Dorothy works in a POW camp and Carl is her new secretary but he has other talents too,

PRISONERS OF LOVE Dorothy looked up as the door creaked open, her fingers hovering above the heavy, black typewriter, a look of mild irritation on her face. Colonel John McGinty registered the look and his mouth twitched in the typical military smile she had grown to despise. Why did soldiers act as if emotions were an enemy to be killed, rather than something to embrace?...Read On


African sunset

Jenny needed to come before she could change

The Lear jet touched down softly and the blur of African bush slowed down to recognisable shapes. Majestic Camel-thorn trees mixed with Mopani and Baobab stretched towards the Mountains in the distance. The heat was visible from the air-conditioned coolness of the plane.   It was Jenny and Paul’s first visit to Africa but the trip was clouded from the word go. Paul was here...Read On


Finding my orgasmic focus

It isn't enought just to cum inside her

Denise's small breasts bounced up and down as I energetically slammed my erect penis in and out of her vagina. We were both nude. I was standing and she was laying on our kitchen table with her arms over her head gripping the far side. Her legs were draped over my shoulders so that she could comfortably hold up her legs with me moving inside her. As I listened to the slap of my groin into...Read On


A night of passion

She lies there listening to him breathe in his sleep. He is in a deep sleep; his breathing is deep and loud. As she lies there his breathing reminds her of past sexual encounters they have had. As she lies there her mind starts working. Thinking of his hands and his lips working over her body. She lifts her hips a little as she thinks of their love making. She looks over at him and...Read On



Based on true events I awoke to the sound of my cell phone vibrating impatiently, I rolled over and snaked my hand out just enough to grab my phone and retreat back into the warm cocoon of covers. I answered the vibrating phone, my mind still hazy with sleep. “Hello?” I said not fully comprehending the name I had read on the caller id. “Hey babe” said Jacob. His musical voice...Read On


The Ride with Adirian

Adirian walked into the den, one more time, hoping to beg Michael to take her for a ride. Her body ached. Deep inside. Her pussy wet. She wanted to be on that motorcycle, and feel the vibrations, and that motor between her legs. Michael was her brothers room mate. She was only staying for the week. Adirian was an attractive girl, and her advances towards Michael had failed. She wondered...Read On