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A Jump With Molly

Molly plans an exciting day that turns out just right

Jamie was like most men and could be talked into almost anything by a pretty girl.  That was never more evident than now—sitting in a small plane, looking at Molly with her beautiful, bushy brown hair sticking out under her helmet, blown in the fierce draft of the open door.  Her smiling features looked excited, not frightened, and her incredible body looked ready to go, as always.   In...Read On


Pure Sex

A couple have a weekend of sex.

It was late evening as the bus moved slowly down the busy street. It was now approaching 49th avenue and anyone could tell that the couple sitting in the back was getting very excited. They were squeezed against each other, as close as close could be. The  man was wearing a red cotton plaid shirt and jeans. He was handsome with dark wavy hair, and appeared to be quite tall and well  built....Read On


It was a great evening

Lots of teasing and pleasing

When I got home I had the house to myself, so I thought..... Why not take advantage of it. Laying back on the cool sheets with nothing but a smile. Hand gently caressing myself until I was about half way hard. I notice the tip flopping around as I started to softly stroke on it. Finally the ridge was as hard as ever, and the skin stretched tightly over ever inch.   Slowing the stroke,...Read On


Naughty Secretary

A Naughty Secretary gets a promotion and a good fuck.

  I sat at my lone desk in the front of the office, counting down the seconds until I could go home to my boyfriend, who promised me an evening of excitement today. I got wet just thinking about the kinky things we would do. I wanted his hot cock in my mouth that very second, pulsating as he asks for permission to cum in my mouth.   I was awoken from my fantizations when I heard my boss,...Read On


Eating at the Y

I love the taste of pink

You spread the blanket out on the floor, and lay back. Let me place the blind fold gently over your eyes to heighten your other senses. Touching every inch of your body as I slowly undress you down to your panties. Leaving the room, you can hear me searching the ice box for just the right size cube. Rattling it in the glass as I return. But silently I've also grabbed the warming oil....Read On


Katey (The Moment)

This moment started with a nostalgic walk... just like the last moment.

Katey was my sister’s best friend.   She always seemed to have a smile for me when she came to our house and I guess I kinda just grew up knowing her.   She was only two years older than me but always seemed much older, as girls do.   Katey was always kind to me as I grew up; sympathizing with me when my sister didn’t, throwing a ball with me when there was no one else around.   I...Read On


Using you

O, how you love being used...

After having some good dreams of you playing with me while I was asleep, I wake up fully aroused and ready to go. Unknowingly I've been touching myself as you were in my dream. My hand already wrapped around myself with a firm grip and wanting you badly!   Rolling over I see that you're already up and out of bed to my dismay. But on the plus side, I can smell breakfast on the stove....Read On


A mid day snack

I love you on your knees

Fresh from the shower and squeaky clean from head toe. I call to let you know I'm almost there as you sneak away from work for an afternoon treat. Opening the door I see you in your skirt, white top, and sandals. I love that the spaghetti straps fall over your shoulders as I begin to kiss you before the door is even shut. The anticipation, and excitement building with each of us as we...Read On


Meet Nina...

Couple meets shy stranger

  One day while we are in my studio, just fooling around, me working and you watching me create a new painting and you touching me every so often, we hear a knock on the door.   Not expecting anyone I peak through the window curtain and there is this lovely woman standing there.   I think that her lips are so big and full and sensual and her tits beautiful...Read On


Friends for Years

I have a friend who is very special to me, his name is Ronald, and we have known each other for over 13 years.   For one reason or another we have never hooked up as boyfriend and girlfriend but we have done things together movies, dinners and other things.   Now this guy isn’t what I would call experienced and I have had a few lovers in my past so we do make for an interesting couple.  ...Read On


Me and the Hockey Team Chapter 3

Continued From Chapters One and Two

I saw him and i made a mad dash for his bedroom. I knew he was chasing me by the sound of his footsteps... that and his cock was hard again and made a slight slapping noise as he ran. Up the stairs, down the hall, third door on the left. His room. Damn, he was spoiled, but all I cared about was his bed. King size bed, imported, softer than soft sheets, five pillows. And now me, lying on...Read On


Fliss (The Deli Girl)

Doing your favorite customer a favor can be fun.

He noticed her every day.   Okay, so it was every working day, and what he noticed most was her ass, but Fliss wasn’t hard to notice.   She had a sweet and inviting smile that held a promise he never expected to find himself next to. Matt was sure he was only a “ham, turkey and Swiss on French” to Fliss.   Every day he wandered into the deli, ordered his sandwich and watched as...Read On


Soaked panties

I love the taste of soaked panties

I love it when I can taste you once you've soaked through your panties. The white darkened by the moisture showing through. Slipping in behind you and kneeling down. You can feel my breath on the backs of your legs all the way down. The inside of my thighs rubbing against the outside of your smooth legs. Letting my hands run up and down each one with an occasional pat on that sweet...Read On


The Piano Teacher

Greg's been her pupil; now Jen's ready for more.

Jen walked gleefully down the hall to greet her favorite pupil.   The thought of spending this regular hour with Greg always had her virtually skipping towards her door, a feeling that went beyond her appreciation of his boyish good looks and gentle, personable, manner. “Hey there Mr. Guitar.”   She smiled her usual greeting to him, a gently ribbing reference to his first instrument. ...Read On


The Girl Upstairs

He heard a noise upstairs, and froze listening, there it was again coming from the front bedroom, the he remembered the new flatmate who'd moved in last week he had only seen her briefly, when she came and looked at the flat, he looked in the fridge wondering if there was any wine, probably not the other flatmates would have drunk it, he finished his sandwich whilst watching the news the...Read On


Grey Dream

Some erotic dreams contain other emotions as well.

A dream... The scene is clearly one of a dream. The big, floppy recliner I sit in is the only thing really in focus. The room is bright, but grey and indistinct, because it's not really important. You are there. I see you are... smaller than you are. And grayer. And cold, sad. I beckon you to me and you climb onto my lap. My arms encircle you as you curl up. I feel larger than I am....Read On


Two Mornings

Waking up with her is always exciting.

Monday She was at the sink doing her morning ablutions in her short summer robe, having just showered. Her dark still-damp curls, held back from her face by a berrette, tumbled down her back almost to her slender waist. She leaned slightly over the sink, looking into the mirror as she prepared to brush her teeth, her legs about shoulder width apart. I ducked quietly into the bathroom...Read On


The Text Message That Changed His Commute Forever

High school sweethearts reconnect after a text message drives him to a local hotel on his way home!

He was my first love, my first everything. We had a physical attraction as teenagers that no one could explain and as adults it was still there. There was nothing we didn't do. When we were together it was as if no one else in the world existed. About 2 months ago,  I saw him at a party for the first time in years and I couldn't believe how I still got butterflies and was amazed that my thong...Read On


The italian affair

This story is about two lovebirds who went on a holiday to Italy a short while ago. Charles and Kate met eachother through work and found soon that they had more to speak about than their living. Once Charles mustered the balls and courage to make a descent try for Kate, they seemed from the very first moment to have some sort good understanding of eachother, while not quite getting...Read On


Molly Entertains (I Dare You)

Molly's unhappy about having Adrian for the afternoon. Then she meets him...

Molly was pissed.   “How did I get talked into this?”   She thought as she pulled on her tight jeans and sucked in her breath so she could close the zipper.   As reluctant as she was to keep this appointment, it had taken her longer than normal to get going.   Now she was running very late and was fumbling around her bathroom in a half-hearted attempt to look presentable before she...Read On


Chance Meeting

They finish what was started years earlier

I work as an accountant and I was attending a conference for tax preparers.  I was standing by the entrance when I could not believe my eyes.  I could swear the woman who had just walked through the door was Deanna, a former co-worker and a friend of mine.   I remember the last time I saw her it was at her going away party.   She had taken a job out of state.   The party...Read On


Safe as the bank

John worked as an advisor in a bank and enjoyed his time there. He got to see and talk to a lot of different people, while also playing with numbers which he liked so much. John was a rather open and friendly guy, though some may say he´s kind of nerdy sometimes. He didn´t care, as long as he got to do what he liked no one could put a cloud over his head. It was a Friday and all...Read On


Hesitated Heartbeats

Two first time lovers and their experiences together.

    I was only 16 at the time, curious and confused, about boys and hormones and a little thing called sex. It was a whole new world to me. My boyfriend, a year older than me was almost as clueless as I was and just as curious. We'd been dating for a while and decided to take our relationship to the next level...     We told out parents we were going to dinner and a movie explained that we'd...Read On


Hoping this becomes true

We been chatting on the internet and I'm hoping this happens for real

Hello all.   I usually write stories that are true.   I decided to write a story that is partially true.   The beginning is true however we have not met in person yet and that part is fantasy.   Hopefully you will enjoy this story.  Names and cities have been changed to protect the innocent.  I’ve been a member of Lush since the beginning of Oct. 2008.   I enjoyed reading...Read On


Remember Me?

An unexpected call from Cora - and some unfinished business.

I got the call late one Sunday evening, and the last thing I ever expected was her bouncing voice to come flying over the line at my ears. “Remember me?” She didn’t wait for my answer. “It’s Cora. I used to live three houses down the street from you.” Remember her? It wasn’t like I could forget. How could I ever forget one of those pivotal people in my childhood? And, as far as...Read On


Jessica and Owen Chapter 3

Jessica has fantasies about three sums and Owen visits her at work.

  It was early monday morning and I had just stepped out of the shower. I dried myself with a towel, then walked over to my full length mirror to look at myself. I had never been happy with my looks but have recently become more confident. Owen loved my body and made me feel attractive. I was slim every where except my hips, but I wasn't overweight, I just had some fat there. I had long...Read On


The Wedding Part Two

Someone suggested I add names let me know if future stories shoudl have names or not.

  On the table there was an assortment of their favorite finger foods chocolate covered strawberries.   bread and dips, oysters things that they had eaten in the past with their fingers that they had found very erotic, plus there was the regular supper.   She slowly took a Strawberry in her fingers and sucked the chocolate off it before biting into the strawberry.   She...Read On


The Wedding Part one

The groom watched, with a slight bulge in his pants as his bride walked towards him, secretly cursing the deal they had made.   They had taken the last 3 months off from their love making, because she had asked if they could.   She thought it would make their wedding night more special.   They had cuddled, hugged, kissed everything else but never all the way.   He felt like a teenage...Read On


Jessica and Owen Chapter 1

Jessica loves it when Owen pulls her hair

  I unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his trousers. I slid them down his legs so they were piled around his ankles. I looked at his beautiful cock and took it into my hand. I kissed his thighs and the his tip. Once it was hard I stood up and began to kiss his lips. He nibbled on my in return. I kissed his down his cheek to his neck where I continues to kiss and every once in a while would run...Read On


A Naked Ride Home

Sometimes leaving the party is when the fun begins...

Steve had been listening to the song earlier in the evening. There was no doubt that was where he got the idea from, but the fact that he actually asked her to do it... well, that probably shocked him more than it did Lynn. It was definitely out of character for him to ask someone he’d just met to strip off their clothes. They were at a friend’s party and she had been flirting...Read On